[GNC-dev] Online ID matching for OFX import

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Sun Jan 5 16:39:58 EST 2020

I agree that running the search twice is probably ok.  However, John 
raises another point which seems relevant.  What if there is more than 
one partial match?  Right now it returns the first one.  It would seem 
better to punt if there is no full match and more than one partial 


On 5 Jan 2020, at 15:47, Christian Stimming wrote:

> I think two passes is fine. We have a O(n) complexity anyway, and 
> O(2n) is not
> worse than that. So I think running one pass looking for exact match, 
> then (if
> none was found) looking for the partial match, is fine overall.
> Caching partial matches in an extra list with element creation and 
> such IMHO
> introduces a whole lot of extra complexity that isn't really needed. 
> Just
> running the search twice should be fine.

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