qof_book_merge first release

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 16 10:47:59 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> On Saturday 16 October 2004 4:05 am, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry for taking so long to get to this patch.
> It's fine, honest. I've got lots on with other projects and you're always busy 
> on the lists too. Plus there's a lot in the patch to get through!

Thanks for being understanding.  I _had_ promised you I'd look at it
a few weeks ago, but moving has been hell....

>> I was just looking at it to commit it to CVS but I'm a little
>> concerned about making GncAddress a first-class QOF type.
> Sorry, it's an oversight on my part. Part of local changes made during 
> development and incorrectly reversed.

Ahh, ok...

>    I
> was trying to see how an address would be created if the QofEntity *parent is 
> not known at the time of the creation. I need to review the whole area.

Oh, in general I believe an address cannot exist without its QofEntity
*parent.  i.e., the Address is not an independent object.

> Can you just apply these changes, instead?
> +    { ADDRESS_ONE,             QOF_TYPE_STRING, 
> (QofAccessFunc)gncAddressGetAddr1, (QofSetterFunc)gncAddressSetAddr1 },
> +    { ADDRESS_TWO,             QOF_TYPE_STRING, 
> (QofAccessFunc)gncAddressGetAddr2, (QofSetterFunc)gncAddressSetAddr2 },
> +    { ADDRESS_THREE,   QOF_TYPE_STRING, (QofAccessFunc)gncAddressGetAddr3, 
> (QofSetterFunc)gncAddressSetAddr3 },
> +    { ADDRESS_FOUR,    QOF_TYPE_STRING, (QofAccessFunc)gncAddressGetAddr4, 
> (QofSetterFunc)gncAddressSetAddr4 },
> Sorry to make more work for you.

Eh, deleting from the diff shouldn't be too hard.  I think I can just apply
these.  :)

The rest of the patch is looking good; I'll audit it a bit more today
and/or tomorrow and try to get it committed.


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