CVS update: gnucash/src/gnome

Christian Stimming
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 17:05:57 -0500 (CDT)

Date:	Tuesday September 17, 2002 @ 17:05
Author:	cstim

Update of /home/cvs/cvsroot/gnucash/src/gnome
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Modified Files:
	window-register.c window-register.h 
Log Message:
2002-09-17  Christian Stimming  <>

	* src/gnome/window-register.c (regWindowLedger): Uses the
	menu_setup_with_data introduced below.

	* src/gnome-utils/gnc-menu-extensions.[hc]
	(gnc_extensions_menu_setup_with_data): Added, so that windows can
	pass userdata on to the extension menu's callback functions.

	* src/gnome/window-register.[hc]: Add getter functions for RegWindow