[GNC-dev] Sourceforge gnucash-docs-3.7.tar.gz incomplete

Phil Diacono satphil at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 17:14:18 EDT 2019

I can confirm that the build from current git with cmake succeeds as does the
subsequent "make" and "make install".

I hope the following is seen as constructive and in the big picture a very
minor criticism as I have huge admiration for the gnucash development team's
dedication, productivity and talent. But (you knew there was a "but" coming,
didn't you) this raises a couple of points:

-1- what is a release? If sourceforge and github both claim to have the
gnucash-docs 3.7 source tarball but they are of different sizes and one
works and one doesn't, then it seems to my naïve user perspective there have
been two releases but both given the same name.

-2- in both locations (sourceforge and github) from where I downloaded the
tarballs, there was no obvious checksum (md5sum or sha256sum) to confirm the
integrity of the tarball, in case one had been corrupted (however unlikely
given both gzip and tar were happy with it). Apologies if I didn't spot it. 

Keep up the great work, users like me love your product. Thanks very much.

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