CVS update: gnucash/src/scm

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:46:54 -0600 (CST)

Date:	Monday February 12, 2001 @ 16:46
Author:	peticolas

Update of /home/cvs/cvsroot/gnucash/src/scm
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Modified Files:
	gnc-numeric.scm html-utilities.scm 
Log Message:
Bill Gribble's patch.

        * src/engine/gnc-numeric.{c,h}, src/scm/gnc-numeric.scm: add
        support for a new auto-denom type, GNC_DENOM_SIGFIGS(x), where x
        is the number of "significant figures" you want in the output.
        This means that the output denominator will always be a poewr of
        10, but which power is determined by the magnitude of the

        * src/engine/Transaction.c, src/gnc-exp-parser.c,
        src/gnc-ui-util.c: make minor changes to use GNC_DENOM_SIGFIGS
        where appropriate.

        * src/gnome/dialog-account-picker.{c,h}: totally rewritten QIF
        import account picker.  this one is much less likely to get you
        into trouble.  Still some rough edges but MUCH better than
        the old one.
        * src/gnome/druid-qif-import.c: fixes.  Add memo/payee matching
        (but it's not hooked up to the import yet so don't get that 

        * src/scm/qif-import/qif-dialog-utils.scm: memo mapping stuff,
        i18n fixes.

        * src/scm/qif-import/qif-to-gnc.scm: update error catching; print
        backtrace on failure.