[GNC-dev] Report with Fiscal Year

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 22:11:11 EDT 2021

I use Fiscal Year (GnuCash term) ending 30 June reporting (ie 1 Jul 2020 -
30 Jun 2021 is 2021 year). Tax reports are prepared in the following Fiscal
Year so I use reports on current and previous year, and two year's previous
year for verification. Since tax reporting is on a Fiscal Year basis
business tends to align that way so I'm more familiar with those periods
and use them for analysis too. (To put it another way, I hardly recognise
the same data by calendar year.)

Change year for one report instance requires: Options, General, Start Date,
Dropdown calendar, clicks to year, clicks to month, clicks day, End Date,
Dropdown calendar, clicks to year, clicks to month, clicks day, Apply. The
existing calendar year periods seamlessly extend fiscal years with a

The development environment is another thread but fortunately, Guile is
interpreted so I've tested the code by hacking it into my installation and
it works with a hardcoded Fiscal Year month. My function *optionally*
extends existing current and previous calendar year reporting functionality
to fiscal years ie existing code runs without change. An optional parameter
needs to be added to gnc:make-date-option to allow the parameter to be
used. That code is too complex for me to understand given the documentation
and my current level of understanding.

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