gnucash: New Branch '2.6.5'

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Dec 15 16:21:44 EST 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  321278f9964f7647a35ab1d757e8e838b7ec2516 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.4
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Mon Dec 15 15:31:02 2014 -0800

Tag 2.6.5

Carsten Rinke (1):
      Bug737815 - Graphs Cannot Be Generated Correctly

Christian Stimming (3):
      Aqbanking transfer: Make IBAN and BIC text entry fields filter digits or alphas correctly as needed.
      Aqbanking online SEPA transfer: Allow transfers without BIC, only IBAN. Also add IBAN checking.
      Aqbanking: Add display of aqbanking subaccountid in initial correspondence setup

Cristian Marchi (1):
      Update Italian translation.

Frank H. Ellenberger (6):
      Allow GUILE1_PROGS as m4 name
      Add report forms T-Account/Vertical and account types Active/Passive to
      Update of de.po -still 530 + 53 to review
      Update of de.po: 351 +50 remaining
      Update of de.po: 152 + 38 remaining
      Add ChangeLog.2013 to dist_doc_DATA

Geert Janssens (23):
      Bug 737815 - Graphs cannot be generated correctly
      Redo the highlighter in barcharts.
      Some minor cosmetics in the barchart code
      Revert to using numerical indexes for the x-axis on bar charts
      Revert "Remove bare percent sign in taxinvoice.scm, replace with English."
      Fix some warnings found with msgfmt -c in the po files
      Fix invocations of guile function 'load-from-path'
      Rewrite old-fashioned makefile construct
      Harmonize variable names used to refer to guile modules in all makefiles
      Fix a few deprecation warnings when building and testing with guile 2
      Guile module structure cleanup
      Pre-compile scm files when building with guile 2
      Guile 2 pre-compilation improvements
      Use one common base directory to store all scheme files and modules
      Omit extension on calls to load-extension
      QIF Import crashes when closing via the 'X' button on the last page
      Fix parallel make for guile2 compilation
      Prevent crash when standards-report dir doesn't exist
      Fix build-time hard-coded path introduced by the guile2 compile changes
      Fix a few typos in python example scripts and align them with the latest api changes
      Python bindings - fix creation of new xml files
      Fix guile 2 precompilation of German tax report
      Yet another guile 2 precompile fix of the German tax report

Jeff Earickson (9):
      Remove bare percent sign in taxinvoice.scm, replace with English.
      Add kn (Kannada) to LINGUAS_ALL
      Indic Language Kannada Translation file
      Addition of Gujarati (gu) to LINGUAS_ALL po file list
      Indic Language Gujarati Translation File
      Add kok at latin to LINGUAS_ALL (Konkani in Latin script)
      Indic Language Konkani translation in Latin script
      Add Assamese Indic Language (as) to LINGUAS
      Assamese Indic Language translation file (Devanagari script)

Joe Hansen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

John Ralls (20):
      Add sv_AX, sv_FI, zh_HK, and zh_TW to Makefiles & configure.
      Fix a bunch of non-literal-null-conversion warnings.
      Update Farsi translation from the Translation Project.
      Bug 736359 - Date of 0000-00-00 in MySQL backend crashes GnuCash
      Bug 738113 - Crash on reload budget report.
      Bug 738477 - WebKit is broken on Win32.
      Fix Guile-2.0 precompilation.
      Revert "Fix Guile-2.0 precompilation."
      Reapply fix of Guile precompilation without unwanted change in gnc-numeric.c.
      Guile precompilation: One more missing library-dir.
      Fix the *.win32-bin.txt and downloaded.mt940 attributes.
      Guile compilation: One missed CLEANFILES.
      Still more Guile precompilation fixes.
      Remove Windows specializations from gnc-date.c
      Correct inadvertent change to a still-needed function.
      Use standard macro INT64_C() to silence gcc-4.2 complaint
      Still more Guile library path additions, this time in tests.
      Update translation project po files.
      Fix msgfmt errors in Indian-language .po files.
      Release 2.6.5.

Mike Alexander (1):
      Fix line endings in repository to match recent change to .gitattributes

Ralf Habacker (1):
      Adapt german SKR03 account template to updated tax rate.

Sébastien Villemot (1):
      Add missing comma in call to gtk_tree_store_set().

VERDOÏA Laurent (1):
      French typo correction

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