[GNC-dev] libpsd2, opinions?

Martin Preuss martin at aquamaniac.de
Mon Mar 25 16:34:31 EDT 2019


do you have some links for that?

As Geert said it might be easiest to write a banking plugin for
AqBanking, which could then be used by GnuCash (and others) without


Am 22.03.19 um 19:41 schrieb Marcello Stanisci:
> Dear GnuCash devs,
> in the main context of the european directive PSD2 (that basically
> mandates all the
> banks to expose a REST API for everyone to use their online-banking
> services), I noticed
> that there is not yet a modern, well-documented, well-tested, and Free
> Software library
> that would implement all the major standards -- like e.g. EBICS and FinTS.
> Do you think that starting a C project (libpsd2) for a libary that can
> address all the issues
> I mentioned above would make sense / be good?
> Best regards,
> Marcello Stanisci
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