[GNC-dev] "Mortgage Repayment Druid"

D. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 10:42:16 EDT 2020

Way back when, computer folks referred to system assistants (such as the new accounts assistant, or the mortgage setup assistant) as "druids." There was some obscure reasoning for this. Gnucash originally referred to its assistants as druids, but abandoned them for normal English terminology a long time ago. 

No doubt these ancient enhancement requests have languished for as long as they have because working out the details in setting up a mortgage repayment schedule are highly complex, and the return is so minimal. Variations in calculating interest alone pretty much guarantee that predicted values will diverge from the actuality, which force the user to modify those transactions anyway. I personally abandoned using scheduled transactions for loans for this reason. 

David T. 

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There are a couple of old enhancement requests that refer to a "Mortgage 
Repayment Druid."  Is/was this a wizard of sorts?  Does it still exist?  
The House Mortgate How-To in the doc's makes no mention of such a thing.


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