[Gnucash-nl] Gnucash 2.6.10 question

Arno nvana_31 op yahoo.com
Za Dec 26 15:09:58 EST 2015

Dear GNUCash developers,

I have a question: 

Wouldn't it be possible to compile GNUCash 2.6.10 without WebKit support ? I have been using GNUcash for 10+ years now, but since the switch to WebKit only (no other rendering options any more) I cannot get GNUcash to compile any more on my RedHat based Linux systems.

For me a simple a simple switch like '--with-html-engine: none' would also be great, why not have the generated HTML files opened in Firefox ? 

Showing the content in tabs looks great, but if it makes compiling GNUcash on any other system than Ubuntu almost impossible. So I would suggest to have the option for an external HTML viewer.

I've been trying to compile GNUcash (even the older 2.4 versions) for days on CentOS 7, but to no avail. Been trying to tweak the configure system to use webkitgtk-3, qtwebkit, etc, but it all fails. 

At the moment I see not many other options than running GNUcash in a virtual machine running Win7 or leaving GNUcash behind.

Greetings, Arno

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