Patch: Advanced Portfolio report and capital gain

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 14 11:35:39 CST 2003


Sorry for taking SO LONG to get to this, but this is now applied and
should be in the 1.8.8 release.

THANK YOU for the patch, and I appologize for sitting on it for so long.


frankpavageau at (Frank Pavageau) writes:

> Hi.
> Here is a patch against CVS to correct a problem with the Advanced
> Portfolio report regarding capital gain : when you sell stock and make
> a profit, the documentation [1] says to enter a split transaction like
> this
>                       Nb of shares   Share price   Total Buy   Total Sell
> Asset:Bank                                         NET_SALE
> Asset:Stocks:SYMBOL   -NB_SHARES     SELL_PRICE                GROSS_SALE
> Asset:Stocks:SYMBOL                                PROFIT
> Income:Capital Gains                                           PROFIT
> Expenses:Commisions                                COMMISSION
> which has the stock asset twice, including one with 0 shares.
> Without the patch, the Advanced Portfolio report adds all the values
> regarding the stock asset to the Money Out or Money In sums, depending
> on the direction of the transaction. This means that if you sell all
> your stock shares, you always end up with a gain of 0 (GROSS_SALE -
> The patch just checks that the number of shares is not 0 before adding
> the value to the Money Out or Money In sum.
> BTW, I've checked bugzilla, I don't think there's a bug filed for that
> problem.
> Frank
> [1]
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