[GNC-dev] we need more maintainers...

Erik Colson eco at ecocode.net
Sun Mar 17 13:58:36 EDT 2019


I still have not much time to maintain F::Q.  I would be grateful if
people want to join the maintainers team.  I especially need someone to
check on pull requests and merge them if they are OK, comment if not.

The codebase is quite complex, so often pull requests solve issues, but
not in the F::Q way of doing stuff.  That's why I don't merge PR with my
eyes closed.

Secondly, pull requests should show failing test.  Either existing ones
or new ones.

I still can handle the releases.  And hopefully will be able to check
PR when needed..  I'll help as much as I can..

To take the job, you need a bit of Perl5 knowledge and a github ID.  And
a lot of voluntarism :)

Anyone feels like appealed to the job?

PS: I posted this request to gnucash-devel too, since F::Q is very much
used by gnucash.  Hope this is ok...
erik colson

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