[GNC-dev] Failed to build GnuCash on Windows

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Tue Feb 16 04:02:46 EST 2021

Op maandag 15 februari 2021 10:58:20 CET schreef Explorare:
> I followed the instructions on /gnucash-on-windows but failed with error
> "TypeError: can only join an iterable". And there is a warning before this:
> 	"libtool: warning: '../lib/libosp.la' has not been installed in
> '/c/gcdev64/gnucash/maint/inst/lib'" [1]
> So I make a copy of libosp.la to that path manually, and compiled again.
> The process stopped with a similar error " [2]
> All commands are executed with admin privileges. And I've fetched the
> origin of gnucash-on-windows. Maybe it failed to copy the needed lib files?
> [env]
> Windows 10 10H2 19042.804 (64bit)
> MSYS2 x86_64 20200903
> [log files]
> [1] https://gist.github.com/Explorare/b9b123dd21f19b9351168053cb074aae
> [2] https://gist.github.com/Explorare/f86a60bc1e20644934a87f9fc619e7da
> Thanks
> ps. I'm trying to edit iso-4217-currencies.xml to add some
> cryptocurrencies and have no experience with jhbuild.

Also a note on your final goal.
Crypto currencies are no iso-4217 endorsed currencies. So you are free to try 
and add currencies like that for your own purpose, but this can't be included 
in the gnucash project in this form.

Additionally there are technical side effects to take into account, which may 
or may not be relevant for you. The first that comes to mind is that online 
quote retrieval will treat all currencies the same. I doubt however the online 
sources used to retrieve currency quotes will also  know about crypto 
currencies. Do AlphaVantage or Yahoo (via its json api) report crypto currency 
quotes ?

Other than that, happy hacking! If you can make gnucash work for you 
persoanlly as you want it, thumbs up.



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