[GNC-dev] Toolbar Style

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Fri Mar 12 23:19:15 EST 2021

You probably can't do so, but you might be able to specify with a CSS 
file, the individual changes that would accomplish the same result. This 
of course means figuring out the differences between the two toolbar 
styles and what nodes/classes/ids/etc. to target. Again, you might not 
get 100% of the way there, but you might get close.


On 3/10/21 11:59 AM, Taull Boi wrote:
> I can use GTKInspector to change properties of the toolbar.
> GtkToolbar -- DefaultToolbar
> Properties:
> toolbar-style: GTK_TOOLBAR_TEXT
> For example, setting the toolbar-style property above changes the toolbar.
> However, I don't see how this can be accomplished via GTK's CSS.

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