CVS update: gnucash/src/engine

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:31:05 -0600 (CST)

Date:	Wednesday February 28, 2001 @ 17:31
Author:	peticolas

Update of /home/cvs/cvsroot/gnucash/src/engine
In directory

Modified Files: gnc-account-xml-v2.c gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c 
Added Files:
	io-gncxml-v2.c io-gncxml-v2.h 
Log Message:
James LewisMoss's xml patch.

	* src/test/test-xml-account.c (node_and_account_equal): fix mem
	(test_add_account): new func.
	(test_generation): Actually test the node created and the
	parser. Everything looks good other than some sixtp oddness I
	don't understand yet.

	* src/engine/gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c
	(gnc_transaction_end_handler): same as below.

	* src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c (gnc_commodity_end_handler):
	Use data struct from io-gncxml-v2.h

	* src/engine/gnc-account-xml-v2.c (account_currency_handler): Make
	not use engine commodity funcs to make this testable.  Will have
	to have something to clean this up in production code.
	(account_security_handler): Same.
	(gnc_xml_set_account_data): Oops.  Actually set that we have
	gotten this so the got all test succeeds.
	(gnc_account_end_handler): Start the main parsing setup by relying
	on data struct from io-gncxml-v2.h
	(gnc_account_end_handler): fix free to free the correct thing.
	Add some g_warning calls to make errors more apparent.