[GNC-dev] Import Main Matcher

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Mon Sep 2 23:09:07 EDT 2019


Any feedback is welcome. John Ralls has suggested that the right place for documentation of how the code works  is in
Doxygen comments in the code itself and I agree with him there. There is a design document in the code which I may be
able to add to. For the user documentmation I will be trying to restrict it to what the code does although I will try
and add some info on things like the hard coded limits used for some parts of the search for matching transactions as
that can be useful to users. Just crossreferencing information between the help manual and Tutorial guide may also prove
useful (e.g. the preference settings for the import matcher crossreferenced from the help manual.

Could you use please reply all so that your reply is also copied to the mailing list when replying to messages from the


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