[GNC-dev] gnucash.xcodeproj obsolete ?

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Fri Jan 17 01:43:37 EST 2020

On 16 Jan 2020, at 16:40, Geert Janssens wrote:

> With this capability baked into cmake do we still want to keep the old 
> xcode
> project in our repo ? Can it do something we wouldn't be able to do 
> with the
> cmake generated xcode project (possibly after some tweaking of our 
> current
> cmake scripts) ?

It's gone.  I've been meaning to get rid of it for ages but hadn't 
gotten around to it.  Thanks for nudging me.  THe CMake generated XCode 
project is far superior to the one I created which was very limited.  
I've used the CMake one several times and it has always worked well.


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