[GNC-dev] Gnucash built from git doesn't start

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Fri Oct 25 15:27:17 EDT 2019

Op vrijdag 25 oktober 2019 17:19:14 CEST schreef Lothar Paltins:
> Am 25.10.19 um 15:11 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> > How did you configure gnucash during the build in order to install it to
> > /opt/gnucash?  You need to tell gnucash where it is being installed when
> > you build it, so it will look in the right place for its files.
> cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/gnucash ..
> make
> make install
> That's the "official" way to set the install directory. But cmake tries
> to be smart and tries to follow the file hierarchy standard if the path
> starts with /opt. According to the standard, optional packages should be
> installed to /opt/<name>, editable config files to /etc/opt/<name> and
> log files should go to /var/opt/<name>. But cmake (or the cmake
> configuration of gnucash) isn't smart enough, because it doesn't work
> correctly.
Gnucash historically was using the autotools build system. As far as I know 
that system did put the config files in /opt/gnucash/etc/gnucash and not in /

Although the gnucash project since has migrated to exclusively use cmake, it 
may very well be it still expects the files to be in /opt/gnucash/etc/gnucash.

Does it work if you copy the files in that subdirectory ?

Not that it matters that much, we should eventually fix it to work with the 
paths as prescribed in the fhs.



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