[GNC-dev] Ideas for account type-ahead modification

jean laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 11:05:53 EDT 2020

I'm the one to usually bring this up, so I'll do so again:
> Before adding options always think very hard for ways to avoid that.
> I understand you don't want to replace the old behavior with your new 
> behavior unconditionally. I agree.
> However I also think they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If 
> you start from the existing situation and adapt it slightly, I think 
> both use cases can be served in one single search method.

I agree 100%. I originally tried to combine the two searches as that's 
clearly the best option for all users, and at the time realized that 
this would require a large number of changes. But that was before I knew 
the code very well, so I'm going to go back and revisit it.
Thanks for prodding me.

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