[GNC-dev] Adding a button to abort scrub?

jean laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 12:18:41 EDT 2020

Christopher Lam suggested that the scrubbing process should be 
cancellable via a button (for context, we recently fixed a bug that 
could cause a crash when quitting GC during a scrub operation).

I took a look at the code and as usual, it's not as easy as I would have 
hoped: the backend part (making the scrub stop) is very easy, as the 
abort mechanism is already in place. Adding an abort button in the right 
place on the relevant windows isn't as easy (see for example how the 
progress bar is created/handled, it's fairly convoluted to say the least).
Two questions:
- Do we really think it's worth the effort given how often scrubbing is 
used, and given that scrubbing only takes long on accounts with many 
transactions or books with many accounts?
- If we think it's worth the effort, does one of you devs know how to 
easily add the abort button on the main window (and probably the account 
transactions window as well)? If so, we could split the task: you could 
add the right window, and I'd take it from there.

Personally I doubt it's worth the effort...


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