[GNC-dev] [MAINT] Unplanned network outage

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Fri Apr 30 18:59:22 EDT 2021

HI all,

We had a short service outage today.  My power went out (literally the
power blew a fuse --- at the street corner) around 12:35pm.  It was
restored around 5pm.  Unfortunately my UPS battery died around 4:45.  Once
the power came back, the systems all rebooted and came back on their own
(around 5:15 or so).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


PS: At 12:35 I heard a loud BANG and the power went out!  I notified
people on IRC immediately and went into power-saving mode.  They were
originally supposed to restore power by 3:30, which meant there would not
have been any outage.  Then they pushed it another hour and a half, which
was just a LITTLE too much for the UPS.  Alas.  Again, sorry for any

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