[GNC-dev] gnucash maint: [new-aging] new receivable/payable aging reports

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Mon Oct 28 11:42:21 EDT 2019

The Customers/Vendors Overview does show that info, but one cannot export it, save it, or even select the text to copy/paste. A fix there I would think would be the better option, because as far as I can tell, it does show all customers/vendors. But until it is fixed, I agree, it shouldn’t be removed from the aging/owner reports.

> On Oct 28, 2019 w44d301, at 10:30 AM, Derek Atkins <derek at ihtfp.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at gmail.com> writes:
>> 3. owner address display is disabled. I am not sure of the utility anymore;
>> we can add again if there is demand.
> I pointed this out in IRC, but just for email posterity --- this feature
> was the only place where one could get a list of all customers (or
> vendors) with their addresses.  Sure, it would only provide the list of
> those customers that have had invoices, but unless there is another
> report that can provide that feature, it should not be removed from here.
> Note that I don't object to creating another "Customer List" report that
> just provides that information.  It's just that this functionality
> should not be lost without it being replaced.
> Thanks,
> -derek

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