[GNC-dev] Starting to work on C++ conversion in xml backend?

Glenn Serre gaserre at spiresoftware.com
Mon Nov 2 12:22:43 EST 2020

Good morning,

My name is Glenn Serre, and I have recently retired from paid software
development work, which I had been doing since near the end of the
last millennium.

I have been using gnucash on Linux for many years and would like to
contribute.  I intend to start by doing some conversion to C++ as that
will help me learn the system, fits well with my experience, and will
incent me to update my C++ skills (yet again).  I have read the C++
wiki page and intend to start with the xml backend.

Initial questions:
Is there a better place to start than the xml backend?
Are we still limiting things to what is supported in C++ 11 and Boost?
Any gotchas, etc. that are not documented in the wiki?

-- Glenn S.

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