[GNC-dev] About Gnucash

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Mon Feb 17 22:45:10 EST 2020

> On Feb 17, 2020, at 4:26 PM, chris graves <mohavebaked at gmail.com> wrote:
> On the About GnuCash window, is displayed among other things
> Version
> Build ID
> Finance::Quote
> Question, should the AQBanking version be displayed as well?  Or perhaps is this just opening up a whole can of worms for all included third party s/w?

Not really a can of worms, but not really necessary because unless the user is building dependencies themselves we can pretty easily find out what version of any dependency they've got: We build the Mac and Windows bundles ourselves and https://repology.org will tell us pretty quickly what version of any dependency goes with any distro. 

Finance::Quote is a bit different because it's so easily obtained/upgraded from CPAN that a lot of users won't have what's in their distros; it's also installed outside of the Windows and Mac bundles.

John Ralls

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