[GNC-dev] A little hint for xcode usage (scheme)

Mike Alexander mike at msalexander.com
Sun Mar 8 20:21:32 EDT 2020

On 8 Mar 2020, at 19:41, John Ralls wrote:

> For my part I seldom use Xcode at all. I use emacs for editing and do 
> the builds in a terminal window (I use iTerm2 rather that Terminal).

That works too.  Back when I developed code for Windows and Unix as well 
as Mac I used XEmacs for everything, including my shell environment.  
Now that I'm basically Mac only, and XEmacs is dead, I use BBEdit and 
XCode.  The BBEdit worksheet is unusual (much like the old MPW worksheet 
if you're old enough to remember that) but I like it.  BBEdit is a bit 
like [X]Emacs: it's an environment, not just an editor.


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