prototype account tree
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:31:34 -0600 (CST)


I thought Carol Champagne had created a prototype tree as well;
we talked about creating sveral some for home owners, others for
renters, etc.  But I guess it never got checked into CVS? 


It's been rumoured that Joshua Sled said:
> This is an empty, prototype account tree for possible inclusion in future
> dists of GnuCash.  'Twas discussed on #gnucash tonight that it takes a while
> to create an account tree.  When I saved this empty tree a couple of months
> ago, the idea was to save people such work.   It may need to be cleaned up,
> so feel free.  It is probably also good to have a set of these in the dist;
> maybe other people who have useful trees can gut and post them...
> The impetus for this was to start a new 'fiscal year'.  I stopped when
> I got to the idea of the Equity accounts; it wasn't clear from the docs
> what exactly should be placed in there, and how it should transfer into
> my other accounts.  Issues with different account statement periods and
> historical data also made me give up the endeavour...
> All company-specific names were changed to include the letter 'P', for
> 'Proto[type]'; ABC Corporation [Income:Salary] was changed to match
> the docs... 
> BofP == Bank of Prototype [Bank of America]
> P*Trade [E*Trade]
> PCU == Prototype Credit Union [local CU]
> ...jsled