Protecting gnucash 1.8.x from utf8 locales

Didier Vidal didier-devel at
Tue Sep 6 03:20:15 EDT 2005

[Resent, my first email bounced because I was not member of the list]

Some linux distribs (including Fedora) set UTF 8 locales by default.
With such locales, GnuCash doesn't behave correctly. In particular,
reports are not displayed correctly (utf8 chars are split in two).
This patch transforms UTF_8 locales into their base locale at startup
and displays a warning.
It assumes locale naming schemes as described at and

This patch is not transparent to gnucash users who already created files
with an utf8 locale. Account names or transaction names they entered
that had unicode letters are no longer displayed correctly. I'll try to
work on a different patch that help display the html reports correctly
also with in an utf8 locale, the only problem I've observed with
gnucash/UTF-8 with fedora's package.
By the way I also observed that gnucash does not write the encoding in
the XML file that is saved. That might be the source of some
locale-related problems, and definitely might be a problem for people
that exchange gnucash files. 

Didier Vidal.
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