[GNC-dev] Glade file version

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Sat Sep 12 07:01:50 EDT 2020

Op zaterdag 12 september 2020 12:54:16 CEST schreef Robert Fewell:
> While looking at a glade file for a bug fix, I noticed that the version
> required parameter was at 3.10 and the file generated was with glade
> version 3.22.2
> As the required gtk+ version for Gnucash is greater than 3.22.30, I would
> like to change the version required to 3.22 and as I have glade 3.36.0 they
> will be generated by that. This may involve changing deprecated widgets and
> also glade file layout changes.
> Bob

Hi Bob,

There was a short irc conversation between John and Frank yesterday wishing for you to do just 
that :)

So please go ahead.



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