[Gnucash-nl] GnuCash import for ABN and ING import files

Yuri Radomsky myaccount22 op outlook.com
Do Apr 30 17:33:26 EDT 2020

Hi group,

I will write in English because it's easier for me this way. I am writing to this group because it has info specific for Dutch banks.

I am using GnuCash for some time now and I have dutch ABN and ING accounts. Importing data from those accounts to GnuCash is a challenge:
 - for ABN TM940 export files GnuCash import settings must be adjusted (skip first 3 lines of each record. Luckily this was googleable)
 - ING doesn't provide MT940 export, only CSV.

What I've done is written some scripts (small program actually) to 'prepare' the import files:
 - For ABN: remove those first 3 lines, so you don't have to play with GnuCash settings. Future plan: tweak the description so it is more readable.
 - For ING: create a MT940 file from their CSV file, tweak the description to be more readable.

Is anyone in this groups interested in those scripts? If so, I can make them more user-friendly and share, with some instructions, via GitHub, for example.\

Looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
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