[GNC-dev] IngAusOfxFix updated for Java 11 + 2 new features - Release 2.01

Chris Good goodchris96 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 19:18:59 EDT 2020



I've updated my IngAusOfxFix app to java 11 which is the default version of
java on Ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives like Mint 19, so it is no longer
necessary to 'hold' Linux java packages at Java 8.


IngAusOfxFix is my app that fixes problems in .ofx files from ING Australia
so that they can be imported into GnuCash.


The new IngAusOfxFix version is 2.01.


As the V2.01 app is now a modular java app, it is distributed as a runtime
image which includes the required java runtime, so it is not necessary to
have java installed on your system.

There are 2 new features also:

1.	There is an option to split the <MEMO> input data into <NAME>
(company name which gets imported into GnuCash transaction 'Description'
field), and <MEMO> (the rest of <MEMO> gets imported into the 'Memo' field
of the bank account split). Without a <NAME> field in a transaction, GnuCash
duplicates the <MEMO> field in both the transaction 'Description' and the
'Memo' field of the bank account split.
2.	Replace bad tag <BR/> in the <MEMO> with a space as it causes
GnuCash to fail to import the <MEMO> field.


Please see:








Chris Good


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