CVS update: gnucash/src/engine

James LewisMoss
15 Feb 2001 16:08:35 -0500

>>>>> On Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:38:56 -0600 (CST), said:

 linas> Right. I noticed that.  I groaned. I thought about macros, and
 linas> I thought about the last round of discussions about macros.
 linas> And so I figured that leaving the almost identical copies in
 linas> place was OK.  Esp since the bodies were pretty small, pretty
 linas> tight, it didn't make sense to introduce convenience functions
 linas> to reduce code duplication.  Esp. since the convenience
 linas> routines only add to the overall complexity, without adding
 linas> function.  (I would have concluded differently if the bodies
 linas> were larger, but they were small to begin with).

 >> Also IMO you worry too much about efficiency and reducing mallocs

 linas> Its a cardinal sin to not worry always, constantly, and
 linas> continutally about performance.  But don't get me started, I'm
 linas> not sure I want to go there today.

 >> while at the same time making the code more difficult to
 >> understand and maintain.

 linas> Hmmm ... another area where I don't want to tangle in
 linas> argument.  But in breif, my new, improved philosphy is: the
 linas> fewer lines of code, the easier it is to maintain and
 linas> understand.  So I go for reducing the smallest, simplest, most
 linas> straightforward solution (which by the way, usually produces
 linas> the smallest & most highest-performance code).  Which is why I
 linas> didn't mind the small amount of code duplication above: it was
 linas> small, and simple; and it reduced the loc count in other files
 linas> by a good bit.

I'm thinking you and I should agree not to discuss this. :)  We
disagree too much and too widely on this issue.

It's kewl with me if you want it changed back.  I was just starting to
write some tests for this code and was refactoring as a means to
learning what it does.


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