CVS update: gnucash/src/business/business-core/file

Derek Atkins
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 13:34:49 -0600 (CST)

Date:	Monday March 4, 2002 @ 13:34
Author:	warlord

Update of /home/cvs/cvsroot/gnucash/src/business/business-core/file
In directory

Added Files:
	.cvsignore gnc-address-xml-v2.c 
	gnc-address-xml-v2.h gnc-customer-xml-v2.c 
	gnc-customer-xml-v2.h gnc-employee-xml-v2.c 
	gnc-employee-xml-v2.h gnc-entry-xml-v2.c gnc-entry-xml-v2.h 
	gnc-invoice-xml-v2.c gnc-invoice-xml-v2.h gnc-job-xml-v2.c 
	gnc-job-xml-v2.h gnc-order-xml-v2.c gnc-order-xml-v2.h 
	gnc-owner-xml-v2.c gnc-owner-xml-v2.h gnc-vendor-xml-v2.c 
	gnc-vendor-xml-v2.h gncmod-business-backend-file.c 
Log Message:
	* Plug-in Extensions for backends, so pluggable objects can
	provide backend-support without changing the core backend

	* src/engine/gncObject: Add a 'mark_clean' data-type method()
				add backend extension registration.

	* src/engine/gnc-book.c: use mark_clean object interface

	* src/backend/file/io-gncxml-v2: use the backend extensions

	* src/business/business-core/gnc*: add the mark_clean methods
					   add commodities to many objects

	* src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: fix GetPaidTxn() bug

	* src/business/business-core/file: the XML backend extensions for
	business objects.

	* src/business/business-gnome/dialog-*: supply default commodities