[GNC-dev] XCode build not building gnc-vcs-info

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Wed May 6 01:18:12 EDT 2020

Thanks, but the dependencies were already installed, and worked fine 
when I hand-built gnc-vcs-info.h so that's not the problem.  I'm not 
using, and have never used jhbuild so it's not involved.  I'm building 
using cmake and ninja.  The result isn't packaged into an application 
bundle, but it is a perfectly good Quartz application that runs fine.  
I'm not asking for help since I got GnuCash built and debugged it using 
XCode.  I was just reporting the problem.  I probably should have used 
BugZilla, but I didn't think that was necessary since this has no effect 
on anything users see.  It's just a problem for developers.


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