gnc-date.c - erroneous leap year calculations.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Feb 6 15:57:46 EST 2005

Applied to 1.8 and HEAD.  Thanks for noticing.  This should make
the 1.8.11 cutoff (the last thing.. Phew.  Thanks Chris!).  I wonder
how nobody noticed this issue ever before?


Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

> Ummm, I've just found something in gnc-date.c that appears to have slipped 
> through the net.
> In gnc-date.c, there is a function gnc_date_my_last_mday which I wanted to use 
> in my own QOF work. When I tried to calculate the last day of the month of 
> February in 2005, it came back with the 3rd March. Other months were wrong 
> too - the last day of 2004 was the 30th December!
> I looked at the source, and it would appear that where a modulus was expected, 
> a division was executed:
> Now, the last day of February 2005 really is the 28th and the last day of 2004 
> is the 31st December. Phew!
> (I didn't fancy a world without New Year's Eve!!!)
> I'll amend QOF at this end.

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