[GNC-dev] gnucash git: please as little merge commit as possible

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Sun Jan 5 15:44:43 EST 2020

Dear Daniel,

thanks a lot for your contributions to gnucash.

Concerning the git commits I have a small wish: Could you try to send as 
little merge commits as possible in your pull requests? In particular, your 
recent test_gnc_setlocale patch branch contains a merge commit merging 
upstream/maint. This shouldn't go into the gnucash git. Instead, please rebase 
your contribution branch on top of most recent master, so that your change is 
only exactly one commit (or multiple linear commits for complex contributions) 
but does not contain extra merges. The extra merges are IMHO super confusing 
in the git history but bring completely zero knowledge gain. 

Contributions which consist of exactly one commit IMHO should always be merged 
as fast-forward (or rebase) and not as merge commits, but that's the 
responsibility of the gnucash maintainers. Your responsibility would be to 
send in pull requests which don't contain unneeded merge commits. Thanks a 

And thanks again for your contribution.

Best Regards,

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