Patch to compile against libxml 2

Dave Peticolas
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:40:24 -0800

Hans de Graaff writes:
> Hi,
> I had to create the following patch to get the latest CVS gnucash to
> compile on my system. I have both libxml 1 and 2 installed, although
> not the latest versions. I think the patch to gnc-account-xml-v2.c is
> needed in any case. The other patch may have been taken care of in
> newer versions of the xml libraries.

I agree that some of these changes make sense. However, your patch
breaks the build on my system with libxml 1.8.10. Can you send a
patch that works for both?

BTW, we probably aren't going to officially support libxml 2 until
gnome 2.0 is released and we switch to that.