[GNC-dev] Report with Fiscal Year

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 08:48:45 EDT 2021

> Scheme isn't a very good language for serious programming.

A rewrite is probably reasonable.
demonstrates the code can be clear.

The lack of responses to the report queries probably more due to:
* unintelligible legacy code
* absent or wrong documentation
* overwhelming task to address these issues (ie rewrite easier than

> I see a lot of websites that use two combo boxes for this, the first with
1-31 for the day of the month and the other with the 12 months. Does that
seem reasonable for GnuCash?

That's probably the most efficient, two clicks to select month assuming day
is one. Alternatively, calendar month avoids d/m/y order - default to 1 Jan
using '<>' to select month and/or click day, disable or ignore year.

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