[GNC-dev] Dev's features of choice?

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sun Jul 26 23:52:51 EDT 2020

There's already a cancel button for the first part.

There's no undelete, but it wouldn't be to hard to implement: Just make a second set of QofContainers to hold deleted objects until the end of the session and provide a dialog to list them and allow them to be returned to the primary container. 

The normal undo-redo stacks common in other programs would be a bit more complex but the technique is well known, it's just really tedious to implement. Where the problem gets quite a bit more interesting (read: complex and difficult with decisions about depth and granularity) is when the undo stack reaches back into already committed transactions. Do you save a copies of each object for every keystroke or treat an edited transaction like a deleted one? How do you handle an import of many transactions, some new and some matched-and-updated? That's just the beginning, GnuCash is complicated. It could easily turn into several years work for a skilled software engineer; definitely not a job for a hacker.

John Ralls

> On Jul 26, 2020, at 7:59 PM, Bruce Irving via gnucash-devel <gnucash-devel at gnucash.org> wrote:
> While I'm not a professional, there is a point about undo that I would like to see - sooner than later:  I start to edit a transaction but, before I commit it (press enter or move to another transaction). I realize that I didn't want to do that and would like to cancel my edit, restoring the transaction to what it was.  
> And, I have accidentally deleted a transaction on more than one occasion.  It would be great if I could restore that transaction rather than completely re-enter it, hoping I remembered what was in it - I don't!
> Bruce
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> Hi Jean,
> Am 26.07.20 um 19:57 schrieb jean laroche:
>> I'm curious about something:
>> If you're a GC dev, contributing code to the project, what's the
>> feature(s) you'd like to see added to GC?
>> I'm only contributing a bit, but I'll offer my 3 top wishes:
>> - Undo/(redo)
>> - Multi-transaction (bulk) editing
>> - Multi-account (bulk) editing
> All three are violations of strict accounting rules. We often talk about
> "In the times of ink and paper", not graphite (pencils). Some
> governments require the immutabiity of once written records.
> So I see at least a better auditing system as a requirement before your
> suggestions. The current logging would need a review. It should cover
> all changes, not only simple transactions. ISTR business actions and
> structural changes are not recorded.
>> I'm curious specifically about devs because they typically have a
>> different perspective on the project than users have.
>> Jean
> About the future I almost agree with Johns suggestions.
> Regards
> Frank
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