[GNC-dev] New OFX Requirements For USAA FSB

Martin Preuss martin at mpdw.de
Tue Feb 2 14:55:12 EST 2021

Am 29.01.21 um 05:23 schrieb John Ralls:
> I've been using QWIN 2300, header version 102 for some time with no problem until you mentioned it today. Changing to 103 and adding a Client UID one at a time didn't help.

AFAIK only versions of Quicken not older than 2 years are supported. 2300 corresponds to Quicken Windows 2014.

If nothing else changed "2900" should work (Quicken/Win 2020).

I added a few new version combinations to AqBanking to make them available in the dropdown box of the "Edit User" dialog.


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