[GNC-dev] Question about fin.scm and mortgage repayment calculations

Jean Laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:46:36 EST 2020

Hi Devs,

I've switched to using gnucash from Quicken, and so far I'm very happy.
One thing that's not optimal with Gnucash is how mortgage payments are 
handled as scheduled transactions.
 From what I see, you can do one of two things:
1) Use the action/Scheduled transactions/Mortgage and Loan repayment: 
this in the end will automatically enter a series of scheduled 
transactions to accurately split your monthly payment between principal 
and interest. That's great, except if you do additional payments (as I do)
2) Use the action/Scheduled transactions/Editor and enter a scheduled 
transaction using a formula as provided in fin.scm (which you can edit, 
if you need to add your own formula). This is also great as I could use 
that to compute the right amount based on how much I overpay each month. 
But what if I don't make any additional payment a given month.

The simplest way to achieve what I'm trying to do would be to use 2) and 
compute the interests *based on the current principal*. This would be 
possible if the functions in fin.scm were able to have access to account 
balances (so the interest could be computed accurately)
 From the examples, I don't see that that's possible, but perhaps you 
guys know of a way?

Is this a feature people would be interested in? Or is it too narrow in 

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