Account type handling in QIF import

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
23 Feb 2001 17:11:53 -0500 (Bill Gribble) writes:

> 	* src/scm/qif-import/qif-dialog-utils.scm: Be more flexible
> 	about account types on QIF import
> 	* src/scm/qif-import/qif-objects.scm: make sure the list of
> 	allowed types is in the right order
> 	* src/scm/qif-import/qif-to-gnc.scm: be more flexible about type;
> 	check on parent type after creating child; don't set security on
> 	non-{stock,mutual} accounts.
> b.g.

Cool.  This solves everything except one particular "buglet".  The
workaround for this particular buglet is just an operational issue, so
it isn't quite the end of the world, but it would be nice to fix for
the case where a user doesn't notice the problem.

When you are transfering assets between two Mutual Fund or Stock
accounts, if the QIF file doesn't contain the number of shares for
BOTH accounts, then Gnucash will assume a share price of $1.  In my
particular case I have three such mutual-fund accounts and one of them
always has a share price of $1.  So, this particular problem isn't so
bad when I load the QIF for the other two accounts first.
Unfortunately, if any transfer of assets gets loaded from the $1/share
account's QIF _before_ the other account, then the number of shares in
the secondary account becomes invalid.  Also, if I do subsequently
load the QIF for the non-$1/share account, the transaction does come
up in the "match duplicates", but the per-price on the transaction in
Gnucash is not corrected.

As I said, the workaround is to always load the non-$1/share QIFs
first.  However this workaround wouldn't help in the case of multiple
non-$1/share mutual funds, so we might want to actually fix the
underlying problem.  Bill, you can see this problem if you wind up
loading the treas55.QIF before you load either ittaxex.QIF or
500index.QIF.  In particular, if you load the QIFs one-at-a-time (so
you finalize the treas55 before either of the others).

Other than that, this current patch seems to fix all the other import
problems I've been having.  Thanks for the good work!


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