[GNC-dev] Generic Import Transaction Matcher separation of front end and backend

Chris Good goodchris96 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 05:26:23 EDT 2021

I'm adding an "Append" checkbox to the bottom of the matcher which the user
can set to enable the 

imported Description to be appended to the Description on the matched
transaction, rather than overriding it.


I've added a pointer (append_text) to the checkbox widget to the
_main_matcher_info  struct defined in import-main-matcher.c.


GNCImportMainMatcher is defined in import-main-matcher.h:

    typedef struct _main_matcher_info GNCImportMainMatcher;


What's the right way to enable gnc_import_process_trans_item() in
import-backend.c to use

gtk_toggle_button_get_active (_main_matcher_info->append_text) and still
keep the existing separation between the

front and back ends?


I guess it is wrong to move the definition of _main_matcher_info  to

and then include import-main-matcher.h in import-backend.c?



Chris Good


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