[GNC-dev] Advice on what to look at next

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Mon Mar 23 20:22:46 EDT 2020

It's up in the air. The major sticking point is that I'm working on a major rewrite of the options system from an ugly mixture of C and Scheme to C++. I'd hoped to have it far enough along by now to start test releases, but it's not. The back end is mostly done and I'm 3/4 through with the GUI. After that is making sure that the Scheme API is compatible. (It's the c++options branch in my GitHub repo if you want to have a look. I haven't committed the GUI stuff yet, it doesn't build.) We'll have to discuss whether to proceed to user testing without it or slip the 4.0 release when Geert gets back from travel.

John Ralls

> On Mar 23, 2020, at 2:17 PM, Jean Laroche <ripngo at gmail.com> wrote:
> How far along are you on 4.0? Is the planned 28 June 2020 release reasonable?
> J.
> On 3/23/20 2:12 PM, Christopher Lam wrote:
>> For a /very/ high level overview, see the design goals at https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Release_Schedule
>> Or, write tests and refactor the existing hacks.
>> Or, feel free to squash bugs at leisure!
>> On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 at 17:16, jeanl <ripngo at gmail.com <mailto:ripngo at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>    Devs,
>>    Can you point me to something you think needs to be looked at sooner
>>    rather
>>    than later in the gnucash code? I find that bugzilla does not give a
>>    good
>>    image of bug priority, but I'm sure you guys have a good idea of
>>    what needs
>>    to be fixed next. I wouldn't mind helping with that.
>>    Thanks,
>>    Jean
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