[GNC-dev] Transaction matcher, code to detect many-to-one matches?

Jean Laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Wed May 6 17:08:30 EDT 2020

> It occurs to me that perhaps matching should be separated into two separate dialogs, perhaps wrapped in an assistant: The first one would match already-entered transactions and the second would run the account matcher on the remaining unmatched ones. That would simplify both the UI and the matching code. Getting something like that done in time for 4.0 isn't likely, though.

This is still non trivial, though. "The first one would match 
already-entered transactions": If you mean: go through entered 
transactions and match to imported ones, this also needs some heuristics 
so the matcher would have to be involved. Or perhaps you means something 

I don't think this can be fixed for 4.0 either. The fix isn't trivial.

On a related note, is it expected that an already-cleared transactions 
should appear in the list of matches, if the "Enable update match 
action" option isn't on? It seems that it shouldn't but maybe I don't 
quite understand the match logic...


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