[GNC-dev] book-currency

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 30 08:52:34 EDT 2019

On 04/07/2018 03:34, John Ralls wrote:

I think it was Alex that said:

>> Today, in file->properties->Accounts tab, you can turn "trading accounts"
>> on or off.

At your peril.  As far as I can tell they're either on or off, switching 
breaks stuff.

>> I propose to change this to a selection of three alternatives:
>> use trading accounts, specify a 'book currency', or neither trading
>> accounts nor book currency. 

The practical and the theory aren't going to mix well.

>> If trading accounts is selected, it would work
>> as implemented by Mike. If neither is selected, it would work as gnucash
>> does now without trading accounts selected. So no one would be forced to
>> use the new feature.



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