[GNC-dev] Build on MacOS

jean laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 12:23:13 EDT 2020

Thanks Frank, that's a very good start! Thanks for pointing me in the 
right direction! Indeed, I saw quite a few feature requests I could get 
behind! :)
In the spirit of the open source project, I'll start by trying to fix 
bug(s). I'm very grateful to the many developers for the enormous amount 
of work that has been put in this project.


On 3/8/2020 12:21 AM, Frank H. Ellenberger wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> Am 08.03.20 um 07:55 schrieb jean laroche:
>> Thanks John, I'm going to retry from a clean slate.
>> A million thanks for all you've done to make this a lot easier for noobs
>> like me.
>> Now that I"m able to build, I wonder where/how I can contribute. I know
>> of things that I would love to change to make them more streamlined for
>> me, but that's just me.
>> J.
> read the intro in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla.
> If you then see desired changes also in https://bugs.gnucash.org/
> or https://gnucash.uservoice.com/
> then it is not only you.
> Regards
> Frank

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