gnucash 2.6.2: Multiple changes pushed

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Tag GnuCash 2.6.2

Andreas Köhler (691):
      Remove add_tearoffs from glade files; some automatic scrollbars
      Add printing support to graphs (depends on #332884). Remove paper from PrintSession.
      Disable sensitivity of style radio actions for registers with ledger_type different from LD_SINGLE, e.g. search registers and general ledgers.
      Add configure test for sys/times.h and corrected guid.c to check for that.
      Move retrieval of private data of main window after the creation of the window.
      Avoid calculation of account period total for the top level account.
      Unref the summary bar list store so that it gets deleted together with the combobox.
      Fix order of parameters to gnc_ui_common_commodity_modal, and 334181.
      Save a QofBook instead of its GUID in the list of books in plugin pages. This should renable the deletion of some plugin pages.
      Add a call to gnc_tm_set_day_end to correct initial ending balance in reconcile windows. Tiny comment typo in qof/gnc-date.h.
      Make register ui update unconditionally if in a GncEmbeddedWindow.
      Add row_activated callback to commodity and price editor tree views. Fix 334661.
      Fix return value of get_corr_account_split and reverse the tests of its callers. Fix 334801.
      Correct SX editor and Since Last Run dialog to close their register plugin pages instead of only the ledgers. Fix 334627.
      Let glib subtract days from a GDate, because G_DATE_BAD_DAY (0) is a bad day.
      Update frequency specification in SX from transaction dialog before moving one day back. Replace deprecated gdk_draw_pixmap.
      Treat the date option widget as container if it shows absolute and relative dates, in multichoice_cb.
      Fill the filter by dialog with given start/end time instead of calculating earliest/latest date found. Fix 335237.
      Rename gtkhtml workaround, non-squared graphs in gtkhtml >= 3.10.1. Fix 328114.
      Remove some optional return value locations in emissions of signals without return value.
      Add vertical padding in register cells and align text, editable text and the text cursor vertically. This makes the cells taller and centers the text. Add one pixel to the horizontal padding.
      Set search column for account types lists interactive search. Fix 336833.
      Fix leakage of old books.
      Fix loop of split account reassignments in xaccGroupMergeAccounts, because the commit of one split will change the list itself. Potentially fix 337048.
      Initial support to decode old, ambiguous data files, missing an encoding declaration, with the help of the user.
      Fix to compile on systems with glib < 2.9.
      Add a string to final page of encodings druid.
      Initialize some variables before usage so that gcc does not complain.
      Remove translatable property of some forgotten placeholder strings in glade file.
      Initialize depth variable in tree view keynav before using it.
      Remove all XIM code, as it has been commented out unconditionally already for a while. Send focus in/out events to register GtkEntry. Address #337020.
      Add legend only to barchart and piechart plots, not to scatter plots, as there is currently no usage for it. Fix #337769.
      Correct option strings in sx editor for tri-annual transactions. Fix #339724.
      Scott Oonk's patch to activate forward button in XML import druid after having decided on each ambiguous string. Fix #342050.
      Extend gnc_file_dialog to take a GList of GtkFileFilters instead of a filter string. Allows patterns like *.[Qq][Ii][Ff] without messing up the dialog, fixes #336124.
      When the user chooses another default encoding, do not recheck the file for ambiguous words, but rather just resort what has been found before.
      Move is_gzipped_file to
      Add wait_for_gzip to avoid reading from a file that is still being
      Replace gnc_tree_model_account_path_changed with manual checks whether
      Cancel renaming of a page when GDK_Escape is pressed. Fixes #343226.
      Do not try to find positions for alphabetic insertions of add_on pages,
      Add GDK_Menu as shortcut for showing register popups. Fixes 343244.
      Link gnome-utils against backend/file and remove symbol lookup in
      Add gnc_html_copy and enable report pages to copy to clipboard. Fixes
      In the account dialog, do not expand the upper left entries when the
      String fixes that have been delayed due to the string freeze.
      Let GtkMessageDialog render the headers of two warnings in bold font.
      Add to Fixes
      Remove a duplicate of gnc:html-text?.
      Do not move windows on restoration that would be offscreen.
      Make tabs within one notebook reorderable by dnd for gtk>=2.10.
      Correctly set column sort orders from gconf. Fixes #348248.
      Fix comon typo in
      Add preference general/tab_position to choose the edge of the notebook
      Fixed some duplicate accelerators.
      Add new setting general/show_splash_screen to
      Add warning close_last_window and show it when user tries to close the
      Replace the hbox separating debits from credits in the reconciliation
      Add tooltips to the checkboxes in the Reset Warnings dialog showing the
      Unref entry completion in gtk-gtk-utils.c; I18n "Type", unref store in
      Check for account type compatibility when creating a new account. Fixes
      Unref all new stores.
      Enable inline completion only for gtk>=2.6.
      Make the win32 script run even from outside of the its directory.
      Correct last patch.
      One more patch fix
      Replace set [-+]e switching by `if'.
      Win32 script: added wget_unpacked, $LAST_FILE, corrected
      Added missing parameter in wget_unpacked in
      Fix wget_unpacked in, once again.
      Add, a postinstall script of mingw.
      Add OpenSSL install function as libgnomeui needs libssl32.dll. Add
      Split glade installer into small gtk/gnome/other packages, add
      Readd expat-bin (xmlparse,xmltok), freetype-dev, jpeg-bin and
      Add ActivePerl. This is a download of ~8MB only used by intltool,
      Add Glade-3, as it seems to run smoothly with gnome widgets and simply fixes:
      Remove gnc-dir.h from BUILT_SOURCES fixes:
      Build Guile and GnuCash by `make LDFLAGS="$SOME_FLAGS -no-undefined"' Install gconf schema files to
      Replace 'MS-DOS by 'ms-dos as software-type in guile.init (slib). cleanups, as we build-depend on ActivePerl now
      Install slib to another location and avoid the need for the environment
      Do not complain about non-existent files if we save to a new file. In
      Use some more automatic scrollbars in GtkScrolledWindow's.
      Revert r14591 (bug 344966) to prepare another solution.
      Add xaccAccountTypesCompatibleWith and change xaccAccountTypesCompatible
      Add gnc_tree_model_account_types_set_mask and bind mask to the filter
      f_model is not always set in gnc_tree_model_account_types_get_selection
      Make the account type list in the account dialog dynamically filtered
      Free a list in import-account-matcher.c.
      Ease account type changes in the account dialog after OK is clicked.
      Initialize sort order in query lists. Fixes #357481.
      Correct account compatibility check with top level account.
      Quote an empty scheme list and avoid crash of transaction report on
      Unconditionally call AC_CONFIG_HEADERS for libgsf and goffice config
      Remove "closing last window" confirmation dialog and corresponding
      Lessen restriction of the parameter whoami of the gnc_gconf_add/
      Repost goffice-0.3.0-patch.diff, with gtk-doc.m4 included.
      Do not svn:ignore g-wrap files anymore.
      Quote a list of account types to avoid a cash flow crash. Fixes #363068.
      Adjust to better cope with current HEAD.
      Make win32 compile again.
      Make gnucash.bat work.
      Correct gnc_gconf_add/remove_notification to avoid printf'ing NULL and
      Unlink ${SWIG_DIR}\INSTALL because it bites with /bin/install.
      Correct xaccTransactionSetDescription to xaccTransSetDescription in a
      Correct order of account and split parameters to xaccSplitSetAccount in
      Replace xaccTransAppendSplit by xaccSplitSetParent in a few scheme
      Fix typo in
      Update slib url to stick with old version 3a3.
      Automatically update the gconf search path on windows. Add a
      Fix gnc_history_generate_label to search for the correct dir separator
      Fix two NULL %s-printf's.
      Another NULL %s-printf.
      Some win32 package updates:
      Make gnc-dense-cal:month_name to use g_date_strftime instead of strftime
      Inform the user about 'gnucash-docs' package when Help is selected with
      Do not simply touch install-sh because we need that from automake
      Work around a bug in the MSYS bash (which generates 0x01 smilies when
      Default directory tweaks:
      Add swig base-typemap double gdouble. gnc-progress-dialog-set-value
      Replace remaining _WIN32 macro tests by G_OS_WIN32 ones.
      Fix three incorrect tests for swig-wrapped objects and one
      When progress bar is showing, do not make menus and toolbars
      Save window size and position of the transfer dialog.
      Drop argv-list-converters.[ch], because its use was removed by r12942
      Fix some printf's of NULL in DEBUG, ENTER and LEAVE macro invocations. improvements:
      Add, a script that extracts all necessary files needed to run
      Revert r15216, because the actual guile dll file names differ from those
      Do not determine SWIG_LIB by running `swig -swiglib`, because we do not Do not call from within Make gnome installation relocatable again.
      Do not distribute share\guile\1.6\slibcat and let slib recreate it once Ease registration of environment variables. Fix to
      Add include directives for ${top_builddir}/src/swig-runtime.h.
      Various improvements:
      Fix typo, spotted by hfelton.
      Strip libdir directives in distributed libtool .la files, because they
      Avoid crash when renaming page in a page-less window by returning if
      Fix slib installation within inst_guile, a regression introduced by
      Use `cp -a' in Let inno create guile.bat (which sets
      Do not build tests for `make all' but only `make check'. This is done by
      No need to manually exclude test subdirectories from mingw build
      Configure from a relative path on Windows, because gnucash-build-env
      Make GnuCash compile from a git repository.
      Merge reshuffle-modules (r15315) back into the trunk.
      Call g_module_make_resident in qof backend provider modules.
      Unify library names and installation directories.
      Compile GncModule's with --avoid-version.
      Rename businessmod-core.c and businessmod-gnome.c.
      Update for 2.0.4 release.
      Actually translate "Remove Splits".
      Adjust box packing in payment dialog. Fix #393024.
      Translate expenses in mortgage/loan druid. Fix #393436.
      Make GnuCash work on Windows again.
      Avoid crash in QIF import, page payees/memos. Fix #392707.
      Use double-clicks in the qif import druid. Fix #395325.
      Use double-clicks in general import dialogs.
      Add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to the gnucash script.
      Drop variables GNC_LIBDIR and GNC_MODULE_DIR.
      Drop gnucash-config and gnucash.m4.
      Fix the module name in two backend/file tests.
      Use correct exit status in backend/file tests.
      Correctly empty date format combobox in qif import druid. Fix #396668.
      Raise dependencies: GLib 2.6, Pango 1.8, GTK+ 2.6.
      Use g_dir_{open,read_name,close}.
      Use g_open, g_fopen, g_stat and g_unlink.
      Use MAX_DATE_LENGTH+1 as length for some date buffers.
      Always supply three arguments to g_open.
      Fix Gwenhywfar build in
      Use g_getenv instead of getenv.
      Replace creat() by g_open().
      Do not %s-printf NULL-title of average balance plot. Fix #397935.
      Add paths for AqBanking in gnucash\inst tree. Fix #399816.
      Use guiles native sort and record. Fix #373809.
      Replace chmod by _wchmod on Windows.
      Replace access by _waccess on Windows. Fix leak from r15429. Add DISABLE_OPTIMIZATIONS and --disable-static's.
      Add a few functions from GLib 2.8 in lib/glib28. Some updates, use freetype and libgnurx from
      Replace mkstemp and rename by g_mkstemp and g_rename.
      Do not crash on delete_event in new user dialog. Fix #401484.
      Implement gnc_timegm directly without mktime.
      Do not intentionally divide by zero in test-numeric
      Avoid even more divisions by zero in test-numeric.
      Reduce debug stack size in tests from 5,000,000 to 500,000.
      Add a --library-dir to gnome-utils tests.
      Add lib/libc/pow.h to avoid calculation errors on Windows.
      Add -mms-bitfields and -mwindows to Add $GOFFICE_DIR/bin to PATH.
      Prepend dirs in gnc-test-env, not append. Abstract a bit. Add $INSTALL_DIR/bin to PATH.
      Fix gnc_lconv_set_utf8 on Windows, #403815. Correct -p parameter for LIBOFX_PATCH. Move wget, unzip, indent and pexports to \tools. Add, hide gconfd-2.exe window. Add REGEX_CPPFLAGS to gwenhywfar. Add gwenhywfar and aqbanking dirs to ACLOCAL_FLAGS. Make some installs silent, fix AqBanking LDFLAGS. Set subsystem of libexec/gconfd-2.exe to GUI.
      Avoid %s-printing of a NULL account name in a LEAVE message.
      Remove lib/glib28/gwin32-2.8.[ch] again. Remove dependency_libs line from .la files in \lib too. Still use -g on DISABLE_OPTIMIZATIONS.
      On Win32, add get_dtd_installation_directory to LibOFX. Fix #406286.
      Make new windows the same size as the active one. Fix #341968.
      Add missing #includes of glib-compat.h. Fix #407079.
      Do not move unzipped folders of ActivePerl. Make assert_one_dir quieter. Add set_env_or_die, use it for $INTLTOOL_PERL. Make QTDIR a Unix path.
      Fix crash if OB setup druid gets closed while waiting for the wizard.  #409319.
      Use g_spawn_async instead of fork/execl for AqBanking Qt3 wizard.
      gnc:job-get-owner is gncJobGetOwner now.  Fixes #410407.
      Reenable search for Voucher Owner.  Fixes #410511.
      Update for 2.0.5 release.
      Change yet another chmod to g_chmod.
      Fix one more issue of debug-printing %s with NULL.
      Add wrappable functions to spawn, chat with and kill processes. Use add_to_env to add svn bindir to PATH.
      Patch from Mike Alexander to fix a memory leak in the summary bar.  #413568.
      On creating a new account, do not check account types of children. Update cairo, pango, intltool and aqbanking.
      Fix tip of the day dialog on Windows.
      Fix warning about PKG_CONFIG_MIN_VERSION.
      Correct r15693 and lower PKG too.
      Remove unused calls to goffice svg code.
      Drop internal copies of libgsf and goffice.
      Remove the empty directories in lib/libgsf-1.12.3 and /goffice-0.0.4 too.
      Add GOFFICE_WITH_CAIRO to enable build without GogRendererPixbuf. Bump goffice to 0.3.7. Add support for generating guide and help CHM files.
      Add help support on Windows by using the HtmlHelp API.
      Windows lacks exp10, so use exp instead.
      Do not printf %s if the param is NULL.
      Absolute paths on Windows do not begin with a slash.
      Harden tests for HtmlHelpW on Windows.
      Reorder the sequence of some GUI library tests.  Allow libgtkhtml-3.14.
      If PKG_CHECK_MODULES fails, always print result "no".
      Remove unused functions in and stop wrapping print-session.[ch].
      Add support for printing reports with GtkPrint.
      Uncouple print settings for reports and checks again.
      Do not printf %s if the param is NULL.
      Do not check for and link against gnomeprint if gtkhtml uses gtkprint.
      Fix a typo in gnome-utils/, garbling _SOURCES.
      In test for htmlhelp, try to build DLL.
      Remove almost unused configure output variables.
      Patch from James Radley to allow override of the dotfile location. Do not mix pexports and ".." as noted by Nathan Buchanan.
      Add support for (de)compressing in a thread instead of fork.
      On Windows, convert filename parameter for xml parser to system codepage. Some package updates, including GtkHTML 3.14.0.
      Use gtk_print_operation_set_{use_full_page,unit} for reports.
      Use TXN-TYPE-{INVOICE,PAYMENT} in customer report. Observed by Nigel Titley.
      Use gncOwnerGetOwnerFromLot.
      Remove libgnomeprintui from
      On Windows, go back to libgnomeprint.  Partly revert r15750/61.
      Remove viewport/hbox from account scrolls in transfer dialog.  Fixes #425917.
      Minor cleanup and doc string in gnc-help-utils.[ch].
      Fix state file issues on Windows.
      In new user dialog, run HOOK_BOOK_OPENED with non-NULL session parameter.
      Improve printing of dates and times with non-UTF-8 locales and on Windows.
      Use qof_strftime instead of strftime in the C source code.
      Depend on an available GLib thread implementation.  Remove fallback to fork for gzip.
      Remove check for sys/wait.h because waitpid is not in use anymore.
      Fix a %s-NULL-printf.
      Remove unused function qof_is_same_day().
      Remove unused functions qof_print_{hours,minutes}_elapsed_buff().
      Remove unused code for gnc_timet_get_day_{start,end}_gdate from qof.
      Rename g_date_equals to gnc_gdate_equal and g_date_hash to gnc_gdate_hash.
      Use ERR_BACKEND_READONLY if data file cannot be unlinked on write.
      Add a few gncAddressBeginEdit before gncAddressDestroy.
      Balance some more ENTER/LEAVE calls.  Replace one ENTER by DEBUG.
      Wrap SPLIT_{ACCT_FULLNAME,CORR_ACCT_{NAME,CODE}} correctly. Reported by Mike Alexander, #429075.
      Use g_direct_{hash,equal} in gnc_quickfill_new, drop quickfill_{hash,compare}.
      Add qof-gobject.h to qofinclude_HEADERS.
      Improve win32/
      Fix NULL-%s-printf in gnc_import_select_account.  Fixes #430130.
      Add packaging/win32 to tarball.
      Fix quickfill handling in transfer dialogs, bug #413868.
      Rename to defaults, recommend custom, add remove_step.
      Correct to defaults in packaging/win32/
      Win32: Include custom at the beginning of defaults.  Set AQBANKING_WITH_QT=yes.
      Win32: Add some text regarding QTDIR and AQBANKING_WITH_QT. Test for g++.
      Allow building from a tarball.
      Convert tax strings to UTF-8.
      Improve handling of the account in the account dialog.
      Use correct mnemonic widget for "_Parent Account" in account dialog, #431963.
      Update the account name in the title of the account dialog on a parent change.
      Replace monolithic MinGW setup by smaller and reusable downloads.
      To identify the active locale on Windows, use g_win32_getlocale instead of setlocale.
      Compile with --enable-locale-specific-tax on Windows.
      Fix double variable declaration on non-Windows, introduced by r15973.
      Close the splash screen on clicks, #366418.
      Add a 6px border to the printing tab of the preferences dialog for consistency.
      Remove urgency_hint (gtk+ >= 2.8) from glade files.
      Set scroll policies in tax information dialog to automatic, #432072.
      Set mnemonic widget for "Smallest fraction" in account dialog.
      In gnc_tree_view_account_select_subaccounts, determine correct last (deep) child.
      Do not show ACCT_TYPE_ROOT in filter by dialog.
      Free a leaked return value of g_win32_error_message.
      Fix gnc_spawn_process_async and gnc_detach_process.
      Build OpenSSL 0.9.8e from tarball.
      Do not double-check libraries/programs if they are installed correctly.
      Append `.sh' to packaging/win32/{functions,defaults}.
      Fix a NULL-%s-printf, #433798.
      Update openssl safety net.
      Add install-fq-mods.bat to dist and start menu.
      Add gnc-fq-helper and TZ environment variable test to install-fq-mods.bat.
      Prepend to PATHEXT and give a default TZ on Windows.
      Give the child process a real chance to die before we kill it.
      Add gnc_parse_time_to_timet, a concatenation of strptime and mktime.
      Drop process.scm and spawn perl to retrieve price quotes.
      Change gconfd-2.exe to the windows subsystem in inst_gnome more often.
      Shutdown gconfd before uninstalling GnuCash, #434271.
      Patch from Zach Sadecki to lower the number of annoying console windows.
      Patch from Zach Sadecki to start custom check items at index 1, #434029.
      Do not set timezone to UTC on Windows, #434752.
      Add support for ActivePerl 5.6 to install-fq-mods.bat.
      Save column selection in import account matcher to GConf.
      Add Windows-specific code to lib/libc/strptime.c to eat %x, %X and %c.
      Do not use langinfo to determine date format spec, but %x, %X or %c.
      Fix a NULL-%s-printf in bayes matching, #436455.
      In the tax information dialog, add a GtkHPaned to allow resizing of the accounts treeview, #432072.
      Update comment in glade-fixup to Gtk+ v2.6.
      Update the window title after a new main window has been created, #436479.
      In gnc_find_or_create_equity_account, fix crash if there is no account "Equity", #436155.
      On strptime('%X') and Windows, first translate the time picture to a format spec, cf. #437751.
      Further improve date parsing on Windows.  Revert parts of r16049 on Unix.
      Add gnc_history_remove_file, call it if the history file cannot be loaded, #388500.
      Make search and tax info dialogs invisible at the top-most level.
      Add some delimiters for parsing CJK dates, #437898.
      Do not remove files from history list on startup, #388500.
      Patch from Thomas Klausner to enable building with goffice-0.4.
      In QIF import, do not cat and merge accounts if imported_account_tree is empty.
      Update the main window titles and the window list on HOOK_BOOK_OPENED.
      Fix a qif import error if commission account cannot be found in the mappings, #378274.
      Correct the checks for gnc:*finance-quote-{check,helper}* to use string-null?.
      Deuglify the account selection dialog for the account search a little bit.
      Make date picker in registers visible for rtl locales like hebrew, #386816.
      In reconciliation window, only show interest button if account type is CREDIT or LIABILITY.
      In the transfer dialog, always use bold headers.
      gnc-budget-lookup, used for getter of budget option, may return '() instead of #f.
      Unregister option dialogs from gui component list while destroying.
      Add close handler for register plugin pages, just call gnc_main_window_close_page.
      Improve gui component handling of report plugin pages.
      Link report-gnome against engine for gnc_get_current_session().
      Use UNIX line delimiters in packaging/win32/
      Set executable flag on a few scripts in packaging/win32.
      Let wget download to a UNIX path.
      Untabify major scripts in packaging/win32. Use indent-tabs-mode instead of tab-width.
      Integrate into Minor cleanups.
      Use UNIX line delimiters in packaging/win32/
      Fix cross platform installation of libxml2, gnome and exetype.
      Add $LIBXSLT_DIR/bin to PATH.
      Do not use register_env_var PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR and leave it unset on Windows.
      Fix cross compilation of OpenSP and LibOFX.
      Ignore instead of custom.
      Fix dist_libxml2().
      Use UNIX line delimiters in as well.
      Fix a %s-NULL-printf in the register, #441207.
      Avoid unwanted signed->unsigned conversions in dense cal computations, #441209.
      Fix %s-NULL-printfs in image option previewers, #441798.
      Do not change internal scheme strings in place, #389740.
      In tax report, do not set to start and end of month if from-to mode is selected, #435329.
      Unref a few pango layouts returned by gtk_widget_create_pango_layout().
      Correctly check against end of dense calendar to avoid spurious marks, #433156.
      Readd two pixels to the widths of colored backgrounds in the dense calendar.
      Check for QOF_LIB_DIR environment variable and try to load qof backends from there first.
      Enable libgncqof-backend-qsf on Win32 by exporting QOF_LIB_DIR.
      Fix another %s-NULL-printf in the options dialog.
      Show price scatterplot if the source is the price db and no account has shares.
      Handle marker shape and color options of scatter plots, #353871.
      Add exact->inexact in plots for Guile 1.8 to print parsable doubles.
      Add aqbanking/wizarddir to and fix qbanking/cfgmoduledir.
      Fix a %s-NULL-printf if default currency is neither locale nor chosen.
      Allow running from the build directory by cd'ing into the source tree.
      Avoid crash in QIF import, page categories.  Fixes #447917. Harmonize skipping messages. Use ld, gcc, dlltool and ranlib for cross-compiling. When cross-compiling, mkdir $_GUILE_UDIR/bin before using it. Fix PKG_CONFIG_PATH tracking when cross-compiling. Fix cross-compiling of gwenhywfar and ktoblzcheck.
      Avoid stripping the win drive letter on qsf export.  Fixes #448900.
      Remove UI and register parts of the "Enable euro support" option, #449395.
      Do not call setlocale &friends from within the file backend library.
      Correct use of xmlNodeGetContent in qsf backend module.
      Do not register qof backend modules on first load, #433779.
      Return NULL on qof_instance_get_guid(NULL) again, #448853.
      Avoid a global static variable by using g_list_sort_with_data.
      Revert some qof_instance_get_guid() calls to qof_entity_get_guid().
      Call gbr_init() only on ENABLE_BINRELOC, #450991.  Move variables into #ifdef'ed blocks.
      Validate date in _fixup_recurrence_start_dates, #443941 win32 crash.
      Readd support for account dialogs working only on a subset of account types.
      Win32 installer cosmetics.  Add src/pixmaps/gnucash-icon-48x48.bmp.
      Win32: Add ignoreversion for the installation of bin/*, #452170.
      Fix typo in binreloc message.
      Add win32/redirect.c, a tool spawning itself in a parent bin\ directory.
      Use redirect.exe for gconfd-2.exe (#450052) and qt3-wizard.exe (#452382).
      Update the firewall rules to match the new location of gconfd-2.exe.
      Fix an ofx import memory leak and a non-ascii-path problem on win32.
      Update LibGSF (1.14.5) and GOffice (0.4.1) on Windows.
      LibGSF does not install schema files anymore, drop corresponding dist rule.
      Add code page information to gnucash.bat, #458783.
      Avoid a critical warning when editing an account.
      Avoid critical warnings when searching interactively in account tree.
      In gncFindFile, use g_path_is_absolute instead of file[0]=='/'.
      Let gnc_html_parse_url grok Windows filenames, #462567.
      Fix a win32 crash when resetting pixmap options.
      Remove old code unused since r14253.
      Make right-clicks in registers work like left-clicks plus popup, #339260.
      Revert r15799 and teach FreeBSD WEXITSTATUS, #465338.
      Connect a signal to a glade widget before destroying that.
      Respect "none" as tree view sort column name, #468115.
      Do not include branches/register-rewrite in ChangeLog.
      Update to release 2.2.1.
      #472205: Replace &#; character references by latin0-encoded letters in german account hierachies.
      Patch by Nathan Buchanan to fix link to libxslt on
      Fix a NULL-%s-printf in the SX code, #481110.
      #438360: Replace str{,n}casestr and strcasecmp by qof_utf8_{substr_nocase,strcasecmp}.
      #483796, Fancy Invoice: Convert the elements of an AccountValueList when wrapping.
      Patch from Geert Janssens to expand rhs fields in the post dialog.
      In search dialog, make top part naturally sized and bottom part expandable.
      Merge csv-import branch back into trunk.
      Win32: Let gnucash.bat pass its parameters to gnucash.
      #482177: Emit account_sel_changed on GncAccountSel when the combobox changed.
      #487317: Fix qif import druid when stepping back without a file selection.
      #487326: Remove account separator gconf callback when closing preferences dialog.
      #490679: Honor GNOME toolbar settings when specified.
      #484576: Support goffice >= 0.5.1.
      #484576, r16572: Require goffice 0.5.1 for libgoffice-0.5.0.
      Add development version warning to the tip of the day list.
      Remove deprecated qof wrappers.
      Improve svn2cl.xsl: Make branch selection more flexible, strip unmerged branches.
      #496023: Handle correct signal for closing the sx editor.
      #499360: Patch by Daniel Harding to fix a crash when editing certain commodities.
      #491581: Patch from Charles Day to import qif Cash, ContribX and WithdrwX actions.
      In gtv_set_sort_column, avoid a critical warning and block a signal.
      #499788: Swig-wrap guid_new_return and use it for gnucash-make-guids.
      When setting log levels, prefer command line options to log.conf.
      Rename log domains* to*.
      Use g_type_name(type) instead of formatting with %ld.
      Fix compile error in debugging part of gnc-component-manager.c.
      #501059: Clean up SLR dialog sx model and close with session.
      #492137: Patch from Mike Alexander to fix regression in lot scrubber introduced in r16370.
      Ignore some generated files.
      Glib 2.14 removed the pipe macro in gwin32.h, use _pipe instead.
      Ignore other generated files.
      Remove the spurious m4/ directory. Use macros/ instead.
      #503579: Improve to allow reinstalling MSYS/MinGW, patch from Charles Day.
      Update Brazilian Portuguese glossary, patch by Leonardo Fontenelle.
      Win32: Update package versions.
      Win32: Add Brazilian Portuguese translation of inno strings, patch from Leonardo Fontenelle.
      Win32: Add libtiff, because newer gtk+ versions depend on it.
      Win32: Explicitly disable python support of ktoblzcheck.
      Fix make distcheck on trunk.
      Update last stable version on trunk to 2.2.2.
      #503889: Improve r16678 when install icons according to spec.
      Correct Ertraege in latin1-encoded german account templates.
      Bump version number to 2.2.99 on trunk.
      #505386: Strip non-utf8 characters from ofx check and reference number strings.
      Fix two memory leaks.
      Fix a few automake warnings.
      Make gnucash compile on an optimizing gcc-4.2.
      Save and load kvp frames of vendors and employees.
      Do not set active element of GncAccountSel to the first sometimes.
      Revive root account in german skr04 account template.
      #506074: Handle fractional timezone offsets correctly in gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff().
      Move distributed qif source files into POTFILES.ignore, fixes make distcheck.
      Add ChangeLog.2007
      #504261: For Windows 2000, downgrade gnome-vfs to v2.14.2.
      #505895: Fix make check on win32 in src/gnc-module.
      #506270: Replace %lld by G_GINT64_FORMAT in tests, fixes make check on Win32.
      #506671: Add cyprus, maltese and slovenian currencies to EURO support.
      Cscope support: Works with build dir now, cscope files ignore by git.
      Make info message from r16718 more useful for the non-techie user.
      Complete gcc-4.2 fixes by disabling -Waddress in some business source files.
      Allow building against goffice-0.6.
      Fix r16733 and r16782 by removing the contents of po/POTFILES.ignore from po/POTFILES.
      Fix compiling from tarball, as art/ is not distributed.
      Correctly close file descriptors in gz_thread_func.
      Use automatic horiz scrollbar policy in hierarchy druid on category selection page.
      Save last used account for posting of invoices in kvp slots of effective owners.
      Update latest stable version.
      #510725: Fix a crash when comparing cuspis in commodity matcher.
      Remove G_INLINE_FUNC from mark_split declaration.
      Convert de_DE account templates to UTF-8.
      #512985: Use receivable and payable account types in german skr03 template.
      #513088: Do not show search dialog and hide it immediately afterwards.
      Win32: Factor out make_install step, add
      Win32: Fix a minor typo in reset_steps().
      Win32: Provide with some vars, make it more robust.
      Win32: Detect and warn about ActivePerl 5.10 (#506873).
      Win32: Add setlocal to batch scripts.
      Make "rename page" action work again.
      Update copyright year in about dialog.
      Add key binding "delete key" to "Edit > Delete Account" action.
      Ignore generated files in accounts/es_MX.
      Initialize keyboard focus in sx editor dialogs to name entries.
      Bug#506798: Sort html account tables by account code.
      Bug#327635: Let double-clicks in budget list dialog open selected budget.
      Fix two typos in german account templates.
      Always recreate pages in the given window.
      Bug#514003: Couple book closing with component manager.
      Win32: Update a few gnome packages by revisions to profit from bug fixes.
      Bug#341608: Make txn report correctly match void or non-void txns.
      Remove an urgency_hint from a glade file, unsupported by gtk+ v2.6.
      Close tax information dialog with session.
      Bug#397108: Improve resizing of sx list panes, save and restore their sizes.
      Bug#114591: Allow refinements of transaction searches.
      Improve performance of qof_query_invert().
      Update latest stable version.
      Let dense calendar popups stay visible on whole height of bottom-most days.
      Pass better size parameter to qof_strftime() to make use of whole buffer.
      Make a few date printing functions in dense calendar utf8-safer.
      Move month labels one row down to make them look like more in the center.
      Remove make-gnucash-patch and only suggest `svn diff' or plain `diff -urN'.
      Remove README.patches from, fixes build.
      Add to
      Minor updates to README.svn; remove README.patches from
      Bug#512841: Let expression parser grok nullary functions and not crash.
      In account selection widgets, use 2px spacing instead of padding around button.
      In reports menu, first list submenus, then menu items, both sorted lexicographically.
      Update script to keep htmlhelp, but remove docs and libxslt.
      Free a few GtkTreePaths that were leaked.
      Add gnc_quickfill_remove() and let account quickfill use that.
      Remove initial visibility of transfer dialog to avoid flickering.
      Bug#521957: Do not start autosave timer when shutting down book.
      Fix memory leaks after usage of gtk_tree_model_get().
      Fix a potential memory leak in gnc_dialog_get_string().
      Remove some unnessary aqbanking version checks as we depend on >= 1.6.1.
      Fix memory leaks in gnc_tree_view_account_restore() and gnc_commodity_find_currency().
      Fix/extend r17039 and make gnc_commodity_find_currency() free its temporary data.
      A few doxygen fixes.
      Correctly destroy the XML Import Druid.
      Avoid critical warnings in the import account matcher dialog.
      Fix force_account_dirty() for hbci kvp updates.
      Fix two memory leaks in QOF.  Add qof_backend_destroy().
      Bug #475960: Reverse postponed reconciliation balances in suitable accounts.
      Avoid a critical warning in the transfer dialog.
      Improve cancel behavior in reconciliation window.
      Free a few lists returned by gtk_container_get_children().
      Bug #166101: Do not overwrite first split (blank_split) of a transaction.
      Bug #347474: When tabbing off the last showed split, correctly focus new empty split.
      Free two GErrors after they have been logged.
      Win32: Add XSLTPROCFLAGS to be able to pass --nonet to xsltproc in make_chm.
      Win32: Add flag UPDATE_DOCS to avoid running svn up for the docs each time.
      SVK detection on Windows is not trivial :-)
      Win32: Move definition of AQBANKING_PATH into make_install() as it is needed there.
      Update AUTHORS.
      Bug #529232: Do not reverse the starting balance in average balance reports.
      Bug #523922: Use correct scalable icon and add/fix 22x22/24x24 icons.
      Bug #467529: Fix Align_n by specifying pango widths and ellipse modes for check print texts.
      Update latest stable version.
      Correct quickfill direction in transfer dialogs.
      Bug #489502: When changing the account separator, let registers pick up the new char.
      Bug #528835: Harden gnc:txf-get-code-info when tax lookups fail.
      Do not close registers when creating a new account.
      Bug #512991: Do not allow posting invoices to placeholder accounts.
      Bug #452354: Translate account type option names of average balance report
      Remove dead function gnc_split_reg_check_close().
      Bug #144669: Lookup accounts in the register based on the account code as well.
      Fix -Wformat gcc warnings.
      Bug #539654: Correct params for recursive call inside gnc:html-table-append-column!.
      Bug #531662: Harden budget->guid to grok #f input instead of crashing.
      Bug #526883: Add a few missing conversions of strftime results to utf-8.
      Merge branches/aqbanking3 (r17287) into trunk.
      Fix a -Wformat gcc warning in the test suite.
      Add new aqbanking import-export files to
      Bug #542237: Use GLIST_HELPER_INOUTs before including engine-common.i.
      .gitignore generated files in the python bindings.
      Bug #129099: Add option to toggle between full account path and leaf name in registers.
      The gwenhywfar callback function showbox_cb() must not return 0.
      Run some iterations of the main loop in showbox_cb to give the window a chance to be showed.
      Do not prepare the match page in the online banking wizard twice.
      Bug #543049: Import all balances and txns in aqbanking contexts returned.
      Make sure that the input of gnc_utf8_strip_invalid() is non-NULL.
      Handle missing information when importing from aqbanking more gracefully.
      Add gnc-date.c to and missing aqbanking files to
      Ignore a few generated files in local svn checkouts or git clones.
      Import russian account templates from the stable branch.
      Fix gnc_ab_get_remote_name() to lookup the remote name instead of purpose.
      Add missing initialization inside gnc_ab_maketrans().
      Update latest stable version.
      Win32: Minor change for emacs compat.
      Bug #526313: Add currency Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte (VEF).
      Fix the i18n of the first and last string in the list of tips of the day.
      Bug #546064: Make gnucash.desktop survive a desktop entry specification 1.0 verification.
      Bug #540148: Allow building against libgoffice-0.8, i.e. goffice >= v0.7.0.
      Bug #548601: Do not import unawaited zero balances from aqbanking.
      Bug #539962: Remove return value from some void functions.
      Bug #506873, Win32: Add support for Finance-Quote with ActivePerl 5.10.
      Treat AB_Job_StatusPending as a good status, do not ask the user to repeat.
      Win32: Always try to install Date-Manip and as fallback DateManip.
      Bug #549595, #552306: Correct retval of gnc_int_link_or_make_backup(), add ENOSYS and ENOTSUP.
      Correctly set price sources in price editor dialog by reading it from the gui.
      In check_one_price_date(), replace an strcmp() by safe_strcmp().
      Negate amount in exchange rate dialog when swapping accounts.
      Hide the sx from txn dialog und show it only when the txn is valid.
      Correct specified numbers of columns of AP/AR and STOCK/CURRENCY registers.
      Bug #506265: Hide the right-most register column by unsetting the sample text.
      Correct amount print infos in transfer dialogs.
      UTF-8-ize AUTHORS.
      When printing negative quotients, use a minus between the integer and fraction part.
      Optimize gnc_numeric_check() by G_LIKELY-fying that the denominator is non-zero.
      In price and commodity tree views, restore gconf settings after initialization.
      Add new source files to
      In some files, do not disable -Waddress completely but keep it as warning instead.
      Add a variable initialization to bal_accountinfo_cb().
      Do not treat -Wstrict-aliasing warnings as errors in files using G_LOCK.
      Update .gitignore.
      Further update .gitignore.
      Bug #539947: Replace __FUNCTION__ by G_STRFUNC.
      Win32: Make intltool-merge usable.
      Win32: Ship the correct redirect.exe.
      Update latest stable version.
      Unite report and check print settings.
      Bug #531871: Add a page setup dialog.
      Win32: Add initial support for compiling against AqBanking v3.
      Win32: Improve cross-compiling of aqbanking.
      Win32: Untabify
      Win32: Improve cross-compiling by making aclocal fail less often and adding a few ${HOST_XCOMPILE}.
      Win32: Replace AC_LIBTOOL_RC by LT_PROG_RC in aqbanking's file.
      Win32: Add AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL to libdbi.
      Win32: LT_PROG_RC seems to be internal as well, use AC_CHECK_TOOL instead.
      Put gnc_print_session_fontsel_cb() inside #ifndef GTKHTML_USES_GTKPRINT.
      Win32: In, cp redirect.exe from installation directory instead of build dir.
      Update latest stable version.
      Win32: Install italian documentation.
      Ignore some generated files in accounts/.
      Add python-bindings/gnucash_core.c to po/
      Beautify python-bindings/
      Add dist-bzip2 to dist.
      Add a make rule for
      Svn-Ignore *.tar.bz2 and *.tar.lzma files in the top-level directory.
      Bug #566198: Add Slovak koruna to EURO support.
      Add ChangeLog.2008.
      Use = instead of := for GNC_TEST_DEPS and TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
      Sort translations in by language code.
      Add Italian translation of Win32 installer by Cristian Marchi.
      Remove trailing commas in --enable-{debug,ref-counts-dump}.
      Bug #567174: Restrict commodity mnemonic updates (like NIS to ILS) to iso currencies only.
      [Win32] Update a whole bunch of packages.
      [Win32] Whitespace change.
      SVN-Ignore Eclipse CDT metadata files.
      [Win32] Remove a few obsolete comments.
      [Win32] Minor cleanup.
      [Win32] Provide a bare variant of
      Do not lookup private data twice when copying commodity mnemonic.
      Initialize GError in qof_log_parse_log_config().
      Fix currency replacements.
      [Win32] Update online banking libraries.
      Remove a unused import and struct.
      Correct the encoding of README-it.win32-bin.txt.
      Fix line endings in README-it.win32-bin.txt.
      Budget report improvements.
      Bug #526775: Remove printf("%s", NULL) in generic importer as called from ofx.
      Bail out when opening a non-existing file as sqlite3.
      Do not determine and waste memory for {base,dir}name when sqlite3 driver cannot be loaded.
      Bug #566352: Remove printf("%s", NULL) in xaccTransSetDateInternal() when val=={-1,0}.
      [Win32] Rename *.bat to *.cmd.
      [Win32] Update gtkhtml to version 3.24.2.
      Bug #462148: Fix multi-page printing on Win32 by using gtk_html_print_operation_run().
      [Win32] Bug #542382: Assign .gnucash file name extension to GnuCash.
      Bug #570894: Fix an else clause in budget->guid.
      Update copyright year in about dialog.
      Add missing encoding information to the french business account template files.
      Bug #571161: Fix r17036 and free every column type only once.
      Bug #435642: Correct r17853 about editing results of a find.
      Bug #571220: [Win32] Unset SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
      [Win32] Update EXTRA_DIST.
      Add ChangeLog.2008 to dist.
      Bug #572107: Use fallback string for OFX account types when matching to GnuCash accounts.
      Re-save glade files from Glade 3, remove util/glade-fixup.
      Revert r17966 and use Glade-2 again.
      Bug #607255: Repair Hungarian report main menu, by Attila Nagy.
      Update german translation.
      Bug #607246: In qof_string_number_compare_func, use base 10 and do not allow octals to sneak in.
      Bug #607517: Migrate from glade-2 to glade-3 format.
      Fix crash when copying a currently edited transaction in the register.
      Bug #105669: Add checks to detect errors on write, especially if there no space left on the disk.
      Use string saved-reports-2.4 in the description of the save report action.
      Bug #606728: Catch errors when opening saved-reports-2.4 for write.
      Bug #105669: Improve error handling in gz_thread_func.
      Free sort_keys as allocated by g_utf8_collate_key in ExtensionInfos.
      Relicense code to GNU GPL v2 or later.

Andrew Sackville-West (29):
      r3 at basement:  andrew | 2007-12-07 20:57:48 -0800
      remove some cruft from advanced portfolio
      reintroduce some rounding into basis calculations to prevent overflow on particularly large accounts.
      handle spin-offs in basis calculations
      provide some sane defaults for exchange functions. a very hackish fix to 487572
      forward-port (swigify) weekly subtotals for transaction report. see #138989.
      make some improvements to handling of moneyin/out. Clean up some cruft. Fixes #355660. May at least partially fix #346062
      Daniel Harding's update to Afghani currency. closes #504257
      Richard Laager's patch to Advanced Portfolio. Adds an Income column, and an option to ignore brokerage fees in return calcs.
      Charles Day's improvements to qif memo/notes handling. bug #495219.
      another stab at improving rounding. prevent more overflows as pointed out by Kendall Green.
      Advanced Portfolio, improve dividends and brokerage fee handling:
      prevent #unspecified results from certain transactions.
      prepare report system to handle newer reports in case user downgrades from > 2.2.x
      Implement a Report GUID.
      Fix a couple minor missed changes in report-guid.
      Prevent crashing when a report template disappears (#505921).
      fix owner-report references broken by report-guid.
      fix more report references to use report-guid, fixes "Print Invoice" crasher.
      possible fix for piechart crasher -- add report-guid to sub-report links
      fix another report-guid reference, general-ledger report.
      fix several report-guid references
      fix multi-column report to use report guid.
      clean up a really ugly piece of scheme code
      implement customizable invoice title in all three invoices
      Implement a new saved-reports-2.4 file to allow translation of existing saved reports into report-guid enabled versions.
      update email address for Polish \"last translator\"
      refactor saved-reports-2.4 migration to eliminate duplicate code and
      Implement new custom report dialog.

Benoit Grégoire (65):
      Remove obsolete file split in Account.c Transaction.c and Utilities.c
      hange lable of Online ID to Account ID in the account matcher for consistency
      nsactions just downloaded are now ignored from the matchlist.
      Change the title of the transaction matcher and change the look and alignment of the action buttons.
      -Default commodity and account type are now preselected from OFX information when user decides to create a new gnucash account.
      -Fix new_account_default_type parameter of gnc_import_select_account() not selecting default type properly
      Add missing ChangeLog entries for previous commit
      2002-09-29  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      * src/import-export/Account-matcher.c: Change "Account ID" text
      * Implement a working commodity matcher for the generic import
      Add missing file for the commodity matcher.
      * Investment transactions now create two accounts, one is for the stock, the other is the account defined by the FI, where the cash is swaped.
      2002-10-20  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-10-20  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-10-30  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-13  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-13  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-21  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-21  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-25  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-11-27  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-13-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Missing changelog
      2002-12-7  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Stubborn Changelog...
      2002-12-7  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-8  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-8  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-9  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-12  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-12-30  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-1-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2002-1-6  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-01  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-01  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-02  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Some spelling corrections
      2003-02-04  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-14  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Remove forgotten debug output
      2003-02-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-03-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-04-02  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-04-03  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-29  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-07-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-12-01  Benoit Gr�goire <bock at>
      2003-12-08  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2004-10-08  Benoit Gr�goire <bock at>
      2004-10-24  Benoit Gr�goire <bock at>

Bill Gribble (32):
      * src/gnome/dialog-options.c: fix destructor bug
      * fix report updating problem.  should reload multicolumn reports
      Add German translations of QIF action tags.  This should be done within the
      Changes to text of new-user dialog
      Last minute bug fixes: save/restore in welcome to gnucash report, and
      Fix bug in qif account name guessing.  Should fix reported bug on
      Fix bug in qif import handling of ticker symbols.
      Fix cut-n-paste error
      Update qif import routines to use gnc-numeric earlier in the import
      Fix bugs.
      * src/gnome/druid-qif-import.c: fix cut-n-paste error in
      include the fix for #106 updates for libtool version 1.4/1.3.5 compatibility
      report-system module shouldn't be linked against the app-utils lib at
      Autoload US-specific tax report.  Should make this locale-based.
      Install taxtxf report in the right place
      Add some things to .cvsignore
      Fix exports to get saved reports working
      Include config.h where needed
      Remember to free strings, and don't look at .so files when libtool
      Install gnc-module headers.
      Minor preening
      Don't forget gnome-print includes if they are needed
      Build changes to clean up library cross-dependencies and move to libtool-1.4
      o, bugger.  Forgot to remove some debug statements.
      Forgot to delete a file
      Forgot one
      More makefile changes to get modules loading right. Hacked the crashes
      Add library dependency and remove gnc-module printout
      Somewhat less cheesy fix for compile problem.
      Even less cheesy fix for compile problem
      Add --disable-gui option to autogen/configure

CVS Daemon (1):

Charles Day (184):
      QIF importer: Prevent currency-denominated accounts from being assigned
      Updates to whitespace, comments, and display text. I have also corrected the default return value in the date parsing procedure, qif-parse:parse-date/format. All parsing procedures should return #f if the parsing fails.
      Fixes bug 360058 by rewriting qif-import:get-account-name to avoid use
      For bug 123312: This QIF importer patch provides a somewhat smarter default
      QIF importer: adjust order of "or" conditions for faster performance.
      Bug#481528: Relax duplicate matching criteria on imported QIF transactions that
      Bug#516178: Prevent unresponsive QIF druid by cleaning up any existing progress
      Prevent unresponsive QIF druid by cleaning up any existing progress dialog
      Bug #512173: Skip the "match payees/memos" step of the QIF druid if no mappings
      Bug #503166: Correct the QIF druid flow such that the duplicates page and the
      QIF import: Show the druid's documentation pages by default. Previously these pages were hidden by default.
      Bug #520606: Fix memo mapping for non-split, non-investment QIF transactions.
      Minor update to replace a reference to README.patches.
      QIF import: Update error handling used when looking up the user's documentation
      Bug #341414: Save the account separator used when creating the QIF importer's
      Bug #509089: Improve the way the QIF importer handles Scheme exceptions that may
      Bug #519988: Update QIF importer bug detection and error messaging to use the
      Bug #514027: Fix QIF importer druid so that commodities pages are not skipped
      QIF importer: Upon successful completion, open an account tab in the main
      Bug #522795: Add QIF importer support for short sales and covers.
      Bug #450354: QIF importer now tries using locale-encoded path if UTF-8 encoded
      Bug #396665: When any QIF file content is found that is not encoded in UTF-8,
      Improve documentation of GLib helper functions for doxygen. In particular, move
      Small adjustments to a few comment lines used for doxygen documentation.
      Bug #511182: Commodity mapping preferences are now preserved correctly. In
      Bug #527459: Add QIF importer support for voided transactions.
      Bug #523194: Fixed QIF importer so that if the user enters a combination of
      Bug #527886: Add support for QIF numeric formats of 12'345.67 as produced by
      Add a risk-reduction measure to xaccAccountStagedTransactionTraversal() in case
      Bug #512208: Upon cancellation or failure, the QIF importer now removes any new
      Bug #511231: QIF importer now takes into account any provided QIF security type
      Bug #336192: The QIF importer now allows new namespaces to be entered by the
      Bug #514210: Allow multiple rows to be selected and remapped on QIF Import
      Bug #514210: This fixes a QIF import bug introduced in r17156 which prevented users from creating new accounts while mapping accounts. It also fixes several GUI annoyances:
      Bug #475980: Fix the labeling of several QIF importer pages.
      Eliminate requests to translate several phrases that are never displayed.
      Reporting: Prevent GnuCash from crashing if a report's option generating procedure causes a Scheme exception. Also fix a typo of "names" vs. "namer".
      Revision to r17178 for an unintended change to the file's introductory comments.
      QIF Import: Add support for importing to A/R and A/P account types, which were previously unknown to the importer. I also had to adjust a function in the engine's Account API that caused imported accounts trees to not merge properly in rare cases where one an existing GnuCash account has a NULL string pointer but an importer-created account has an empty string instead. This situation arises as a side effect of using SWIG, which doesn't let Scheme distinguish between NULL and an empty string (a string containing only NUL).
      Bug #535407: Stop the QIF importer from crashing GnuCash when an invalid or unsupported date format is found.
      Add Charles Day to the AUTHORS list.
      Bug #515163: QIF importer no longer asks for mappings that will never get used.
      QIF Import: Skip over blank category mapping pages. Also some cleanup:
      QIF Import: Fix support for multi-byte account separators.
      QIF Import: 10x improvement in file loading performance. Line numbers added for message logging.
      Scheme: Send backtraces to the gnucash.trace log as well as the console.
      Fix Scheme logging bug in core-utils by treating strings as generic strings rather than format strings.
      The following changes are included:
      A small correction to r17245 for a QIF importer error message. I forgot to mention in the log that r17245 includes many added or improved QIF importer error and warning messages. Should help users in debugging their own QIF files.
      Some minor corrections to the doxygen documentation for progress-dialog.h.
      Bug #539829: Make sure msg gets assigned before it can get dereferenced.
      Bug #532405: Make the default strftime format use %#d instead of %e on win32 platforms.
      Bug #313660: The QIF importer now allows users to pause, cancel, or go back a page during data conversion. Any errors and warnings are logged as they occur, directly in the druid, for the user to review.
      Reports: Adjust the "weighted average" price source computation to ignore splits with a zero "amount" since these are not buys or sells.
      Bug #460721, bug #521403, bug #538800: Add a reporting price source option of "Average Cost".
      Balance sheet report: Support calculation of unrealized gains/losses on liabilities.
      Reporting: Ignore exchange rates if the quantity to exchange is zero.
      Bug 353880: Adjust the border of report options dialog pages to be HIG-compliant. This patch does not address the alignment of controls, however.
      Bug 542472: Make reports use accounting period as default for dates.
      Register report: Add option to display memos when run from Basic Ledger mode. Refine the Description option. Space-saving column arrangement.
      Reports: Add option to display a table of data beneath barcharts.
      Bug #470656, bug #502646: Prevent the GNCDateEdit control from crashing GnuCash. If an invalid date is entered (i.e. a date not supported by time_t) then the date reverts to the last valid date entered or, as a last resort, the beginning of the current day.
      QIF Import: Update documentation and organization of the duplicate checking pages. Switch to top/bottom comparisons rather than side by side. Add keyboard mnemonics. Document in terms of the more positive-sounding "match". Lays the groundwork for a future fix to bug 95635.
      QIF Import: Allow column resizing on account mappings pages. Reorganize a massive and messy function into reasonably-sized chunks.
      Bug #463320: Fix trial balance report's unrealized gain calculation and inability to print unrealized gain credits. Use "Average Cost" as the default price source.
      Reports: Make a mildly confusing error message more clear.
      Reports: Make "Average Cost" the default price source for several additional standard reports.
      Trial balance report: Skip unrealized gain calculation when price source is "average cost". This significantly improves performance with the default report options. Centralize and simplify unrealized gain code.
      QIF Import: Get better default column sizing on account mapping pages by using ellipses.
      QIF Import: Prepend the default investment-related account names with the standard top-level accounts of "Income", "Expenses", and "Equity".
      QIF Import: Adjust the visual layout of commodity pages for better HIG compliance. Add tooltips and rework the documentation page. A number of phrases have been reworded, and I think this makes the commodity pages simpler, cleaner, and clearer, at least in English. Sorry, translators...
      Bug #542967: Go back to using the name of the report template in the title of report options dialog boxes.
      Reports: Fix two parameter names that apparently were missed during the switch to report GUID's. In both cases, the parameter needed is a template ID, not a template name.
      Bug #341362: Stock splits: Prevent fractional prices by forcing conversion to decimal. (I used the same fraction setting as the price editor.)
      Bug #454827: Don't round derived commodity prices until the very last step.
      Add a new function to the gnc_numeric library that converts denominators to exact powers of ten.
      Bug #309863, #341362: Prevent rounding when entering prices in the Price Editor and Stock Split druid, but also avoid fractional display if it is unnecessary.
      Bug #464771: Investment Portfolio report: If there is no price for a particular holding, show a zero price instead of crashing the report.
      Bug #483393: Report system: Allow mixed denominators in numeric collectors.
      Report system: When computing average prices, don't assume all denominators will be identical. I tested this change with 15 years of data and saw no performance hit.
      Debugging: Fix a LEAVE() call to prevent crashing if commodity is NULL.
      Usability: Price Editor: Sort price trees on the commodity column by default. This allows for a consistent default sort even if commodities are removed from and re-added to the model. This can happen, for example, when a namespace or commodity is changed in another place (like the Security Editor) and gets removed and then re-added to the commodity db.
      Usability: Price Editor: Previously, nothing happened when a namespace or commodity row was activated. Now these rows will expand or collapse. It is often easier to double-click the row than hunt for the expander.
      Bug #376298, #539640: Fix bugs and clean up the Price Editor code.
      Bug #543780: Scrub the transfer dialog calculation of the "to" amount:
      Bug #541970: When finding a "nearest in time" price, break ties by preferring the older price. This has the benefit of using a price that actually existed at the given time, and better addresses the case in which both price times have been defaulted to midnight. Previously, the newer price was preferred.
      Make gnc_numeric values of zero always convertible to decimal form.
      Don't round values that will be displayed as expressions. Save some space in fractional displays by, for example, showing "1 + 1/8" instead of "1 + 1 / 8". Simplify fractional display of values less than 1 by, for example, showing "1/3" instead of "0 + 1 / 3".
      Bug #522095: Refresh the summary bar when new prices are downloaded.
      Bug #545722: Get the GNCDateEdit control working on Win32 again. Don't assume that the content returned by localtime() will not be changed out from under you.
      Bug #547335: Get the exchange rate dialog "to" amount working again when launched via the register instead of the menu.
      Transfer dialog: Don't round quotes pulled from the price db.
      Prices: Emit a qof event when a price is changed. This allows the Price Editor to immediately update its display. Previously, price changes would only get shown when the mouse happened to pass over the affected row. Theoretically other parts of GnuCash, such as reports, could now be made to watch for price changes and automatically refresh themselves.
      Usability: Sort commodity trees on the commodity name by default. This allows for a consistent default sort even if commodities are quickly removed from and re-added to the model. This can happen, for example, when a commodity is edited in the Security Editor.
      Usability: Security Editor: Previously, nothing happened when a namespace row was activated. Now these rows will expand or collapse. It is often easier to double-click the row than hunt for the expander.
      Update a few comments to fix typos and inaccuracies, or to add further clarification.
      Bug #454340: Prevent duplicate rows after editing a security. These changes are similar to what was done for the price tree model in r17441 and r17470.
      Bug #543061: Fix the smallest fraction of IDR currency to match ISO 4217.
      AUTHORS: Add Frank Ellenberger and update my own details.
      Bug #548891: QIF Import: Prevent crashing when the mapping preferences can't be saved.
      Win32 build: Fix a typo to get trunk working on win32/mingw again.
      Bug 549738: Make "today" the default date of the aging reports.
      Bug #141003: QIF Import: Allow the British Pound symbol and the dollar symbol to be used interchangeably.
      Bug #141002: QIF Import: Allow minus signs at the end of numeric values, e.g. "$10.00-".
      Bug #378734, #520570, #545316, #549115: Fix GNCDateEdit widget popup calendar problems.
      Register: Log some debugging information just before crashing because of g_assert_not_reached(). This should hopefully provide some new information to help track down the underlying cause of bug #414407, #420409, #468106, and #551643.
      Bug #340041, #436342: Make the register keep track of whether the exchange rate has been reset. This prevents a zero exchange rate from being ambiguous: previously the register could not tell the difference between "the user has not specified an exchange rate" and "the user has specified a rate of zero".
      Bug #551038: Don't destroy the options database before destroying the options dialog that depends on it.
      Bug #141003: Revise r17489 to escape the British Pound symbol in Scheme with "\xa3" (for strings) or #\243 (for characters).
      GNCAmountEdit: Put the text through the expression parser once instead of twice. This caused a problem in locales that print negative numbers in parentheses. For example, if you entered "-4/3", after the first parse the displayed text would change to "(1 + 1/3)", meaning negative one and one-third. Parsing that text a second time changes the text to "1 + 1/3" since, to the expression parser, parentheses indicate grouping rather than sign.
      gnc_numeric: Support reciprocals (negative denominators) in gnc_numeric_to_decimal().
      Fix printing of fractions when parentheses are shown for negative values.
      Price Editor: Set the correct source for new, user-entered prices. This builds on r17525 to fix this problem, which was introduced in r17444.
      Bug #549738: Set the default start and end dates to "start of accounting period" and "today", respectively, on customer, vendor, and employee reports.
      Revision to simplify r17555 (no functional change).
      GNCDateEdit: Eliminate the need to click the button twice to pop the calendar down in some cases.
      QIF Import: Remove the changes for bug #141003 but leave the fix to bug #141002 intact. A reworked fix for bug #141003 will be committed separately.
      Register: Add a couple of missing calls to functions that use gnc_suspend_gui_refresh() so that they cannot exit without calling gnc_resume_gui_refresh(). Also add a gnc_suspend_gui_refresh()/gnc_resume_gui_refresh() pair around a commit that was missing it.
      Reporting: Fix the Average Cost price source computation for a certain case. As this is a signed computation with the sign indicating the direction of buy/sell, it is necessary to flip the sign if you ever flip the sense of buy or sell.
      Bug #393383, #426111: Stop the register from thinking that brand-new transactions are being edited in multiple registers. This appears to have been a special case that was being missed.
      Register: Add additional debugging output to several ledger modules.
      Register: Add a few more debugging lines to the gnome code.
      Register: Add additional debugging output during register cleanup. Also rename a variable for clarity and to match typical usage in the rest of the ledger code.
      Documentation: Fix a wide range of small mistakes in doxygen comments, including a few spots where .c and .h function declarations didn't agree on parameter names.
      Register: Adjust some debugging messages to be more clear.
      Register: Add doxygen documentation for some register functions. Fix and reorganize of some of the existing documentation.
      Register: Add a lot of doxygen documentation, add/revise some commenting inside functions, and massage a few debugging messages.
      Register: Another tweak to doxygen documentation.
      Register: Add one new debugging message and tweak some others.
      Bug 426111: Register: Fix a bug that caused the blank split GUID to be nulled even if the split wasn't actually being committed. This would cause the bottom transaction of the register to be treated like an existing transaction instead of a new one. I've fixed that and reorganized the logic to combine two sections and make it harder to get them out of sync.
      Register: Fix a memory leak by adding a "commit" step (if needed) when destroying the blank transaction as the register closes.
      Engine: Update the documentation of xaccTransDestroy().
      Bug #570166: Update win32 packaging to use GTK version 2.14.7
      Register: Add a few safety checks to the register loading routines.
      Register: Don't set info at declaration; wait until reg is checked.
      Doxygen: Adjust the style of a comment block for consistency and to eliminate a splint warning.
      Bug #565421: Remove dependency on GTK+ 2.10 in date edit control.
      Register: Add debugging code for the copy and cut operations.
      Bug #570887: Change the swig type mapping for GUID* so that Scheme can tell the difference between a GUID* that is NULL, and a GUID* pointing to storage containing the "null" GUID. Previously the former case returned SCM_UNDEFINED to Scheme, which would unbind Scheme variables and make crashes. Now SCM_BOOL_F is used instead, and Scheme code can check for a NULL by comparing to #f.
      Bug #570887: Fix a typo in r17939.
      Register: Tweak some comments and slightly reorganize the register cleanup code for ease of reading.
      Register: Make all account cells right-justified. Previously a mix of left- and right-justification was used.
      Register: Add debugging to gnc_split_register_changed().
      Register: Fix a bug that appears in basic and auto-split ledger modes when entering a new transaction. Entering multiple splits for the register's account would cause the 2nd though nth splits to be displayed above the new transaction, making them appear to be non-new.
      Register: White space fixes.
      Bug #499215, #530819, #551643: Register: Fix transaction pasting, which was fairly broken. Pasting was being committed immediately, the transaction was not checked properly before opening, the blank split was being destroyed while the transaction was left pending, and more. These problems left the register in an inconsistent state that was being noticed in g_assert() calls in several spots. GnuCash would then crash.
      Bug #343217: Register: Don't leave the account cell if the user chooses not to create a new account when prompted. This allows any typo to be quickly fixed. Previously the account cell text was blanked and focus moved to the next cell.
      Register: Fix an unbalanced ENTER().
      Business ledger: Don't leave the account cell if the user chooses not to create a new account when prompted. This allows any typo to be quickly fixed. Previously the account cell text was blanked and focus moved to the next cell.
      QIF Import: Add a section for "cleared status" and fix some inconsistent whitespace.
      QIF Import: Allow "R" or "r" for reconciled, and "C" or "c" for cleared.
      QIF Import: Correct case of cleared status code "c" in documentation text file.
      Bug #523982: Fix the Enter key in double-line mode. The register had wrongly assumed one physical row per virtual row.
      Register core: Start doxygen documentation of table-allgui.h
      Register: Add a few debugging calls.
      Register: Fix the file name in a comment.
      Reports: Speed up the report infrastructure. Patch by Mike Alexander.
      QIF Import: Support backslash characters in category names. There was a mistake the regular expression, as a pipe symbol shouldn't be escaped with a backslash when used inside brackets.
      QIF: Replicate the fix from r17998 in two other QIF-related places.
      QIF Import: Throw an error immediately upon failing to parse a category. Previously a bad value was returned, which could then cause a failure in the caller.
      Register: Add some new debugging messages to the ledger display functions.
      Register: Add some gnome-related debugging messages.
      Bug #432021: Register: Recompute block offsets if the cell heights may have changed.
      Register: Force scroll to the current row if the row height may have changed and pushed the current row out of sight.
      Bug #478055: Adjust read syntax of symbol names that include spaces. This old syntax doesn't work in guile 1.8, at least not on Fedora 9 64-bit.
      Register: Add an ENTER/LEAVE pair.
      Reverse an unintended change from r18034.
      QIF Import: Add support for German "Oth S" accounts.
      Bug #478106: Add sanity check to currency exchange dialog.
      QIF Import: Create transactions in the user-specified currency rather than the default currency. For example, if the default currency is pesos and the user has specified that the QIF transactions are all USD, the transaction currency should be USD too.
      Register: Add some header comments for a confusing function.
      QIF Import: Documentation .txt file patch by Daniel Convissor. I've added some unrelated whitespace fixes.
      Bug #580968: Register: Keep track of the account when an exchange rate is set, and don't reset the rate unless the commodity changes. Previously the rate would be reset whenever focus left the account cell, even if the commodity hadn't changed.
      Bug 563598: QSF XML Export: Remove the tooltip from the GtkCalendar. It was causing a crash, probably due to bug 586896.
      Bug #567709: Register: Don't assume that cells outside the cursor are valid.
      Register: Clarify a debugging message.
      Bug #587913: Register: Don't mark the account cell as changed if the name hasn't changed.
      Patch by John Ralls. Adjust for Mac compilation with Quartz.
      Patch by John Ralls. Provides (and installs when appropriate) a special gnucash-setup-env for OSX.
      Patch by John Ralls. Permits binreloc to work from inside a MacOSX application bundle.
      Patch by John Ralls. Integrates the gnucash menus into the MacOSX menubar.
      Use localtime_r() instead of localtime() in GNCDateEdit. From audit of r17459.
      GNCDateEdit: Fix r18237 by including localtime_r.h if necessary.
      Bug 575778: QIF Import: Fix crash when a security list omits the "T" (type) line.

Chris Lyttle (85):
      Import of New Version of GnuCash Manual
      Finished off Chapter 4
      Finished off Chapter 5
      Last one Chapter 6
      Fixed Error Chapter 3
      Add title page, revised first 2 chapters to have screenshots and tie into title page
      Add figures for screenshots
      Convert sgml files to xml
      Added some screenshots, finished converting chapters to XML
      Replace toc with xml version
      Make toc validate
      Make toc validate
      Outlines of remaining chapters
      Initial work on Investments chapter
      update for stable release
      updated image to remove version info
      updated image to remove version info
      update for stable release 1.6.7
      update for stable release 1.6.8
      fix make dist breakage, update rpm spec, up version to 1.7.1
      updated AUTHORS and NEWS files for release
      fix make dist breakage
      fix missing gnc-lot.h file in engine/
      fix missing glade inclue in DIST file in import-export/
      remove postgres dep
      remove old docs in prep for new ones
      update for release 1.7.2
      update for release 1.7.2
      now works building 1.7.x
      now works building 1.7.x
      updated spec to work with rh8
      update to release 1.7.3
      ooops version macro didnt work
      update to release 1.7.4
      update to release 1.7.4
      fix for failed rpm build
      update to 1.7.4a
      change version back
      update to 1.7.5
      fix rpm prob
      removal of old docs
      add support for new gnucash icon
      fix help button's connection
      release 1.7.6
      require new g-wrap
      Updates to build system by John H. Pierce
      release 1.7.7
      release 1.7.8
      add build options
      new unstable versions
      info fix for rpm
      update for 1.8.2 release
      changes stable version to 1.8.4
      add Jon Laphams patch
      added jon Lapham's patch
      add Jon Lapham's patch
      add Jon Lapham's patch
      update for 1.8.5 release
      update for 1.8.8 release
      update for stable release 1.8.9
      update for stable release 1.8.10
      update to release 1.8.11
      update for stable release 1.8.12
      update to release 1.9.0
      update to release 1.9.1
      update to release 1.9.2
      update to release 1.9.3
      update to release 1.9.4
      update to release 1.9.5
      update to release 1.9.6
      update to release 1.9.7
      update ebuild to use gnucash-docs-1.9.0
      update to release 1.9.8
      update to release 2.0.0
      NEWS: Added some text about the Change to version 2.1.0
      Update NEWS and to release 2.1.1
      Update packaging/ to release 2.1.1
      update to release 2.1.2
      correction to NEWS for 2.1.2
      update to release 2.1.3
      update to release 2.1.4
      update to release 2.1.5
      update to release 2.2.0
      update to release 2.2.0

Chris Shoemaker (349):
      Avoid use of uninitialized variable when opening a budget and only one budget exists.
      Allow engine to provide default budget instead of getting it in the GUI.
      whitespace cleanup
      Provide QofClass registration for GncBudget.
      "make ChangeLog" will now create ChangeLog.svn,
      Added several author entries.
      add configure options to disable the use of deprecated functions
      Update patch submitting instructions.
      Document our dependency on gcc as a compiler.
      Pulled NEWS history from 1.8 branch into trunk.
      trigger regeneration of gnucash scripts when the configuration changes
      spelling fix
      remove random qof_commit_edit from xaccSplitSetSlots_nc
      Single-pass audit/cleanup of Account.c
      Add 'const' qualifier to Account pointers in the Account api.
      Minor improvements to engine testing infrastructure
      Mark budget strings for i18n
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 1)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 2)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 3)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 4)
      Generalizing Account Filter By... (step 5)
      Move functions from GncPluginPageAccountTree to GncTreeViewAccount
      whitespace line-wrap cleanup
      Remember what the Budget views looked like last time we were running
      Remove GUI for old attempt at account type filtering.
      *really* mark strings for runtime translation, not just translatable.
      Turn on gconf for the budget plugin page's tree view account.
      Add ChangeLog entries for past 4 days.
      Constify the AccountGroup variables where possible in Group.[ch]
      Constify some Split and Transaction functions.
      General clean-up in Transaction.[ch].
      Delete unused gncmod-budget.c.
      remove a couple recently-removed files from
      Invert the program entry point.
      Add a stub po/
      Yet more build tweaks for .pot file generation.
      Fixes for `make check' in toplevel
      Fix floating point exception by checking for overflow.
      Don't test numeric parsing for numbers that overflow, we'd fail.
      Avoid testing dates near or after 2038, because the qof parsing functions fail.
      Plug memory leak of gnc_commodity_namespace->QofInstance; found w/ valgrind.
      Add commented-out test case demonstrating lack of year 2038 support.
      Add const to gnc_string_cache_insert argument.
      Convert gnc-commodity to use vanilla string cache macros.
      Add CACHE_REPLACE(dst, src) macro for common case in string setters.
      Convert account name, code and description to use string cache.
      Factor-out cut-n-paste job from xaccCloneAccount{Simple}.
      Avoid creating new xml parser for each test file.
      Don't let deprecated tags overwrite data from newer tags.
      Move gnu-module init and gettext init from scm to C.
      ChangeLog entries from svn for past 12 days.
      Various fixes to allow `make dist` and building from tarball.
      Add 'Makefile' as a dependency for targets that are generated
      Declare library dependency for dialog-tax-table.
      Specify that LIBADD libraries are for
      Fix src/bin/test/test-version for new gnucash executable.
      Remove obsolete test for starting GnuCash with a different guile.
      Remove unneeded testing environments.
      Allow a libgsf test to pass even with glib 2.4.
      Register business objects before testing them.
      Slight contraction of gnc-module API.
      update budget-related status
      Don't distribute non-existant 'gnucash'
      Pull the C inner_main into the environment of the guile (gnucash main) module.
      sane indenting
      Catch --version argument before booting Guile.
      Use popt to automatically generate pretty --usage and --help.
      Minor scheme cleanup.
      The Parenthesis!  My favorite punctuation.
      dlopen() modules from C, instead of from guile
      Move "unstable development version" message from guile to C.
      move some app-util function hooks from guile to C
      Exit gnucash from C, not guile.
      add missing #include
      Add hooks just once in app_utils module init.
      Filter out deprecated account types from the account types treemodel.
      Remove "reverse_balance" fucntions from top-level.h.
      Move the loading of user and system config files from guile to C.
      Fix linking for src/gnome-utils/test/
      Process the --namespace command-line option from C, not guile.
      Guile-side clean-up for --namespace option.
      Initialize Gnome libraries before booting guile.
      Remove processing of share-path from guile.
      Process gnome command-line arguments after our own,
      Introduced gwrapped gnc_gnome_locate_data_file().=
      Process the --add-price-quotes command-line option from C.
      Remove --devel option, which aparently doesn't do anything.
      Remove "batch-mode" processing from main.scm.  It's no longer needed.
      Major step in extraction of application startup from guile.
      Avoid GUI initialization durring --add-price-quotes, fixes #327670
      ChangeLog entries copied from 'svn log -v'
      Process --debug command-line option from C instead of guile.
      Consolidate application lifecycle functions into src/gnome-utils,
      Export debugging state from C to guile.
      Re-enable report menu setup.
      Install price quote sources without calling main.scm.
      Move dialog-totd from gnome to gnome-utils.
      Remove the obsolete gnucash-run-script and its test.
      Register book open/close callbacks during gui init.
      Move the global report hash-table from guile to C.
      Avoid saving invalid pages.
      Avoid showing any invalid reports.
      Check for invalid options tables when loading reports.
      Move generation of report serial ids from guile to C.
      Remove traces of old gnucash-run-script from gnucash.m4.
      Better default account selection when opening the budget report.
      Remove obsolete code to handle account-types filtering for budgets.
      Re-enable logging for GnuCash modules that haven't explicitly set their
      Automatically close registers whose accounts are deleted.
      Convert account types filter dialog to use checkboxes for selection.
      Add some convenience functions for getting values from various combinations
      New function: gnc_tree_view_add_combo_column().
      Don't add markup to tax report titles.
      Fail 'make distcheck' if contains undistributed files.
      When generating, don't include files we don't want to translate.
      Don't translate obsolete files.
      Add POTFILES.skip to EXTRA_DIST.
      Check for any accidentally-distributed files not marked for translation.
      Allow make-gnucash-potfiles to run from directories other than srcdir.
      Use the string cache for budget name and description.
      Add some test-cases for gnc_numerics using the reciprocal denominator.
      Teach PrintAmountInternal() to correctly handle a reciprocal denominator.
      Factor out some code from gnc-budget into Recurrence so that the budget
      Add getter gnc_date_edit_get_gdate() for getting the value of a GNCDateEdit
      gnc_date_edit_set_gdate(): A GDate setter for GNCDateEdit is useful, too.
      New dialog for estimating budget values from past transactions.
      Hook-up the new budget value estimation dialog.
      Remove check_open() calls from Transaction setters.
      Replace check_open() in setter API with internal qof_{begin,commit}_edit().
      Convert Split from QofEntity to QofInstance.
      Keep QOF aware of the dirty-state of Transactions.
      Fix breakage from missed case in Split QofEntity->QofInstance conversion.
      Fix two places where we were letting the split values become incoherent
      Recompute argc after argv may have changed.
      Convert GncTreeModelAccount to use the GObject dispose path instead of
      Convert GncTreeModelPrice and GncTreeModelCommodity to use GObject dispose
      Convert GncTreeModel from a GtkObject to a GObject.
      Don't allow the event handler list to shrink while we're traversing it.
      A little error checking for report titles.
      Change name of SplitRegister variable name to 'reg' for consistency.
      Move window-main-summarybar.[ch] from gnome/ to gnome-utils/.
      Factor out an "approved" method for getting the GtkCellRenderer from a
      Fix an off-by-one (day) error in the dates used by the summarybar.
      Add two columns to the Accounts page: "Total (Period)" & "Balance (Period)"
      Remove forgotten unused variable.
      Move the accounting period preference functions from window-main-summarybar
      Change the reports from using a hard-coded fiscal year to using the global
      Tweak the preferences labels for accounting periods.
      gc_protect SCM reports while they are in the GHashTable.
      Gracefully handle errors in report options.
      Take #2:  Fixups for two botched gnc-plugin-page-report.c commits tonight.
      Use the price nearest to midday to get the value in the default currency.
      Don't continue to parse the expression if we've already reached the end.
      Copy 'svn log -v' output from past 20 days to ChangeLog.
      Changed balance calculations in three reports from using local
      Remove --enable-opt-style-install configure option.
      Convert the AccountType selection functions to work with GtkTreeSelections
      Use GPOINTER_TO_INT to avoid casting pointer to integer of different size.
      Fix for 'use of uninitialized' warning.
      Factor out a compat definition of GTK_TREE_SORTABLE_UNSORTED_SORT_COLUMN_ID
      Explictly require gtk2.6 for conditionally compiled code that needs it.
      Add a local copy of GtkTreeModelSort from gtk 2.8.12.  Our local copy is
      Use glib's slice allocator in favor of GMemChunks for glib >= 2.9.
      Move the code that (usually) ensures value/amount consistency for Splits
      Avoid qof-dirtying Accounts when Splits or Lots are inserted or removed.
      Mark the GNC_LOT QofCollection dirty whenever a Lot changes.
      Mark the QofCollection as dirty when a new QofEntity is added or removed.
      Remove uses of deprecated qof_session_get_current_session() and
      Files accidentally left out of previous commit (r13355).
      Avoid instantiating the current session until we're actually opening a file.
      No need to run the BOOK_OPENED hook twice when open a book.
      Convert Lots from a QofEntity to a QofInstance.
      Use correct function name qof_instance_set_dirty.
      Add some comments, error checks, ENTER/LEAVE balances and a special-case
      Separate the Split functions from Transaction.c into Split.c.
      Dirty Splits when they change.
      When we malloc a Transaction, then TransBeginEdit, then want to abort,
      Since QOF no longer keeps track of the "current" session,
      Implement QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART2 as a function instead of a macro.
      Keep track of exactly how many bytes we've sent to md5_process_bytes().
      Use function version of QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART2.
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransHasReconciledSplits() instead
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountAmount() instead of
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountBalance() instead
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountConvRate() instead of
      Remove two slightly different definitions of
      Splits can now keep track of their own rollback state.
      Remove some testing of an engine API that has been removed.
      A good bit of notes about how the Transaction Begin/Commit
      Move one data-validation function from Scrub.c into Transaction.c
      The xaccTransRollbackEdit() part of the Begin/Commit edit-block rewrite.
      Remove xaccAccountRemoveSplit, and xaccAccountInsertSplit.
      Bits to let the register see the in-progress Transaction edit.
      Remove an unnecessary Account edit-block.
      Delete unused dialog-exchange.h
      Look for orphan Splits even when there is no Transaction imbalance.
      Generate REMOVE events when a Split is removed from a Transaction.
      Destroy Transactions without rebalancing when shutting down the book.
      When the book is shutting down, don't be so eager to destroy the whole
      Use for-each, lambda expressions for iterating over split lists.
      Convert xaccTransGetSplit() and xaccTransCountSplits() to return the
      ChangeLog updates from 'svn log -v'
      Don't force a resort of Account's split lists during xaccTransCommitEdit().
      Move both old an new-style Account MODIFY events into the "on_done" case
      Factor out and create new function: gnc_commodity_is_currency().
      Factor out one small piece of the huge gnc_split_register_load() into
      Minor code factoring, line-wraps, control-flow simplifications, etc.
      When periodically checking for ui events, avoid creating a QofSession
      Factor out and create new function: xaccAccountIsPriced() that does the
      Minor line wraps and factoring.
      More line-wraps, cleanups and factoring.
      More line-wraps, cleanups, factoring new function: xaccTransGetSplitIndex().
      More register line wraps, clean-ups, etc., plus some minor re-ordering
      Factor out and create new function: gnc_xfer_dialog_run_exchange_dialog()
      Invert sense of conditions involving g_setenv() since its return value
      Change the account removal event back to using the parent account instead of
      Restore some widget names that were lost in r9938 but still used by
      Avoid infinite loop in gnc_find_split_in_trans_by_memo(). Bug #335465
      Add a label to the budget selection combobox.  Bug#334501
      When opening GnuCash for the first time since 1.8.x, allow the user to
      More translator-friendly string placement.
      Return the actual number of test failures with get_rv().
      When destroying a commodity, remove it from the commodity table.
      Make the tests for growing commodity tables more accurate -
      Avoid generating Transaction modified events for Transaction roll-back.
      Implement Split events for Split destruction, Split rollback, (including
      Test for support of the tree-model-sort interface instead of one particular
      Avoid trying to represent "forever-ago" with a timepair.
      Revert r13797 so that it can be recommited as logical, documented changes.
      Avoid buffer overrun in qoflog.
      Replace calls to QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART1 macro with calls to qof_commit_edit()
      Internalize the transactional semantics for all Transaction setters.
      Remove some unnecessary Begin/Commit blocks around code that is already
      Don't immediately commit the blank transaction after creating it.
      sync ChangeLog from 'svn log -v'
      Default the budget page's show_hidden flag to FALSE.  Closes #339413.
      Fix uninitialized use in gnc_split_register_empty_current_trans_except_split
      Use 'pending_trans' variable name for clearer code.
      Another crack at fixing bug #327780.
      Implement a keynav policy for the budget page.  Addresses bug #339515.
      Publicize the ALWAYS_VISIBLE column attribute for GncTreeView.
      More register fixes related to recent changes:
      Remove some unnecessary BeginEdit/CommitEdit calls.
      Address bug #339288:  When deleting a split, ensure the transaction is open
      Remove an assertion w/ explanation of why it doesn't hold.  Fixes #339781.
      For budget data entry interpret an empty string as valid input meaning "0".
      When deleting an Account, also delete any Splits that are set to be
      Return the GtkTreeViewColumn from gnc_tree_view_account_add_kvp_column().
      When deleting the current Transaction in the register, let the action take
      Take care of any pending changes to a Transaction before voiding it.
      Hide the Transaction's management of the "reverse-by" KVP inside the engine.
      Fix bug #340168 by ignoring Splits that have been destroyed since the
      Correctly ensure that the amount and value of test Splits have the same sign
      Some testing bits that got left out of r13916.
      Move some gains-related transaction-scrubbing operations to from
      More consistent Lot<->Split handling.  Try to use the right API for adding
      Add begin/commit edit blocks to budget setters.  Change to using the
      Make qof_commit_edit() (and macro version) call qof_backend_run_commit()
      Fix off-by-one error when checking editlevel in qof_commit_edit() (and
      Add a flag, 'infant', to QofInstance to note that the instance has been
      Remove some unnecessary calls to xaccGroupMarkNotSaved() which were
      Limit memo length to 27 chars on Quicken wallet checks with side stub
      Use g_get_current_time() instead of gettimeofday().  Fixes #341044.
      Silence guile warnings about duplicate binding introduced in guile-1.8.
      Fix fancy invoice report.  Bug #341046.
      Factor out #define _GNU_SOURCE from various .c files into an AC_GNU_SOURCE
      Warn if no g-wrap runtime module is available during configure.
      When searching for the g-wrap runtime module, look in the G_WRAP_MODULE_DIR.
      Look for g-wrap's (g-wrap gw standard) or (g-wrap gw-standard) since
      Cause gncla-dir.h to be re-made after a 'make clean'.
      Minor cleanups to gnc_counter_end_handler().
      Fix Bug #341375.
      Fixing bug #341589:  Apparently, guile 1.8 will actually enforce the rule
      Change the method for specifying and recording the default visibility of
      Undo accidental revert of part of r13713 by r14026.
      Disable Lots scrubbing, which is causing test-suite failures.
      sync ChangeLog with 'svn log -v'
      Fix Bug#342546 by using the pref date format instead of locale.
      Fix Bug#342736 by replacing "make-shared-substring" with "substring".
      Consistently pad date formats with zeros instead of spaces.
      Sync ChangeLog with 'svn log -v'
      Merge 'misc-backend' -r 14160:14184 into trunk.
      Load the file backend _after_ the qsf backend, so that it gets tried
      REactivate --enable-sql by reverting part of r14175; see bug#332251
      Add -avoid-version to LDFLAGS of gmodule backends.
      Use GTK_TREE_SORTABLE_DEFAULT_SORT_COLUMN_ID instead of '0' as the
      The description for the "sort_column" gconf key of the tree_views says,
      Move the error-handling of failure to initialize the engine from
      revert r14177 because it fails make dist.
      Fix a crash in the aging report.  Breaks a string, but seeing English is
      Improve GNOME desktop integration.  Bug #342936
      GNOME integration, part 2.  Bug #342936.
      Restore two behaviors removed by r14283, and add a third.
      Disable support for the old binary file format.
      When loading the gmodule backends from the test suite, look in ../.libs
      Um, uhh, important code change.  Might fix #343798.*
      Don't crash when parsing empty string as date.  Fixes #344466.
      Restore non-editing state when cancelled editing is complete.
      Make the keypad 'minus' key enter a dash in the date entry for ISO dates.
      Update mnemonic for Mexican Peso.  Fixes Bug #345048.
      Sync ChangeLog with svn log -v through r14377.
      Update 'About' dialog copyright notice.
      Fix off-by-one bug that strips all spaces from imported strings.
      Avoid crash from opening transaction in more than one register. Bug #347089.
      Restore a comment that explains the algorithm restored in r14488.
      Minor cleanup of
      Avoid SIGFPE due to modulo-by-zero is the requested number of significant
      More reasonable limits for the SpinButton that selects significant figures.
      Various whitespace, line-wrap, and comment changes.
      Internalize some xaccAccountGroupBegin/CommitEdits into xaccGroupCopyGroup().
      Minor renaming and reordering for clarity in gnc_split_register_load().
      Remove some unnecessary calls to xaccAccountInsertSplit() since the only way
      More comments, spelling fixes, line-wraps, whitespace cleanups.
      Plug a LotList leak; remove ominous comment about memory corruption.
      Cause commodity equality test to actually return FALSE for unequal case.
      De-guilify test-xml-commodity.c
      Guile doesn't need access to GUI suspend/refresh controls any more.
      Line-wraps, and typo-fixes.
      Typo fix found by Tim (eagle eyes) Wunder.
      Reverting r14626. It botched the 'svn move' (svk bug) and broke the build.
      Add indirect dependency to qif-import/test to appease
      Drop gtktreedatalist (and gnctreemodelsort) from the build because it can
      Fix for bug #359471.  Remove the glade hookup of gnc_xfer_dialog_close_cb() to
      Ensure that the blank transaction is marked as the pending transaction
      This fixes a bug in r14495.  The bug is that auto-completed transactions
      Allow budget values to default to unset, rather than zero.
      Merge swig-redo branch back into trunk.
      Factor out some common typemaps into src/base-typemaps.i
      Replace xaccTransGetSplits with xaccTransGetSplitList.
      Remove unused function.
      Remove another unused function.
      Fix three wrapper-related bugs found and patched by Mike Alexander
      Re-export symbols wrapper-provided symbols in core-utils.scm.
      Get price-quotes to work again.
      Replace "gnc:entry-get-order" with "gncEntryGetOrder".
      Audit all .scm files for cases where null objects were assumed to be #f.
      [Part 2] Audit all .scm files for cases where null objects were assumed
      Make the xml file read behavior less random for malformed account input.
      Fix some #f vs. '() issues in qif import files.
      Add a custom SWIG typemap for wrapping a return value of (char *)NULL
      Add src/base-typemaps.i as a prerequisite for all wrapper-generator rules.
      Fix bug #353450 - Crash on quit during save.
      Factor out some quiting code from gnc_main_window_delete_event() and
      Remove unused variables.
      Return zero instead of failing an assertion when the register asks a
      Use GtkTreeModelFlags instead of guint.
      Plug a leak of strings in the swip-wrapped gnc_gettext_helper().
      Minor typo fix in debugging output.

Christian Stimming (2534):
      testing 1 2 3
      testing some more --linas
      hopefully the final test
      2001-05-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      yet another test
      2001-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      remove warning.
      2001-05-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More updates for the german translations.
      Forgot the author lines.
      2001-05-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix bug.
      2001-05-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's pt_PT.po update.
      2001-05-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-26  Pablo Saratxaga  <pablo at>
      2001-05-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix String.
      Revert last change.
      Updated de.po -- still in the work, though.
      Updated German translation. I'm still working on it till tomorrow, though.
      2001-06-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Yet more updated German translation. All strings are translated now.
      2001-06-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix one translation.
      Updated German translation.
      2001-06-08 Christian Stimming <stimming at>
      forgot one. However, de_DE docs are still very unfinished.
      add cvs ignore.
      18n fixes in src/scm/report/view-column.scm and
      Added TOC. Added comment for account hierarchy.
      Updated German translation (partially).
      Updated German translation (unfinished, but some more)
      2001-07-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-08-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated the README about the glossary.
      2001-08-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2001-09-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-09-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-10-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-11-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-01-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-02-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2002-06-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix missing gnome_libdir.
      2002-07-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-07-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Make the Makefile better configurable.
      2002-07-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Some more work, including adapting to the latest openhbci changes.
      2002-08-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More work on HBCI setup API. Usable in specific setups, but not yet
      2002-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-08-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Adaption to latest changes in OpenHBCI (requires yet another OpenHBCI
      2002-08-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix API change in OpenHBCI.
      fix bug.
      fix includes.
      2002-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Latest HBCI work.
      More HBCI work. OpenHBCI doesn't work at the moment, anyway :-(
      2002-08-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot Changelog entry yesterday. Add some unstable-warnings.
      2002-09-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot this part of Benoit Gregoire's generic transaction import patch.
      Remove unneeded hbci cruft.
      2002-09-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fully fix new feature from yesterday.
      2002-09-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-09-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Clarify some function documentation.
      2002-10-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Remove default values from test runs.
      2002-10-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix strings for gettext tools.
      2002-10-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved translation.
      Updated translation.
      2002-10-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      fix typo.
      fix one more typo.
      yet more typo/message unifying.
      2002-10-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-10-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      i18n some strings.
      Update German translation. Fix some i18n issues.
      More HBCI work, especially for error recovery.
      Fix some i18n strings.
      2002-10-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Revert latest change since it was only local to cstim.
      Fix menu item i18n problem.
      2002-10-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated German translation. More i18n work.
      More translation/i18n work.
      i2002-10-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Your daily i18n updates.
      Your daily translation fix. Also, move html tags out of the translation
      2002-11-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved German translation. Many i18n typos fixed everywhere.
      more cvsignore.
      String typo fixes. i18n improvements.
      2002-11-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix call of non-existent function.
      2002-11-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Your daily translation fix. Improved German translation. Typos and other i18n
      2002-11-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Some i18n fixes. Updated German Translation.
      More Makefile fixes.
      Makefile fix.
      I18n fixes. Update German Translation.
      2002-11-19  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add missing files for dist.
      Set split to 'cleared' only if it was in 'not reconciled' beforehand.
      Slightly change formatting of transaction fields.
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Improved date heuristics (punishment if dates are very very far apart).
      2002-11-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Remove -Werror again.
      Updated translations.
      Improve i18n comments. Updated translation.
      2002-11-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated Italian translation by Lorenzo Cappelletti.
      First try to update the Tip-Of-Day list.
      Add README for HBCI support.
      2002-11-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-11-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-11-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      Comment out some unnecessary debugging output.
      Fix make dist.
      2002-12-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add include for ngettext wrapping.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix i18n problems.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Update translation.
      2002-12-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      more doxygen improved documentation.
      More comments about how to use functions (xaccSplitSetBaseValue).
      2002-12-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Revert latest change in category-barchart.scm -- in fact there wasn't an
      2002-12-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation by Nikos Charonitakis  <charosn at>
      2002-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add some comments for translators.
      2002-12-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-20  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      2002-12-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated translation.
      Add yet more i18n comments. Comment out some debugging output.
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-30  Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at>
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Follow up on Benoit's gcc3 fixes.
      Updated German translation.
      Updated translation.
      Updated translation by Lorenzo Cappelletti <L.Cappelletti at>
      Updated translation.
      2003-01-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated German translation.
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      i2003-01-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-01-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated Dutch translation by Hendrik-Jan Heins <hjh at>
      Updated translation.
      Add #include "config.h" -- there were some complaints about missing ENABLE_NLS
      Updated translation.
      Updated header for translation.
      Update HBCI documentation.
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Comment out stderr debugging output.
      Improved translation.
      Improved docs.
      2003-02-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Updated HBCI docs.
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot this part of close-on-finish fix.
      Improved documentation.
      Updated function documentation for doxygen.
      2003-03-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot to install scheme file.
      2003-03-31  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      2003-04-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Initial Tamil translation.
      More compiler warning fixes from Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      Updated openhbci macro for latest openhbci versions.
      2003-05-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Removed AC_PROG_CXX again because openhbci.m4 doesn't require it anymore.
      Adapt to latest OpenHBCI updates.
      Improved documentation -- a GList here is always a GList of kvp_frame's.
      2003-05-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix signed/unsigned warning of gcc 3.3.
      Fix spelling.
      2003-05-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Adapt to latest OpenHBCI changes.
      2003-06-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      forgot log message
      2003-06-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      forgot makefile entry
      2003-06-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More code refactoring.
      2003-06-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2003-07-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-07-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add include stdlib.h to fix compiler warning.
      2003-07-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix stupid compiler warning.
      Updated required OpenHBCI version number.
      2003-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add warning in docs about xaccSplitSetBaseValue
      2003-08-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Merge account templates from 1-8-branch into HEAD so that they won't
      2003-09-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-09-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix linker bug with libktoblzcheck and hbci module.
      Fix CFLAGS (merged from gnome2)
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-20  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-12-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-12-18  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      ChangeLog message
      2003-12-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Merge account template updates from 1-8-branch
      Fix CVS files -- remove Id-tags because they make merging unnecessary difficult
      2003-12-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot adding the new makefiles in accounts/.
      2004-01-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-20  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More work on openhbci2 support.
      More work on HBCI2 code. Setup druid shows weird behaviour upon delete_initial_druid(). Still unfinished.
      2004-01-31  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-31  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-31  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-01-31  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Further openhbci2 work -- getBalance and singleTransfer now works. yeah.
      Further hbci work.
      More hbci work.
      More openhbci2 work.
      more openhbci2 work
      more openhbci2 work
      2004-02-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More openhbci2 work
      2004-03-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      (gnc_imap_add_account_bayes): Skip the case when a token is the empty string.
      For gcc3.4.x, add -Wdeclaration-after-statement warning switch.
      Add saving of reports.
      Add toolbar element for saving the current report.
      2004-09-04  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More HBCI/AqBanking work.
      More HBCI/aqbanking work.
      More HBCI/aqbanking work.
      More hbci work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More hbci work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      2004-09-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      Fix errornous double-free.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      Fix unexpected aqbanking version number.
      Updated HBCI readme.
      Mark search criteria for translation.
      Upgrade required aqbanking version number to the most recent required version.
      Change currency mnemonic for "New Israeli Shekel" from "ILS" to
      Identified and fixed several places with
      Add configure check for libofx version
      Improve importer performance.
      Fix division by zero error in tax report
      Decrease the amout of log messages
      Remove obsolete file from potfile list. Sorry.
      Remove empty obsolete file
      Fix hbci library initialization and problems with missing setup wizard application.
      Add de_DE tax categories.
      Further improvement for libofx version check
      Fix code before declarations.
      Add comment about potentially missing const in function declaration
      More work with German tax categories.
      Fix gcc4 warning about superfluous const as pointed out by #162635
      Add warnings about using the included spec file with caution.
      add changelog msg
      Add explanation on how to test the HBCI features with the public HBCI test server.
      Improve German tax categories
      More German tax work.
      Improve HBCI code.
      Fix wrong user message
      Make experimental locale-specific taxes depending on configure switch.
      Fix HBCI date range for statement download.
      Revert the change in December about date matching threshold.
      Force account dirty after modifying its kvp_frame.
      Fix aqbanking wizard calling convention
      Improve error handling in HBCI operations.
      Further error checking improvements
      Improve HBCI balance download.
      Fix character encodings of imported transactions.
      HBCI behaviour and encoding improvements.
      Fix warning about deprecated aqbanking function in aqbanking-1.0.7
      Add Kinyarwanda translation.
      Improve handling of purpose lines
      Fix forgotten NULL check.
      Add Vietnamese glossary translation
      Improve HBCI debugging messages.
      Add backend selection dialog
      Further HBCI improvements.
      Add sanity checks and ask user when there are no purpose lines.
      Fix handling of debit notes.
      Fix potential problem with returned NULL values
      Eventually remove auto-generated files from CVS
      Add cvsignores
      2005-07-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add cvsignores
      Add macro name quotation
      Revert build system file removal. Needs a major overhaul, not only single file removals.
      Bugfix for HBCI PIN entry.
      Forgot second bug instance.
      Improve PIN entry even more (not urgent).
      Improve error message for newer aqbanking.
      Fix TJS spelling.
      Remove misleading (char*) casts.
      Add polish glossary.
      Add Basque translation by Mikel Olasagasti
      Radically improve
      Revert the change for now. To be reconsidered after more
      Add Nepali translation.
      Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE from
      Add language files that only existed on 1.8 branch to HEAD.
      Remove automatic call to ./configure from ./
      Copy glossary po files from old 1.8 branch to HEAD.
      Explicitly denote the encoding of the file in
      Copy translations from 1.8 to HEAD.
      Add svn:ignore
      String improvements: Fix typos, remove unnecessary spaces.
      Improve German translation; Initial update for glossary
      Recode de.po from ISO-8859-1 into UTF-8
      Add missing QOF cflags/libs in Makefile
      Update after src/engine file removal
      and yet more translation work in German translation
      Update potfiles script so that it works again without the cvsignore
      Add explanations to new strings in glossary.
      Updated German translation by Andreas Koehler.
      Mark missed strings for translation
      Add ellipsis to menu labels that require further action from user.
      Split top-level ChangeLog by year. Everything before
      Mark missing string for translation
      Update German translation. Improve strings in HBCI module
      String i18n improvements. Update German translation.
      Some i18n string improvements.
      Update/improve German translation. 2820 out of 3380 done.
      Updated Norwegian/Bokmaal glossary
      Updated Norwegian (Bokmaal) translation.
      Translation string improvements/typo fix. Improve German translation: 2906 out of 3390 done.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3043 out of 3416 done. Way to go.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      And yet more improved German translation: 3060 out of 3416 done.
      Fix missing i18n include
      And yet more German translation updates. 3088 out of 3418 done.
      Complete the label change of transaction reversing. Update glossary.
      String i18n improvements.
      More German translation improvements. 3141 out of 3418 done.
      Add translator comments
      Updated German translation; 3173 out of 3417 done.
      Updated Norwegian (Bokmaal) translation by Tor Harald Thorland.
      String i18n improvements
      Update after file removal
      Updated German translation. 3211 out of 3419 done.
      Add convenience makefile rule "make pot" for
      Fix forgotten string translation
      Fix crash when
      Forgot one instance of double-free fix.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Don't chown() the owner,
      String i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3236 out of 3409 done.
      Update svnignore
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis <nikosx at>
      Unify/simplify several option names for translation. Improve some
      Update German translation. 3271 out of 3402 done.
      Fix Norwegian po file which contained spurious characters in obsolete entries
      The amount of the online transfer somehow needs to be negated in the
      Fix typo in makefile
      String i18n cleanup in David Jafferians account deletion patch
      Updated German translation - 3291 out of 3420 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      I18n string cleanup
      Add glossary explanation for trial balance
      Updated German translation; 3336 out of 3413 done.
      Updated Norwegian glossary and translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Copy macro file from gwrap-1.3.4 package because it is missing in the
      Updated Norwegian glossary and translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      I18n string explanations
      Even better i18n string explanations
      Updated German translation; 3342 out of 3411 done.
      String i18n cleanup.
      String i18n cleanup.
      And more string i18n cleanup. Dont mark a developer test file for translation -- will only confuse translators.
      Update German translation. 3395 out of 4006 completed. Konkret krass.
      I18n string improvements.
      I18n string improvements
      Fix wrong action tooltip text
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      utf8_caseequal_len: Fix length-delimited utf8 comparison. Fixes
      Add tooltip to account type list option
      Improve tooltip display for almost all option types. Add tooltips for
      Update and improve German translation. 3407 out of 3417 done.
      Use glib's g_iconv functions instead of the system's iconv(3)
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add tooltips to new dialog
      Update German translation. 3387 out of 3397 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      String i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation
      String i18n cleanup; more tooltips added
      String i18n cleanup: manual linebreaks removed
      Improved German translation. 3397 out of 4005 done.
      Improve glade-fixup script so that it can be used in subdirectories, too
      Move code from macros/ to ./ to make it more
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Improve valgrind script
      Add display of a GtkAction's tooltip in the statusbar when the mouse
      Add more tooltips to actions.
      Updated German translation
      Oops, fix unintended additional changes
      src/gnome-utils/gnc-main-window.c: Add gnc workaround function for
      Fix gnc-svninfo.h rule for gentoo ebuild where svn is no longer available
      Add more tooltips to main window buttons. i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3414 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add account templates for Norwegian (Bokmal) language; by Tor Harald
      Revert not-yet-agreed change in QOF variables by myself that accidentally slipped in.
      Add comment about why there is no setlocale in main.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated Norwegian account templates by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add svn:ignore
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      Improve explanation of glossary
      Add initial work on upgrading the old non-compilable mt940-importer
      Add field length limits again to avoid data loss on text entry.
      String cleanup: remove unnecessary linefeeds. Remove old unused code.
      I18n cleanup; unify meaningless additional strings
      Updated German translation; 3429 out of 3574 done.
      I18n cleanup; unify meaningless additional strings
      Improved German translation. 3370 out of 3589 done.
      fix typos in strings
      Factor out importing functions that might be useful for mt940 importer.
      More proposed work on mt940 importer. More refactoring of HBCI functions.
      Require aqbanking-1.3.0 for HBCI.
      Revert r12998 -- we only require aqbanking-1.0.0
      I18n string cleanup; add explanations for translators
      Use rule clean-local for extra cleaning rules instead of default rule clean.
      Updated German translation
      Fix old Changelogs from HEAD/gnome2 parallelity; entries are now in correct year
      Fix shortcut in spanish menu entries; fixes bug 167626
      update svn:ignore
      Distribute also some of the older ChangeLogs
      Update German translation
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis <nikosx at>
      Revert erroneous ngettext change; ngettext changes the text, but not the format arguments
      String improvements: Add missing whitespace
      String improvements: Make question a bit clearer, hopefully
      String improvements: Add missing whitespace
      Update German translation
      Update Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      String cleanup: Remove formatting from translations
      String cleanup; add translator comments
      Update glossary
      Improve check for aqbanking by looking for the pkg-config file first and using the old method as a fallback
      Updated German translation
      String cleanup. Remove erroneous underscore. Fixes #330769.
      Fix duplicate menu item shortcut. Fixes #330672.
      Fix duplicate menu item shortcut. Fixes #330671.
      Updated German translation - 3485 out of 3656 done.
      Add --keyword=Q_ to xgettext arguments so that translations with
      When translation potentially empty strings, check always for nonemptyness. Should avoid #330179 in the rest of the code as well.
      String cleanup; fix manual emulation of ngettext; fix some memory leaks due to g_strconcat, but not yet all
      Updated German translation - 3500 out of 3657 done.
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal <didier-devel at>
      For latest aqbanking changes, define AQBANKING_NOWARN_DEPRECATED to
      Make the gconf key wordings consistent across all of our schemas
      Updated German translation - 3524 out of 3716 done.
      Make update-po because of recent massive string changes
      Fix old truncation of filename prefix that is no longer valid
      Fix uninitialized variable warning
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      Fix typos
      Updated German translation - 3568 out of 3738 done.
      Make gchar argument const because it is only used as a const.
      Get MT940 importer compile again (experimental; requires
      Don't allow placeholder be selected for importing transactions. Fixes bug#327891.
      Let the account matcher accept a parent widget to avoid windows that
      Aqbanking-1.3.0 (released 2005-08-11) is sufficient for MT940 import.
      Updated German translation - 3617 out of 3737 done.
      Remove unknown typedefs with older aqbanking
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      Greek account templates converted to UTF-8, by Nikos Charonitakis
      More work on mt940 import, #325170. Unfortunately not yet error-free.
      Add clarifying comment to weird directory function, better to be replaced by the appropriate glib function.
      Finally, successfully implemented mt940	import. Completed #325170.
      Fix missing variable initialization in Chris' changes. Fixes the
      Updated German translation - 3609 out of 3724 done.
      Fix crash when "clear" is chosen but no matching transaction is
      Fix OFX import problem with some dividends transactions. Patch by
      Update svn:ifnore property
      Update svn:ignore property
      Improve i18n string for separator character sample
      Updated German translation - 3627 out of 3724 done.
      Add po/gnucash.pot to EXTRA_DIST because the translation template is
      Updated Norwegian translation; 2234 out of 3724 done.
      Minor header include cleanups to enable easier windows/mingw32 porting
      Fix old libc substitution files, now needed for windows/mingw32
      Make seed collection parts that depend on particular functions
      Replace index(3) by strchr(3) and rindex(3) by strrchr(3) because the
      Replace mkdir by g_mkdir for
      Replace setenv() by g_setenv for increased cross-platform
      Add creation rules for po/gnucash.pot so that it can always be created for make dist.
      Updated vietnamese glossary by Clytie Siddall
      Remove unused header include
      Check for <X11/Xlib.h> and ignore code section if header unavailable.
      Check for <glob.h> and provide own typedef if header unavailable.
      Replace "ln -sf" by "$(LN_S) -f" for
      Add more linker flags, necessary for some platforms (windows)
      Reorder linking of engine libraries to avoid undefined references which are not allowed on windows
      Add compatibility ifdefs for unavailable functions
      Add substitution code for unavailable functions gettimeofday and gmtime_r.
      Add svnignores
      Clean up unused gettimeofday argument
      Add substitution code for unavailable function gettimeofday
      Fix linker flags
      Check for errno macro EOPNOTSUPP only if it is defined
      Reorder CHECK_FUNCS so that they are checked even if enable-gui=no
      libgncmod-app-utils uses functions from libgw-engine, so link to that library
      If <glob.h> unavailable, provide own typedef and disable globbing.
      Add long-forgotten macro definition from acinclude.m4 r10161 that is sometimes still needed
      Gnucash replaced dlopen/dlsym by the g_module functions,
      Add include/linker flags for using the lib/libc substitutions
      Fix linker flags for gsf-win32 sublibrary
      Recode all po files into UTF-8 character encoding,
      Updated German translation - 3642 out of 3729 done.
      I18n cleanup; improve wording to disambiguation the semantics of a bool checkbox.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland; Translated 2431 out of 3729.
      Unify whitespaces in strings
      Add linker flags in test programs for platforms where they are not inferred by libtool
      Reduce debug stack size from 2,000,000 to 200,000 because guile on windows will only accept the smaller value.
      Improve wording. Mark all strings for i18n.
      Updated German translation - 3650 out of 3749 done.
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal.
      Add svnignores
      Remove unused include header
      Add necessary include and linker flags when files from backend/file should be compiled here
      Improve include order so that building without <glob.h> is possible.
      Disable file compression on windows due to missing pipe(2),
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Check for gethostid and lnk functions
      Add linker flags for libraries that are needed with some libtools
      Disable extra NFS lockfile checking on windows due to
      Remove include <ltdl.h> that is unnecessary for code using this header.
      Add more svnignores for .exe test executables
      Add more linker flags for referenced libraries. Necessary when the
      More linker flags for libraries. More svnignores.
      Add more linker flags for referenced libraries. Necessary when
      Add instructions for symbol lookup
      Don't display an Error if there actually wasn't one.
      Final batch of fixed linker arguments. The standard configuration now builds on windows.
      I18n cleanup; mark forgotten strings for translation
      Remove unneeded extra directory separator
      Clean up linker flags for optional packages as well
      Remove linking against module to stop the whining about currently broken MacOSX build. Needs to be fixed on an architectural basis sooner or later.
      Remove translation macros so that this unused file isn't included in
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland; Translated 2523 out of 3713.
      I18n cleanup; mark forgotten strings for translation
      Updated German translation - 3536 out of 3615 done.
      Updated French translation
      Fix small text problem. #335455.
      Store the log level of all printed messages and use this as
      Stick with vertical padding of 2 as discussed in bug#334920.
      Fix incomplete marking for translation
      Updated German translation - 3546 out of 3620 done.
      Revert report date option to the 1.8 state where the stock
      Remove unused i18n strings
      Move gnc:options-add-subtotal-view! options from income-statement,
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Fix forgotten i18n string
      Updated German translation - 3540 out of 3616 done.
      Make update-po for upcoming release
      Updated German translation - 3551 out of 3617 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation and glossary by Tor Harald Thorland
      Fix translatable atttribute of non-visible label
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Fix changed button label in text; 337190.
      Updated German translation. 3562 out of 3620 translated.
      Fix spelling error
      Updated German translation. 3601 out of 3620 translated.
      Update/merge po files.
      Updated Nepali translation from Translation Project
      Added French glossary by Jonathan Ernst
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst
      New French Swiss account templates by Jonathan Ernst
      Updated German translation; 3623 out of 3676 translated.
      Add svnignores
      Remove erroneous translation in en_GB: Probably a proposed fuzzy translation has been accepted without checking.
      Mark string for translation as pointed out by Andreas Köhler.
      Activate newly added string as string freeze exception. That bug was grave enough to justify this.
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst.
      Updated German translation. 3666 out of 3666 translated.
      Properly quote marks. Bug #339731.
      Fix GNCInteractor_hadErrors() that reported too many errors. Fixes #339504.
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Clarify definitions of and relations between bill, invoice, job, and order.
      Fix retrieval of reconcile abbreviation if the translators erroneously
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley
      Ensure the warning about debian and error-on-warning is shown only if necessary
      Updated German translation; still 3666 out of 3666 translated.
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Updated Norwegian Bokmaal translaction by Sigvei Indregard
      Updated (finished) norwegian bokmaal translation by Sigve Indregard
      Add MT940 example file for testing mt940 import
      Small wording fix in German translation
      Fix erroneous guid types in account template
      Added new Austrian German account templates by Roman Bertle
      Add svnignores.
      Add the Tools->HBCI Setup menu item to the register tabs as well. Bug#341510.
      Fix strings that mentioned gnucash-1.8
      Update German translation after unavoidable string changes
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley. PO-Revision-Date 2006-05-05, unfortunately delayed due to Translation Project notification delay of 10 days.
      Updated Swedish glossary translation by Jonas Norling. PO-Revision Date 2006-05-04 , unfortunately delayed due to Translation Project notification delay of 10 days.
      Updated explanation of HBCI features.
      Updated German README which was horribly outdated.
      Updated Russian Translation by Vladimir Turbaevsky
      Use localtime_r only when HAVE_LOCALTIME_R is defined. Might be undefined on some weird systems out there, e.g. windows/mingw32.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst. He said: I didn't
      Updated Swedish translation by Jonas Norling
      Updated Slovak translation by Zdenko Podobný
      Updated Russian translation by Vladimir Turbaevsky
      Initial Romanian translation by Danny Fischer
      Hide the "QSF Import" for the 2.0.0 release because it is not yet
      Hide the "Export account chart as QSF" as well. Not ready for 2.0.0
      Deactivate the "Close Books" menu item because that feature is
      Deactivate the "View Lots" menu item because the lot viewer is
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Add versions of latest suse10.1
      Updated Greek account templates by Nikos Charonitakis
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Deactivate --enable-sql because PostgreSQL backend is still broken and we can't fix it before 2.0.0; bug#332251.
      Explicitly remove all compiled gettext catalogs from make dist (in case the gettext version were including them in make dist) because they will be compiled at compile time anyway.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Simplify calling the aqhbci setup wizard for aqbanking>=1.9.1 because we don't need to select an aqbanking backend beforehand.
      Remove version query that is obsolete due to the required version
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Similarly ensure for aqbanking/mt940 import that all retrieved strings
      Updated German translation to reach 100% again
      Update/merge po files to current catalogue template.
      Fix misspelled name
      Improve some SX-related wordings in German translation
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley
      Add new SKR03 account template (in addition to the existing SKR04) by Oliver Vollmer
      Use waitpid() only if <sys/wait.h> is available. Unavailable on win32.
      Add Suriname Dollar currency; replaces SRG, but due to a non-unity exchange rate we cannot have it replaced automatically. #319084
      Add GTK_LIBS because log_replay uses gtk functions direcly since r14142
      Update British English translation by Nigel Titley with fixed char encoding. #345611
      Ignore failed chown() because it always fails on vfat/samba. #345913
      Updated Dutch translation by Bernard Meens <meensb at>
      Adjust currency decimals as pointed out in bug#320203
      Updated Slovak translation by Zdenko Podobny
      Proof-read and improved German translation by feedback from Andi Köhler.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza, bug#343229. Translation merged with most recent gnucash.pot.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza, now 100% translated again.
      Remove obsolete buttons for aqbanking/hbci setup that are
      Re-use existing GUILE_LOAD_PATH variable in order not to override existing search paths.
      Replace hard-coded directory separator character by glibs cross-platform macro.
      On windows, deactivate gnucash's extra de-quoting of path names that is done on the GNC_MODULE_PATH env variable.
      Use glib filepath manipulation functions instead of our own manual methods. Necessary for non-Unix machines. Please keep an eye open for potential filename lookup problems.
      Fix test of numerics in random splits, because multiplications might also turn out zero.
      Change cmdline warning into an actual user's error dialog.
      Removed acctchrt_skr03.gnucash-xea from distribution and installation by request of its author who
      Update German SKR03 account template by Oliver Vollmer
      Enabled acctchrt_skr03.gnucash-xea again for distribution and
      Fix wording of gconf key descriptions according to discussion in wiki.
      Fix string with yet another month-year-day vs. month-day-year confusion.
      Improve wording for XML
      Find absolute path of gconftool-2 during configure. Make gconftool rules to
      Fix typo
      Add tip about keyboard navigation between tabs. Feel free to change the wording
      Fix string that wasnt marked for translation. Fortunately exactly this string exists already.
      Fix all last untranslated report titles. Deactivated Test Graphing report because it is untranslated completely.
      Fix untranslated part of string.
      Replace exact comparison of doubles by checking for a small enough difference. bug#347791.
      Ensure the encoding of the ktoblzcheck library is used correctly.
      Mark forgotten strings for translation
      Add gnc_utf8_strip_invalid_strdup() that returns a stripped copy instead of working in-place.
      Double-check really every string from aqbanking for valid utf-8 characters.
      Move #include "qofla-dir.h" into qofsession.c because this is the only place where it is used.
      Improve tests environment setup script so that support for Windows directory separators can be switched on easily.
      Some code refactoring in preparation for extended importing and HBCI features.
      Add more auxiliary functions in HBCI log window
      Add new HBCI action to File->Import that imports a DTAUS file and
      More code refactoring of aqbanking module:
      Replace : as sed's replacement command delimiter by # because on Windows, fully qualified filenames might contain the colon.
      Remove include that isn't needed anymore; removes dependency on regenerated file
      Replace : as sed's replacement command delimiter by # because on Windows, fully qualified filenames might contain the colon.
      Increase aqbanking dependency to >= 1.6.0; has been released on 2005-09-22
      Replace : as sed's replacement command delimiter by # because on Windows, fully qualified filenames might contain the colon.
      Fix one more instance of explicit directory separator to use G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S instead
      Add new svn:ignore
      Replace hard-coded directory separator by g_build_filename() function
      Generalize importing function so that this function can fully replace gnc_file_mt940_import and the whole mt940 module.
      Add Andi's script for automated build environment building on Windows/mingw32
      Fix version number of libgoffice pc file
      Revert libgoffice pkgconfig filename change. Add CFLAGS at gnucash configure.
      Add more env variables to configure so that rerunning configure works even outside of
      On win32, LDFLAGS need to contain -no-undefined to get DLLs built.
      Add CFLAGS which, if missing, would cause non-exported symbols. See wiki page.
      Add REGEX_LIBS linker flag that is needed on win32 platform
      Move win32 check out of libgsf-1.12.3 configure section into the general configure section
      Guile path on win32 needs to be separated by ; instead of :.
      First round of Makefile symlink cleanup.
      Next round of Makefile symlink cleanup.
      Set g-wrap's module dir to Windows syntax. Make sure goffice exports the libgoffice_init symbol.
      Symlinking directories only works on non-win32.
      Add missing -f flag when symlinking the gw-.scm files
      Next round of Makefile symlink cleanup.
      Add missing include
      Remove unused scm-links section
      Next round of Makefile symlink cleanup.
      For configuring gnucash, add --enable-schemas-install=no. See wiki.
      At runtime one of the gnome packages also needs gail.
      Add more library dirs for test runtime.
      Add more library dirs for test runtime.
      For windows, determine glade and accounts path at runtime instead of configure time.
      Change the searchpath separator to glib macro so that on Windows, ';' is used. Also clean up more path creation functions.
      Use the PATH_SEPARATOR variable from ./configure during path creation in script. Necessary for windows ; searchpath separator
      Fix parallel build as proposed by Mike Alexander <mta at>
      Use PATH_SEPARATOR variable for GUILE_LOAD_PATH for windows.
      Fix crash when querying data of the already deleted template_list_store of the transfer dialog.
      Revert r14780; doesn't help for mingw/win32.
      Fully specify the correct subdirectory for windows; the prefix will be determined at runtime
      For windows, fall back to the file backend if a colon was in the URL name.
      Fix typo
      Replace hardcoded dir separator by the glib macro
      Fix error checking for non-existing filenames. Will now always give a
      If the file type wasn't recognized, check whether this failed because
      Make sure not to pass NULL to PERR() message macro
      For windows, clean up error conditions before trying again to load the session.
      Fix typo that prevented the correct error on unrecognized scanf conventions
      Error out if none of the two SCANF formats are defined in config.h.
      Fix missing include config.h. Also fix still-used deprecated typedef.
      Add #include config.h at all places where it has been missing.
      Add last missing #include config.h
      Include all of my known prerequisites to successfully compile gnucash:
      For windows, ignore gnc_engine_is_initialized check for now because it doesn't work correctly.
      Last round of Makefile and symlink cleanup. Gnucash should build fine without symlinks now.
      Move check for windows platform even more up front.
      On Windows/mingw32, scanf only accepts %I64d for long long integers.
      Get rid of warnings from libtool header on windows/mingw32
      Further improve script-based gnucash building.
      Add first draft script for creating a setup.exe installer package on win32.
      Remove duplicate setting of platform_win32 automake conditional
      On Windows, before unlink() we need to chmod() the lock file for write access.
      Need lib/libc for missing libc function. Need to include localtime_r to get the declaration
      Replace deprecated glib function if new glib is available
      Add include config.h that was missing in g-wrap wrapper.
      Fix automated path setup of gnucash script. Should now probably work.
      After installation, try to create a suitable script.
      Further improve setup file creation script
      No need to remove files during win32 install
      Add new file with utility functions to retrieve the needed directory
      Replace every hard-coded directory path with the respective call to gnc_path.
      Add includes that had been included by the obsolete i18n.h header
      Remove obsolete/unused generated headers; all directory paths are now in src/engine/gnc-path.c.
      Fix -no-undefined flag for g-wrap; fix zlib header flags for gsf
      Fix warning about unused static function if glob.h is unavailable
      Fix forgotten sub-path of g-wrap
      Upgrade Gnome packages to lates gnome-2.16 release
      Make sure the g-wrap files are modified only once
      Fix and clarify path names that were mixed up.
      Move the MT940 importer action from the mt940 into the hbci plugin because in
      Add script for building a cross-compile mingw toolchain on Linux.
      Add cross-compiling workaround to AC_TRY_RUN macros
      Add cross-compiling workaround to AC_TRY_RUN
      Add GUILE_CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS. Add optional --host=mingw32 argument if someone tries cross-compiling.
      Update openssl URL
      Initial hints on how to start a cross-compile
      Further prepare cross-compiling mingw32/gnucash
      More cross-compile preparations.
      More cross-compile preparations - goffice needs a cross-compile libtool as well.
      Convert shell scripts from DOS CR-LF linefeeds to unix LF.
      Small cleanup for crufty guile version check macro
      Allow the user to override the guile flags. Necessary when build-time guile and run-time guile are different, i.e. when cross-compiling.
      Fully explain a cross-compile build of gnucash/mingw32 on Linux.
      Forgot one step necessary for guile and cross-compiling.
      Also allow user-defined overrides for g-wrap. Necessary if build-time g-wrap is different from the run-time one during cross-compile.
      Fix erroneous cross-compiling g-wrap args
      Implement automatic relocation of previously compiled-in paths.
      Binreloc needs explicit configure argument on cross-compile
      Unfortunately binreloc doesn't have program code for Windows. Will be added later.
      Revert r14862 here because the initialization from gnucash-bin.c is also sufficient for win32.
      Eventually implement full relocation functionality on win32 as well.
      Properly detect installed or uninstalled expat. Propose packaging command for cross-compiled gnucash.
      Remove mt940 module completely from the build and SVN because all of
      Move gnc-dtaus-import.[hc] files to filename gnc-file-aqb-import.[hc] because these are not limited to dtaus import.
      Add mt942 and CSV file types for aqbanking import
      Revert last change when perl modifies in-place - that doesn't work on windows
      Add more path elements when creating the win32 startup scripts
      Add -no-undefined to LDFLAGS because libtool on Windows requires this argument and we fulfil it anyway
      Remove -no-undefined from make because sets it now
      Update openssl version number as reported by Thomas Arildsen
      Add library dir for test runtime
      Revert r14919; maybe this wasn't the correct fix.
      Add library dir for test runtime where necessary, as discussed on gnucash-devel
      Fix Makefiles for .schemas file installation.
      Avoid markup in translatable messages. Bug#360459
      Fix missing library for debian-libtool as reported by Sigve Indregard.
      Fix typo in shell script test as reported by Thomas Klausner
      Temporarily set the win32 checkout to r15007 until we've added the compiling of SWIG on win32.
      Add workaround so that intltoolize doesn't come up with some foolish AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR; bug#362006
      Fix r15040 that accidentally used a hard-coded path
      Replace g-wrap with swig in doc files
      Replace g-wrap with swig in doc files
      Remove very old and very obsolete build instructions
      Fix missing i18n header
      Fix cancel button of QSF import. Patch provided by Georgi Mirchev, bug#343723.
      Improve error reporting of QSF import a little bit. Patch provided by Georgi Mirchev, bug#343724.
      Activate QSF Import/Export again. This is an unstable branch, after all. Reverts r14147, r14148. bug#342515
      Activate Close Books menu item again. This is an unstable branch, after all. Reverts r14150. bug#342599
      Add win32 method for looking up the current LANG string
      Fix missing date when reconciling from HBCI as suggested by Konstantin Goudkov, #372929.
      Replace mkstemp by g_mkstemp because the former is unavailable on windows
      For non-msys startup script, add SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH again - it's definitely needed on at least one of my test machines.
      Revert r15119. That change needs more testing on my side.
      Mark forgotten string as translatable
      Add version numbers for opensuse 10.2, due 2006-12-07.
      Fix gnc_path_get_localedir() because binreloc's implementation did not
      Remove compiled-in pathname LOCALE_DIR by relocatable runtime function
      Remove configure argument --with-locale-dir because it is unused anyway
      Remove configure-time path variables that are not used in the source code
      Remove unneeded extra Makefile variable
      Updated French README and small corrections to main README by Fabrice Kurz
      Check for installed perl by absolute path of expected location
      Version number updates for mingw and libxml2
      Fix absolute path of perl binary
      Oops. Now really fix absolute path of perl binary
      Replace 'static inline' by 'static' for functions that are used by function pointers.
      Updates for changed areas of contribution; add andi5 to top. Feel free to adjust this to your liking again.
      Remove unused variables and dead code. Patch provided by Jerry Quinn. Fixes #347084.
      Add Author for r15184 bugfix
      Rename variables to avoid potential conflicts with C/C++ keywords.
      Check for potentially failed utf8 conversion of locale strings. bug#383270
      Change enum names to avoid name collisions, especially with win32 headers.
      Rename private min/max functions to avoid name collisions with existing functions of macros, as suggested by Jon Arney
      Check for return value of regcomp() and return NULL on failure, as suggested by Jon Arney.
      Code cleanup: Move variable declaration into block where it is used.
      Add author of r15203, 15206, 15207, 15208.
      Change enum names to avoid name collision of IGNORE identifier, especially with win32 headers.
      Use the installed PKG_CONFIG instead of what might be available in the PATH
      Fix guile DLL names that have additional trailing numbers
      Improve Inno Setup Compiler script; should probably be able to package the outcome of into one setup file.
      Fix typo
      Fix missing files of Improve iss script.
      Add gnucash icon in Windows .ico format for windows icon
      Install the .ico icon file into $datadir/gnucash/pixmaps instead of $datadir/pixmaps.
      Some forgotten file for copying
      Remove windows-specific ignoring of engine_is_initialized check.
      Convert even more strings of locale into utf8, as suggested by Jon Arney.
      Minor message improvement by hfelton.
      Add code for download/installation of Inno Setup Compiler, as suggested by hfelton.
      Make math128 test program compilable again
      For convenience, add commented-out build rules for testing the qofmath128 test program
      Fix exit values from failed tests so that they really fail
      Disable removal of install-sh - not needed anymore
      Have run Inno Setup Compiler, and adjusting final file name.
      Make sure to remove win32 installation directory at uninstall
      Remove unused header (that doesnt exist on win32)
      Fix callback function decoration with latest aqbanking/gwenhywfar on win32
      For win32, ifdef out the fork() calls and show error dialog until g_spawn is implemented for the child process.
      For enabled hbci, link not only to aqbanking but also gwenhywfar because we use some of its functions directly. This became obvious on win32.
      Comment out old debugging console output
      Clarify abbreviation for translators
      Add gwenhywfar/aqbanking for win32 online banking. Not yet activated because we are waiting for upstream releases.
      Update win32 installation instruction according to last months' changes
      Add more prerequisites for including online banking; still disabled, though.
      Replace openssl 0.9.8 by openssl 0.9.7 because gnome-vfs was built against it
      Improve wording in online banking messages; dont mention HBCI alone anymore.
      Fix capitalization in summary bar. Fixes #394550.
      Change Russian Ruble from RUR to RUB; r7574 was erroneous. See bug #393185.
      Fix numerical currency code for RUB.
      Enable user choice of format (profile) when importing data from a file
      Fix erroneous default value for format of MT940 import.
      Some initial work to provide an easy porting to aqbanking3 once it is stable.
      Further preparations for potential aqbanking3 porting
      Update German translation.
      Fix relocation support detection that was broken with autoconf-2.60.
      Fix typo in German translation. Fixes #402048.
      Code refactoring for further aqbanking features.
      Fix dist package creation after latest regex changes
      Add more registry keys for aqbanking/gwenhywfar. Also, delete those keys on uninstall again.
      Add numerical check for match when importing transactions. By Ethy H. Brito.
      Add generated ChangeLog of the year 2006 (r15286:r12229) to tarball.
      Added Canadian French account templates by Serge P. Leblanc
      Add compiling and installation of opensp, libofx and enable ofx support of gnucash
      Fix OpenSP build because we can ignore most of its parts that will not build on windows easily.
      Add libofx/opensp to resulting win32 setup.exe
      Update win32 build to use aqbanking-2.2.7.
      Fix typo. Sorry.
      Add checking for whether an unpacked directory isnt confused with an older one.
      Fix libofx and OFX import on win32.
      Add sanity checks when accessing GncPluginPage. Fixes #405851 and hopefully others.
      Remove indent which is no longer needed; add make check at gwenhywfar build.
      Add optional build commands for qt-enabled aqbanking.
      Add another win registry key needed for aqbanking. Update gwenhywfar.
      Fix hardcoded path.
      Really clean up enter/leave pairs. Avoid duplicated sanity checks.
      Replace all remaining printfs by correct g_log macros.
      Add (untested) installation of ktoblzcheck as well.
      Fix and activate installation of ktoblzcheck on win32.
      Update aqbanking to 2.2.8.
      For aqbanking cmdline programs, change subsystem to console
      Update gwenhywfar to 2.5.4.
      Upgrade ktoblzcheck; the newer version doesn't need registry keys anymore
      Initial proposal for a script that strips data elements from a gnucash
      Add check for entered transaction to always have a recipient name; add some more logging code for aqbanking results.
      Add helpful error message if other package is unavailable
      Implement some initial gnc_component_manager registering for the hbci dialogs. Partially fixes bug#409324.
      Use aqbanking's FiId field for correct OFX duplicate matching. #418072, patch by David Reiser.
      Fix missing exchange rate dialog on purchasing stocks. Patch by Mike Alexander, bug#335101.
      Copy po files from branch-2.0 r15797 to trunk and merge trunk's po template by make update-po.
      Fix i18n; add explanation of word meanings and i18n issues here.
      Update German translation.
      Improve i18n
      Update German translation
      Remove duplicated, unmaintained doc file
      Remove erroneous extra dot in version number of r15892
      Improve documentation of German account template. Patch by Frank Ellenberger.
      Update German translation
      i18n cleanup: Don't translate messages that don't have to be.
      i18n cleanup: Fix explanatory comments for translators.
      Fix typo in user message
      Update German translation
      Merge all translations with current translation template.
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley.
      Move old manual 2006 Changelog to separate filename
      Improve the auto-generated ChangeLog and have it run on make ChangeLog.
      Make ChangeLog depend on NEWS rather than on Update svn:ignore.
      Merge some upstream compatibility updates for svn2cl.xsl
      Fix spelling error in French translation. #433389.
      Fix memory leak where a free was forgotten
      Fix memory leak where a free was forgotten
      Fix small memory leak - unfreed string.
      I18n improvements: Add comments for translators
      Improve user message wordings
      Fix small memory leak - unfreed string.
      Fix last commit, sorry.
      Fix memory leak: Returned strings from gconf need to be freed.
      Update translations for next release.
      Fix memory leak: Returned strings from gconf need to be freed.
      Fix memory leaks: All strings from gnc_gconf_get_string need to be freed.
      Fix spelling error
      Update German translation. Fix some duplicate key shortcuts as pointed out by andi5.
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley.
      Auto-genenerate ChangeLog only when building from svn.
      Update svn:ignore
      Add yet another registry key needed for aqbanking.
      Updated French translation by Stéphane Raimbault.
      Dont mark string translatable that is only visible to expert users in a special file.
      With aqbanking-2.3.0 we can activate all backends here already.
      Update gwenhywfar, aqbanking. Fixes #435928.
      Update German translation.
      Merge latest translation changes into po files.
      Add extra README text for win32 binary package. #448143
      Improve win32 readme.
      Add gnome cppflags and ldflags for libintl
      Revert r16175 because aqbanking needs to be updated before we can use this.
      Replace a eur-currency from the currency by EUR to fix old locales.
      Mark untranslated strings for i18n.
      Fix typo and gconf wording, avoiding nerd-speak.
      Update German translation.
      Add aqbankings localedir to win32 dist.
      Improve i18n comments to make them more grok-able for translators.
      Upgrade win32 for aqbanking-2.3.1
      Update German translation. 100% completed. Yay.
      Check main_window_close_page arguments for sanity. Fixed crash in #366468.
      Check ofx structure for sanity. Partly fixes #450276.
      Add more checks for sane structures. Fixes another crash of #450276.
      Follow-up on r16213 to have a run-time message on disabled binreloc.
      Update Hungarian translation by Tako Kornel.
      Show dialog on successful report save. #450984
      After saving report, make that button inactive again. #450984
      Update German translation.
      Initial autosave feature
      Finish autosave feature, #451889.
      Add warning when overwriting an already installed dirty-callback.
      Fix i18n string to avoid duplicate messages
      Update German translation
      Merge translations with updated template for upcoming release.
      Updated French translation by Yannik LE NY
      Merge latest translation updates for upcoming release
      Updated French translation by Yannik LE NY
      Fix crash on empty aqbanking backend list. #452421.
      Add extra Qt error checking on Windows. #452741.
      Refactor autosave code into separate file.
      Add gitignore file list
      Change autosave confirmation dialog as discussed on gnucash-devel. Add preference for showing/hiding the confirmation dialog. Also make sure no autosave confirmation shows up when asking for saving anyway.
      Increase default auto-save interval to 5 minutes.
      Update German translation
      Fix erroneous usage of CURRENT_USER registry keys for gnucash paths. #454108
      Use registry keys LOCAL_MACHINE with upcoming gwen/aqbanking.
      Add win version restriction on the whole setup and on running gnucash. Add
      Add win32 firewall exceptions. #454110.
      Update version numbers of newly released gwen/aqbanking.
      Add German-language README to show during win32 installation.
      Install the gnucash icon on all user's desktops, not only the current one
      Oops, fix typo in Inno file
      Recode README; for Inno Setup it must be in latin1, not utf8.
      Add more menu entries on windows: readme, bugzilla, faq. Also add
      Convert windows READMEs to windows line endings.
      Recode README again to latin1
      Update German translations of windows menu items
      Fix typo
      Update German translation
      Add French translation of Installer messages
      Add Greek translation for Setup messages by Nikos Charonitakis.
      Update Inno Setup version
      Add French translation of README by Pierre-Antoine and Spel.
      Fix (hopefully) Greek string encodings.
      Merge translation updates because of very last string change.
      Fix erroneous dir in Makefile
      Update Slovak translation from TP.
      Improve German translation as proposed by Frank H. Ellenberger.
      Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Leonardo Fontenelle and team.
      Updated Ukrainian translation from Translation Project.
      Revert latest French translation as per Stephane Raimbault's request,
      Updated Catalan translation from the Translation Project.
      Update gitignore
      Fix missing keyboard shortcut in string.
      Updated Japanese translation by Hiroto Kagotani
      Install Windows theme of gtk for improved ui. #458567
      Ship the gnucash binary including the Qt DLLs. #457228
      Update German translation
      Update many Gnome packages in the hope of getting rid of some bugs.
      Updated French translation by Stephane Raimbault
      Fix erroneous msgstr containing context prefix
      Update British English translation by Nigel Titley.
      Fix XPF [CFP Franc Pacifique] to not use cents.
      Updated Catalan translation from the Translation Project.
      Updated Catalan translation from the Translation Project.
      Add Hungarian glossary by Tako Kornel.
      Updated Japanese translation by Hiroto Kagotani
      Update German translation.
      Updated Hungarian translation
      Fix translations that accidentally added the context prefix to their translation.
      Updated Hungarian translation
      Update German SKR04 account template by Frank Ellenberger. Bug#433428
      Bug#471473: Add missing German tax category.
      Bug#471485: Fix SWIGification string issues.
      Bug#470750: Add warning about outdated info to texinfo texts.
      Bug#471473: Updated german tax categories by Rolf Leggewie.
      Make error message on unselected invoice more verbose.
      Update German translation after latest string change.
      Updated Czech po file from the Translation Project.
      Updated Japanese translation by Hiroto Kagotani.
      Bug#473809: Rolf Leggewie's work on German tax categories.
      Hiroto Kagotani: Newly translated Japanese account files.
      Remove obsolete and unused ja_JP.EUC account template
      Bug#473827: Chinese account templates by titanwill.
      Updated Brazilian Portugese translation by Leonardo Fontenelle and Leslie H. Watter.
      Fix messed-up Makefile for new account templates.
      German wording improvements as suggested by Robert Froschauer:
      Update German translation.
      Updated Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translations by Kuang-che Wu <kcwu at>
      Fix gcc-4.2 warning on a string that cannot be NULL.
      Replace "Einkommen" by "Erträge" as proposed on gnucash-de.
      Replace "Sonstige Einkommen" by "Sonstige Erträge".
      Replace "Sonstige Einkommen" by "Sonstige Erträge".
      Get the CSV code to compile on Windows as well.
      Update gwen/aqbanking versions on windows.
      Add optional two-column display of income statement and reversing the income/expense order.
      Minor correction to component manager documentation.
      #490934: Minor correction to reports documentation. Patch by Tim Abell.
      #488001: Speed up several reports that rely on html-acct-table.scm.
      More speed up of reports by caching balance results in a hash table.
      Fix erroneous option ordering. Patch by Andrew Sackville-West.
      Update ktoblzcheck package version.
      #500026: Add configure argument for packagers to have correct package name reported on missing qt3-wizard.
      Adapt translations to last string change introduced by r16633.
      String improvements, as pointed out by Clytie Siddall.
      String improvements in gconf labels and error messages as pointed out by Clytie Siddall.
      Remove extra spaces in glade messages.
      Fix spelling errors in UI messages.
      Remove unused import-export/qif files from translation input.
      Fix i18n string to translate only the meaningful part.
      Remove translation string from gnucash.pot that is looked up in gtk20 domain.
      Fix typo in German account template.
      Improve aqbanking version check add maximum version to avoid confusion.
      Make info message from r16718 and r16817 even more useful for non-techie
      Fix goffice check that was broken for goffice < 0.5.1.
      Re-add to SVN so that can download it directly.
      Revert "Re-add to SVN."
      Add po/ to SVN so that can download it directly.
      #509562: Fix apparently ugly typo in pt_BR account template.
      Add Swiss German translation by Raffael Luthiger.
      New Vietnamese translation by Clytie Siddall.
      Update ktoblzcheck version.
      I18n: Fix translator comment about recurrence frequency.
      Add Hebrew translation by Ori Hoch.
      Remove include <gnc-date.h> of r17249 that breaks the build on some systems.
      Python bindings for the gnucash API.
      Updated python bindings (r17263) for the gnucash API as of 2008-06-06.
      Fix gnucash-env path in make check of python bindings; add PYTHONPATH.
      Add credit to Assibiboine Credit Union for python bindings.
      Require SWIG 1.3.31 because of the inline keyword in C headers.
      Remove superfluous tab in message
      Bug #529816: Clarify i18n strings and comments concerning CUSIP and ISIN.
      Add ignore pattern to creation to ignore swig generated files.
      [17586] Fix compiler warning about potentially uninitialized variable.
      Add Finnish translation by Tuomo Kohvakka.
      Heavily improved Tax Report & TXF export by Alex Aycinena.
      Added German account template for a Wohnungswirtschaft business, by Christoph Franzen.
      Fix incomplete r17604; fix wrong title and add root account.
      Add Finnish account templates.
      Allow source-code compatibility to upcoming libaqbanking4 in parallel to libaqbanking3.
      Updates to translation howto, by Zhang Weiwu.
      Update pointer to translation documentation. By Zhang Weiwu.
      Fixed a bug in AqBanking import code (don't use GWEN's buffered io here).
      Add account defaulting for posting vendor bill
      Fix Tax-related inconsistency in UI
      Bug #557848: Fix uninitialized variable.
      Bug #554042: Fix configure fail on checking 'unsigned long is at least as big as guint32'
      Bug #128774: Try to fix "edit exchange rate" context menu disfunctionality
      Bug #514043: Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of AM_CFLAGS.
      Bug #529494: Fix wrong fractional precision in register with multi-currency transactions
      Bug #432457 – Security/stock import should follow tutorial regarding Account Name
      Bug #557604: Fix date-utilities.scm typos.
      Bug #532889: When showing sx from txn preview dense cal, choose correct starting month.
      Bug #492417: Fix currency code of Israeli Shekel back to ILS, reverting r10331.
      Bug #483108: Add Budget Flow report
      Bug #506856: Add Budget Bar Chat Report
      Bug #436920: Fix crash on loading OFX data for a commodity that exists without cusip field
      Bug #551858: Add Job Report for the business module
      Bug #347274: Add option for selecting particular numbers of the budget report for display.
      Fix uninitalized variable that was introduced by an extra scope added in r17654.
      Bug #347274: Fix r17675 to calculate correct differences
      Bug #559012: Fix recent reports committed without a guid
      Bug #339433: FIx price quote dates off by one day
      Bug #536299 – Fix missing explicit linking of libz
      Replace bitwise-ior with + because the former is not available on all systems.
      Add line charts for reports
      Bug #560043: Fix crash after changing the budget option in the budget report.
      Bug #543332: Fix severe performance regression in Average Balance report
      Fix libaqbanking4 version number range.
      Bug #435427: Enable sorting in import matcher dialog by clicking on column header
      Bug #115066: Enable "Search For" dialog that matches all.
      Change libaqbanking4 version check to look for >= 3.99.x
      Add a button to get the latest rate in transfer dialog
      Add a new account selection filter, disallowing bill post to wrong commodity account
      Fix compiler warning/error about incompatible function pointer type
      Add support for mixed currency for invoice payment
      Fix compiler warning/error about incompatible function pointer type, fixing r17709
      Bug #514455: Adding Dutch (Netherlands) translation of account template
      Move "Fetch price" button next to the exchange rate.
      Multicurrency business features: Handle invoice/bill line items
      Bug #548218: Unify command substitution shell pattern
      Bug #506251: Fix test-date failure on systems with a timezone east of UTC
      Fix missing correct CPPFLAGS when compiling qofmath test program.
      Bug #536299 Fix underlinking issue: Conditionally add -lX11 to gnome-utils
      Bug #539957: Replace struct named assignments by C99 "designated initializers"
      Bug #106401: Add SX weekend occurence to be shifted to weekdays
      Bug #405472: Fix saving files opened over FUSE and sshfs
      Bug #350408: Fix incorrect fonts in reports and their print preview
      Bug #345980: Fix changed stylesheet option that isn't saved in saved reports
      Unify option name lookup of stylesheet option in reports.
      Partly revert r17725, "Bug #106401: Add SX weekend occurence to be shifted to weekdays"
      Bug #137017: Add flag to book-closing transactions to distinguish them from manually entered ones.
      Bug #347274: Add individual column selection to be displayed in the budget report
      Bug #563273: Fix crash on startup
      Bug #348860: Fix missing sub-report options when saving a multicolumn report
      Bug #563160: Fix confusing order of "Column span" and "Row span"
      Revert accidental removal of the since-last-run druid pop-up window in r17725.
      Revert r17730 and re-apply r17725, "Bug #106401: Add SX weekend occurence to be shifted to weekdays"
      Bug #564033: Fix undefined WEXITSTATUS on FreeBSD
      Fix test whose compile broke with r17725.
      Bug #564928: Fix segfault when closing a invoice tab (r17747 regression)
      Bug #563565: Reconcile Window: Add new action for balancing entry
      Fix typo (incomplete sentence) as pointed out by Bob Lewis.
      Bug #566567: [Win32] Do not touch .scm-links on windows - always copy scm files
      Bug #564209: Improved debuggability for module loading
      Bug #565721: Fix untranslated report names in multicolumn report
      Bug #339027: Reconcile window displays the date, too
      Remove obsolete mentioning of Guppi.
      Bug #459493: "Cleared" column in account overview should also sum up values of sub-accounts
      Bug #564450: HUF currency can be divided into 100 "fillers" even though there are no coins for it
      Bug #568945: gnc_pricedb_convert_balance_* should look for the reciprocal of the exchange rate
      Bug #568327: Budget reports without a budget will crash
      Bug #568653: Add German account template SKR49 for non-profit organizations
      Bug #435642: Fix crash when editing results of a find
      Add shell script to easily back-port commits in git-svn from trunk to other branches.
      Bug #569628: Fix failed assertion 'str' when saving
      Bug #438132: Fix warning about commodity being NULL for root account on save
      Bug #569734: Give the template root account a name
      Bug #569735: Don't create a new nested template root account when a file is opened
      Fix typos in comments
      Convert source documentation to UTF8
      Fix use of "=" in if statement where "==" was intended
      ofx_proc_account() already works. Remove "WRITEME".
      Correct english in generic-import-design.txt
      Bug#139310: Store online_id in split instead of transaction to avoid import conflicts
      Fix typos in comments
      Bug #552275, #434944: Fix generic import skipped transactions
      Bug #559670: Aqbanking should not ask for already accepted certificates.
      Copy all translations (and glossaries) from 2.2 branch, r17964, to trunk.
      I18n improvements: Don't mark gtk stock button labels as translatable. Uppercase field labels.
      I18n improvements: Don't mark single characters for translation.
      Merge all translations with up-to-date pot template.
      Update Hebrew translation: Copied from 2.2 branch, merged with latest trunk template.
      Add Czech account templates by Michael Mráka.
      Updated German translation (still 130 to go, sigh.)
      Add Lithuanian translation by Tadas Masiulionis
      Minor i18n string improvements
      Update German translation.
      Win32: Add aqbanking-3.8.1 patch to fix a compiler error.
      Win32: Add shell script for the automated nightly build.
      Final changes for daily build script.
      Really final changes for daily build script.
      Really final changes for daily build script.
      Update aqbanking version to 3.8.3, which means one patch isn't needed anymore.
      Bug #582048: Fix missing GUI callbacks for online transfer.
      Decrease verbosity of libgwenhywfar debugging output.
      Add Korean translation by Jin-Hwan Jeong.
      Updated Korean translation by yongdoria
      Updated Korean translation by yongdoria.
      Updated Korean translation by yongdoria
      Add Korean translation of account charts by Jin-Hwan Jeong.
      Fix some signed vs. unsigned char pointer type conflicts.
      Fix more signed vs. unsigned char pointer type conflicts.
      Merge latest pot template into all .po translation files.
      Updated Dutch translation by Erwin Poeze. Copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation by Erwin Poeze. Submitted through the Translation Project (indeed this update came just shortly after the previous commit)
      Updated Danish translation, by Joe Hansen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation by Erwin Poeze, copied from the Translation Project.
      Partly reverting r18246: Disable writing of "hidden" and "placeholder" flags as XML tags.
      Fix minor i18n issues.
      Updated German translation.
      Merge latest pot template into all .po translation files.
      Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation by Erwin Poeze, copied from the Translation Project.
      Fix typo in message as pointed out by Joe Dalton.
      Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen, copied from the TP.
      Updated Danish glossary by Joe Hansen.
      Minor updates to HACKING, by Geert Janssens.
      Remove trailing whitespace from lines. Patch by Geert Janssens.
      Re-indentation of source code, first try, only in the libqof directory so far.
      Bug #585784: Fix wrong fractional precision in stock/mutual fund registers Bug 585784 -  Wrong fractional precision displayed in stock/mutual fund registers
      Bug #572938: Fix OFX Mutual fund buys that are imported as sells
      Bug #589804: Additions to register transactions Action pulldown list
      Bug #107929: Register window with running balance including all subaccounts
      Update German translation with latest string changes: 10 new strings.
      Merge latest pot template into all .po translation files.
      Minor version update for online banking packages.
      Bug #595920: Fix missing ca-bundle.crt in windows installer.
      Win32 installer: Really fix path of qt3-wizard.exe.
      I18n fix: Markup preference tab name "Online Banking" for translation.
      Clarify documentation: Preference tab names must be translated everywhere.
      Fix forgotten i18n includes.
      Win32 build: Add patch for gwenhywfar-3.11.0 so that this compiles correctly.
      Win32 build: Remove gwenhywfar configure option which has been removed before gwenhywfar-3.8.2.
      Fix another forgotten i18n include.
      Update gwenhywfar+aqbanking packages - Martin has just released new versions including our patches.
      Win32 build: Update file names with newer aqbanking version.
      Updated German translation, inspired by Raffael Luthiger's contribution on 2008-12-31.
      Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Gwenhywfar-3.11.1 also needs a patch to not crash at startup.
      Win32 build: Fix stupid typo in aclocal call (also it is not needed ATM)
      Win32 build: gwenhywfar needs another patch
      Win32 build: Add forgotten dist_ktoblzcheck step to dist creation.
      Updated Slovak translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug #593906: Fix crash at creating account report
      Fix bug when register running balance column appears in template transaction.
      Improve original register running balance implementation.
      Revert r18352, "Bug #593906: Fix crash at creating account report"
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Updated Polish translation by Jacek Baszkiewicz.
      Minor windows version updates: Newer gmp, newer slib.
      I18n: Fix forgotten string markup for translation.
      Follow-up to r18354: Patch for balance column displayed in template register
      Bug #596248: Disable pgsql in libdbi build because the available pgsql binaries depend on Visual Studio C runtime.
      Win32: Build gwenhyfar without openssl because it doesn't need it anyway.
      Partly revert r18363, "Minor windows version updates: Newer gmp, newer slib."
      Revert r18366, "Bug #596248: Disable pgsql in libdbi build"
      Partly fix broken data file backward compatibility where SX recurrence would disappear.
      Add new option in register "Tab order includes Transfer field".
      Win32: Minor version update of aqbanking.
      Updated Dutch translation by Erwin Poeze, copied from the Translation Project.
      Win32: Assert there is only one aqbanking plugin directory before accessing the qt3-wizard.exe.
      Updated Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Update Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Make one register function more const correct to avoid compiler warnings when passing const strings.
      Introduce disambiguation prefix for "Deposit" action to distinguish it from the noun.
      Update German translation.
      Bug #567090: Fix erroneous password length comparison.
      Bug #593070: Budget Report: Omit accounts with no budget and zero balance
      Bug #582985, #585022: Add missing currencies Armenian Dram (AMD) and RSD.
      Bug #593906: Fix crash at account report
      Fix compile error related to uninitialized value.
      Add polish account templates, contributed by Jacek Baszkiewicz <jbaszkiewicz at>.
      Revert r18396, "Bug #593906: Fix crash at account report"
      Fix GCC pointer strictness compiler errors/warnings and remove duplicate code
      Fix amount sign of imported bank transfers (e.g. from DTAUS file).
      Remove forgotten printf in r18402 which shouldn't have been committed to SVN.
      Bug #599953: Let gnc:make-[complex|simple]-boolean-option store its value as a string
      Bug #554394: Fix (incomplete) German tax report with latest txf.scm changes.
      Revert r18409, "Bug #554394:...". Needs to be applied after other patches are applied as well.
      Fix compile error on current ubuntu by clashing symbol declarations in goffice and regex.h
      In the "Save As" dialog, set XML as default, not sqlite3.
      Bug #554394: Income Tax Enhancements
      Bug #602069: Fix build on Solaris for different gmp header locations
      Bug #540452: Remove inline from function declaration/definition because it contradicts the C99 standard.
      Bug #602062: Fix hard-coded gcc program name
      Bug #602070: Fix return value in void function
      Bug #601861: Fix mis-captioning in button labels
      Decrease verbosity of aqbanking plugin: Debug output only if preference was selected.
      Bug #121695: Support account reparenting through drag and drop in the account tree view
      Bug #310567: Add menu item to shift transaction forward in sorting order
      Bug #600374: Add editable transaction field in the register for bank accounts
      Bug #537476: Implement currency trading accounts optionally, to be enabled per-book.
      Temporary workaround for crash at startup after r18429.
      Fix too-new gtk_dialog_get_content_area function of r18413:
      Add libguile CFLAGS and LIBADD because since r18429, qofbook.c wants to use libguile functions.
      Add Latvian translation by Valdis Vitolins <valdis.Vitolins at>
      Fix memory leak: Let the pixbuf renderer for goffice plots be unreferenced upon plot destruction.
      Bug #602744: Fix broken tip_of_the_day list creation.
      Bug #570895: Allow reporting for single budget periods in budget income statement
      Bug #310567: Disable newly introduced "shift txn forward" feature again because it is unfinished.
      Updated Durch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from Translation Project.
      Bug #537476: Fix currency trading account preference lookup
      Bug #603186: Fix crash with txf.scm on win32
      Decrease verbosity during win32 packaging: Inno, gconftool-2, htmlhelp compiler (hhc) with less output.
      Small UI string corrections related to the recent tax enhancements.
      Small UI string corrections related to the recent tax enhancements.
      Updated Dutch translation, by Mark Haanen and Jos, copied from the Translation Project.
      Fix #586122 (follow-up to r18488) by using aqbanking/version.h from its installation path.
      Really fix r18495 (#586122) to look up the so-name of gwenhywfar correctly.
      temporarily disable the gwenhywfar version lookup - there are multiple lines matching GWENHYWFAR_SO_EFFECTIVE
      Updated Dutch translation, by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation, by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      I18n fix of concatenated expression.
      Updated Japanese translation, by Yasuaki Taniguchi, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated aqbanking version numbers for win32 build
      Updated Dutch translation, by Mark Haanen and Jos, copied from the Translation Project.
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch.
      Remove unneeded information lines about "qof" - we're using our internal code always anyway.
      Bug #605415: Relax limit on scheduled days in the future
      Bug #605414: Clarify Quick-fill tip of the day
      Updated German translation
      Update gwenhywfar/aqbanking version numbers for win32 build.
      Fix guile-1.6 compatibility of r18541 (bug#582325).
      Bug #602091: Fix broken Due Bill Reminder in all non-C locales
      I18n improvement: Translate plural-dependent string correctly by ngettext().
      Update German translation
      Bug #602051: Replace the word "string" in GUI messages by non-developer wordings.
      Minor updates to British English translation by Mike Evans.
      Bug #589032: Replace some strcmp() by safe_strcmp() to fix crashes on NULL strings.
      Update Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Fix translation error in r18550, bug#602051.
      Add initial Persian translation (Farsi) by Mehdi Alidoost.
      Remove build directories of dependencies after their successful installation.
      Bug #606626: Change wording from Druid to Assistant
      Update German translation
      Updated Persian (Farsi) translation by Mehdi Alidoost
      Remove de_CH translation because it ceased to be maintained. The normal German translation will appear for de_CH locales, just as in 2.2.x.
      Update British English translation by Mike E.
      Update Chinese (simplified) translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug #538902: Moves the "New Accounts Page" menu option to the "View" menu
      Bug #511606: Fix ipmt() and ppmt() functions in scheduled transactions.
      Bug #606077: Fix uncommon configure option --program-suffix.
      Add ChangeLog.2009 for the last year.
      Updated Persian (Farsi) translation by Mehdi Alidoost
      Bug #607185: Add f-q workaround for missing date.
      Bug #607522: Add ADDRESS to check printing
      Add disambiguation prefix to the word Split where it is the action of a Stock Split.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Fix missing header information about Farsi plural forms in fa.po, according to what has been explained to me.
      Updated txf.scm for 2009 US tax form changes by J. Alex Aycinena.
      Fix URL of ActivePerl.
      Remove executable flag from data files
      Remove more executable bits from data files
      Bug #608874: Spelling fix for Emoluments
      Bug #608306: check amount_word should print the fraction correctly.
      Bug #606053: Add stylesheet with footer
      Bug #590332: New eguile-based Tax Invoice report
      Bug #608436: Add auto-clear feature
      I18n improvement: Add disambiguation prefix to the account code of the other account in a multi-split txn.
      I18n improvement: The account name of the other account in multi-split transaction is extended to conform to the name in the register.
      Win32: Hopefully fix goffice installation.
      Update the translations with the latest string template.
      Update German translation.
      Win32: Fix building of libgoffice.
      Bug #534210: Add individual check item types.
      Bug #608329: Add Color to Account tabs
      Bug #605802: Fix input of Japanese characters in register with SCIM, IIIMF and XIM
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      [Patch] Corrections to taxtxf.scm
      Revert r18638, "Bug #605802: Fix input of Japanese characters..."
      Fix crash at startup on renamed Accounts tab, bug#608329.
      Update German translation.
      Update gnome package versions.
      Bug #609603: Windows packing/win32/ PATH fix
      Bug #609005: Add recipient name on invoices
      Bug #608032: Handle MySQL connection timeouts with reconnect
      Bug #609043: Improve (mostly german) translation of txf
      Bug #609044: Improve UI strings for tax report options
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      More win32 dependency version updates.
      Win32: And one more dependency upgrade (causes missing libxml2.dll complaints otherwise)
      Win32: Update libxslt version, but it needs its own copy of libxml2.dll.
      Updated Slovak translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug #610348: Add compiling our own binary of libbonoboui because the binary still depends on the obsolete libxml2.dll.
      Update .gitignore, proposed by Jeff Kletsky
      Bug #605802: Fix input of Japanese characters in register with SCIM, IIIMF and XIM
      Bug #610675: Revert the gnc-main-window parts of r18637 because it makes the tab names disappear under Windows.
      Make more header inclusions conditional on whether they exist.
      Make libqof compatible for MSVC9.0 compiler (no joke).
      Add some experimental CMakeLists.txt which can compile the libqof part, on Linux, Windows/mingw and (no joke) Windows/MSVC.
      Move two gtk-dependent files from src/core-utils to src/gnome-utils.
      More experimental cmake building.
      More CMake work: Build swig wrappers correctly. Build gnc-module.
      Make CMake system more complete so that it builds on win32/mingw.
      More minor MSVC code fixes.
      Also build backend/xml in cmake.
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch.
      More header include compatibility: Watch out for HAVE_UNISTD_H.
      Win32 compatibility: Use glib wrappers of non-usual POSIX functions.
      MSVC compatibility: Remove forward declaration of static array by reordering the function that uses it.
      MSVC compatiblity: Array initialization in MSVC requires a constant, not a variable.
      MSVC compatiblity: Add defines for functions/types which are available under different names in MSVC.
      MSVC compatiblity: Use a char* pointer for the memcpy() input argument.
      MSVC compatiblity: open() flags and S_ISDIR doesn't exist on MSVC.
      MSVC compatiblity: Struct initialization doesn't work as expected.
      MSVC compatibility: Microsoft doesn't have C99 "designated initializers".
      Win32: Fix libbonoboui compiling.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Add a "make indent" target, but watch out with using its result.
      Partly revert r18748, "Win32 compatibility": lib/libc directory doesn't have glib available.
      C++ compatibility: export is a keyword, so don't use it as a member name.
      C++ compatibility: namespace is a keyword, so don't use it as variable name.
      MSVC C++ compatibility: Rename the internal name of union _GUID because _GUID is a builtin keyword here.
      MSVC compatibility: Fix r18748, r18761 by replacing strncasecmp() with strnicmp().
      Win32 build: libguile needs minor tweaking for MSVC compatibility.
      MSVC compatibility: Somehow fdopen() doesn't work during the trace file initialization. Use fopen() instead.
      Add example main window in C++ and Qt that links against gnucash-engine.
      Remove static current_session variable of libqof - we keep one in gnc-session.c already.
      Win32: Create the MSVC import library for libguile during
      More C++/Qt4 frontend work.
      Fix crash on opening the tax report, introduced by r18673.
      Replace one more g_list_append by g_list_prepend.
      Updated Farsi (Persian) translation by Mehdi Alidoost.
      Replace and-let* in scheme script so that srfi-2 isn't needed.
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch.
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch: src/engine/*
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch: src/business/*
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch: src/register/*
      Re-indentation of source code, next batch: src/gnome-utils/*
      Comment out unimplemented function. Improve const-correctness.
      Win32: Add more header includes where necessary to avoid using undeclared functions.
      Reduce compiler warnings by replacing strerror() with g_strerror() and similar glib replacements.
      Decrease compiler warnings by removing unused variables.
      Rename GNCBook into QofBook everywhere and remove separate header gnc-book.h.
      Some more C++ work. Opening an existing file works, even though nothing is visible so far.
      Bug #611140: Fix crash on Open Subaccounts (hopefully).
      C++ experiment: Add first simple model/view widget for the loaded account list.
      MSVC compatibility: strftime() doesn't know "%T" here. Also, g_fopen doesn't work, but fopen does.
      Win32: Add download of cmake, disabled by default.
      C++ experiment: Extend the AccountModel into a table with name and description.
      Finish cmake build system for the C++ experiment.
      Adapt cmake to the file move in r18811.
      Add missing link library after r18811.
      Remove C executable from cmake as it is no longer necessary.
      Note the moved files in
      Cutecash: Copy some more icons into the program. Add a clickable hyperlink.
      Add copyright notices in cutecash source code files.
      Make the backend initialization functions accessible when statically linking
      Cutecash: Add business-core including business-core/xml into the executable.
      MSVC compatibility: Disable "C99 designated initializers" by a compiler-dependent macro
      Make business backend initialization functions accessible when statically linking
      Cutecash: Allow older glib versions as well.
      Cutecash: Fix extern "C" usage: Must not enclose system includes, supposedly.
      Adapt cutecash to r18842.
      Cutecash: Add version check for guile and define HAVE_GUILE18 if appropriate.
      Cutecash: Remove QSharedPointer because manual delete is sufficient.
      Cutecash: Fix CMakeLists for change in guile lookup, r18846
      Delete unused variables.
      MSVC compatiblity: Replace QOF_BOOK_LOOKUP_ENTITY macro by a RETURN_ENTITY macro and add inline functions for lookup.
      Updated Persian (Farsi) translation by Mehdi Alidoost.
      Cutecash: Add a tree view of the accounts.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Cutecash: Fix guile version number query. Patch by Herbert Thoma.
      Implement the account list data model as a specialization of the account tree model.
      Add variant of gnc_engine_init which is suitable for statically the linked-in library.
      MSVC compatiblity: snprintf is required to have a prefixing underscore.
      Cutecash: Add progress bar during loading the file.
      Add implementation of Gregorian - Jalali converter code.
      Implement a table widget with the list of the splits of one account, and open this if an account in the tree is double-clicked.
      Move gnc-ui-util.[hc] and gnc-euro.[hc] from app-utils to engine because they don't depend on gtk but are important additions for the engine types.
      Cutecash: Add gnc::Numeric wrapper for gnc_numeric.
      Cutecash: Display account balance in tree and split amount in account register.
      Some more const-correctness in engine functions.
      Cutecash: Add Timespec conversion to QDateTime. Add display of transaction date in register tabs.
      Cutecash: Enable tab moving and other UI features of Qt.
      Win32/MSVC compatiblity
      Remove some unused variables.
      Cutecash: Add Recent-File menu.
      Cutecash: Enable closing and re-opening the different tab views.
      Cutecash: Add QUndoStack to implement all editing through the Command pattern and make it undoable.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Enable editing of the "Description" column in the split list view - WITH UNDO!
      Cutecash: Enable entering of more cells in register. Some code cleanup. Add class documentation.
      Add src/calculation and src/app-utils to cmake build system.
      Improve non-gnome UI compatiblity: app-utils can compile without gtk as well.
      MSVC compatiblity: Fix include files in MSVC. Replace QSTRCMP by g_strcmp0 on MSVC.
      Revert r18869, "Move gnc-ui-util.[hc] and gnc-euro.[hc] from app-utils to engine"
      Add event registration and handling from the qof_event_handlers.
      Cutecash: Add Commodity wrapper. Use gnc-exp-parser for numbers.
      Cutecash: Add separate Cmd class for setting the amount/value.
      Add a GDate kvp_value type including conversions from and to all sorts of thingys.
      Add getter/setter for transaction posted-date as a GDate.
      Cutecash: Fix file loading, saving, and save-as. Works fine now.
      Cutecash: Add deletion of rows/transactions (through "Cut"). With Undo. Hee Hee.
      Cutecash: Introduce separate base class GncInstance for QofInstance methods.
      Cutecash: Add empty line for entering a new transaction in the register. Doesn't yet store data, though.
      Bug #610675: Re-apply r18918 but with the relevant event_box not visible on Windows.
      Bug #610675: Re-apply r18918, but only the tooltip fixing.
      Bug #610675: Re-apply r18918, and now with the account color.
      Cutecash: Implement entering new transactions in the register.
      Enable editing of the "other" account of a transaction.
      Cutecash: Implement account selection in new transaction correctly.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      I18n: Mark forgotten string for translation. Pointed out by Yasuaki Taniguch.
      Cutecash: Code cleanup. Avoid crashes when undoing adding of new transactions by not deleting the tmp transaction object.
      Cutecash: Add more event handler to the account windows so that they will be deleted upon book closing.
      MSVC compatibility: Always initialize all members of the QofObject struct.
      MSVC compatibility: MSVC must not use g_fopen because it uses a different C runtime than the rest of (MSVC) file-handling functions.
      Set the desired line-ending style to the correct value on the server side.
      Set some more line-ending style properties.
      Set some more line-ending style properties.
      Cutecash: Fix memory leak of missing cleanup of RecentFileMenu object.
      Cutecash: Compile & link SQL backend as well (but there is no GUI for this yet)
      Rename the type GUID into GncGUID because on Windows, the system headers have a type GUID which clashes with ours.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Re-indentation of source code (sql parts).
      Code cleanup in binreloc: Remove unused init_lib function. Add possibility to set the looked-up exe path from somewhere else.
      Cutecash: Fix missing #ifdefs for dbi calls.
      Fix CMake for building the dbi backend.
      MSVC: Add creation of MSVC import library of libdbi.
      Cutecash: Slightly decrease debug output verbosity.
      Fix missing printf format string
      Updated Danish translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      I18n: Remove strings of the US tax report from translation because this report makes sense only in English.
      Merge po templates with latest string changes (mostly the removal of taxtxf.scm from translation)
      Update German translation.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Win32: Add mingw cutecash build to the script, enabled by WITH_CUTECASH=yes.
      Change the iso-4217 generator script to accept the srcdir as cmdline argument instead of an env variable.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Win/MSVC compatibility: Replace g_* file operations by the direct calls into the MSVC runtime.
      Cutecash: Add install and packaging rules.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      I18n: Fix typo in user message.
      Bug #118391: Mark the currency names for translation.
      Add src/gnome/ to the translation input files.
      Revert r19051, "Bug #118391: Mark the currency names for translation."
      Bug #118391: Mark currency names for translation but using the "iso_4217" translation domain.
      Bug #615912: Update gnc_quote_source from FQ 1.11 to 1.17 and enhance user_name
      Bug #616093: Notes are not editable in scheduled transaction edit window
      Cutecash: Adapt to removed icon file.
      Bug #615168: Pull in printf from slib, change all code to use it.
      Bug #615168: Replace calls to simple-format with calls to format
      Bug #615168: Fixup one last simple-format bit
      Bug #615168: Fix bogus gnc:safe-strcmp definition
      Bug #615168: Fix a number of scheme syntax errors
      Bug #615168: Make sure that printf is available whereever it is used
      I18n fix: Mark forgotten strings for translation.
      I18n: Fix erroneous message.
      Bug #615168: scm_c_string_length is the proper spelling now
      Bug #615168: Don't define hash-fold for guile 2.x
      Follow-up to r19099: Remove qof's backend loading because there is no backend anymore.
      Bug #617660: Improving iso-4217-currencies
      Bug #586805: Fix errorneous abs() in csv import
      Bug #612212: Provide a method to set the default budget
      Bug #616524: Fix missing re-generating of gnucash_core.c code.
      Add support for upcoming libaqbanking-5 version.
      Cutecash: Fix config.h creation by using the #cmakedefine feature of CONFIGURE_FILE.
      Bug #118391: Implement translation long currency names
      Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug #615168: Remove spurious (require 'hash-table) instances except report-system.scm
      Bug #615168: Remove instances of (use-modules (ice-9 slib)) except report-system.scm
      Update Chinese (simplified) Translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Partly revert r19148, "Bug #615168: Remove instances of (use-modules (ice-9 slib))..."
      Revert r19147, "Bug #615168: Remove spurious (require 'hash-table) instances..."
      One more revert of r19148, "Bug #615168: Remove instances of (use-modules (ice-9 slib))..."
      Bug #618341: Additional paths to
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Fix windows tag build script, by Geert Janssens
      I18n improvements: Remove colons from translatable strings. Use correct capitalization.
      Update German translation.
      Revert r19159, "Fix windows tag build script, by Geert Janssens"
      Fix windows tag build script, by Geert Janssens
      Add Latvian account templates by Valdis Vitoliņš.
      Update Latvian account templates by  Valdis Vitoliņš.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Set all shell scripts to svn:eol-style LF because they should have the same line endings.
      Set eol-style for win32-bin.txt to CRLF because this file should view correctly on win32 systems
      Bug #617797: Set eol-style to CRLF for win32 files.
      Bug #619984: Remove "Gnumatic, Inc." from po/Makevars
      Bug #118391: Resize currency dropdown list
      File convert in glade3-3.6.7 to ensure our gtk-2.10 requirement is sufficient.
      Bug #618951: Add ability to search for invoices by due date
      Bug #618954: Add a column "Due" to the invoice search results list.
      Update German translation
      Fix r19227, r19228: Don't make the "Due Date" the primary search; fix erroneous parameters when inserting into list.
      Add getter function for mapping a {year,month,day} symbol to the conversion function of a date to a fractional number.
      Add averaging option (but currently deactivated) for monthly or weekly average in account piechart.
      Make business sql backend initialization functions accessible when statically linking.
      Fix report error in piechart due to the temporary deactivation of the new option.
      Add simple checkbook account chart in Dutch, by Mark Haanen.
      Update Chinese (simplified) translation, from the TP
      Update Dutch translation from the TP
      Disable new option of piechart report even more.
      Some more disabling of the new deactivated option in the piechart. Forgotten in r19280, sorry for that.
      After learning the scheme case syntax, implement it correctly this time.
      Improve i18n comments: Comment for gnucash.pot must appear immediately before the marked string.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Update de.po after invoice review.
      Improve the initial report loading code so that it loads only files ending with .scm.
      Fix erroneous quotation in scheme string of last commit
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project
      Remove header gncBusinessP.h which is unused anyway.
      Move initialization of business objects into gncBusiness.c so that this fits to the header where the function was declared.
      Move the business object implementations from separate module into the main gnucash engine.
      I18n improvements in invoice reports: Mark last untranslated strings for translation.
      Update after recent file move.
      Merge most recent translation template into de.po.
      Update German translation.
      Merge most recent pot template into all language po files.
      Adapt to newest (unstable) aqbanking: No external application needed anymore for user setup.
      Follow-up of r19358: Need to use AB_SetupDialog_new instead as replacement of the previous wizard.
      Remove separate object initialization in engine/gncBusiness.c and move this into one common initialization function cashobjects_register in <engine/cashobjects.h>.
      Merge the xml parsers of business objects into the main xml backend module.
      Remove the separate business xml backend from cutecash and python as well.
      Completely remove the business-core/xml module as it is no longer needed.
      Merge the sql parsers of the business objects into the main sql module.
      Update after file moving.
      Bug #556713: Fix inconsistency in report options
      Bug #620763: remove trailing whitespace from balsheet-eg*
      Bug #620763: Fix permuted "Retained Earnings/Losses" in balsheet-eg.eguile.scm
      Bug #118391: This patch add isocodes support for Windows build.
      Bug #621016: Print multiple checks at the same time
      Fix r19364: Remove last reference to removed business-backend-sql.
      Bug 612337: Add file save to hierarchy druid when the new file druid completes.
      Fix missing translation of buttons in invoice reminder dialog.
      Add initial Bulgarian translation, by Rosi Dimova, by Bulgarian Gnome translation team.
      Add missing return value specification of lookup_by_code() in python bindings.
      Updated Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the TP.
      Updated German translation.
      Copy python macro for import of the gnucash file to here because its original download location is hard to reach.
      Add error message if the unimplemented aqbanking setup button is pressed.
      Fix stupid compiler error.
      de.po: correction of "Income Tax Identity"
      Bug #626403: Fix inconsistent formatting between stylesheets (Webkit vs. gtkhtml)
      Bug #616613: Automatically append the extension if user forgot append them.
      Bug #624721: Show backtrace for errors in eguile templates
      Bug #625193: Added 'search by ID' in python binding for invoices, customers and bills.
      Bug #626459: Change Transaction Report default account selection to none
      Remove unused file from both SVN and
      Update po files with up-to-date pot template.
      correct syntax error in po/glossary/de.po
      update po/de.po after r19435 msgmerge
      Bug #625193: Move newly introduced search-by-id functions into src/engine.
      Check for upgrading an older aqbanking configuration to its current version.
      Minor simplification of aqbanking version number check.
      Add instantiation of gwengui-gtk2 object in gnucash, which enables the setup wizard again, but it doesn't fully work yet.
      Add lookup of linker flags of libgwenhyfar-gui-gtk2.
      Aqbanking: Enable gwengui-gtk2 implementation and fix setup wizard.
      Unify label with src/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-register.c:379.
      Impove const-correctness of SchedXaction.h functions; improve documentation.
      Make sx-instance-model more const-correct. Improve documentation.
      And more const-correctnes in SchedXaction.h
      Add new function gnc_sx_get_num_occur_daterange and unittests for this in test-sx.c.
      Fix erroneous place of "Bildung" account in hierarchy: Was moved to top-level due to double parent tag.
      Add aqbanking5 extensions of GWEN_GUI object.
      I18n: Replace untranslatable sub-strings by the correct full strings.
      Add functions to calculate the cash-flow numbers that will be generated by a Scheduled Transaction. Unfinished, though.
      Replace misleading "Passiva" in accounts/de_DE/* by "Fremdkapital" with description "alle Verbindlichkeiten"
      I18n: Fix last remaining user-visible mention of the abbreviation "SX".
      Update license after Josh Sled's relicensing of his code under GPL v2 and/or v3.
      More const correctness and refactoring in gnc-sx-instance-model.c.
      Implement the evaluation of SX cashflow.
      Add scheme/swig typemap for GDate.
      Add scheme wrapper for SX cashflow calculation, including a typemap for the resulting GHashTable.
      Remove aqbanking2 from windows build scripts. Add optional aqbanking5 instead, which works without QT.
      Win32: Update aqbanking packages. Enable building with aqbanking5.
      Win32: Add pkg-config version check for aqbanking so that the new version is installed without removing the old one manually.
      Win32: Add gtk include path to gwenhywfar configure.
      Clarify Derek's code to be licensed "GPL v2 or later" as he has confirmed in private email.
      Fix counting of occurrence number w.r.t. the first valid date in the SX state.
      Merge most recent pot template into all language po files.
      Update German translation.
      Bug #370331: Store the numeric values of SX in their kvp as well, if possible.
      I18n: Add German translation for new installer texts.
      Relax configure test for svnversion of BUILDING_FROM_SVN was set beforehand. Helpful when building from git.
      Win32: Add gtk's cflags to gwenhywfar configure.
      Add getter function for the date in a datecell as a GDate.
      Bug #137017: Save the transaction date as a GDate directly, additionally.
      De-activate aqbanking5 by default again because it requires gtk-2.18 or higher, which we don't have. Sigh.
      Add some disabled testing code that uses the stock gwenhywfar-gtk2 gui for online banking.
      Updates for German account templates, by Frank H. Ellenberger.
      Win32 build: Set gwen/aqbanking version numbers in
      Win32 build: Remove commented-out gtkhtml references.
      Win32 build: Add version number checks for gtk and gconf so that updating them should work more easily.
      Win32 build: Update gtk to 2.20; let pkg-config check for the versions, hence triggering the update automatically.
      Win32: Fix checking for goffice installation
      Minor update of German translation
      Fix erroneous translation of strings with context prefix. The msgstr must not contain the prefix anymore.
      Win32: Try to fix the nightly build errors. (Directory went away?)
      Win32 build: Remove installation directory before installing the new version. Require exact gwen/aqbanking version.
      Win32: Fix function attributes when using gwenhywfar-4.
      Fix 2 nonfatal syntax errors in german SKR49
      Fix addition of gnc_numeric that was wrong in r19511.
      Win32: Fix missing gettext-tools (is packaged in gettext-tools-dev)
      Win32 build: Fix typo
      Win32 build: xsltproc needs its suitable iconv and zlib, so install it there.
      Win32 build: Switch back gettext to 0.17 because 0.18 require libc++ which we don't want to have.
      Win32 build: Fix libxslt installation. Improve its calling arguments. Download inno before processing the docs (if the latter fails, we at least have inno).
      Bug #118391: Put isocodes in README.dependencies to inform packet maintainers
      Bug #629641: Fixes WARN messages.
      Win32 build: Is running again. Some debug output of r19595 can be removed again.
      Enclose book kvp manipulation in begin/commit_edit in aqbanking plugin.
      Win32 build: The existing webkit binary needs libjpeg-7, so we install that one, too.
      Win32 build: Needs libjpeg-7 in dist as well.
      Win32 build: Temporarily disable the english (C) help compiling because it crashes the hhc.exe compiler.
      Update German translation.
      Remove file locations from de.po file by running
      Bug #620663: Fix French spelling mistake in preferences window
      Bug #554396: Implement a partial TXF output for capital gains
      Add word wrapping to very long label in dialog-tax-info
      Minor update of German translation
      Decrease number of test iterations in old engine tests - they take just way too long otherwise.
      Add a function gncBusinessGetList() that existed previously until r6680 so that a list of all customers can be obtained.
      Add wrapper for obtaining a list of business objects as list of owners, and add SWIG wrappers so that scheme can use it.
      Minor update of German translation.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Bug #593479: Ensure not to accidentally delete our main account file.
      Bug #631058: Add future date period choices to be available in the date options
      Revert r19576, r19590, r19593, r19601: "Update gtk versions..."
      Minor update of German translation.
      Fix erroneous extra package that I forgot to remove in r19641.
      Make the INVOICE-BILLTO query predicate available to scheme also.
      Replace some renamed functions by their real new names, removing the annoying #defines.
      Make qof_query_run_subquery() available to scheme as well, and also the gnc_numeric options.
      Partly revert r19550, "Bug #370331: Store the numeric values of SX..."
      Fix cmake declaration of BINDIR variable, needed because of r19651.
      Update with recent file addition.
      Bug #629524: Fix redundant string.
      Fix gtk warnings when erroneously setting the fixed-width property to zero.
      Win32 build: Update ktoblzcheck version number.
      Fix error in dense-cal widget where the last occurrence of a SX wasn't displayed.
      Fix error in sx_get_num_occur for SX which are limited by num_occur.
      Really fix error in sx_get_num_occur for SX which are limited by num_occur.
      Increase gnutls version to 2.8.6 (might fix bug#632158)
      Bug #634252: Re-enable the splash screen if the user selects open anyway
      Minor update of German translation.
      Bug #633942: Fix "nil" column header on single account report
      Bug #634357: Move the Budget Open/New menu items to Actions -> Budget -> New Budget / Open Budget because they have nothing to do with the file menu.
      Bug #634165: Better dealing with a locked database in python
      Minor fix of r19802, bug#634673: config.h is in builddir, not srcdir; add last .i file dependency.
      Fix crash when using the function "Import DTAUS and send". The actual function is still implemented, though.
      Win32 build: Update versions of libktoblzcheck, gwenhywfar4.
      Bug #634357: Further menu ui cleanup: Reserve File New/Open menu only the file-related items anymore.
      Cutecash: Adapt to changed session_begin in r19798.
      Bug #634812: Improve backend error reporting for Session begin
      Add Mike Evans to AUTHORS as he has been providing patches regularly.
      Fix typo in AUTHORS, as pointed out by Mike himself.
      When preparing imported DTAUS jobs, check their availability as well.
      Fixed aqbanking transaction type on importing DTAUS online transfers.
      Bug #635439: Patch to autoset owner in the payment dialog
      Bug #635439: Fix "Pay invoice" while the invoice dialog is open.
      When extracting the translation strings from the scheme files, sort the scheme files to obtain a stable ordering of the output.
      Remove superfluous whitespace at end of string. Incidentally, this way the string already exists and no broken translation results.
      Merge German translation with latest pot template.
      Update German translation.
      Bug #635355: Add public declaration of gnc_info_dialog.
      Bug #635469: Add bindings for running a qofquery on invoices.
      Make prototype for gnc_entry_ledger_get_entry public. Add documentation.
      Take a first shot at adding auto-completion in the business ledger, but currently it doesn't do anything yet.
      Implement auto-completion in the invoice/bill entry ledger.
      Bug #635632: Add custom for loop syntax for eguile templates
      Bug #635632: Update existing eguile reports to use new for syntax.
      Bug #635469: Add a (typemap for a) QofQueryParamList typedef.
      When creating a new style sheet, make sure the name for it is non-empty.
      Bug #609472: Fix translation of displayed style sheet names in the style sheet editor.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Bug #635355: Partly implement the correct "DTAUS import and send" feature again.
      Bug #454109: Online banking: grey out online actions when there is no online account
      Bug #629446: TRY is now called plain Turkish Lira.
      Remove obsolete gnc-prices man page
      Add missing newline at end of file
      Cutecash: Add generation of dummy gnc-version.h file.
      Implement (but currently deactivated) auto-completion in the invoice ledger using all entries from the current book.
      Replace obsolete <QueryNew.h> #defines by the current <qof.h> function names.
      Replace more obsolete #define'd function names by their current names.
      Add gitignore for backup files from make check.
      Mark erroneous translation as fuzzy because it doesn't have the correct c-format.
      Replace more obsolete #define'd function names by their current names.
      Remove doubled include files.
      Implement prerequisites for full auto-completion in the entry ledger.
      Bug #637041: Revert r19861 as the patch from bug#635439 causes a crash.
      Follow-up to r19928: Include gnc-version.h with directory path to avoid picking the wrong file.
      Bug #637346: Adding python-bindings to doxygen documentation
      Add debug helper function qofeventid_to_string.
      Improve the cached quickfill for GncEntry description lines of r19941.
      Bug #637346: A second step towards doxygen python-bindings docs
      Improve GncEntry quickfill to create separate quickfills for invoices and bills
      Bug #637346: A second step towards doxygen python-bindings docs; add file missing in r19981
      Add a new report: Future Scheduled Transaction Summary.
      Add a new report: Customer Summary.
      Revert r19993, "Add a new report..." - not yet working due to errors in the loading process.
      Re-apply r19993: Add a new report: Customer Summary.
      Fully implement auto-completion in the invoice entries on the description field, separately for bills or invoices.
      Fix r19985, r19986 for guile-1.6.8.
      Follow-up to r19999: Refactor guile version-safe scm_to_locale_string into gnc function.
      Bug #565348: Patch to include subaccounts in the all columns in the account page
      Bug #628444: String improvements after string freeze is lifted
      Bug #636988: Tip about "New default date" by Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz and Derek Atkins
      Bug #95635: QIF import: Mark matched transactions as cleared
      Bug #635355: Implement the correct "DTAUS import and send" feature again.
      Bug #373415: Replace existing transaction fields by imported transaction marked as reconcile
      Bug #454109: Online banking: grey out online action menu items when there is no online account
      Bug #636402: Add test case for DBI error: 1: table sqlite_sequence may not be dropped
      Remove obsolete unused autoconf macro
      Fix potentially uninitialized variable.
      Activate balance averaging in account piechart report, introduced in r19253.
      Set sort order for GncEntry quickfill to LIFO by-date.
      Bug #638543: Remove the counter() method from the backends.
      Bug #638543: Split the qof_book_get_counter function.
      Bug #638543: Centralize the counter formatting in qofbook.
      Bug #638543: Make the various counter formats configurable.
      Bug #638543: Validate counter format strings before using them.
      Bug #638543: Add a GUI for the counter format and current value.
      Bug #638615: Fix schema install with DESTDIR
      Bug #638962: Update Brazil Portugese translation by Dorneles Treméa
      Bug #638225: Sort when saving as XML
      Bug #603334: Updates to RPM spec file to allow 2.3.7 to build on Fedora Core 12
      Bug #502066: The aging in business reports should use the due date instead of the post date
      Bug #638621: Update README file.
      Bug #639172: Remove "Warning!! This is a DEVELOPMENT version .." tip of the day
      Fix version number in welcome report.
      Bug #639259: Add averages in barchart reports.
      Bug #636907: Improve "Close when finished" handling in "Online Banking Connection Window"
      Fix typo
      Add function for creating a new copy of an existing GncInvoice.
      Bug #639365: Revert r18546 so that the bills-due dialog displays only bills but not invoices.
      Disable usage of qof/test for now because is does not yet compile.
      Bug #638689: Require libaqbanking >= 4.0.0 because earlier versions are not supported correctly by our code anymore.
      Remove the old "import-export/hbci" module because it is no longer supported.
      Bug #639498: Fix aqbanking-4.2.4 issue with "execute online transfer" on WinXP.
      Make reconcile+update import action of r20021 bug#373415 enabled by default because it's so useful.
      Remove *.i files from doxygen input again because at least my doxygen-1.6.3 hangs on gnucash_core.i.
      Win32 build: Aqbanking has a patch now, but doesn't need autotools called.
      Implement "Duplicate Invoice" feature, where a new invoice is created as a copy of an old one with new date and new ID.
      Additionally, make the "Duplicate Invoice" feature available as menu item and toolbar button when viewing an invoice.
      Win32: Add missing link libraries to bi_import plugin. Necessary for win32 linking.
      Bug 637346: A small python doc enhancement, basically mentioning the wiki-page
      Bug #639906: Adding __str__ and __unicode__ methods to GncNumeric
      639980: Add EntryList and _gncEntry objects to list typemap.
      Remove old obsolete unused file from python wrappers.
      Bug #535774: Fix label for employee option on "Employee Report"
      Bug #640233: Don't add "Account unknown Bank Unknown" memo when account and/or bank does not exist
      Bug #639906: Improve text output methods of python bindings
      Improve wording of libdbi error message even more.
      Fix printf conversion specifier of 64 bit integers in message.
      Add missing svn:executable property
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Set line ending property svn:eol-style to LF for newly added files
      Fix r20169 for out-of-tree build. Clean up included .c file.
      Fix core swig files to have appropriate ifdefs for guile only portions
      Move quickfill and gnc-entry-quickfill files from gnome-utils to app-utils because they don't require gtk/gnome.
      I18n improvements: Fix typos, fix unnecessary near-duplicates, remove unneeded strings.
      Update German translation.
      Drop the obsolete gncUIWidget typedef because all of our GUI-code is inherently gtk-dependent (with the exception of option-util.h).
      Fix cmake build file after file removal.
      Remove pointless header RecnWindow.h - nothing gtk-independent here anyway.
      Remove unneeded usage of a generic <gnc-ui.h> include in headers.
      Move gnc-ui.h file from top-level to gnome-utils. It is gtk-dependent anyway, so it is moved to where it belongs now.
      Fix missing include in cmake build file.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Updated Ukrainian translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Get rid of gtk dependency in <app-util/option-util.h> header by storing only a gpointer for the widget.
      Update newly introduced NANO version number in cmake build script as well.
      Set line ending property svn:eol-style to LF for newly added files
      Set line ending property svn:eol-style to LF for newly added files
      Win32: Add missing include for windows build
      Fix cmake build after latest configure changes.
      Do not modify the entry's DateEntered when duplicating invoice to keep the entry ordering.
      i18n: Fix missing space in message
      i18n: Add more terms to the glossary
      I18n: Fix misleading composed strings by defining two separate full sentences.
      Bug #641557: I18n slightly improved in fancy-invoice
      Updated German translation
      Remove references to Neil William's website because it is vastly outdated.
      Bug #641646: Fix incorrect tip on switching between multiple tabs
      Bug #641628: I18n: Fix untranslated string in fancy-invoice.scm and invoice.scm
      Update German translation.
      I18n improvements: Fix weird strings.
      Updated German translation, now 100% completed.
      Partly revert r20207, "Modify Tax Info on Account Page..."
      Updated Spanish translation, by Francisco Javier F. Serrador.
      Update Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Minor tweaking of icon for duplicate invoice so that it doesn't look grayed out
      Bug #641909: Fix broken price scatter plot
      Fix missing copying of invoice currency on "Copy Invoice".
      Fix CRIT error message on program quit in the aqbanking module.
      Bug #639906: Changing the way __format__ works for Split and Transaction
      Bug #640328: This patch makes Transaction.GetSplitList and Account.GetSplitList return Split instances
      Bug #640347: Adding Example Skripts for historic Stock Quotes
      Bug #640357: Adding very limited Perl-Support for doxygen
      Bug #640357: Adding very limited Perl-Support for doxygen
      Bug #635552: Rename "Financial Calculator" into "Loan Repayment Calculator"
      Minor code cleanup - remove includes from header if not necessary.
      Add a common shared quickfill object for the addr2/addr3 lines of a GncAddress.
      Implement auto-completion on the addr2/addr3 lines of the "New Customer" dialog box.
      Extend the addr2/addr3 auto-completion also to the shipping addr2/addr3 lines.
      Fix r20272: The text selection after auto-completion should work correctly now.
      Updated Spanish translation, by Francisco Javier.
      Add address auto-completion of r20272 also for address line 4.
      Make log warning about bad gnc_numeric print the actual error code.
      Another error message somewhat more verbose.
      Fix potential parsing of NULL strings by correctly use an empty non-NULL string instead.
      Update translation po files: Merge latest pot template.
      Update German translation.
      Bug #641832: Workaround to avoid the current crashes on windows.
      Win32 build: Update some version numbers: libofx, gwenhywfar, aqbanking
      Win32 build: Fix some cross-compiling issues.
      Add a Timespec constructor for the current clock time.
      Implement command for changing the ordering of invoice entries by moving them up or down one row.
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation
      Bug #642284: Fails to build on Ubuntu Natty
      Win32 build: Fix outdated (and broken) URL of ActivePerl.
      Add accessor of GtkUIManager in GncMainWindow.
      Add extra toolbar buttons as shortcuts for some business functions, "New Invoice" for now.
      Win32 build: Updated aqbanking5 version numbers
      Fix invoice line ordering mismatch between register window and reports.
      Fix CRIT gtk warning if the old_page_long_name was NULL but still passed to g_strrstr.
      Add missing run-time typechecks in new code.
      Fix const-correctness of gnc-module interface.
      Add optional module that compiles with gtkmm, i.e. in C++.
      Revert r20310, "Add optional module that compiles with gtkmm..." - the configure code wasn't taking this as optional for whatever reason.
      Re-apply r20310: Add optional module that compiles with gtkmm.
      Really fix conditional configure test for gtkmm.
      Extend gtkmm/C++ plugin to include an actual gnc-plugin implementation.
      Update German tax report, by Franz Stoll.
      Remove translation markers from already-translated strings in German tax report.
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation, by Kuang-che Wu.
      I18n improvement: Unify two very similar strings.
      Update German translation.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Fix typo in German translation
      Use qualified include path for cmake/automake simplification
      Minor code cleanup in ofx importer; improve const-correctness.
      Minor code cleanup: Move gconf section name into header; clarify argument name.
      Add option in OFX import to have newly encountered commodities automatically created.
      Bug #644036: Counter format validation fails on Windows because the number format is I64i there.
      Add more gitignore entries.
      Add yet more gitignores.
      Add ChangeLog.2010.
      Move business-options.[hc] from business-utils to app-utils.
      Add the invoice number in the output printer job name, if an invoice report is printed.
      When setting a printer job name, remove slashes because they are not allowes in filenames.
      Fix r20394: Output string clean-up was missing the date part.
      When setting the report print name, check whether this exact name has been used before.
      Remove unused functions for wall clock timing.
      Bug #644556: Running the test as root happened to remove /dev/null. Check for this and also fix the respective test.
      Bug #570042: Better default for book-closing entries in Income Statement Report Options
      Win32: Tweak cross compiling script for webkit so that is seems to almost compile.
      Configure simplification: Use pkg-config for libofx. Remove obsolete external qof detection.
      Add some more const-correctness.
      Code cleanup in ofx importer; refactoring to get away from the single giant long function.
      Revert r20405, "Correct memory leaks..." - does not compile with guile-1.6
      Refactor KVP-related functions of OFX into separate file.
      Add some more sanity checking in common importer module.
      Implement automatic creation of stock account for newly imported OFX stocks.
      Make error message on missing <dbi/dbi.h> more verbose.
      Note last stable version number
      Build Python swig wrappers for app-utils
      Enclose building of app-utils-python in AM_CONDITIONAL so that it isn't build on a non-python build.
      A somewhat rough start to a gnucash python module
      Add code to start up a Python console during Py module init, but disabled by default.
      Add needed python linker flags to app-utils-python.
      Add javascript jqplot 0.9.7r635 module so that it can be used in reports.
      Shared code between the various jqplot charts
      Correctly disable python unless --enable-python was given
      Bug #645406: Make transaction matching on memo and description case-insensitive
      Bug #644762: Deprecated __new__() call in
      Bug #645352: Customer and Vendor Reports should have separate income and expense subtotals per period; error if 'Amount' is not selected
      Bug #645640: Online transfer must not allow to change amount in second window
      Disable gtkhtml choice from gnucash as we now require the CSS/javascript features of webkit.
      Remove gtkhtml-related sources completely.
      Bump gnucash version to 2.4.99 to distinguish this from stable ones.
      Bump required gtk version to 2.16 as discussed on gnucash-devel.
      Update German translation.
      Fix glade message with unintended whitespaces.
      Bug #645518: Partly revert r20378, "Correct memory leaks found with valgrind"
      Slightly lower the requirements from r20489 again so that the windows build builds.
      Note webkit dependency in README.
      Remove completely unused and code from libqof which also doesn't get compiled for years by now.
      Rename header <qof/qofreference.h> into <qofreference-p.h> because it is used only internally in the libqof module (in qofsession.c)
      Minor code documentation update: Add explanatory comment w.r.t. MSVC.
      Rename qofmath128.h header to qofmath128-p.h because those functions are only private to libqof.
      Remove a few completely unused and weird functions from qofutils.[hc].
      Make some functions static which are used only inside libqof.
      Remove the qof_book_merge code because it is unused in gnucash.
      Revert r20509, "Rename header <qof/qofreference.h> into <qofreference-p.h> "
      Remove a set of kvp_frame functions which are unused throughout gnucash.
      Remove another unused and un-compiled file from libqof. Now we got all of them.
      Sort Makefile/CMakeLists alphabetically.
      Fix warning about NULL guid_list in xaccQueryAddAccountGUIDMatch, which caused some total amounts in reports to disappear.
      Remove some more functions from libqof which are unused and look weird.
      Add useful error message when running gnucash from an incomplete installation (such as from the build directory).
      Bug #647242: Fix broken averaging for quarter or half-year step size
      Bug #647316: Fix crash when deleting custom report if no backup file existed.
      Bug #647360: Invoice entries in expense voucher are created in old voucher, not in new one.
      Bug #646268: Fix missing GWEN_SYNCIO initialization.
      Bug #644897: Correctly link in to avoid linking against an installed version.
      Win32 build: Update libofx version.
      Bug #613502: Summary bar total display uses wrong currency
      Bug #647945: Add sanity check to hopefully fix crash when running custom reports
      Win32 build: Add version check for webkit
      Bug #646729: Create the lockfile with at least read write user permissions
      Win32 build: Add missing LDFLAGS for correct usage of new webkit.
      Win32 build: Fix typo
      Win32 build: Enable aqbanking5 instead of aqbanking4, which is possible because of updated gtk.
      Win32 build: Potentially fix another typo?
      Win32 build: Fixes for cross-compiling.
      Win32: another try to have gnucash pick up the correct libdirs.
      Win32 build: Add linker directories for xslt and pthread.
      Replace guile configure check by PKG_CHECK_MODULE so that it also works in cross-compiling.
      Win32 build: GUILE must be in PKG_CONFIG_PATH
      Win32 build: Fix aqbanking version lookup
      Win32 build: Remove manually setting guile variables because pkg-config finds them correctly now even in cross-compile.
      Win32: Change filename case sensitivity because this will match on cross-compile Linux as well.
      Win32 build: Tweak webkit.pc prefix path to match the installation.
      Win32: Undefine G_MODULE_EXPORT in our internal libraries. Please do not use it.
      Win32 build: Add version checks for guile and libxslt.
      Win32 build: Additional tweaks for easier cross-compiling.
      Win32 build: libxslt requires gnutls includes.
      Win32 cutecash: Add missing precompiler flag
      Cutecash: Use pkg-config lookup of guile instead of custom macro.
      Win32 build: Add missing include flags when building aqbanking5.
      Cutecash: Fix guile check.
      Cutecash: Add cmake files for import module and for aqbanking module.
      Bug #649608: Skip non-enabled Scheduled Transactions for Future Txn report
      Win32 build: Fix pixman URL (old version has disappeared from URL)
      Win32 build: Update libxml2 to slightly more recent version. Add version check.
      Win32 build: Revert r20614 libxml2 version update because the win build seems to stop due to bad linker flags in libxml-2.0.pc.
      Bug #649608: Skip non-enabled Scheduled Transactions for Future Txn report
      Add dependency of SWIG generated file on all headers
      Revert r20633: Accidental double-commit
      Minor makefile code cleanup
      Bug #649992: Let owner-report aging table include due date / post date options in aging.
      Bug #650138: Style plain: Fix incorrect <p> tag around <h3> preventing HTML 4.01 transitional validation
      Bug #650139: Fix missing doctype preventing HTML 4.01 transitional validation
      Bug #647532: Enter APR as interest rate in Loan Druid
      Bug #650163: Fix Technicolor style that outputs wrong tags <btd> instead of <b><td>
      Bug #650241: Fix style for aging table in owner reports that has changed (after defining doctype)
      Bug #602052: Fix text search options with small revisions for usability
      Minor doxygen improvements: The important types Split, Transaction must be mentioned in the group heading.
      Win32: Fix compiler warnings about potentially uninitialized functions.
      Win32: Update aqbanking5 version.
      Bug #650598: Patches to allow scheduling of Nth Day of Month Transactions.
      Bug #620123: Patch to make account name a header cell, iso td in trial-balance
      Bug #645221: Patch to show the headline as an h3 across all stylesheets
      Bug #650757: Fix Easy & footer styles output wrong tags </btd> iso </b></td> preventing HTML 4.01 Transitional validation
      Fix makefile after file removal in r20669
      CMake: Add correct dependencies of generated swig.c files on all headers
      Preserve selection around the call to gtk_editable_set_position.
      Improve python bindings: improved.
      Win32: Update aqbanking version
      I18n: Minor string improvement so that the capitalization is unified in all similar translated strings.
      Bug #651329: Add some python convenience functions
      Cutecash: Add separate doxygen file to show the C++ code structure.
      [win32 build] Update gwenhywfar version.
      Add some more doxygen comments for gnc_numeric.
      [Win32 build] Update aqbanking versino to 5.0.10
      [Cutecash] Set QCoreApplication properties used by QSettings in a single place, constructor.
      [Cutecash] Add predicate of whether a file is open.
      Clarify documentation of gnc_account_get_children() vs. xaccAccountGetSplitList().
      Revert r21121, "Fix a weird include", and improve documentation of that.
      Minor documentation clarifications.
      (cppcheck) Fix "error: Mismatching allocation and deallocation: symbol"
      (cppcheck) Fix "error: Memory leak: msg"
      (cppcheck) Fix "error: Memory leak: gea"
      (cppcheck) Remove redundant null check
      (cppcheck) Fix a possible memory leak
      (cppcheck) Fix "error: Memory leak: bufp"
      (cppcheck) fix two possible memory leaks
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Remove Period.[hc] file also from cmake files.
      Include refactored ui related balance functions.
      (cppcheck) Remove several redundant null checks
      (cppcheck) Fix mismatching allocation and deallocation: namespace
      (cppcheck) Fix a possible memory leak: data
      (cppcheck) Fix mismatching allocation and deallocation
      (cppcheck) Fix several memory leaks
      GSoC Cutecash project by Nitish Dodagatta (first half)
      GSoC Cutecash project by Nitish Dodagatta (last half)
      Bug #658851: [Cutecash] Sort the dashboard from latest to earliest.
      Add Glibmm C++ wrappers of GObject objects to the optional gtkmm module.
      Glibmm: Add the common QofInstance methods by using an additional base class.
      Glibmm: Add the final important engine objects as glibmm wrappers.
      Win32 build: Update version numbers of aqbanking, gwenhywfar, ktoblzcheck.
      I18n: Use ngettext for translation string with plural form.
      Add some const where applicable.
      Refactor gncOwnerApplyPayment() so that the second part is available as separate function gncOwnerAssignPaymentTxn().
      Need to rename enum symbols to not conflict with those from gnc-split-reg.h.
      Win32 build: Make sure to distribute all of gwenhywfar's share directory.
      Extend "Process Payment" dialog so that it accepts an existing transaction as well, and marks this as payment.
      Add right-click menu item "Assign payment" to assign a transaction as a payment.
      Win32: Add missing linking of libgncmod-business-gnome against libgnc-gnome which is needed since r21383.
      Documentation improvement of GncOwner functions.
      Fix failed assertion if there is no A/R or A/P account involved.
      Try to get rid of CRIT trace messages by checking for owner validity first.
      Let the "assign payment" feature choose customer or vendor payment, depending on whether the amount is positive or negative.
      I18n: Use ngettext for translation string with plural form.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Add first unittest for glibmm C++ wrapper of QofBook.
      [Cutecash] Rename get() member to gobj() to increase compatibility to future gtkmm wrappers.
      Gtkmm wrappers: Get first test case up and running.
      [Gtkmm] Add gnc::GncInstance as wrapper for QofInstance, to be used as a base class for the derived qof classes.
      [Gtkmm] For unittests we only need glibmm, not gtkmm.
      [Cutecash] Prepare cutecash for integration of the glibmm wrappers of the engine objects.
      [Gtkmm] [Cutecash] Unify the glibmm and Qt C++ wrappers of the engine even more.
      [Gtkmm] Add another predicate for the string_option of GncBook.
      [glibmm] Minor updates to the wrappers for cutecash preparation; clarify bool argument of Glib::wrap().
      [Cutecash] Remove separate Qt wrappers of engine objects by glibmm wrappers.
      [Cutecash] Fix code to work with glibmm wrappers.
      Fix dependency of python module - does not require any C++ header.
      [glibmm] Unify naming convention of member methods: Always use underscore naming.
      Add is_readonly attribute to QofSession class.
      Remove qof_session_add_book() - a QofSession is used only with one book throughout gnucash.
      Fix erroneous return value of gnc_gconf_get_float()
      Revert r21517 "Add is_readonly attribute to QofSession class."
      Simplify QofSession to own only exactly one QofBook.
      Add two more helper functions dealing with GDate.
      Add accessor/setter for the date of a GncEntry as a GDate.
      Use the GDate-based date setter of GncEntry where suitable instead of the timespec one.
      Fix occasional not working "up / down" arrow in invoice window.
      Add unittest for gnc_dmy2gdate() function to verify the correct behaviour of the by-value returned value.
      Bug #663934: Fix potential crash on failing aqbanking setup druid lookup.
      Check the read-only attribute in the XML backend as well and refuse to save if we are read-only.
      Minor code cleanup: Rename field "primary_book" into "book" because there are no multiple books in gnucash at all.
      Remove obsolete documentation texts.
      Take into account the read-only flag of the book to update the buttons in the register accordingly.
      Add the possibility of multi-selection in the invoice/bill search window (but so far still disabled).
      Minor reverts of "[Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions from src/engine"
      Another minor revert of "[Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions from src/engine"
      Fix compiler warning about /* inside comment. (Can't be nested.)
      Extend File->Open dialog on locked file: Offer to open read-only as well.
      More checking of the read-only flag of the book.
      Fix missing linker flag
      Fix the broken code of the reconcile list widget to not mess up the GtkCList class structure.
      Adapt cutecash / cmake build to r21605.
      Enable the "Duplicate Invoice" button even for multiple selected items.
      Add "Post" and "Print" buttons in invoice search window, both for single or multiple invoices.
      Read-only mode: Business toolbar actions switch to insensitive.
      Read-only mode: Buttons in business result list are insensitive, accordingly.
      Read-only mode: Buttons in account tree window and owner tree window switch to insensitive.
      Win32 build: Minor version upgrade of aqbanking and ktoblzcheck.
      Prepare the "Print Invoice" scheme function to be given a report name.
      Minor variable name unification - let all invoice reports use gnc:pagename-general.
      Move dialog-dup-trans.c from ledger-core to gnome-utils.
      Improve comments a bit: Add clarifications about which second of the day is returned.
      Add setter function for invoice Opening Date using GDate.
      Implement setting the date for duplicating multiple invoices.
      Make the report name for clicking "Print Invoice" a preference.
      Remember the printing setting after a Report print job
      Add "Export to PDF" menu item for reports.
      Make sure to ask for an export-to-PDF output folder every time.
      Fix typo in r21742.
      Fix typos in r21743.
      [Cutecash] Fix cmake after file removal.
      [Cutecash] Update libxml2 include path lookup.
      [Cutecash] Add needed include path.
      Added icon for "Export to PDF", copied from GNOME icons (license: GPL)
      Minor code documentation improvement of the export-to-pdf feature.
      Add customer-specific memory of PDF-Export output directory. Makes exporting to PDF rather easy.
      Win32 build: Switch weekly build to daily one.
      Move "Print to PDF" menu item of r21722 right next to the "Print" menu item in the file menu.
      Fix crash due to non-initialized variable. (Why didn't gcc complain here...)
      Update versions of gwenhywfar, aqbanking to most recent ones.
      [Win32 build] Another aqbanking version update.
      [Win32 build] Enable libxslt to be built in a cross-compile environment.
      Revert r21789 - not needed as r21791 adds required include flags in a better way.
      Read-only mode: When using qof_session_swap_data, don't swap the read_only flag but only the rest of the QofBook.
      Export-to-PDF: Make output file name configurable, at least through gconf keys.
      Read-only mode: Add "Read-only" checkbox when opening a file/database.
      Add keyboard shortcut in menu (similar to r21652) for a few more items.
      Read-only mode: Add "Revert file" menu item so that a file that might got changed from someone else can easily be reloaded.
      [Win32 build] Update aqbanking version again.
      [Cutecash] Remove removed files of r21799 also from CMake.
      Read-only mode: More menu items grayed out: Close Book; Online Banking Setup.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      [Win32 build] Let git.exe be downloaded and unpacked as well. We might start using it sooner or later.
      Let the libgncmod-test-engine be built by the noinst target instead of check target.
      Add dependency on qofbook.h for swig generated file.
      [Win32 build] Disable git.exe package again, as it might collide with DLLs.
      Read-only mode: Don't create a LCK file when opening a file in read-only mode and also ignore existing locks.
      Bug #668454: Make it easier to paste account/bank in online transaction dialog
      Bug #668926: Fixes build on GNU/Hurd
      Bug #668693: aqbanking: Added API docs for transaction
      Bug #668693: aqbanking: Big code cleanup in transaction dialog
      Bug #668693: aqbanking: Improve transaction UI
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Bug #668196: Fix installation of python bindings
      reports: Make report Budget Flow 100% translatable
      Disable "changed" callback on transaction amount field temporarily, as it does not yet seem to work correctly.
      xml-backend: Fix an uninitialized variable
      Win32 build: Update gtk to 2.4.10 [21977] and update other packages to Nov 2011 versions as well.
      Fix broken value-to-kvp conversion for number range option which doesn't get the kvp type correctly.
      Bug #668693: aqbanking: Use "focus-out-event" to track amount changes in transaction dialog
      [cutecash] add gnc-features.[hc] to cmake. Follow-up to r21981.
      Bug #670727: Clarify license of a file to be GPLv2 and GPLv3
      Bug #670727: Extend license of 3 files to be GPLv2 and GPLv3.
      Remove potentially abandoned file (that has a GPLv2-only license, too).
      Fix memory leak: Missing regfree() after regcomp().
      Remove obsolete strspn() call that causes valgrind warnings about invalid read().
      Fix minor memory leak: Return value of gnc_uri_get_components must get free'd.
      Replace g_list_append by g_list_prepend to increase performance.
      Remove the separate "calculation" module and swallow it in app-utils.
      [Cutecash] Follow-up for r22075: Removal of "calculation" module in CMake.
      Update after recent file move.
      Add some unittest for GncInvoice and posting/unposting an invoice.
      Adapt German account templates to updated tax rate.
      Bug #672157: New CSV account and transaction exporter
      Bug #672161: New CSV account and transaction importer
      Bug #672161: Fix double-free error when importer dialog is canceled
      Add some more gitignores.
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Revert r22083, "Adapt German account templates to updated tax rate."
      Bug #672161: Remove old CSV importer, now replaced by new one.
      [Win32 build] Update gwenhywfar/aqbanking versions.
      Bug #671737: Fix for configure --enable-python --enable-dbi --disable-gui
      Bug #671444: Remove the warning message about binreloc
      Bug #486658: [win32] Cannot use period on decimal keypad in my locale
      Bug #670008: Add taxinvoice flexibility necessary to produce legally valid Australian Tax Invoice
      Bug #670008: Improve taxinvoice flexibility necessary to produce legally valid Australian Tax Invoice
      Bug #671737: Let configure --disable-gui only build gui code
      Fix typo in r22026 (uh oh, broken all the way since then!)
      Add option for automatically setting old transactions to read-only.
      Add a second "red" divider line to the register to denote the read-only section for older transactions.
      Add auto-read-only feature for old transactions after N days, denoted by the new red line in the register.
      Fix r22105 that was missing some dependency of the "optional" directory on other parts.
      Fix threshold treatment in r22108, r22109 to make visualization and behaviour match.
      Make read-only lines in account register window (r22109) somewhat more visible by changing the background color slightly.
      Take read-only setting of QofBook into account for the transaction deletion as well.
      Rename internal function names for read-only option of r22107 also to "auto-read-only".
      Fix segfault after behaviour change of qof_book_get_autoreadonly_gdate() in r22118.
      Take read-only setting of QofBook into account for the transaction duplication.
      Take read-only date setting of QofBook into account (no pun intended) when entering transaction into accounts.
      Fix minor compiler errors of r22127.
      In the "New Customer" window, set keyboard focus to customer field.
      In "Process Payment" and "New Order", let the customer field have keyboard focus.
      In online banking transfer, on the "To-Account" selection side, make the "Show Income/Expense" button active by default.
      Check whether header <pow.h> really exists before including it.
      Add library flags for newly introduced libutest-Split because Windows needs those.
      Increase trunk requirements to gtk-2.24, glib-2.28.
      Finally clean up linker flags so that windows build builds again as well.
      Bug #674495: Fix libbonoboui build for win32 packaging insists on availability of glade
      Bug #674494: Fix version and method of downloading isocodes in win32 packaging
      Fix compiler error about overflow of integer calculations.
      Fix windows/mingw build failure due to different struct tm length.
      Minor improvement of OFX import with missing date field. Unfortunately libofx doesn't do this right in any case.
      Aqbanking plugin: Cache pointer to GncMainWindow each time the plugin command is started.
      Upgrade aqbanking package versions.
      Add some initial implementation for international (European) SEPA online transfers.
      Get cutecash/C++ to compile again.
      Minor update for SEPA (European) online transfers (after r22445)
      Aqbanking online transfer: Set the date in the gnucash txn dialog to non-sensitive.
      Aqbanking online transfer: Disable the non-SEPA verification rules for SEPA transactions.
      Also set svn:eol-style property LF on .js files so that the files will surely have LF line endings in SVN in all cases.
      Set svn:eol-style property to LF on .h and .c that did not yet have it so far.
      Aqbanking online transfer: Disable SEPA direct debit menu item again because no bank supports it.
      Aqbanking SEPA transfer: Really test and finish the implementation.
      Fix erroneous widget lookup after a widget in the glade file has been renamed
      Minor bugfix: Guard against NULL pointer in sprintf argument.
      Win32 installer: Update version numbers for gwenhywfar, aqbanking, ktoblzcheck.
      Adding statement about GPLv2 and v3 license as discussed on gnucash-devel yesterday.
      Bug #695423: Fix OFX Commodity Account handling.
      Again reorder the initialization in gnucash-bin: gtk_init_check must be called before gnc_module_system_init.
      Fix memory leaks due to localtime -> gnc_localtime replacement in r22618, r22626, r22627
      Fix erroneous conversion from time64 to struct tm because the Sunday weekday has a different number in GDateTime vs. struct tm.
      Win32 build: Temporarily disable ja_JP guide htmlhelp because the hhc compiler seems to crash on this every time.
      Fix spell error in Russian translation, by enikulenkov.
      Win32 build: Update libofx version... there was a 0.9.5 release last year.
      Update libofx version to 0.9.6, released today
      Win32 build: Add some more output into log on error conditions.
      Win32 build: Add more output for debugging.
      Win32 build: Increase verbosity on check for installed gnome.
      Win32 build: Remove check for pixman lib, because that one was removed in r22813.
      Win32 build: Add probably missing libgsf configure argument
      Win32 build: Can we get along without libgsf-gnome?
      Win32 build: Switch to another libgsf version 1.4.21 that has a .tar.bz2 available
      Win32 build: Version update for libxslt, libxml2, goffice.
      Win32 build: Add debug output where xsltproc currently fails
      Update ActivePerl URL to a currently active (no pun intended) one.
      Update start SVN revision of this year's ChangeLog generation
      Win32 build: Copy an initial logfile to the webserver when the build is started
      Win32 build: Disable debug output of r22877 again as it does not seem necessary anymore.
      Win32 build: Upgrade libofx to 0.9.7 due to bug #697133 with long lines
      Add missing GLIB_LIBS to LDFLAGS as needed by newer gcc/libtool.
      Add probably missing GUILE_INCS to CPPFLAGS because table-gnome.c includes "guile-mappings.h" that includes <libguile.h>.
      Adapt to latest split of engine-helpers.h, r22902.
      Adapt to latest split of engine-helpers.h, r22902.
      Win32 build: Update libofx to version 0.9.8
      String improvements: For singular form of ngettest, the %d conversion specifier can be skipped.
      Finally fix the maddening long waiting times after clicking "Ok" in the import matcher window.
      Copy glossary translations from 2.4 branch to trunk.
      Copy program translations from 2.4 branch to trunk.
      Merge latest pot template from trunk into po files.
      Fix glossary table that was mistakently using spaces instead of tabs. Update all glossary po files with the new terms.
      Update German glossary (a bit).
      Minor user message fixes: Spelling fix, Capitalization fix.
      Update German translation a bit.
      Add ZMW currency
      I18n: Change composed strings (report title) into fully translated string.
      Copy recently updated Danish translation from 2.4 branch to trunk.
      Merge latest pot template from trunk into updated da.po file.
      Win32 build: Update versions of gwenhywfar, aqbanking
      Minor code cleanup: Don't use "class" as identifier.
      Minor code cleanup: Don't print "warning" output in comparison function.
      Introduce transaction setter xaccTransSetDatePostedSecsNormalized() that ignores the time-of-day part.
      Change all usage of xaccTransSetDatePostedSecs to xaccTransSetDatePostedSecsNormalized.
      Register (old+new): Duplicated transactions need a DateEntered as well.
      Had to partly revert r23045 when it comes to the PostedDate of book-closing txns.
      Revert r23043 "Minor code cleanup: Don't print "warning" output in comparison function."
      Register2: Add more sanity checks when converting TreePaths from one to another.
      Minor code cleanup: Decrease verbosity of register2 that makes the debugging output unreadable.
      Minor code cleanup (again from r23043): Don't print a warning in a comparison.
      Bug #700582: Enable online actions in Register2
      Bug #672595: After creation of a new book, make sure to set it to dirty so that a cancelled save_as dialog leaves the book dirty.
      Cutecash: Adapt cmake files to recent file moves.
      Refactor lookup of a commodity that is a currency for a specific account into general function gnc_account_or_default_currency().
      Improve transaction currency lookup by using the new account_or_default currency getter.
      Register2: Improve commodity/currency handling: Try to always use account_or_default_currency lookup instead of code duplication.
      Bug #669964: Fix txn creation that forgot to set a txn currency.
      Bug #691587: Catch scheme exceptions when converting error messages to a C string.
      Register2: Minor code cleanup: Rename moved_cb to uiupdate_cb. Refactor common sanity check into extra function.
      Bug #700804: Add up/down buttons for ordering of transactions in register2.
      Remove the unused code for feature "shift txn forward", disabled already in r18450.
      Bug #703305: Fix crash on entering a non-valid date.
      Bug #702899: Fix crash in scrubbing code
      Cutecash: Fix linker flags for guile so that it links again.
      Bug #696492: Change report name in menu or in report output to be consistent
      Bug #629136: Move the code that updates the sensitivity of immutable page actions from gnc_main_window_switch_page to gnc_main_window_generate_title.
      Fix erroneous memset() parameter ordering, as notified by gcc-4.6.3
      Fix memory leak due to missing free after gnc_ctime().
      Make gnc_g_date_time_new_from_unix_local() function known in header.
      After opening a file, display a statusbar message with the last modification date and time.
      Win32: Update aqbanking/gwenhywfar package versions for windows build.
      Minor improvement in message about last modification time upon opening a file.
      Fix typo in string (punctuation)
      Bug #710739: Fill in field for remote bank account information also for SEPA transfers.
      Bug #711493: Fix unselected account that is NULL.
      I18n message improvements: Fix typos; unify strings.
      First update of German translation.
      Cutecash: Adapt to recent gconf file changes.
      Cutecash: Adapt to compiler/linker flags that are needed on Ubuntu 13.10
      Update German translation. Slightly more translated now.
      i18n update: Remove some almost-duplicate strings by removing unneeded punctuation.
      More German translation update. Still approx. 900 strings to go...
      Win32: Update aqbanking versions
      Update German translation. Still 790 to go, sigh.
      Remove annoying extra question before overwriting transfer fields by template.
      Update German translation. Still 690 to go.
      Fix ugly typo in string.
      Fix cutecash build: Calling the iso-currencies-to-c script can directly use the unchanged .in script because we call the GUILE_EXECUTABLE directly from cmake.
      For aqbanking, take into account the actual purpose line length that is given from aqbanking.
      Update aqbanking code for latest aqbanking development.
      Win32: Update gwenhywfar/aqbanking/gnutls with recent versions.
      Win32 build: Update libofx version to use latest bugfixes there
      Win32 build: Remove support for aqbanking < 5.x because 5.x has been released since 2010 by now.
      Win32 build: Update aqbanking to most recent version 5.3.0
      Fix build for aqbanking with version number > 5.2.0
      Update cmake/cutecash build, adding the recently newly introduced file
      Updated German translation, by Mechtilde Stehmann.
      Cutecash: Fix aqbanking directory name change.
      Bug #723373: Don't create any sx in the since-last-run dialog if this is a read-only file.
      Online transfer with SEPA: Add verification against allowed charset
      Win32: Reduce threshold to display the "few random bits" warning.
      Online transfer with SEPA: Verification with charset needs more work later.

Cristian Marchi (155):
      Update of Russian translation by Sergey Belyashov
      Update of Italian translation by Cristian Marchi
      Updated Japanese translation by KUSANO Takayuki
      Update of Lithuanian translation by Tadas Masiulionis
      Update of Polish translation by Jacek Baszkiewicz
      Update of Japanese translation by KUSANO Takayuki
      Update of Persian translation by Mehdi Alidoost
      Update of Persian translation by Mehdi Alidoost
      Update of Brazilian Portuguese translation by Miguel Rozsas
      Update of Brazilian Portuguese translation by Miguel Rozsas
      Update of Italian translation by Cristian Marchi
      Update of Chinese translation by Tao Wang
      Update of Chinese glossary by Tao Wang
      Update of Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      Update of Brazilian Portuguese translation by Miguel A.Rozsas
      Update of Latvian Translation by Valdis Vitolins
      Update of Latvian translation by Valdis Vitolins
      Updated Japanese translation by Yasuaki Taniguchi, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Italian translation by Cristian Marchi.
      Update of Italian translation by Cristian Marchi
      Updated Latvian translation by Rihards Priedītis, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug #389841: Wrong translation of Tax Amount and update of Italian translation by Cristian Marchi
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project
      Update of Italian translation by Cristian Marchi
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project
      Updated Latvian translation, copied from the Translation Project
      Updated Dutch translation by Mark Haanen, copied from the TP.
      Updated simplified Chinese translation by Tao Wang.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated Japanese translation by Yasuaki Taniguchi, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Italian translation by Cristian Marchi.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated Latvian translation of business account chart by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Italian translation for win32 installer wizard.
      Updated Latvian translation for win32 installer wizard by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Added Japanese translation for win32 installer wizard by Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Updated Japanese translation for win32 installer wizard by Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from TP.
      Updated Polish translations by Radzisław Galler.
      Updated Polish translations by Radzisław Galler.
      Updated Dutch translation copied from translation project
      Updated Italian translation.po/it.po
      Revert to previous version for erroneous commit.
      Fixed a string not translatable.
      Fix use of accelerators for some strings.
      Fix use of accelerator for a string.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Updated accounts chart by Seyfi Duyan.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Corrected a problem with c-format attribute.
      Updated Turkish translation by Seyfi Duyan
      Updated Turkish translation by Seyfi Duyan.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated Bulgarian translation by Rosi Dimova.
      Updated Bulgarian glossary by Rosi Dimova.
      Updated British English translation by Mike Evans.
      Updated Latvian translation by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Updated dutch translation, copied from Translation Project
      Updated dutch translation, copied from Translation Project
      Updated Italian Translation.
      Updated Japanese translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Updated Greek translation provided by Nikos Charonitakis.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Complete the translation of a string.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the TP.
      Remove the word "days" because it is also located after the near field.
      Update Italian translation.
      Fix a typo.
      Fix a typo.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the translation project.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the translation project.
      Updated Dutch translation copied from the translation project.
      Update Russian translation by Sergey Belyashov.
      Unify two very similar strings.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Updated Slovak translation, copied from the translation project.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Updated Lithuanian translation by Mantas Kriaučiūnas.
      Improved French translation by Sebastien Daniel.
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation by Kuang-che.
      Add Traditional Chinese translation for win32 package system.
      Fix Traditional Chinese win32 package translation.
      Fix an accelerator.
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation, glossary and win32 txt.
      Updated Ukranian translation copied from the translation project.
      Updated Dutch translation copied from the translation project.
      Updated Italian translation.
      Updated Dutch translation, copied from the translation project.
      Fix a typo.
      Fix another typo.
      Last stable release is GnuCash 2.4.7.
      Bug #667276: Fix Korean accounts files. Patch submitted by Eulgyoon Lim.
      Bug#667105: Fix grammatical error in some accounts file.
      Fix translatable strings code for some reports. Patch provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Fix translatable strings code for tax invoice report.
      Fix a typo.
      Fix translatable strings. Patch provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Make strings translatable in auto clear dialog. Patch provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
      G_CONST_RETURN is deprecated in 2.3. Patch provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
      In Italy ICI is now IMU. BP
      Update Italian Translation.
      Fix some typos.
      Update Italian translation.
      Fix a typo in both source and po files.
      Update Italian translation
      Update Lithuanian translation thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Catalan translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Update Lithuanian translation thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Better wording for Italian translation.
      Fix typo preventing dash marker usage. Author: Aurimas Fišeras.
      Fix translation of table headers. Author: Aurimas Fišeras.
      Fix some translation issues. Author: Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Lithuanian translation thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Danish TRanslation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Update Catalan translation copied from the Translation Project.
      Make CSV account import table header translatable. Patch by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Italian translation.
      More consistency for UI strings. Patch by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Remove double spaces from translatable strings. Patch submitted by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Change po files for previous patch removing double spaces. Patch thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Improve a tooltip. Patch thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Lithuanian translation thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Persian translation, copied from the translation project.
      Update traditional Chinese translation thanks to Kuang-che Wu.
      Revert Persian translation update while Persion translators coordinates the translation effort.
      Update Dutch translation from the translation project.
      Update Italian translation.
      Updated French translation and glossary, thanks to Sébastien Villemot.
      Update Italian translation.
      Updated Lithuanian translation provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Another update to Italian Translation.
      More update to Italian translation.
      Update Italian translation.
      Update Lithuanian translation. Thanks to Aurimas Fišeras.
      Update French translations thanks to Sébastien Villemot.
      Bug #721607 and #721608: fix GnuCash version numbers and remove/update links.
      Update Italian translation.
      Update Catalan translation, copied from the Translation Project.
      Bug 605991 Help button on New and Edit Job dialogs brings up wrong help page. With this patch I linked almost all business features to corresponding help pages. For features not yet documented, the button will open the initial chapter of the business section.
      Update Catalan translation from the translation project.
      Update Danish translation from the translation project.
      Small update for the Italian translation.
      Update French translation. Patch provided by Sébastien Villemot.
      Fix a typo.
      Make Gnome appdata file translatable (or try to...).
      Link to help button in New Employee window the new employees section in GnuCash help.
      Test git.
      Update Catalan translation from the Translation Project.
      Update Italian translation.

Dave Peticolas (2443):
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Last bigpatch.
      Last bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      Last bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      Last Bigpatch.
      *** empty log message ***
      i18n fix
      Heath's patch
      version change
      *** empty log message ***
      version change
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      new spec file
      Date parsing fix.
      Implemented list option.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Budget window.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po
      *** empty log message ***
      Bill Gribble's patch to the query routines.
      Added a date entry widget specific to GnuCash. It uses the
      Updated FSF address in src/register/gnome.
      Bug fixes.
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Dennis Bjorklund's updated sv.po.
      Doc updates from Rob Browning and Eric Hanchrow.
      Don't free NULL pointers.
      Relax account type restrictions.
      Add hostname and domainname to the initialization data.
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Matthew Condell's FreeBSD patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      More work on the budget GUI.
      Updated french translations.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Implement the debit/credit reversal. All debits are positive,
      More work on the budget dialog.
      Track stock account balances, not cost.
      Fixed cost basis calculations.
      Rob Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      more work on the budget gui
      Herbert Thoma's EURO patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's updated screenshots
      More work on the budget gui.
      removed crufty declarations
      Add a space after the currency code to make the currency string.
      Fix use of localeconv
      Herbert Thoma's EURO docs.
      Added 'sort by entry' register option.
      Reconcile window prints different currencies correctly.
      More work on printing currencies correctly.
      Tomas Pospisek's debian patches.
      Bug fixes in the Query code and transaction traversal code.
      Minor work.
      Don't configure locale.h, just include it directly.
      Robby Stephenson's patch to add file history selections to the main menu.
      Preparation for release.
      Don't blank zero values in the balance column of register.
      Tomas Pospisek's debian patch.
      Rob Browning's patch to break out g-wrap.
      Removed cvs conflict cruft.
      Work on GUIDs. Work on copying splits. Last file opened feature.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Added --nofile arg to prevent autoloading.
      *** empty log message ***
      Work on copying splits. Fixed account ordering bug.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix to register xfer field order.
      More work on GUIDs. Removed src/scm cruft.
      New gnc-prices-2.
      Remove SCM registry. Use scm_protect_object instead.
      Work on transaction cut/copy/paste.
      Docs changes
      Transaction/Split cut/copy/paste.
      Shimpei Yamashita's ja.po file. Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Fix underscore bug in file history.
      More tweaks.
      Fix FSF address.
      *** empty log message ***
      Minor fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix MD5 32-bit alignment bug.
      Register fixes.
      Bug fixes.
      HTML fix from Martin Schwenke.
      Fix 32-bit alignment bug.
      Print currency prices with 5 digits of precision.
      Christopher Browne's doc updates.
      Moved options C code to src/guile from src/gnome.
      Add a finish button.
      Configure debit/credit synonyms in guile.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      Shimpei Yamashita's ja.po patch.
      Work on reconcile and register windows. Misc bug fixes.
      Update po files.
      Bug fixes.
      Uses Queries to allow sorting.
      Install files one at a time in case install-sh needs to be used.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add sorting menu to reconcile window.
      Tweak sort order
      Add -fPIC. Needed by Sparc, seems to be ok for others.
      More work on the build system.
      datadir tweak
      More build system work
      Fix bug in dialog add.
      *** empty log message ***
      Work on reconciling stock/mutual fund accounts.
      Added currency editor widget.
      Removed QIFIO.c related stuff.
      Fixes to register behavior.
      Release preparation.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      SuSE readme patch from Herbert Thoma.
      More const char * tweaks.
      Bill G's qif importer patch. Robert G Merkel's transaction report patch.
      en_GB updates from Keith Refson.
      Quickfilling patch.
      Rob Browning's patch to add automake.
      Added .cvsignore files and one missing file.
      *** empty log message ***
      Po file updates.
      Paul Fenwick's patch.
      Auto-completion, bug fixes.
      John Goerzen's file i/o patch for 64-bit architectures.
      Various small fixes.
      Update TODOs.
      bug fix.
      Bill Gribble's query and finder patch. Build system fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      John Goerzen's debian patch.
      Update po files. Misc fixes.
      Show file writing errors in the gui. Update po files again.
      Rob Browning's make dist patch.
      Add loglevel argument.
      Version change to 1.3.99.
      Just 'make' not 'make gnome'.
      *** empty log message ***
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French docs.
      Update to french docs.
      *** empty log message ***
      Jon K Hellan's fixes to author names.
      Fix problem. Remove engine cruft.
      Fix 'show all transactions' preference button.
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Move gui-dependent defs out of engine. Use glib guint32 typedef.
      Increase precision of stock prices.
      Fix bugs in guile error catching.
      Don't blank zeros on price cell. Remove old transaction report.
      Fix register bug.
      Fix uninstall target.
      Bug fix.
      Use stdlib.h not malloc.h.
      Robert Graham Merkel's documentation patch.
      Forgot to add these.
      Build system fixes.
      Update .cvsignore files.
      Fix register bug.
      Add libtool autoconf macros. Don't create opening balance transactions.
      Bug fixes.
      Bug fixes. Color updates.
      Move raw to src/experimental
      Bug fix.
      Robert Merkel's patch to average-balance.scm. Bill Gribble's qif import patch.
      Color tweak.
      Rob Merkel's report patch. Register fixes.
      Fix report date bugs.
      Adjust compilation arguments.
      doc updates
      Preparation for 1.3.100
      po file update
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add openbsd to config.guess. Remove use of 'category' in xfer dialog.
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      Robert Graham Merkel's README patch.
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      Bug fix.
      *** empty log message ***
      qif patch
      Bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      bug fixes
      bug fixes
      Robert Graham Merkel's doc patch.
      Bug fixes
      *** empty log message ***
      qif import patch
      Remove guile dependency from src/register/gnome
      Take out account group guids.
      new work
      *** empty log message ***
      Bill Gribble's qif patch.
      Bug fixes.
      Bill Gribble's qif importing patch
      Remove table-html.c as a compile target.
      Remove -stat argument from swig invocation. It's not supported
      Clean up register code. Separate register type and register style.
      Update version info.
      *** empty log message ***
      Adjust window sizes for screen.
      Fix register crash and merge from 1.4.
      Clean up.
      Merge from 1.4.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix locale dir.
      Merge from 1.4.
      Robert Graham Merkel's tip-of-the-day patch.
      Take out plotutils cruft.
      Robert Graham Merkel's scheme date patch.
      i18n reconciled header and flag values.
      Robert Merkel's tip o' day patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      Make the register fonts configurable.
      *** empty log message ***
      Tweak tips.
      Bug fix in budget dialog.
      Remove --enable-warnings.
      Kevin Finn's auto-decimal patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated translations.
      *** empty log message ***
      Make date widget respond to the same accelerator keys as in the register.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch for g-wrap 0.9.4.
      Bill Gribble's qif import patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's translator README.
      Add gtkhtml to lib.
      Bill Gribble's patch to add gtkhtml support, key-value pairs,
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix for swig & perl 5.6.
      Merge from stable branch.
      Prepare for 1.5.0.
      Added ja locale file.
      Clean up some configure cruft.
      *** empty log message ***
      Christopher Molnar's build system patch.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix scm searching.
      Kevin Finn's patch to set option widget sensitivities.
      Fix bug in split auto-completion.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to fix finding with EURO support.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added Terry Boldt's financial calculator code and expression parser.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added calculation to SUBDIRS.
      Add Terry Boldt as a contributor.
      Add src/calculation/Makefile as a configured Makefile.
      Remove unused variable.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to use the reversed-balance information
      Terry Boldt's fix to the expression parser.
      Fix spelling error.
      Eric Hanchrow's currency doc patch.
      Add nascent design documentation.
      Add generated src/doc/design files.
      + Gordon Oliver's patch to the status line for multiple currencies.
      Terry Boldt's account summary report.
      Added more register documentation.
      Update solaris building instructions. 'bash' is no longer required
      Don't reverse signs on future value -- see what people think.
      Go back to reversing the signs of fv again -- which way is right??
      Add a register option to always jump to the blank split
      Remove amort_opt.c and amort_prt.c as members of the library.
      Add information about gnome-print and gtkhtml dependencies.
      Add information about alternative download sites.
      Fix a version number.
      Make transfer dialog modeless.
      Add Terry Boldt's documentation for the financial calculator.
      Add warning about unstable version to tips of the day.
      src/calculation: some cleanup and renaming of functions to be longer
      Herbert Thoma's patch to the status line for the EURO and to the
      * src/gnome/window-reconcile.c: After reconciliation, if the
      Merge from 1.4.
      Steven Murdoch's patch for using gnc-prices with the London exchange.
      If gtkhtml is not found, abort configure with an error.
      Add more register documentation.
      basiccell: Use 'gboolean' for use_fg_color and 'use_bg_color'.
      Add Alessandro Seveso's Italian translation.
      Alessandro Seveso's Italian updates.
      Bill Carlson's performance improvement patch.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translations.
      Robert Graham Merkel's backup tip.
      Remove superfluous assignments for GLIB_CONFIG_BIN and GNOME_CONFIG_BIN.
      Use the new names of the calculation functions.
      Update on financial calculator.
      Valek Filippov's Russian translation.
      Kevin Finn's complex boolean option patch.
      Minor doc update.
      Reimplement the register Table object using glib's dynamic arrays.
      Rob Browning's misc patch for guile-1.4.
      Use glib memory routines. Fix some memory leaks.
      Rob Browning's ChangeLog update.
      Add Christopher Browne's DocBook-ified GnuCash manual to the repository.
      Add new doc/sgml Makefiles as configure tagets.
      Reimplement the account add and account edit dialogs using glade.
      Fix a bug in gnc_table_physical_cell_valid().
      Register bug fix.
      Avoid unnecessary changes of register style and sort mode and reconcile
      Added Robert Graham Merkel's text about making reports.
      Fix some texinfo. Add *.html files as ignored.
      Remove 'architecture.txt'. Its content is now in src/doc/design.
      Glen Ditchfield's update to the reconciliation documentation.
      Update po files.
      Incorporate Docbook manual into the build system.
      Add an option to suppress the auto-payments after credit card reconciles.
      Fix a bug in rebalancing.
      Ignore errors in installation so people can install without the
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translations.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated translator docs and French README.
      Kevin Finn's patch to add gui change-callbacks to guile options.
      Christopher Browne's updates to the reporting code.
      Add Paul Fenwick's Finance::Quote 1.01 package to lib directory.
      Paul Fenwick's patch to the quoting system to support Finance::Quote 1.01.
      Remove sgml projects file - that will remain as html.
      Remove gncBoolean typedef and constants. Replace all uses of them
      Remove gncBoolean typedef and constants. Replace all uses of them
      Fix a quickfill bug.
      Clean up date code. Move Transaction date string routines to
      Re-enable locale-based date parsing.
      Update top level architecture description.
      Fix a refresh bug.
      Fix a rebalancing bug.
      Move src/doc/coding-style.txt to HACKING and update the contents.
      Convert expression parser to use glib memory routines. Fix a bug.
      Update HACKING file.
      Update with new file and directory info.
      Move type declaration from finproto.h to its proper place in finvar.h.
      Use g_strdup instead of strdup.
      Minor fixes.
      More work on the architecture docs.
      *** empty log message ***
      Remove gtkhtml from lib directory. Newer and better versions are available
      Fix node pointers.
      Update README with new gtkhtml info.
      Add intl/po2tbl.sed to ignore list.
      Fix some memory leaks.
      Add type-index.texinfo to
      More work on key-value pair docs.
      More work on key-value pair docs.
      Standardize formal argument names. Use 'gboolean' instead of 'int'
      Clean up some code.
      Clean up code. Simply some code with glib lists and remove obsolete
      Kevin Finn's auto-decimal point patch.
      Christopher Browne's update to the sgml docs.
      Add some ignore files.
      More cleanup. Remove obsolete engine procedures.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated German translation.
      More work on key-value docs.
      Minor updates.
      Remove numeric_ops.c from library.
      Update with exhortation to use glib.
      Use glist instead of (Account **) for a Query api call.
      Robert Graham Merkel's relative date option patch.
      Update ignored files.
      Clean cruft.
      Use 'char' not 'unsigned char'.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report updates for relative dates.
      Update key-value policy.
      Some cleanup.
      Generalize xaccParseAmount.
      Remove query-user.[ch] cruft.
      Use 'g_strdup_printf' instead of 'asprintf'.
      Update architecture documentation.
      Alexey Kakunin's patch for quickfill and cyrillic.
      Fix options bug.
      Add guid_equal API call.
      Update architecture docs.
      Work on the register. Incorporate physical and virtual
      Fix some sgml warnings.
      Make 'edit' in reconcile window jump to amount column.
      Fix sgml warnings.
      *** empty log message ***
      More work on architecture docs.
      Christian Stimming's report patch for better currency support.
      Add info for spanish translation.
      Robert Graham Merkel's option documentation patch.
      Doc updates.
      Add Alessandro Seveso's Italian update and update all the po files.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to the main window currency handling plus
      Update po files after messages_i18n.h fix.
      Minor updates.
      More work on GUID docs.
      Robert Graham Merkel's README and date-utility patch.
      Fix documentation.
      Reserve 'notes' field for accounts.
      Use glib gboolean.
      Add more GUID docs.
      Fix docs.
      Move a date function from Transaction.c to date.c.
      Write some Split docs.
      Raphael Dechenaux's patch to fix keypad input of decimal points.
      Make xaccInitSplit() static.
      Standardize some formal arguments.
      Update documentation.
      Update key docs.
      Remove crufty Match functions which were tuned for the old
      Reserve a key for 'balance' splits.
      More doc work.
      Christian Stimming's patch for editing currency accounts.
      Update docs.
      Use the last opened file as the file dialog default.
      Fix warnings.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix warnings.
      Use the new sgml help files instead of the old html ones.
      Remove old English html docs.
      Remove gnucash.pot from CVS. It is a generated file and is
      Add gnucash.pot
      More doc work.
      Remove private header files that are only used by one .c file.
      Create amount editing widget.
      Clean up expression parser and calculation code.
      Add flag for evaluation after a plain 'Return' press.
      Minor fixes.
      More doc work.
      Make xaccInitTransaction private. Clean up headers.
      Fix Gtk warnings.
      Temporary fix for gnc-prices.
      Merge from 1.4. Fix a missing file detection bug.
      Remove's from CVS repository.
      Remove some extra generated files.
      Add po2tbl.sed.
      Remove additional generated files.
      Remove 'widths' field from cellblock structure. No longer used.
      Fix memory leak.
      Add Eric Hanchrow's patch.
      Add check for gdk-pixbuf.
      minor fix
      Start simplifying layout code.
      Glen Ditchfield's documentation patch.
      Add src/register/gtable.[ch], an implemtation of a dyamic 2-d array.
      Add new gnucash help directory to spec file.
      Merge from 1.4 -- Bartek Szady's patch.
      Merge from 1.4 - Bartek Szady's patch.
      Add Bartek Szady to credits.
      Use GTable in gnome table implementation.
      Implement SheetBlockStyle using gtables.
      Reimplement SheetBlocks with gtables.
      Add 'macros' subdirectory.
      Reimplement Quickfill using hash tables -- big memory savings.
      Remove obsolete docs.
      Add info files to rpm spec file.
      Fix some function names to be more consistent.
      Dennis Bjorklund's sv.po update.
      More work on docs.
      Fix spelling error.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding a macro to check for gdk pixbuf.
      Update for new gdk-pixbuf macro.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding some generated files to the ignore section.
      More doc work.
      Print EUR symbol according to locale conventions.
      Don't run the main-window-opened hooks until the main window has
      Code cleanup, fix a date bug.
      Update po files and guile strings.
      Prepare for 1.5.1.
      Add Italian translation to spec file.
      Register cruft removal.
      Christian Stimming's patch for editing currency registers.
      Fail if glib is not found.
      Add check for ieeefp.h. Include it in util.c if present.
      Ditch use of 'getdomainname'. It's not POSIX and seems to be
      Remove -- generated file.
      Simplify register sizing.
      Remove more generated files.
      Minor fix.
      Add ABOUT-NLS back in. gettextize doesn't work quite right.
      Remove unsafe_ops flag and warnings about changing curreny & security.
      Remove 'Adjust Balance' window.
      Fix some reporting code.
      Use g_strdup_printf, not asprintf.
      Eric Hanchrow's updated currency docs.
      Add gnomesupport.h include.
      Use our own strtok_r.
      Add functionality to extract column widths from gnome sheet.
      Include message.h, not messages_i18n.h.
      Add texinfo 4.0 dependency.
      Paste transaction num & posted date, too.
      Verify before pasting onto an existing transaction.
      Update docs.
      Save and restore register column widths.
      Implement CELL_ALIGN_CENTER for register column layout.
      Fix bug in changing an account currency or security.
      Temporary fix while we wait for gnome-print to stabilize.
      Fix status bar refresh on File->New.
      fix typo
      Small fix.
      Implement full grouping on printed amounts.
      Fix for gnome-print 0.23.
      Prepare for 1.5.2.
      Update po files.
      Christian Stimming and Gordon Oliver's work on making
      Fix segfault and column size saving bugs.
      Rework stock and currency registers.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po.
      Minor fix.
      Allow the user to open a file if the lock wasn't obtained
      Fix for auto-completion.
      Distinguish between cut & copy in register<->scheme code.
      Add functionality to verify a change to a reconciled transaction.
      Remove unused var.
      Register drawing speedups.
      Configure the coloring of negative quantities with a user preference
      Reimplement transfer dialog in glade.
      Fix CVS info.
      Fix sgml warnings.
      Generalize gtable with user_data pointer.
      Use GUIDs instead of Split * in the register.
      Add register combo auto-pop configuration back in.
      Minor fix to docs and number parsing.
      Rearchitect the register to avoid copying strings.
      Minor fixes.
      Bug fixes.
      More work on the register. Start eliminating use of physical locations.
      Only use virtual locations in manipulating the register.
      Remove static tab traversal information and configuration.
      Fix for tabbing in auto-mode.
      Quickfill fix.
      Remove unused functions.
      Remove virtual->physical mapping.
      Remove register physical->virtual mapping and all physical data.
      Implement foreground color handler. Remove cruft.
      Smarter register combo box height calculations. Misc work.
      Save named parser variables between sessions.
      Fix cvs commands.
      Fix cell layout bug.
      Use expression parser widgets in the financial calculator.
      Add info about g-wrap versions.
      Price cells now allow expressions.
      Remove cruft.
      Redo gtables to prevent reduce number of mallocs and frees.
      Don't cache cell colors in the styles -- always get them from the Table.
      Fix a memory leak.
      Remove cached cell styles.
      Make the Table resize automatically. Remove cruft.
      Jump to transaction after a double-click in the reconcile window.
      Yannick LE NY's updated fr.po.
      Add visibility flag to virtual rows. Code cleanup.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Register tip-of-the-day strings as translatable.
      Add tip-of-the-day strings.
      Kevin Finn's patch to make the reconcile window re-use the
      More work on virtual cell visibility. Drawing cleanups.
      Christian Stimming's balance and pnl report patch.
      Bug fix.
      Create a progress dialog with a guile-wrapped API.
      Update po files.
      Add some docbook info.
      Move some strings from messages_i18n.h into the source files.
      Christian Stimming's report patches.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's tax report patch.
      Fix spec file.
      Add missing file.
      Fix define location bug.
      Rob Browning's XML I/O Code.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po.
      Bug fix.
      Fix bug using localeconv info.
      Fix account dialog buttons.
      Add xacc-commodity.sgml to
      Fix for libxml 2.2.2.
      Fixes for swig bindings.
      PO: Move translatable strings from src/message_i18n.h into source files.
      Use gettextize to generate po-related files. Remove them from CVS.
      Update ignore files.
      Update po files.
      Fix bug in status bar refresh.
      Fix docs.
      Use callbacks to get background colors, instead of storing them in the
      Fix xml writer bug.
      Add const qualifiers to some function arguments.
      Fix for locales that use (num) as -num.
      Add 'commodity' option as a guile option.
      Remove old guile currency list.
      Fix memory leaks getting commodity namespaces and commodity lists.
      Fix register bug.
      Implement xaccParseAmount to parse gnc_numerics directly.
      Herbert Thoma's extension to the transfer dialog for currency accounts.
      Remove xaccSplitOrder declaration.
      Use GINT_TO_POINTER instead of casting.
      Minor register work.
      Convert parser to use gnc_numerics.
      Add gnc_log function for generic logging. Define other logging
      Use glib memory routines for Account.h functions.
      Use glib memory routines in Group.h functions.
      Fix memory leaks using xaccGetAccounts.
      GUI cleanup.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Make register obey 'display negative balance in red' flag.
      Use glib memory routines in Transaction.c.
      Move xaccTransGetDateStr from Transaction.c to TransLog.c.
      Remove crufty macros and memory routines.
      Derek Atkins' patch.
      Fix for libxml-1.8.6.
      Move amount printing and parsing routines out of the engine
      Remove top-level.h.
      Minor cleanup.
      Fix gnc_numeric <--> string conversions.
      Use Account smallest currency units in printing amounts.
      Wrap new amount printing API for guile.
      Make the gnc-currency-editor use gnc_commodities.
      Don't CHECK in a getter function.
      More work on guile and amount printing.
      Merge current account maintenance patch from stable.
      Derek Atkin's build system patches for g-wrap.
      Make gnc-amount-edit.c use gnc_numerics.
      Use GLists to store splits in transactions. Remove cruft.
      Tyson Dowd's patch to use GCaches for string caching in the engine.
      Rob Browning's patch to sort the commodities in the XML output.
      Stefan Nobis's German translation patch.
      Christian Stimming's balance and pnl report patch.
      Use gnc_numerics in price cells and the register.
      Use GCaches to store strings in QuickFill objects.
      Improve error message.
      Fix spelling error.
      Add API for getting and setting the 'balance split'.
      Use engine cache for strings.
      Use gnc_numerics in the register window.
      Use gnc_numerics in reconcile window.
      Use gnc_numerics in transfer dialog.
      More numerics conversion.
      More numerics conversions.
      Bill Gribble's patch to g-wrap the numerics.
      Update the financial calculator dialog for gnc_numerics.
      Minor work.
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated Japanese translations.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to g-wrap checking.
      More numerics conversions.
      Derek Atkins's patch to the g-wrap autoconf test.
      Bill Gribble's gnc_numeric and qif import patch.
      Make the main window the options dialog parent.
      Allow progress dialog to be used without ok button.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated French translation and README.
      If a filter is specified for the filebox, don't show the last
      Update po files.
      Use currency SCU for security SCU when security == NULL.
      James LewisMoss's design doc patch.
      Rework the register styles. Use a general-ledger approach for displaying
      Change Sessions to GNCBooks, which will represent a set of gnucash
      Forgot to add.
      Fix comments.
      Write GNCBook docs.
      James LewisMoss's design docs patch.
      Mork work on transaction display.
      Update ignore files.
      Add tax-related Account flags, including GUI and guile wrapping.
      Add argument to fileBox to allow setting the default filename.
      Show totals in transaction debit/credit field in expanded mode.
      Display total share balance and value balance for transaction lines.
      Transaction rebalancing work.
      Make split lines gray.
      James LewisMoss's debian patch.
      Fix usage of string cache.
      Minor fixes.
      More work on rebalancing.
      More rebalancing work.
      Bug fix.
      Distinguish between user changes and auto changes in register cell values.
      Fix memory leaks and rollback semantics for kvp_frames.
      Ensure damount == value when currency and security are equivalent.
      Sort debits & credits. Bug fixes.
      Conrad Canterford's register fix.
      Update patching instructions.
      Add Transaction Notes field.
      Fix price scu.
      Fix keypad decimal point insertion.
      Fix parsing of transaction slots.
      Add Transaction Notes field.
      Don't show duplicate transactions in journal mode.
      Better behavior on the blank split.
      Resize description field on window shrink.
      Minor fixes.
      Add mime files for gnucash.
      James LewisMoss's comment patch.
      Move non-gnome specific functions from src/gnome/dialog-utils.c
      Allow new accounts to be created from names typed in the register.
      Combocell behavior fix.
      More work on auto-account feature in register.
      Move shares & price to split row in journal mode.
      More work on fixing split problems and rebalancing.
      Move recn cell to split line in journal mode.
      Fix comments.
      Add gnc_numeric documentation to design docs.
      Remove swig from tree.
      Change "Appreciation" and "Depreciation" to "Increase" and "Decrease"
      Fix some register quirks.
      Fix journal mode transaction header strings.
      Use a darker blue.
      Mark transaction as changed when transaction date and notes are changed.
      Minor fix.
      Add popup date widget to date cells.
      James LewisMoss's patch to pass args to gnome_init.
      Robert Graham Merkel's widgetization of the main window account tree.
      Only allow price & shares to be editied for stock, mutual, and currency
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Bill Carlson's performance improvements to xml reading.
      Set scrollbar policy to automatic.
      Merge from stable tree. Strip time portion off of default transaction
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Restrict multi-account registers to journal mode.
      Add missing label.
      Richard Gilligan's tax & txf export code & docs.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's updated tax & txf export code & docs.
      Update author info.
      Put expand button on register toolbar for quick access to auto-ledger mode.
      James LewisMoss's arg-parsing patch.
      Carol Champagne's documenation updates.
      More work on transaction expansion.
      Fix amount printing bug.
      Add HIGHLIGHT mode for cell borders.
      Add Query predicate for transaction balance states and modify
      Add directories and build system infrastructure for new-user
      Add engine event interface files and stub .c file.
      Add component manager interface and .c stub.
      When importing old-format files, require stock/mutual/currency
      Carol Champagne's updated tips of the day.
      Add Carol Champagne's set of new-user account hierarchies.
      Visual indication of imbalance.
      Remove xto cell -- no longer used.
      Implement event api.
      Kill macros.
      Mark splits as changed *after* the change is made. Prelude to
      Various fixes & improvements in date handling.
      Bug fix.
      Make all 'split' buttons insensitive in multi-line modes.
      Draw imbalance hatching in current cell.
      Implement component manager api.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Use more descriptive string for split transactions.
      Fix drawing glitch.
      Use component manager to manage transfer dialogs.
      Manage reconcile windows with component manager.
      Manage account windows with component manager.
      James LewisMoss's patch to put psgml hints in the sgml files.
      Clean up headers.
      James LewisMoss's build system patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch to pass unused command-line args to gnome_init.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Manage register windows with component manager.
      Turn off debugging flag.
      Cleanup & fix memory leaks.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Add gnc_engine_shutdown call.
      Separate checking if an account is open from marking it as changed.
      Add etags.files to ignore list.
      Fix etags command.
      Fix etags command again.
      Blank price & shares cells in non-stock account split lines.
      Don't mark accounts as changed after sorting & recomputing balances.
      Fix some gtk warnings.
      Fix rollback bug --- set copied split account to NULL before inserting.
      Blank shares & price header on non-stock split lines.
      Rob Browning's update for the new g-wrap.
      Bump required g-wrap version number to 1.1.3.
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to add the income-expense association api.
      Work on displaying multi-byte character sets in the register.
      Fix bug.
      Remove debugging print statement.
      Robert Graham Merkel's update to gnc-asssociate-account.c
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch to the g-wrap build command.
      Fix g-wrap failure message.
      Fix memory leaks. Cleanup declarations.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Update po files.
      Improve register support for multi-byte character sets.
      James LewisMoss's patch with:
      Fix for new g-wrap enum api.
      Use GLists for Group.[ch] api & implementation.
      Fix g-wrap memory semantics of xaccGroupGetAccountList().
      Fix bug.
      Fix some gettext strings.
      Use gnc:group-get-account-list instead of building it manually.
      Some cleanup. Use new glist functions.
      Remove cruft.
      Bill Gribble's patch to add guppi support, improve the report & help
      Fix warnings.
      Fix db_open args.
      Tweak help & report window looks.
      Collect translatable strings from scheme source files statically.
      Mark options strings as translatable using N_.
      Convert all of the guile code to use the new gettext interface.
      Switch to using db1 for database access.
      Remove old/ cruft.
      Build help index database using a combination of perl & C. Use
      Remove rebalance cruft.
      Remove ** cruft.
      Fix tabbing behavior in reconcile window.
      Make sure register column sizes are saved.
      Improve options dialog looks.
      Manage financial calculator dialog with CM.
      Generate appropriate engine events for changes.
      Add xaccQueryCopy api call.
      Fix memory handling of queries by the register.
      Make sure find dialog never uses a destroyed register.
      Link with the same libs as gnucash.
      Bill Gribble's patch to fix dbadd.
      Manage the find transactions dialog with the CM.
      Fix bug.
      Generate appropriate engine events.
      Fix warnings.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Add gnc_numeric as a kvp data type.
      Ignore parameter button when there are no parameters.
      Bug fix.
      James LewisMoss's patch to speedup xml loading.
      Automatically rebalance unbalanced transactions before leaving them
      Generate appropriate engine events for changes.
      More work on refresh.
      More work on refresh. Fix some dialog bugs.
      Use xaccGroupGetAccountList instead of old api.
      Use xaccGroupGetAccountList instead of older api.
      Use the CM to refresh the reconcile & account windows.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch to use g_return_if_fail macros
      More work on refresh arch.
      Move gnc:load-help-topics to doc.scm
      Use guid's to store accounts in queries.
      More register work.
      Use the CM to refresh registers.
      Manage account trees with CM.
      More register work.
      Manage main window with CM.
      Add general ledger window in Tools menu.
      Manage help windows with CM.
      Show present/future balance in account.
      Bug fix.
      Add account api for setting/getting reconcile info.
      Rob Browning's patch to add a 'type' api for Splits.
      Update docs.
      Add kvp api for getting/setting kvp values using a key path.
      Allow reconciliations to be postponed.
      Fewer refreshes.
      Document event api.
      Add tax info dialog to .glade file.
      Associate last check number with accounts. Use that in register
      Carol Champagne's update to the help topics index.
      Fix some register bugs.
      Fix bug.
      When duplicating a transaction, prompt user for a new date & num field.
      Fix bug.
      More work on tax info dialog.
      More register work. Fix various bugs.
      Tweak register looks.
      More work on visuals.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Fix drawing bug.
      Fix bug.
      Herbert Thoma's patch updating build-suse.txt and adding a missing
      Add new configure tests and XIM enable arg.
      Add libguppi.m4.
      Work on XIM input (not finished).
      More work on XIM input and register drawing.
      Fix drawing bug.
      James LewisMoss's patch to Fix for pre-5.6 Perls.
      Allow user to choose whether to rebalance a transaction by adding a new
      Conrad Canterford's register update for price auto-calculations.
      Conrad Canterford's register patch.
      More work on XIM input.
      Start documenting the component manager.
      James LewisMoss's patch adding a new-user gui.
      Herbert Thoma's patch adding Greek drachma support as a Euro currency.
      Fix drawing bugs.
      Tweak colors.
      Change the way imbalance hatching is drawn.
      Implement efficient allocation of GUIDs.
      Cleanup, fix a bug.
      Improve auto-scroll behavior.
      Bill Gribble's big patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch to gnc-html.c
      More work on component manager docs.
      Use new GUID memory management api.
      Conrad Canterford's register patch.
      Fix bugs.
      James LewisMoss's patch updating the new user dialogs.
      Fix bugs.
      More docs for component manager.
      Rob Browning's patch to make gnucash work with g-wrap 1.1.5.
      Bill Gribble's qif import updates.
      Change Tax Info dialog layout.
      Fix translation.
      Fix glade file configuration.
      Conrad Canterford's make-gnucash-patch patch adding command line args.
      More work on tax info dialog.
      Tweak text in new user dialog.
      Start working on stock split druid.
      Reduce number of header resizes.
      Bug fix.
      James LewisMoss's patch to load the right header files for libxml 1 & 2.
      James LewisMoss's patch to make-gnucash-patch; changes the date format.
      Make 'notes' field span columns. Work on header drawing.
      James LewisMoss's update to libxml 2 detection.
      Bill Gribble's check printing patch.
      Conrad Canterford's patch moving the main window
      Derek Atkins' patch making it possible to disable guppi support.
      Derek Atkin's patch making it possible to disable guppi support.
      Be less greedy with the entropy pool.
      Fix spelling error.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated Japanese translation.
      Fix function signature.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix for 'make dist'.
      Fix spec file.
      Kevin Finn's patch to fix the auto-decimal implementation.
      James LewisMoss's refactoring of the XML code.
      James LewisMoss's patch removing unneeded #includes.
      Christian Stimming's patch to use gnc-numerics in the balance collectors.
      James LewisMoss's patch continuing the xml code refactoring.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Update po files.
      More work on stock split druid. Minor fixes.
      Fix bugs, mem leaks.
      Christian Stimming's account-summary patch + a few fixes.
      Fix register bugs.
      Bill Gribble's patch-of-many-things.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix spelling.
      Mark a translatable string.
      Fix register bug.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix bug.
      Fix some window sizing bugs.
      Fix bug.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Yannick Le Ny's updated fr.po, merged with current cvs.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      More work on stock split druid. Minor fixes.
      Use glib memory routines for guid_to_string.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix g-wrap.m4 macro.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix email address.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's reporting patch.
      More work on stock split druid.
      Add --enable-sql argument to configure/
      Remove unused row/col distance functions.
      More work on stock splits.
      Christian Stimming's account summary report patch.
      Allow urls to be typed into the filebox.
      Jan-Uwe Finck's updated de.po.
      James LewisMoss's refactoring of xml writing.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Use check marks instead of 'y' in reconcile dialog.
      James LewisMoss's patch to file loading that fixes the duplicate guid bug.
      Fix refreshing when importing old files.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's qif merge patch.
      Remove diff cruft.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Use amount edit widgets instead of spin buttons in finder dialog.
      Try to prevent blocking on /dev/random.
      Use green checks.
      Fix cursor positioning bug.
      For now just read from /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.
      Add date cell hot-keys.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Missed one.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Additional testing patch from James LewisMoss.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml refactoring patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Pull in some more bits from /dev/urandom periodically.
      Replace gh_lookup with gh_eval_str.
      Derek Atkins' patch to fix compiling with --disable-guppi.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix register resize bug.
      Fix bugs, spelling errors.
      Fix memory leak, speedup hierarchy destruction.
      Remove superfluous code.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Bill Gribble's fix for report i18n.
      Bug fix.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Fix mem leak.
      Use the same accelerator keys in register and date widget.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Refactor check mark code from reconcile list so it can be used elsewhere.
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric.c: fix stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Make it easier to use check marks in clists and ctrees.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's QIF import patch.
      Use nl_langinfo(D_FMT) instead of %x for locale-based date formatting.
      Fix width calculations.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Use checks instead of "*" in one more list. Tweak gui.
      Fix balance updating.
      Fix docs.
      Keep going on 'install' even if the search db wasn't created.
      Bill Gribble's qif importing patches.
      Derek Atkins' patch to the qif importer druid.
      Derek Atkins' patch to the qif importer druid.
      Fix typo.
      James LewisMoss's big big patch.
      Temp fix.
      Add missing include.
      Christian Stimming's update to the currency documentation.
      Christian Stimming's patch for xaccSplitGetShareAmount -> xaccSplitGetAmount.
      Bill Gribble's update to the qif importer.
      Rob Browning's patch with price db & miscellany.
      Ignore TAGS.stamp.
      Robert Graham Merkel's reimplementation of the transaction report.
      Add missing .h file.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Prepare for 1.5.3.
      Re-enable tips on startup.
      Miquel Jordana's Spanish translation of the manual.
      Forgot one.
      Load sub-topic if main topic is blank.
      Handle missing backend.
      Remove old makefile.
      Fix spelling errors.
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Don't evaluate debug macro args unless they are going to be printed.
      Forgot to take out extra debugging code.
      Add username/password dialog & api.
      James LewisMoss's patch with some xml and testing stuff.
      Robert Graham Merkel's reporting patch.
      Minor cleanup.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-scrolled-window.c: subclass of
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Store un-commafied urls in the file history.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      * src/engine/Transaction.c (xaccSplitsComputeValue): fix a bug
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: if input is cancelled by
      James LewisMoss's mem leak fix.
      Derek Atkins' qif importer patch.
      Fix bugs.
      Bill Gribble's ssl patch.
      * src/gnome/ add title to transfer dialog
      Update info.
      * src/gnome/ tweak layout, strings
      * src/engine/sql/design.txt: update design docs
      * src/engine/sql/README: add info about running without root
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: save & restore window size
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Add GPL headers.
      * src/pixmaps: add gnucash_long.png graphic
      Add gnc-dir.h as ignored.
      * src/engine/gnc-associate-account.c: fix some uses of glib
      * define a new substitution GNC_PIXMAP_DIR for
      Check for gal library.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-edit.{ch}: improve horizontal
      * src/scm/iso-4217-currencies.scm: remove duplicate currency
      Fix colonial franc names.
      Fix bug.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c (gnc_ui_check_events): add timeout
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's transaction report patch.
      * src/scm/report/report-list.scm: load tax report if possibly in
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Minor fix.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Miquel Jordana's updates Spanish translation of the manual.
      * src/engine/Ledger-xml-parser-v1.c
      * src/scm/html-table.scm ((gnc:make-html-table-header-cell/markup
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-r.c (gnc_book_load_from_xml_file): use
      Update docs.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      * src/engine/sixtp-utils.c (gnc_timegm): new func. define as
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): clear the non-iso commodities
      * src/gnome/dialog-totd.c (totd_close_cb): increment tip on
      Add Danish translation. Update AUTHORS.
      * src/gnome/ tweak stylesheet dialog
      * src/engine/sixtp-to-dom-parser.c (dom_chars_handler): use
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: add line before
      Rob Browning's patch.
      Fix ignore file.
      Derek Atkins' fix for the pricedb api changes.
      Derek Atkins' patch removing gnc-prices from the build system.
      Rob Browning's update to gnc-prices.
      * AUTHORS: update author info
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (record): use number-cell
      Update po files.
      * src/gnome/ move to src/gnome. fix for make dist
      Derek Atkins' RPC backend patch.
      Fix rpm spec file.
      Robert Graham Merkel's income/expense graphs.
      Add ignored files.
      * src/scm/report/income-expense-graph.scm: work on display
      * src/gnome/gnc-html-guppi.c: new func for shutting down guppi
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/guile/option-util.c (gnc_commit_option): update GUI value
      Derek Atkins' patch to the rpc backend.
      * src/gnome/dialog-progress.c
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/report-utilities.scm
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's date utilities patch.
      James LewisMoss's big patch. XML v2 stuff, testing, and misc changes.
      * src/guile/ (gnc_main): change from main
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/ compile src/test after compile src/
      Derek Atkins' rpc backend patch.
      Christian Stimming's pnl report patch.
      Ben Stanley's test infrastructure patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/html-utilities.scm (gnc:assign-colors): make the order
      Duarte Loreto's Portuguese po file for gnucash.
      Duarte Loreto's Portuguese translation of the manual.
      * src/engine/gnc-pricedb-xml-v1.c (pricedb_v2_end_handler): fix bug
      * src/test/test-exp-parser.c (test_parser): add / 0 test
      Keld Simonsen's update to the Danish translation.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: fix i18n bug
      Bill Gribble's main window report patch.
      Remove applypatch cruft.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Add memo & action field.
      * src/scm/report/stylesheet-plain.scm: more reports centered
      * add --enable-etags argument to turn on
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: more work
      Robert Graham Merkel's portfolio report.
      Ben Stanley's patch updating the version of Finance::Quote in lib/.
      Add INSTALL for F::Q.
      Jeremy Collin's splash graphic.
      James LewisMoss's big XML v2 patch with test files.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Missed one.
      * src/scm/report/category-barchart.scm: remove url FIXME
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Update INSTALL.
      Update Jeremy Collins' splash pic.
      * src/quotes/ check for non-standard
      Add ignored file. Print module error info to stderr, not stdout.
      James LewisMoss's testing patch.
      * src/scm/options.scm: add a text option type
      Christian Stimming's report patch & de.po update.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's update to the tax codes.
      Christian Stimming's i18n patch updating de.po and fixing some
      Fix some i18n problems.
      Fix for make dist.
      * src/gnome/dialog-utils.c (gnc_get_gdk_imlib_image): new func
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: expand the top nodes initially
      Forgot to take out debugging warning.
      * src/FileDialog.c: update for api change
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.4.
      Christian Stimming's i18n patch.
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      James LewisMoss's xml v2 patch. Backup your data! But you already
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: hide developer menu
      Add README for po files.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet report.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.c: add opening balance support
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodity.c: add namespace picker getter.
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: add a Transaction->Invoice item
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: move cursor before showing
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-sheet.c
      Fix bug.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Robert Graham Merkel's balance sheet patch & test file.
      James LewisMoss's xml patch & accounts/ conversion.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's reports patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: new file with price db
      James LewisMoss's patch to the account hierarchies with sample descriptions.
      Include config.h.
      Rob Browning's process control patch.
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's tax report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: more work
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: fix bug
      * src/engine/md5.h: include stddef.h for size_t
      * src/engine/Query-xml-parser-v1.c
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: don't use deprecated calls
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: more work
      Jeremy Collins' patch to add graphics to druids.
      Christopher Browne's patch to the documentation plus some scheme patches.
      Jeremy Collins' update to the stock split watermark.
      Robert Graham Merkel's net worth graph + some bug fixes.
      Christian Stimming's reporting patch.
      Work on commodity editor.
      Use `` instead of $() for portability.
      * src/engine/date.c (__EXTENSIONS__): add a define for solaris
      Don't include stdint.h.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's patch adding 2 new reports.
      Don't use isinf -- not portable.
      Add #define for solaris.
      Don't use 'stdin' as var name -- reserved. Include string.h.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Print illegal date as part of illegal date message.
      Robert Graham Merkel's report patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodities.c: more work
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      Include stdlib.h for malloc.
      Fix bug.
      Add menu-path argument to reports so they can be put in submenus.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/scm/report/hello-world.scm: add a menu tip as an example
      Robert Graham Merkel's patch.
      Christian Stimming's report patch.
      * src/gnome/dialog-commodity.c: add api to edit commodities
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-list.c: same as below
      Bill Gribble's gnome mdi patch.
      Undo last change.
      Add new files.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      James LewisMoss's patch.
      Handle NULL element values.
      2001-04-13  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/scm/report/*: update several reports to use
      Define variables for standard report menu names. Use those variables
      Update for new menu structure.
      2001-04-13  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Use g_free instead of free where appropriate.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: show current filename in app titles
      * src/scm/path.scm: version the .gnucash/config* files.
      Add ChangeLog.1 to EXTRA_DIST. Fix for make dist.
      Use xaccGUIDNULL to initialize acc_guid member.
      Tweak dialog name.
      Remove spurious string from
      2001-04-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: take out devel menu
      Update po files.
      Use %lld instead of %Ld for consistency.
      Prepare for 1.5.5.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c: Kevin Finn's patch to shutdown gnucash
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: check for no children when creating default
      Update po files.
      Christian Stimming's patch fixing the 'show foreign currency' option
      * src/gnome/dialog-price-editor.c: button for online quotes
      * lots of files: handle NULL pointer printf problems,
      Revert ja.po to 1.2, then update all po files with gettext 0.10.36.
      2001-04-17  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      * src/gnome/file-history.c: fix bug
      David Hampton's qif import patch.
      2001-04-17  Rob Browning  <rlb at>
      2001-04-17  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      * src/gnc-ui-util.c (gnc_ui_account_get_balance): use current
      Add missing prototype.
      James LewisMoss's file renaming patch.
      Bill Gribble's mdi patch.
      Rearrange #defines.
      * src/gnome/dialog-tax-info.c: implement tax info api
      * src/register/gnome/gnucash-item-edit.c (item_edit_draw_info): fix
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      * src/guile/gnc-helpers.c: remove cruft. work on converting
      Bill Gribble's patch.
      Save account tree options.
      Kevin Finn's main window mdi patch.
      * src/guile/gnc-helpers.c: more work on scm<->query.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      Christian Stimming's boolean option patch & de.po update.
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: use new api for
      Fix for make dist.
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese documentation.
      * src/gnome/dialog-find-transactions.c: remove tags notebook page.
      Kevin Finn's patch to adjust the ending balance of the reconcile
      2001-04-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      * src/engine/Query.c (xaccQueryGetSplitsUniqueTrans): fix bug
      Use type conversion macro instead of cast.
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.6.
      Fix spec file.
      2001-04-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      * src/gnome/gnc-html-guppi.c: check for new guppi args before
      Fix bug.
      Make 'intl' before 'doc-tools', since doc-tools may use the lib in 'intl'.
      Fix bug.
      #include <locale.h> for 'struct lconv'.
      Check for new guppi version using a different method.
      Christian Stimming's report bugfixes.
      Fix bugs.
      * src/gnome/dialog-transfer.c: set price for euro currencies
      * src/gnome/dialog-transfer.c: set price for euro currencies
      2001-04-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Include config.h.
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: add additional warnings when
      2001-04-24  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Fix bug.
      Include config.h.
      2001-04-25  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-04-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove unneeded fixmes.
      * src/engine/gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c: read & write split action
      Fix i18n problems.
      Fix some include problems.
      * src/scm/commodity-utilities.scm: fix fixme
      Fix help strings.
      Fix i18n bugs.
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update README.
      2001-04-26  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      More work.
      Fix bug.
      2001-04-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-04-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      Kevin Finn's patch to make sure there is a main window if
      Richard -Gilligan- Uschold's update to the tax report & tax docs.
      2001-04-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-04-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Don't create Tax reporting submenu.
      2001-05-01  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-04-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-01  Conrad Canterford <conrad at>
      2001-05-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix string.
      Fix string.
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-03  Robert Graham Merkel <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Steven Murdoch's email updates.
      2001-05-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-04  Conrad Canterford <conrad at>
      2001-05-04  Robert Graham Merkel  <rgmerk at>
      2001-05-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Robert Graham Merkel's string fixes.
      2001-05-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's .cvsignore fix.
      2001-05-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po file.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      2001-05-07  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-05-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-10  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      2001-05-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add patches list address.
      Update po files.
      Prepare for 1.5.95.
      2001-05-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files.
      2001-05-13  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add changelog entry.
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix po.
      2001-05-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove .cvsignore from empty directory.
      2001-05-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warnings.
      2001-05-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Prepare for 1.5.96.
      Update po files.
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Herbert Thoma's updated de.po.
      2001-05-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add ChangeLog back in for 'make dist'.
      Prepare for 1.5.97.
      Update po files.
      Update po ChangeLog from gettext 0.10.37.
      2001-05-28  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-28  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warnings, add file to
      2001-05-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-30  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-05-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add functions.c to ignored files.
      Add .cvsignore to dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Durate Loreto's updated Portuguese translations.
      Prepare for 1.5.98.
      Fix warning.
      Update po files.
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Christian Stimming's updated German translation.
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2001-06-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Jeremy Collin's updated splash screen.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files.
      Fix warnings.
      2001-06-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese tranlsation.
      Durate Loreto's desktop file translation.
      Duarte Loreto's example account file translation.
      2001-06-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      Fix warnings.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add .cvsignore.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix compiler warning.
      Duarte Loreto's translated example account files.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      2001-06-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix opening balance strings.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warning.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update po files early since help topics changed.
      Duarte Loreto's update Portuguese translations.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      2001-06-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul' updated Danish translation.
      Martin Norb�ck's Swedish translation.
      2001-06-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Enable sql.
      2001-06-10  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      Christian Stimming's glossary patch.
      Add missing.
      Fix for make dist.
      2001-06-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update version info.
      Martin Norb�ck's updated sv.po.
      Christian Stimming's updated de.po.
      2001-06-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug.
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Missed one.
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Update file list.
      2001-06-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Martin Norb�ck's patch fixing i18n bugs.
      Martin Norb�ck's updated sv.po.
      fix bug
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul's updated da.po.
      2001-06-15  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Claus Hindsgaul's updated da.po.
      2001-06-13  Herbert Thoma <herbie at>
      2001-06-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-17  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-19  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-23  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-23  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix warning.
      2001-06-24  Kevin Finn  <kevinfinn at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-24  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix po problems.
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-26  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bugs.
      2001-06-27  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-06-29  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-01  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Mitsuo Hamada's updated ja.po.
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Paul Poulain's updated fr.po.
      2001-07-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Merge from stable.
      Paul Poulain's updated fr.po.
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT.po.
      2001-07-07  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Duarte Loreto's updated pt_PT documentation.
      Duarte Loreto's update pt_PT.po.
      2001-07-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-17  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-18  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-21  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-07-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-03  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-04  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-06  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Missed some.
      Update .cvsignore
      Fix cruft.
      Work on lib problems.
      Fix some reports.
      Fix more reports.
      Fix more reports.
      Minor fixes.
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      More libtool work.
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-08  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove cruft.
      2001-08-09  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add glib library to link libs.
      Add directory entry & categories.
      Add comment.
      2001-08-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove one category.
      2001-08-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Eric Hanchrow's README patch.
      2001-08-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Cleanup register help handling. General cleanups.
      Fix bug.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      Fix warning.
      More cleanup.
      Revert to previous version. Why was this changed at all?
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      2001-08-16  Bill Gribble  <grib at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add .cvsignore.
      Add file for creating Update
      Fix .cvsignore.
      More cleanup.
      Fix bug.
      Add tests module. Fix warnings and bugs.
      Use test-core module. Fix some tests & warnings.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      More register cleanup.
      More register cleanup.
      Remove broken debian cruft.
      More cleanup.
      More cleanup.
      Fix warning.
      Matt Krai's patch adding trustnet quote support.
      More test reorganization.
      Use freq spec test.
      Move test.
      More work on testing.
      Move test.
      More register cleanup.
      More work on tests. Make src/calculation a module.
      Some cleanup. Add some missing scheme exports.
      Add glossary items to dist.
      Convert tax report to use gnc-numerics.
      Add tax module.
      Update .cvsignore.
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Remove use of gncGetCurrentGroup().
      Fix warning.
      2001-08-20  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Move euro utils and gnc-ui-common.h to src/app-utils.
      Untable app-utils dependencies. Re-enable exp parser test.
      Put split register model code into split-register-model.[ch]
      update potfiles
      Fixes for make dist.
      Fixes for make dist.
      2001-08-22  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug.
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move register loading code into split-register-load.c.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move files. SplitLedger->split-register
      Update for file changes.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move MultiLedger to gnc-ledger-display.
      Add pricedb<->xml test.
      Implement per-cell entry handlers in register.
      Update .cvsignores.
      Update for moved files.
      Remove graph.scm (not used).
      Add xml library args when checking libxml version.
      Fix widget offsets.
      Add check for db-3.
      Add entries for precious metals.
      Update readme info.
      2001-08-31  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Spell check.
      Add src/doc/xml/Makefile to
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix bug.
      Remove some switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      Remove more switch logic.
      2001-09-02  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug in changing price date.
      Finish work on tabel-model.
      Put transfer radio buttons in group.
      Change integer cell types to string cell names.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move all split-register code from register-core to ledger-core.
      Clean up split register struct.
      Move close button to left.
      Fix missing bindings bug.
      Cleanup api.
      Fix bug.
      More register api cleanup.
      More register api cleanup.
      Finish cleaning up register api.
      Add NULLs to *_slot_path calls.
      Fix path string.
      Fix deallocated memory reference.
      Don't use the engine in register-gnome.
      Register date & combo cells in register-gnome to untable dependencies.
      2001-09-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make dist.
      Exclude info dir file.
      2001-09-05  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix problems.
      Add -lltdl
      Start a gnucash-config script.
      Configure accounts/es_ES/Makefile
      *** empty log message ***
      2001-09-06  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Configure engine libs and cflags in gnucash-config.
      Add ltdl.
      Remove deleted file.
      Add ltdl.
      Configure gnucash version numbers.
      Add version number functions.
      Add gnucash autoconf macro. Don't include config.h in headers.
      Modules go in pkglibdir.
      Fix autoconf configuration.
      Fix bug quoting more than one currency.
      Include glib.h for glib types.
      Claus Hindsgaul's Danish account hierarchies.
      Create a gnome-utils module to hold gnome/gtk widgets and utility functions
      Forgot two.
      Fix cleaned files.
      Move multi-byte char functions to gnome-utils.
      Remove cruft.
      Start gnome-utils test framework.
      Remove cruft.
      Move print-session to gnome-utils. Refactor gnc_html_export.
      Remove scm cruft.
      Fix bugs.
      More module refactoring.
      More module refactoring.
      Create a network-utils module for net communications code.
      Implement dynamic stream handlers for gnc_htmls.
      Implement dynamic url handlers. Refactor the register and report
      Refactor options url handler.
      Add missing space.
      2001-09-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Add register-core link test.
      2001-09-14  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make dist.
      Configure and detect app-utils module. Install public app-utils headers.
      Add register-gnome link test.
      Add link test.
      Configure ledger-core test dir.
      Simplify startup (remove low-level app init).
      Use xml-i18n-tools to collect translatable strings.
      Use xml-i18n-tools to capture glade strings. Glade string files
      Refactor gncGetCurrentGroup dependencies.
      Configure network-utils and gnome-utils package and install
      Collect all translatable strings in scm files in intl-scm.
      Add import-export/binary-import module for importing legacy files.
      Update po list.
      Start binary-import test module.
      Install public headers.
      Move application file code into app-file module.
      Fix for older gettexts.
      Move preferences and configuration variables into app-utils modules.
      Add save-options hook and use it to save style sheets.
      Fix bug detecting file ids. Test resolved path instead of
      Don't replace '/' with ','.
      Remove defunct scheme call.
      Fix test.
      Cleanup sched trans option names.
      Fixes for xaccResolvePath & test.
      Fix mem handling.
      Make sure to call load cb.
      Fix install dir.
      Add a new book hook and call the hierarchy druid from there.
      Wrap app-file functions in that module.
      Update ignores.
      Move app file gnome code under app-file module.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese translation.
      Update file list.
      Paul Campbell's code to allow child accounts to be reconciled
      Fix for make dist.
      Fix for make dist.
      Duarte Loreto's updated Portuguese doc translation.
      Module cleanups.
      Update file list.
      Move options dialog to gnome-utils module.
      Update file list.
      Refactor some mdi code into gnome-utils module.
      Move more mdi code into gnome-utils.
      Fix for make dist.
      Move more mdi code into gnome-utils.
      Remove extra guile-util.[ch]
      Unregister components when they are destroyed.
      Make help strings part of the split register model.
      Work on test infrastructure.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix some module versioning problems.
      Remove book paths on gnc_book_end.
      Fix for Postgres 7.0 -- insert verion values after table is created.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      Send the query to get the next iguid sequence number.
      More work on test infrastructure.
      Fix bug -- restore iguid.
      Work on test infrastructure. Add gnc_book_equal().
      Add GNCSession object. Refactor session code from GNCBook to GNCSession.
      Undo autoconf 2.5.
      Move commodity tables into GNCBooks instead of global data.
      Fix warning.
      Fix bug loading example accounts into gui.
      Work on moving entity tables to sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Include string.h.
      Add new test.
      Work on moving entity table into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Fix bug getting trans void date.
      Work on moving entity tables into sessions.
      Move entity tables into sessions.
      Move pt_PT.po to pt.po.
      Work on adding namespace declarations.
      2001-10-10  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Use AM_PROG_LIBTOOL for automake 1.4.
      2001-10-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-10-11  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      2001-10-12  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for older libtools.
      2001-10-13  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix for make check.
      Fix bug -- store unescaped values in the path cache.
      Add 'status' argument.
      Test locking. Start test for single-update mode.
      Update potfile list.
      Fix string literal.
      Work on test infrastructure.
      Fix bug -- gdk_window_raise takes a gdk window, not a gtk window.
      2001-10-16  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Fix bug -- need objtype field in kvp audit trail.
      Remove warning.
      Add missing trans begin/commit calls.
      More SplitEqual warnings.
      Use 'char' instead of 'char *' for objtype argument.
      Stabilize account sort order. Keep accounts sorted when they are changed.
      Copy common currency when cloning and rolling back.
      Delete split & trans kvps before writing them.
      Remove cruft.
      Wait for shutdown & start.
      Only use valid account types when creating random accounts.
      Add missing account begin/commit edit.
      Work on single-update test.
      When rolling back transactions, adjust editlevel to prevent further begin edits.
      Test adding new transactions & rolling back changed transactions.
      Fix include.
      Add -module arg to lib flags.
      Always invoke sync_price and sync_group if defined.
      Hash commodities using their unique names, not their pointer values.
      Make random changes to prices & commodities.
      Fix bug.
      Bring in gw-glib and gw-kvp definitions.
      Don't insert account into itself.
      Add missing price ref/unref.
      Start on valid initial location.
      Add CLEARED_VOIDED term.
      Fix escaping bug.
      Enable kvp fetch for queries. Fix bug restoring transaction iguid.
      Use 'k' as objtype in audit trail when delete kvp frames.
      Zdenko Podobn�'s Sloval account hierarchies.
      Fix bug.
      Work on multi-user mode test.
      Check balances in account & split compare functions.
      Update file list.
      Don't install tests.
      Allow new guile to be specified through GNC_GUILE env var.
      Don't install tests.
      Install public headers.
      Move mdi g-wrapping into gnome-utils module.
      Ignore new generated files.
      Fix resizing bug.
      2001-10-25  Dave Peticolas  <dave at>
      Configure gnucash-run-script location.
      Create gnucash-config with configure instead of Makefile.
      Fix quoting bug.
      Change LD_LIBRARY_PATH for link test.
      Include gnc-gettext-util.h.
      Use AM_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS in
      Don't put regular lib directory into module search path.
      Keld J�rn Simonsen's Danish da.po.
      Keld J�rn Simonsen's Danish glossary.
      Fix for make dist.
      Untable app-file and app-file-gnome dependencies.
      Add kvp data to sessions.
      Allow alternate binaries than guile.
      Add guile libs to link line.
      Fix bug in is_trans_empty - check kvp data.
      Update file list.
      Don't g-wrap engine private functions.
      Use new gnc:guid-new api.
      Configure scm module directory.
      Work on adding kvp queries.
      Add test-query.
      Fix query<->scm for new kvp queries.
      Fix termination bug in xaccGroupForEachTransaction.
      Refactor make_trans_query into engine test-core.
      Fix bugs implementing queries.
      Fix bug implementing queries.
      Allow prices to be excluded on trans queries.
      Add voided transactions to random mix.
      Always test on non-voided transactions.
      Make xaccAccountSortSplits a private function so the backends can use it.
      Fix bug.
      Fix gncSubtotalReconedBalance.
      Don't assume splits are in the same order in xaccTransEqual.
      Work on testing queries.
      Remove extra lib.
      Fix ignores.
      Fix ignores.
      Load app-file, not app-file/gnome.
      Remove debugging output.
      Fix ignores.
      Put non-module .so in lib, not pkglib.
      Remove cruft.
      More src/guile up in the build order. Update README.modules.
      Implement kvp queries in postgres backend.
      Derek Atkins's refactoring of the commodity editor's gui into
      Use bootstrap module for simple-format definition.
      Remove src/guile references in's.
      Derek Atkins's bug fix patch.
      Herbert Thoma's patch to fix linking problems.
      Make kvp g-wrap helper public.
      Export simple-format if it needs to be defined.
      Add explicit types to GUID queries.
      Use free instead of g_free for malloc'd pointer.
      In gnc_gh_gint64_p, check for exact before doing comparisons.
      Derek Atkins's business accounting patch.
      Derek Atkins's fix.
      Derek Atkins's patch.
      Use putenv, not setenv.
      Fix warnings.
      Add date conversion test. Fix date conversion bug.
      Fix uses of putenv.
      Derek Atkins's patch to make template transaction structs private.
      Derek Atkins's patch implementing kvp timespecs in C & scheme.
      Update source files.
      Prohibit blank kvp keys.
      Implement kvp timespec in sql.
      Fix some missing path dirs. Make sure 'gnucash' uses the
      Use gnc-test-env.
      Add gnc-test-env to dist.
      Use gnc-test-env.
      Don't compile gnc_[set/put]env unless we need them.
      Install gnc-test-env.
      Configure new scripts.
      random_timespec_usec_resolution: new func.
      Move entity tables from sessions to books.
      fix bug
      fix bug
      add test-load-module
      Fix bugs with new book pointers.
      fix bug
      fix bug.
      Don't use engine private functions.
      fix i18n
      don't force a refresh on file_quit. keep a current session around.
      Work on per-cell save handlers for tables.
      g-wrap caller-owned split & transaction lists.
      Work on per-cell save handlers.
      Use per-cell save handlers.
      fix bug
      Add more account queries to make_trans_query.
      Remove use of xaccTransGetSplit.
      Fix account queries.
      Turn off piecewise linking.
      Add some argument sanity checking.
      Add *BeginEdit public functions.
      Use white as default backgroup. Fix comments.
      refresh table gui after showing window
      fix gnucash-env search
      add test-period
      fix bug
      Add Georg Lehner's Nicaraguan Spanish translation.
      Move menu extensions scheme code to gnome-utils module.
      Generalize component mangaer to all kinds of id types.
      Fix spelling of function call.
      fix spelling
      Add traverse_to_new check.
      fix test
      revert to fast implementation of xaccGroupGetSubaccounts.
      fix formatting
      g-wrap xaccParseAmount
      David Hampton's fix for automake 1.5.
      Remove acc_guid member from splits.
      Fix bug summing EURO currencies.
      Fix bug -- don't access NULL pointer.
      Comment out failing test.
      Work on report/report-gnome module.
      Work on report/report-gnome module.
      Fix bugs.
      Fix tests.
      Move some report g-wrapping to report-gnome module.
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: move a gnome function
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add report-gnome dir
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: remove unused function
      * (Repository): clean .scm-links
      * remove -Wno-unused
      * add new default warnings
      Add auto-generated headers.
      Remove old xml-intl-tool files.
      P�ter Hossz�'s Hungarian translation.
      * src/gnome/dialog-style-sheet.h: remove
      * src/gnome/glade/ remove
      * src/report/report-gnome/ add
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: remove options-editor code
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: remove gui code
      * src/scm/main.scm: handle welcome report gui here
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/app-utils/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: add more wrapping
      * src/gnome-utils/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: remove remaining gnome-utils wrapping
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm: fix i18n
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: don't use gw-gnc.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/ remove
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.c: implement report
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/report-system/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/ remove report-gnome
      * src/tax/us/us.scm: don't use gw-gnc
      * src/tax/us/test/ remove report-gnome from dirs
      *** empty log message ***
      Remove extra report link.
      Jose Carlos Nascimento's Brazilian Portuguese translation.
      fix bug in gnc:find-localized-file
      * configure report-gnome/test directory
      * src/report/report-gnome/ add test dir
      * src/report/report-gnome/test/test-load-module: add
      *** empty log message ***
      fix bug
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: add wrapping for widgets
      start g-wrapping register-core
      * src/app-utils/test/test-component-manager: test g-wrapped
      * src/backend/postgres/txn.c: fix bugs restoring one transaction
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: add a test for backend
      * src/engine/gw-engine-spec.scm: g-wrap event types enum
      *** empty log message ***
      add app-utils to g-wrap path
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c: suspend engine events when
      * src/app-utils/gncmod-app-utils.c: perform component manager
      * src/backend/postgres/txn.c: fix spelling
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: work on tests
      * src/engine/Transaction.c: fix spelling
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: take out component manager initialization
      * src/report/report-gnome/report-gnome.scm: move some report
      * src/scm/main.scm: remove some report menu setup functionality
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-ui.h: remove cruft
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: g-wrap new funcs
      * src/gnome/top-level.h: update for api changes
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.h: add new init api
      * src/scm/main.scm: update for api changes
      *** empty log message ***
      Add app-util to g-wrap path.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: test rollback
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: expand testing
      work on tests
      work on tests and sql backend
      David Hampton's automake 1.5 patch.
      David Hampton's compile patch.
      Add 'today' as a starting date option.
      fix compiler warning & error
      add missing includes
      Remove unneeded include.
      Add missing include.
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c: allow gnucash tables
      fix bug
      Allow variables to be entered into price cell.
      David Hampton's autotool patch.
      * src/backend/postgres/account.c: check for missing currency
      fix bug
      fix bug
      fix mem leaks
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c: test for new accounts
      David Hampton's account tree patch.
      David Hampton's QIF import patch.
      Allow timezone to be absent when parsing dates.
      remove generated file
      take out automake 1.5ism
      fix bug
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gw-glib-spec.scm: remove
      right-align number cells
      right-align number cells (why was this changed at all)?
      Remove static xaccTransGetBook.
      add timing test
      Add read-only api to models.
      fix bug
      more register work
      more register work
      fix traversal
      fix bug
      make description expandable
      fix bug. increasing == ASC
      undo change, add docs
      Peter O'Gorman's file i/o patches.
      update 'cell changed' api
      update man pages
      David Hampton's UI tweak patch.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: bump up default
      fix for make dist
      update file list
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fix for make dist
      fixes for make dist
      *** empty log message ***
      Peter O'Gorman's patch for Max OS X.
      Add new paths to front of lists.
      Fix quoting problems.
      work on rpm
      fix warnings
      add includedir definition
      fix spelling
      *** empty log message ***
      fix docs
      David Hampton's build system patch.
      fix warnings
      allow watching on any type. fix bug.
      work on cm
      David Hampton's register patch.
      David Hampton's make distcheck patch.
      David Hampton's build system patch.
      suspend gui refresh during update
      Check for null id_type.
      add NULL is_dirty entry to static object
      fix specs
      fix bug
      David Hampton's spec file patch.
      David Hampton's ignore patch.
      David Hampton's doc patch.
      David Hampton's doc patch.
      David Hampton's account deletion patch.
      Fix DB_LIBS setting.
      James A. Treacy's doc patch.
      David Hampton's placeholder account patch.
      David Hampton's reconciliation patch.
      David Hampton's placeholder account patch.
      David Hampton's patch for make-gnucash-patch.
      Andreas Bogk's postgres backend patch.
      Andreas Bogk's qif import patch.
      David Hampton's mem leak patch.
      David Hampton's register patch.
      David Hampton's stock split druid patch.
      handle null mnemonic
      Andreas Bogk's postgres backend patch.
      cleanup AUTHORS (remove duplicates from main developers/other contributors).
      synchronize with AUTHORS
      update cvs guidelines

David Hampton (976):
      Make sure any non standard g-wrap prefix path if reflected in the
      Change gnc_forall_gui_components() to pass the registered user_data to
      Create a GTK 1.4 based emulation of the new gtk_window_present()
      Add support to four more dialogs to automatically raise an existing
      Clean up a couple of compilation warnings.
      Move string formatting logic into the gnc_xxx_dialog routines.
      Update for previous changes.
      More code to raise existing windows.
      Default date format to the users locale.  Date widgets now accept a
      Track reconciliation interval (by account).  When asking the user for
      Add support for pruning old 'xac' and 'log' files.
      Update spec fil to build an additional postgres backend rpm.
      Tweak a warning message to provide more info.
      Add another use of gtk_window_present().
      Split stock price editor into two dialogs; a price-db editor and a
      Fix a couple of compilation warnings.
      Remove user visible references to
      Pogma's initial Mac OS X patches.
      Convert new 'missing' library to a libtool library.
      Add CFP Franc Pacifique.
      Commit required gettext 0.11 changes that are backward compatible with
      Finished changes to make both gettext 0.10 and 0.11 work.
      More gettext 0.11 junk.
      Add g-wrap lib directory to the build-env script.
      Eliminate a runtime error message.
      Remove some noise when debugging portfolio reports.
      Mac OS X support, round 2.
      GncAmountEdit widget now based on a GtkEntry.  Make the find dialog
      Sorting in the reconciliation window is now done by clicking on the
      A couple more reconcile window tweaks.
      Finish fixing up the reconciliation window.
      Sort the account type list.
      Add default accelerator for Find.
      Show all the widgets in the dialog.
      Another gettext-0.11 change.
      Use a selection list if a prefs dialog has more than four pages.
      Fix amount column sort order.
      Fix printing to eliminate the warning messages.
      Eliminate an ordering problem when loading business modules.
      Work around Gnome MDI bug.
      Update cvs ignore files.
      First pass at menu rearranging
      Move 'Business' menu earlier.
      Sort the price database by clicking on column titles.
      Remove the 'tax information' item from the account window pop-up menu.
      Use checkmenuitems in the View menu.
      Menu change tweaks. Stock druid tweaks.
      Make the tax table dialog a little bigger.
      Reorganize menus in the register window.
      Update help menu item text.
      Initial support for OFX import.
      autoconf 2.53 tweak (not solution)
      Optional module loading. Latest OFX changes.
      The QIF module now creates its own menu item.
      Remove unused code.
      Fix a bunch of compiler warnings.
      Fix parameter names in comments.
      First round of OFX changes.
      Fix guile-1.4.1 srfi problem.
      Use the actual version number.
      Add the current version number or cvs build date to the splash screen.
      Fix a comment.
      If 'auto decimal places' is set then make sure all numbers have a
      *** empty log message ***
      89756: Makefile tweak for newer db2html.
      Resize the mdi window toolbar when the toolbar style is changes.
      Fix crash when deleting transaction from reconciliation window.
      Add upper bounds checking on the versions of guile and g-wrap.
      Support menu extensions in the register and invoice windows.
      add a separator
      fix a typo
      Don't crash on a missing fonts. Exit cleanly.
      *** empty log message ***
      Add function name prefix to some routines.
      Add a file.
      Add a progress bar to main window.  Use this progress bar to show the
      Undo last change. No argument needed to gnc:session-load and
      Fix a circular dependancy.
      Add a Quit option to the "File Locked" message.
      Change button labels.
      Use report name from options.
      Documentation updates
      Add missing argument to gnc_session_xxx calls.
      Erase splash before starting new user dialog.
      Remove version number.
      Add callbacks so the engine can display gui errors.
      Alphabetic characters in the data field should be passed to the system
      Today's changes.
      Opening a placeholder account now yields a register that can't be
      If there are only two splits and the register is in "expanded" mode,
      Ignore new generated files.
      Move gnc_get_session function to a better location.
      Add new routine to initialize an option menu that also sets a callback
      Add a format string for the textual date representation (i.e. "%b %d,
      Rework the date input for the print check dialog. (#95022)  Move the
      Work over check printing one more time.  The register code now calls
      Comment out some currently unused code that is causing compilation
      Put example dates on option menus.
      Provide an initial dependency.
      Add my name to the about box.
      Use radio buttons for selecting how the month name/number is printed
      Set default time for removing old files.
      Fix a problem with modifier keys in the date entry widget.
      If a user toggles the reconcile check box with the space key, move the
      Commit some old log messages.
      Split an odd corner case off of the register delete code and give it
      Changes to the Help menus requested by Wilddev.
      Do a better job enforcing placeholder accounts when a register is open
      Notes on the rest of today's changes.
      Can't have duplicate accelerator keys in a menu.
      Sort the curreny list by symbol, not name, since the symbol is
      Use a currency picker instead of a commodity editor.  The user is only
      Make the currency picker always display currencies in the "mnemonic
      Utilize the new callback function for sending an error message to the
      Don't unprotect #f. Crashes scheme when run under gdb.
      Rework the way that gnucash remembers menu/toolbar items that need to
      Track directory changes and remember them for the next time the user
      Frederic Lespez's fixes for the French account templates.
      The cancel button should always be sensitive. The OK button should
      Make the "Defaults" button in the Options Dialog work on one page of
      Disable the gnucash network code.
      Add support for "Advanced" option pages. Move some existing
      Add support for individual read-only transactions.  Enforce this at
      Add some currencies.
      Ignore some new files.
      Finish moving preferences to an "Advanced" panel.  References to these
      Don't get stock quotes for accounts where all the shares have all been
      The reinitialize transaction code should mark the transaction as
      Fix the "reinitialize transaction" code to work correctly on the blank
      Remove obsolete comment.
      Convert all the account window callbacks to take a pointer to the main
      Fix register problem where the transfer field (on the last line if in
      Apply the fixes for #92157 to the business entry ledger.
      Sort the splits in a transaction when the transaction is committed,
      Enforce the rule that "Buys" must be a positive number of shares and
      Fix a bug where the register doesn't add a new blank split when you
      Validate the transfer cells when leaving a transaction.  This should
      Use g_new0 instead of g_new to prevent a crash.
      Clean up the gcc 3.x warnings about including system directories.
      Fix some compiler warnings.
      Convert a couple of functions over to use the new gnc_split_reg_xxx
      Fix a bunch of compilation warning messages.
      Add support for gtkhtml 1.1.
      Fix some problems with the gcc 3.x cleanup.
      Make sure that all columns are always visible in the reconcile list.
      Add a new progress dialog. Mark the existing ones for i18n.
      Update help menu in the register window.
      Fix a dialog title to match its function.
      I18n changes.
      If all the entries of the current split have been cleared, then delete
      If there is a current split, then ensure that the transaction
      Don't override the previous state on all the transactions in the
      Add a foundation for having progress bars during report
      Provide progress updates while creating reports. #94280
      Add progress bars for the last two reports.
      Fix transaction report errors when there is more than one type of
      Matthew Vanecek's tags changes.
      Do a numeric sort on the transaction number field.
      Document yesterday's commit.
      Convert the delete dialogs to follow the existing gnucash standard
      Search the entire cellblock for a cell. Don't bail if one of the
      Fix build problems with the doxygen docs.
      Today's changes.
      Document changes to the src/doc directory.
      Don't delete an empty split if its the current transaction
      Don't erase the just loaded account information because the backend is
      Put the build date into the about box for development versions of
      Write out a new 1.8 version of the config file. Add the 1.8 version to
      Normalize the path name before using it to open a config files. This
      Catch errors in the execution of the finance-quote-helper script and
      Make VWD price quotes work.  Add a run-time check for the presence of
      Consolidate all knowledge about Finance::Quote sources into one
      Remove Finance::Quote from the repository.
      Tweak the filename normalization routines. Ignore anything starting
      Make the register's "Set Date Range" window more intuitive by moving a
      Somebody shoot me.
      New help URLs as per Wilddev's request.
      Support for having an account scu that doesn't match the account
      Fix compilation warnings in preparation for re-enabling the -Werror
      Use Gnome1 button order.
      Progress toward getting the 'make distcheck' target to successfully
      Remove redundant routines and place a single copy in a common location.
      Add menu items and code to the register window so a user can limit
      Add support to the GNCPrintAmountInfo data structure to allow
      Give user feedback during the rendering of a report.
      Add an option for changing the number of decimal places used in the
      Large accounts are overflowing the data types used in the register
      Make sure to set the balance properly for reversed accounts. #100998
      Eliminate compile warning for unused variables.
      Remove the original fix for #92158 as it caused #100852.
      Don't let users delete the split that attaches a transaction to the
      If there is a transction pending when updating the register, use the
      Build relative URLs properly. #101783
      Add a new pricedb lookup function.
      Provide access to new pricedb lookup function and to the engine event
      Change logic to multiply by the exchange rate instead of divide.  Look
      Eliminate the zillion warning messages when running gnucash with the
      Add missing error message.
      Add better handling of corrupt XML data files.  Print better error
      Enable -Werror.
      When checking for gtkhtml-1.1, make the lack of pkg-config a fatal
      Put function opening braces in column zero.
      The stream_handler hook needs to return a file size. Not all files
      Spell checking.
      In QIF import, allow a leading '+' sign in the currency field.
      Revert pricedb lookup at warlord's request.
      Fix a couple of problems with 'test check'.
      Get 'make distcheck' working again.
      If the amount is monetary, map the keypad decimal key to the correct
      Make the reconciliation window respect the 'include subaccount' flag
      Remove startup noise.
      Delay jumping to a label until after the help window has been created
      Correctly pass on the label when first opening a help window.
      Fix compile warnings.
      The report title should change when the report name field is changed
      Reenable -Wall with -Werror.
      Add sorting options for barcharts and piecharts. Work around Guppi
      Fix malformed URLs for bringing up a report options window.
      Fix dangling pointer in gnc_file_query_save. #101004
      Clean up the lock file properly (i.e. in session destruction) when an
      Do the right thing when going "back" from the "load a file" page.  If
      Add support for i18n of price source strings.  #102156
      Add window icons to those windows that don't pick up the default icon.
      Add window icons to those windows that don't pick up the default icon.
      Implement file compression.
      Don't clear the current_session global unless the actual current
      Don't export lots.
      Enhance the component manager so that you can optionally attach a
      Use guile style names instead of C sytle names.
      Changes required for guile 1.6.
      Revert a change for guile 1.6.  The 64 bit native API changed between
      Add note that Austrian switched from Shillings to Euros.
      Convert from the old to new symbols for Russian Roubles (RUB ->
      Fix a missed reference from when the preferences were rearranged.
      Return the number of characters entered, not the length of the encoded
      Workaround libghttp bug.
      Correctly handle the case where no stocks have been defined and the
      Provide reasonable default directories for the "Save As" and "Export"
      Clean up include path for gcc3.x.
      Add support for setting a string option.
      Remember the directory of the last import/export across invocations of
      Make the gnc_scm_to_gint64() function work with either guile 1.4 or
      Make the progress bar argument a double instead of an int.  This gets
      Changes to make the build system work on multiple architectures and
      Update .cvsignore files.
      Fix problem getting quotes from trustnet.
      Add new script that dumps all the data returned by F::Q for a stock.
      Turn off the guile-1.6 complaint about deprecated functions.
      Have dump-finance-quote do a runtime check for F::Q to prevent RPM
      Have gnucash check for the HTML::TableExtract perl module since half
      Ignore another file.
      Fix 'make check' srfi problems when using guile 1.6.
      Initial port from the deprecated (in 1.6) guile gh_xxx interface to
      Fixups for initial guile port.
      Don't override the user's toolbar style preference by calling
      Reapply Derek's fix for a crash when opening the Pref's dialog when
      Fix problem where changing the reconciliation date of a "reverse
      Prevent the register refresh code from trying to update a cell that is
      Eliminate a critical warning message in the gnc_date widget (#106675)
      Consolidate all the functions that convert time values to be the
      Collapse the DateUtils.[ch] files into date.[ch].
      Consolidate all the functions that convert time values to be the
      Push gui independent functions into the engine.
      Update for changes to function parameters.
      Collapse the account tree data declarations into a common table.
      Consolidate duplicate strings.
      Remove two duplicate commodities.  The newer name for these
      Consolidate all the tests for an ISO 4217 commodity into a pair of
      Fix problem with latest versions of autoconf.
      Restore some lost changes.
      Move price quote information from the Account data structure to the
      Fix problem selecting quote source.
      Give more control over what builds have a version number and what
      Add some debugging.
      A single button shouldn't take full width of the window.
      Fix transfer dialog to not hang if OK button is clicked w/o filling in
      Remember the state of the "show currencies" check box from one time to
      Added HTML::Parser to the modules looked for when starting up.
      Fix the "View" menu items to track properly when a new data file is
      add missing include file
      Correct ISO code for the Polish currency.
      gcc 3.x complains about trailing case statement w/no body.
      Update for recent reorg changes.
      Remove unused routine. PG compiles again.
      Remove 'duude' messages.
      A couple more date.h -> gnc-date.h changes.
      Ignore autom4te.cache directory.
      Add new menu items and functions for voiding, un-voiding, and
      Utilized an empty register cell for displaying the note entered when a
      Update for changed function args.
      New tests for un-voiding and reversing transactions.
      Enhance debugging.
      Register with the component manager for ACCOUNT events.  Redo the
      Ignore the new test program.
      Clean up usage of the gnc_ui_update_namespace_picker function.
      Enhance the commodity selection dialog so that it can be limited to
      Show the running balance column by default. #92052.
      Annotate window title if subaccounts are included.
      Add a Cancel button to the dialog that is invoked when a register
      Stop updating the reconciliation end amount on date changes once the
      Make HBCI compile again.
      Consolidate a couple of functions into the only file where they are
      Fix display of pixmaps.
      Be silent when getting price quotes.
      Fix 'Save As' so it can write to non-existing files.
      Fix small memory leak.
      No need to duplicate the string returned by xaccPrintDateSecs.
      Correctly mark a function as returning a const char string.
      Use a thread local buffer for guid_to_string.  Mark this routine as
      Clean up usage of guid_to_string() function. There is no longer any
      Put the F::Q console output under the debug flag instead of
      Move the F::Q stuff from the util files to live with the rest of the
      Maintain group id when saving file.
      Update for qof changes.
      Allow the user to specify by namespace which commodities should be
      Warn the user before deleting a commodity if there are price quotes
      The basic ignores.
      Add new test file.
      Collapse the gnc_xxx_dialog_parented function into the corresponding
      Remove junk file.
      Add a new entry.
      Move the splash screen code to another directory.
      Account for move of gnc-split.c.
      Fix bug in computing cleared balance.
      Remove empty file
      Remove RCS 'Id' tags from files.
      Turn off noise.
      Remove extraneous labels.
      Move function declarations to the right header file.  Document them as
      Use the generic import account picker.
      Remove unused files.
      Remove unused files.
      Fix crash caused by qof changes.
      Fix another crash caused by qof changes.
      Update for removed file.
      Be more explicit when a lookup fails.
      Ignore new autotools junk files.
      Use patterns to catch new files added by intltool.
      Revert the last change.  The gh_xxx functions are deprecated.
      Eliminate compiler warnings.
      Work around problems with libltdl3.
      Needs to include config.h.
      Added quote sources for Indian Mutual Funds.
      Correct error message.
      Better error reporting. Don't uppercase the symbol name.
      Tell guile to be noisy about deprecated functions.
      Fix some warnings about deprecated guile functions.
      Add two new (well... changed) currencies.
      I believe the 1.8 series is stable now.
      Add the new Romanian Leu.
      Todd T. Fries patch for compilation on OpenBSD 64bit architectures.
      Patch from Yves-Eric Martin < at> to
      Collapse the gnome2 branch back into HEAD.
      Use a dynamically allocated string for the version.
      Convert README.cvs to README.svn.
      Null terminate code properly.
      Fix items from round two of Volker Englisch's review of the
      Tell which plugin failed to load.
      This routine should always return the minimal height the widget will
      Push the summarybar inside of the created page widget.  This solves
      Generate a new copy of the amount string when copying a QIF split.
      Include core-utils in the scheme load path to allow some of the test
      Remove GUI test cases from the 'TESTS' variable.  These tests will
      Other changes needed to get 'make check' closer to working.
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Cleanup usage of the PLUGIN_PAGE_LABEL define.
      Pass the name of the guile executable from configure to the makefiles
      Change function name to disambiguate between retrieving the name of a
      Scott Oonk's patch to simplify the mouse selection logic in
      Scott Oonk's patch to simplify the keyboard selection in
      Scott Oonk's patch to allows selection of the last character in a
      Andreas Köhler's patch to re-enable translation of menus and icons.
      Document the devel packages needed to compile gnucash on FC4.
      The "Edit Stylesheets" menu item should always be visible.
      The register page should add to the existing list of items in the
      Add a function that allow you to expand the account tree to show a
      Update list of authors
      Scot Oonk's patch to fix some alignment problems in the register.
      Scott Oonk's patch to draw cursor at correct x,y offset from
      Add a GError parameter to the gnc_key_file_save_to_file() function.
      Fix a couple of gcc4 warnings.
      Add code to save window state into a Glib Key-Value file.  This code
      Eliminate double free of memory by just freeing default_dir once at
      Clarify what "short" labels are used for by adding comments and
      Remove vestigial code from the very early days of the gtk2 port.
      Remove unused functions.
      Add documentation.
      Replace deprecated gtk_window_set_policy() function with
      Correctly update the tree model when an account is moved. Fixes
      Bump deleted item removal to a higher priority.
      Respect the history maxfiles key in gconf.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to set some border widths inside the main
      Scott Oonk's for for x86_64 compile warnings.
      Phil Longstaff's changes to set GTK_SHADOW_IN in the commodities
      Pass the action variable to gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() to get the
      Remove extraneous carriage return.
      The egg_xxx code hasn't been in the tree since 2005-04-16.  I tested
      Convert to utf-8.
      Undo double fix of compiler warnings.
      Remove unused call to g_object_set.
      Sjoerd Langkemper's <sjoerd-gnome at> fixes to cast
      Update FSF street address.
      Add support for printing currency quotes.
      Report a failure of F::Q to return a currency quote.
      Restore the "Save Report" code that was lost in one of the head->g2
      Remove calls to the function gnome_window_icon_set_from_default().  In
      Remove unused function.
      Include file cleanup.  Remove the messages.[ch] files in favor of the
      More include file tweaking.  Don't include gtk.h from any header
      Need to include locale.h to compile without optimization.
      Convert to utf-8.
      Add new files.
      Add new files.
      Fix some build problems on FC3 related to the include file changes.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to replace some deprecated glib functions.
      Use the new GtkAboutDialog when compiling with gtk2.6.
      Convert the "file locked" message to a GtkMessageDialog.  Add a
      Close stylesheet edit dialog when the stylesheet picker dialog is
      Convert the font picker and color picker from deprecated gnome widgets
      Use a GtkMessageDialog instead of the deprecated gnome_ok_dialog
      Fix a typo.
      Make a function static. Remove extraneous printf.
      Update dialogs to give them a Gtk2 HIG look and feel.
      Remove unused functions.
      Put the account tree into a scrolled window so the dialog buttons
      Convert a couple of dialogs from the deprecated gnome_ok_dialog to a
      Finish conversion to a GtkDialog. Redo dialog as a table instead of
      Use gtk version of various functions instead of gnome versions.  Rest
      Give the dialogs a gtk2 look.  Add accelerator keys.  Use the gtk
      Remove lines that cause libglade warnings.
      Add note of a problem.
      Dialog makeovers.  Split the generic matcher transaction list help out
      Forgot to commit the changelog.
      Consolidate the creation of all file names under ~/.gnucash, and also
      Consolidate the creation of all file names under ~/.gnucash, and also
      Use the g_get_home_dir() function instead of getenv("HOME").  The
      Restore long lost functionality to customize the accelerator keys on
      Rewrite the code that assigns accelerator keys to the names of menu
      Update default accelerator keys as per the HIG.
      Fix crash when saving files.
      Shouldn't still be calling the old save state functions.
      Show widget by default when its created for a glade dialog.
      Enhance the "remove old prices" code to have options to retain the
      Allow deletion of multiple prices at once.
      Consistently use the string "currency" in the commodity picker window
      Update function name to match its g2 implementation.
      Fix the duplicate transaction dialog so that the "Enter" key
      Andreas Köhler's patch to prevent a patch when trying to edit a
      Initialize the qof entity in the new split, not the old one.
      Eliminate extra redrawing of the register by suspending events around
      Change "Reverse Transaction" menu item to be "Add Reversing
      Better integrate stock prices with QOF.  Gnucash now warns you about
      Make the capitalization consistent across the titles of all pages.
      Revert random changes.
      Mark a couple of strings as not needing translation.
      Fix the translator credits in the gtk2.6 about box.  They should come
      Need to escape user input string to prevent errors from gtk.
      Migrate from the deprecated gtk_progress interface to the supported
      Eliminate all remaining use of deprecated glib functions.  Enable the
      Quick update for 2.0 requirements.  Needs to actually be tested.
      Remove all remaining references to guppi.
      Syntactic sugar converting from gtk_signal_xxx
      More syntactic sugar converting from gtk_object_xxx functions to
      Remove unused function.
      More trivial conversions from deprecated gtk/gnome functions to
      Finish converting type creation over from gtk_type_unique() to
      Eliminate the deprecated function gtk_widget_set_usize().
      Don't ignore the return value of glib list functions.  This will
      Comment out function that does nothing except generate a compiler
      Fix the edit price to properly check the number of selected prices.
      Comment out the recently introduced second set of checks for gconf.
      Remove note about a problem that no longer exists.
      Add support for opening account registers from the budget page.  Use
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix the alignment of cells in the register.
      Fix the glade auto-connect code so it doesn't swap the callback
      David Jafferian's account deletion patch that queries the user about
      Andreas Köhler's patches to remember/restore maximized windows, and to
      Translate strings for multichoice options.
      Remember value of HCBI preferences.
      Update to compile cleanly on a glib 2.9 system without using
      Better fix for compiling cleanly on a glib 2.9/2.10 system without
      Correct a comment.
      Comment out unused function that won't compile with g-wrap 1.9 after
      Move the "Sort By" and "Filter By" menu items to the main window so
      Migrate the account page options to a new "Filter By" dialog.  Add a
      Remember and use the justification specified in the code instead of
      Remove gtk2.6 properties from the file.
      Remove note about per-tab close buttons.
      Enhance the dialog so that pressing the Enter key in any field will
      Fix the 'sort by number' and 'sort by statement date' choices in the
      New script that will remove all post-gtk24 attributes from all glade
      Start new ChangeLog for 2006.
      Initialize the qof instances in commodity namespaces.
      Use the right function to hide a tree column. Update a couple of
      Correct function name.  Add a comment.
      Use a GtkListStore for the example account categories instead of
      Remove unused files.
      Fix test inverted by commit 12231.
      Use the component manager to ensure there is only one totd dialog at a
      Rename function to eliminate duplicate names.
      Revert the previous change and make the totd always float above all
      Couple the radio buttons in the unpost dialog.
      When setting the amount of a split, don't call gnc_numeric_convert on
      Don't keep the shell around when starting gnucash.
      A couple of performance tweaks.
      Rename function to eliminate duplicate names.
      Load the entire data set into the combocell before enabling sorting.
      Remove debugging statement.
      Consolidate some common functionality.
      Add in some conditionally compiled hooks for turning callgrind on/off
      Info for last set of changes.
      Make the HBCI Transfer dialog work again using a GtkListStore.
      Performance enhancements.  Remove the model from the combo box before
      Add a script to invoke the new gnucash.bin executable via valgrind.
      Remove some deprecated gnome functions.
      Add some access keys to menu items and buttons.
      Update for recent HBCI fixes.
      Fix the "share decimal places" option.
      When building a html table from an account tree, apply markup to the
      Copy the table markup from an intermediate table to the final
      Fix a couple of compiler version issues.
      The GTK2.4 headers are missing a named constant.
      Add a button to clear the name of the currently selected file in a
      Add tooltip for new button.
      Replace deprecated functions with their current equivalent.
      The gnucash gpg networking code isn't called from anywhere.  No need
      Use newer function for setting the width of a GtkSpinButton.
      A couple of simple substitutions for deprecated functions.
      Remove the unnecessary explicit removal of the tree model and let the
      Remove fixed item that was restored by accident.
      Rework schema infrastructure so that all schema strings will appear
      Fix a string.
      The GtkObject destroy function can be called multiple times. Protect
      Unregister this component properly when destroying it.
      Tweak a debugging statement.
      Save/restore business invoice pages.
      Finish the job. Make sure this component isn't unregistered multiple
      Delete the invoice page completely when closing it.  Prevents a crash
      Remove unused functions.
      Check for bogus window structures (i.e. empty) when reading/writing
      Provide better arguments for specifying what to do when a key_file
      Whitespace changes.
      Remove noise.
      Glib 2.9 requires GdkEvents to be marked as BOXED instead of POINTER.
      Do some HIG cleanup.  Remove extraneous newline characters from
      HIG rework on a couple of dialogs.
      HIG rework
      Move glade files to a new subdirectory.
      Update ignore properties.
      Overhaul the financial calculator dialog.  Comments on the new layout
      Clean the file of post gtk2.4 properties.
      Add support for setting these widgets as the target of a GtkLabel
      More HIG changes.
      Clean the file of post gtk2.4 properties.
      Overhaul the print check dialog.  Make HIG changes, and make the
      More HIG changes.
      Add an icon to the export button in the generic filename dialog.
      More HIG changes.
      Add/update copyright on files modified since the start of the year.
      Move the totd glade file to the gnome-utils subdirectory too.
      Fix compilation warnings.
      More HIG changes.
      Default the --enable-compile-warnings argument to yes.
      Add translation and rotation to the custom printing page.  Modify the
      Add an include so gnucash compiles on gnome2.13 again.
      HIG rework. Remove newlines from dialog message strings.  Give some
      Use the gtk2.6 secondary message text function now that there is a 2.4
      Use a format string of "%s" when building a message dialog from a
      Michael Wahlbrink's cvs to svn changes.
      Restore reasonable default logging levels.
      HIG changes for the "radio option" query dialog.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix commodity editor warnings/crash.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix a problem where switching windows
      Focus out event handlers should return FALSE.
      Fix another focus out event handlers
      Eskil Bylund's patch from Epiphany to enable cut/paste.  Extended to
      Dave Herman's patch to suppresses extraneous entries table entries in
      Remove extraneous carriage returns from text that will be put into a
      Make the cut/paste change compile on gtk 2.4 systems.
      Re-enable events before processing the book-opened hook.  Solves some
      Fix a crash when manipulating commodities before crating the first
      Better handling in the model event handling functions.  Noticeable in
      Don't call g_utf8_strlen with a NULL pointer.
      Change the default visibilities of the GncTreeViewAccount widget to
      Andreas Köhler's patch to allow explicit specification of which
      Filter out another post gtk2.4 property.
      Re-title the search dialog based upon the menu used to invoke it.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to perform the i18n on column headers before
      Fix a couple of comments.
      Dave Herman's patch to fix #327630 by copying missing "function"
      Add disambiguating prefix to the single letter column titles.
      Remove extra close parenthesis.
      Don't just install the schema files, also install the gconf objects
      Get gnucash to compile with gcc4.1.
      Scott Oonk' patch to fix a couple of problems with right justified
      Fix some issues when invoking from a non-utf8, non latin1 locale.  Use
      Filter out more post gtk2.4 properties.
      Set the default button.
      Fix a duplicate accelerator key.
      Set the window type hint to normal.
      Set the busy cursor while the dialogs are being generated.
      A couple of performance enhancements.
      Call existing function to find the end of the day.
      Fix the code that updates the buy/sell action based on the number of
      Set the default button.
      Remove forgotten unused variable.
      Better fix for the code that updates the buy/sell action based on the
      Print out the installed F::Q version at startup.
      Update for known F::Q 1.11 quote sources.
      Don't initialize the display at option parsing time.  This way
      Pass argc by reference instead of value so g_option_parse_context can
      Correctly open an account and its sub-accounts. Fixes 330745.
      Globally replace the words "exchange_code" with cusip in the
      Patch from Tommi Vainikainen <tvainika at> to remove
      Andreas Köhler's patch to wrap label text in a couple of dialogs.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to prevent crash when voiding a transaction.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to convert the account types list in the
      Prepare for gtk change that will issue warnings if the return value of
      Remove all explicit claiming of the selection in these files.  The
      Regularize the naming of the Finance::Quote auxiliary scripts. Remove
      When looking for an matching account name, start at the beginning of
      Remove unused debug code.
      Take the selection into account when handling the keypad decimal point
      If the number of "visible to the user" lines in the register has
      Remove forced screen updates that are no longer necessary.
      HIGify the scheduled transaction dialogs.
      Use a spin_box instead of an entry for the 'occurrences' and
      Don't reference uninitialized memory.
      Compile cleanly with when _FORTIFY_SOURCE is defined.  This definition
      Update spec file from RH8 to FC4.
      Ignore some files.
      Catch and defer the quit command if a file save is in progress.
      Disable quote related functionality when F::Q isn't installed.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to prevent a crash in the register date picker
      Two fixes from Andreas Köhler.  One fixes 331183, the problem where
      Fix from Andreas Köhler to deactivate the toolbar split button in an
      Provide a callback whereby the core register code can tell the upper
      Cleanup patch from Andreas Köhler.
      Add the example gtkrc-2.0.gnucash file to the tarball.
      Minor code cleanup and consolidations.
      Fix a misspelled word.
      Andrew Sackville-West's to pass the rignt number of arguments to
      Remove unnecessary menu item. The same functionality exists in the
      Provide the right edit menu sensitivity for the register page.
      Remember the order in which the notebook tabs are referenced. When
      Mark a couple of function arguments as const.
      Restore GtkOptionMenu support because the newer GtkComboBox doesn't
      Create a consolidated directory for distribution specific scripts.
      Move a couple of ditro specific files.
      Remove old distro specific directories.
      Fix configure for the new packaging directory.
      Add the ebuild script to the tarball.
      Fix format character for a size argument.
      Check for the existence of a page before dereferencing it. Fixes
      Add 'const' qualifiers to various functions.
      Convert the reconcile window from the old GnomeUIInfo menu/toolbar
      Remove a unused function that calls deprecated gnome routines.
      Set the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag for gnome versions up to 2.13.7.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to correctly build a html color value. Fixes
      Collapse the common parts of the "new account" and "edit account"
      Rework of Sylvain Defresne's patch to support multi-byte unicode
      Convert all locations that parse input using the locale
      Move the storage for the account separator character into Account.c
      Convert the account separator from a single character to a character
      Update the preferences dialog to allow any unicode character as the
      Make g_strv_length available outside of the gkeyfile compatability
      Fix duplicate account name checking bug that prevented editing account
      Rename a data structure field.
      Rework the events generated by the account/group files and consumed by
      Fix typo in commit message.
      Consolidate the new icons with the existing set of icons.
      Move/fix the callbacks function that kills any open registers for an
      Use utf8 collation routines when sorting splits in a register.  Also,
      Use the pointer to the commodity as a hash key instead of looking up
      Add a couple of calls to the component manager when closing the
      Remove all usage of gnc_get_current_session / book / whatever except
      The account quickfill has multiple components to it, only one of which
      Change a reference to the Next button to now refer to the Forward
      More references to "Next" that should now say "Forward".
      Cache the result of a gconf lookup for a currency choice.  Add a new
      Relabel column titles from "XXX (Report)" to a label that includes the
      Use a font size of "smaller" when printing to the splash
      Remove extra events added in r13483.  This leaves the REMOVE event as
      Remove functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass One - trivial
      Remove more functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass Two - more
      Never include "config.h" from a header file. Doing so makes it nigh
      Remove more functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass Three - more
      Restore clickable links for price quotes.
      Finish removing deprecated QOF functions.
      Show newly created windows when restoring the second and subsequent
      Change the output from this file to use g_message instead of g_warning
      Walk through the list of plugins installed in a window and uninstall
      The account tree model event handler needs to be more robust in the
      Update the quickfill to watch for accounts being added/removed from
      Finish removing the redundant list of valid strings maintained by the
      Replace the changes in r13361 with a better method for determining
      Andrew Sackville-West's changes to add the ability to lookup the
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to show zero balance entries in the
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to tidy up the multi-currency handling
      Tweak a couple of tooltips. Try and make it clear that the commodity
      Add a new per-page callback to tell the page to finish any pending
      Fix a warning message.
      Leave the accounts unordered in the engine.  Switch the g-wrap
      Don't create a new window for a page if there's already an open blank
      Treat the file name as utf8 when finding the file name for the window
      Move the computation of accounting period balances into the model and
      Add a wrapper function for g_utf8_collate that handles checking for
      Collapse duplicated code into a single function.
      Use the stable sort function from Account.c to back up the user
      Add a "book saved" hook.  Use this to update the window titles after a
      Enhance the quickfill event handler to detect changes in whether an
      Pass a dialog pointer through the scm code and back to the C error
      Add support for renumbering the account codes for all the children of
      Differentiate between calling the hierarchy druid from the new user
      Mark all common account sets to be initially selected when creating a
      Update to compile on FC5.
      Regularize capitalization of the word 'GnuCash'.
      Regularize capitalization of the word 'GnuCash' where its user
      List the optional components that will be compiled in the summary at
      Add toolbar icons for Postpone and Cancel.  Fixes 114267.
      Fix the lack of action strings in the popup menu.  The problem occurs
      Add a context menu to the reconcile window.  Fixes 120830.
      Add a reconcile button to the toolbar of a register page.
      Change the title of the category view to track changes in the
      Work around the fact that a validating XML parser barfs on gnucash's
      Fix the dialog so that the 'Cancel' button cancels all changes made
      Restore sorting transactions by date posted.  Fixes 335190.
      Remove debug message.
      Mike Alexander's patch to get currency quote retrieval working again,
      Change the access key on the Transaction menu to not conflict with the
      Change the access key on the "Change Split" button.  Fixes 336836.
      Use the name "Currency" internally instead of ISO4217.  Make it
      Serialize access to the "Save" and "Save As" commands.  Fixes 148905.
      Make the entire UI (menus and toolbar) insensitive when the progress
      When writing a currency to the data file, write the full commodity
      Generate the gnc:count-data tags by hand so that the attribute will be
      Patch from chpe at to use the gtk_show_about_dialog to avoid an
      Include the svn revision number in the about dialog.
      Eliminate some unnecessary work by comparing the account name in the
      Update the determination of what's a currency and what isn't.  Fixes
      Add a couple of comments.
      Another comment.
      Replace NS_ISO with NS_CURRENCY.  This substitution was already
      Finish cleaning up old uses of NS_ISO. Use the C is_currency function
      Improve the performance of the listen_for_accounts function.  Never
      Add a new event for when a split associated with account is changed.
      Fixes to compile with gcc4.
      Clarify text regarding the lines in the register.  Fixes 338479.
      Allow the account tree view callback to run in addition the the page
      Add a per-account "hidden" flag, and update the accounts page and the
      The kvp_frame_get_string() function returns a pointer to an internal
      Clean up the xml file some by dropping empty kvp strings/frames and
      Replace "commodity" with "security" where it is user visible.  If its
      Parse the old ~/.gnome/GnuCash MDI document file to see which 1.8
      Don't call shutdown directly from the delete_event handler, but use a
      If the report already has an id assigned (i.e. restored reports) then
      Add a tooltip for the "hidden" option in the Edit Account dialog.
      Remove unused dialog.
      Remove translatable flag from a temp label.
      Don't complain about reports without html titles.  This occurs for
      Correctly save and restore multicolumn reports. Fixes 327627.
      Make the "Welcome to GnuCash" report menu item build the entire
      Don't allow a report page to be closed of it is in the process of
      Don't allow the user to open the current log file.  Fixes #337211.
      Add new icons for invoices, adding a scheduled transaction, and the
      Rename some icon files.
      Fix a null pointer dereference.  Don't make the Close button sensitive
      Update a report's tab name in the main window when the name in the
      Don't use the full width of the dialog, only as much as is necessary
      Add completion support to the currency edit widget.  Fixes #339412.
      Handle the failure to fork a child process and print an error message,
      Don't try to update the main window page name when invoked with an
      Fix the crash in #339764.
      Mark the collections as clean after the default items have been
      Center the progress dialog on the qif import druid.  Fixes #336188.
      Finishing all pending transactions before new and open commands, not
      Mike Alexander's patch to fix lot date calculation, and to include all
      Default to --enable-error-on-warning only in svn based source
      Lower the minimum required width of the register.  This does affect
      Load the user config earlier in startup.  Fixes the missing custom
      Don't load a custom report that has the same name as a standard
      Don't allow the user to save a report until they have changed the
      Eliminate some gtk warning messages. Stop the contents of the Bill
      Function opening curly brace should be on a line by itself.
      Patch from Mike Alexander's to handle multiple lot dispositions on the
      Remove translation on new strings.
      Patch from Mike Alexander to fix the cleared split date threshold in
      Start a new log file after a save.  Fixes #173056.
      Use the parent commodity and account type when creating new accounts.
      Use the existing QOF API to modify the instance dirty flag.
      Bump the version number for setting the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag.
      Add an alternate mode for handling the dirty state of instances and
      Unconditionally enable qof alternate dirty mode.
      Add begin_edit/commit_edit brackets around object modifications.  Some
      Can't use external qof until it supports "alternate dirty mode".
      Add support for directly marking the book dirty, for recording the
      Use the new qof functions to provide a dirty indication in the title
      Trivial replacements for deprecated functions.
      Really bump the version number for setting the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag.
      Rebuild the column selection menu when the report currency is changed.
      This patch fixes almost all of the test-period errors.  It still
      More of the patch from Bill Nottingham for compiling with guile 1.8.
      Make the removal of scm_block_gc conditional on having guile 1.8
      Make the blue past/future dividing line thicker so that it is obvious.
      Fix gcc4 complaint about unused return value of the write function.
      Updated translation from Nigel Titley.
      New splash screen from Joshua Facemyer / Impressus Art
      Remove old help-topics-index files.
      Update the help file names now that the docs are xml instead of
      Limit the reconciliation date to the past or today, never the future.
      The progress bar changes size when text is added/removed.  Prevent
      The register code shouldn't process any keystrokes that have a
      Only use the amount of space required to show all the entries in the
      If the g2 file history list is empty, then copy the file history list
      Add bug id.
      Include gkeyfile.h instead of explicitly declaring a data type. This
      Add lib/glib26 to the include and library paths.
      Don't ever reference lib/glib26 if the host system has glib 2.6 or
      Fix a couple of files that didn't include config.h.
      Fix "missing icon" menu icons on FC6.
      Remove dead code.
      Hide notebook tabs on programmatically changed notebook.
      Restore the business reports menu.
      Move the valgrind reference code from a compiled file to a
      Tell subversion these files are text.
      Quote the F::Q version number so that it will be correctly parsed as a
      When committing an account during the closing of a book, don't search
      Tell gnucash that a currency quote failed instead of just abandoning
      Strip all invalid utf8 characters from imported QIF and OFX/QFX
      Do a better job of turning the busy cursor on/off.  Now works
      Update gdb instructions.
      HBCI data is already in utf8. Don't recode into the local charset
      Fix typo.
      Use the new mechanism for the account list popups.  Fixes #342058.
      The Chargeback and Extra Payments sections of the bill should not
      Restore the auto decimal places settings from gconf at startup.  Fixes
      Remove five year old workaround for a resizing bug.  Fixes #344764.
      Instead of marking the first page so that it can't be closed, mark the
      Correctly indicate the focus state of the register.  Fixes #342055.
      Add new application icon.
      When modules can't be found refer users to their package manager
      Restore the original sort ordering which is grouping by parent
      Recent version of Finance::Quote no longer depend on Date::Manip, but
      This one file really does require the perl Date::Manip module.
      When creating accounts from the register, fix the name parsing logic
      Restore 1.8 behavior by using the full date/time when sorting on the
      Fix the line continuation.
      Remove the majority of the remaining deprecated widgets by collapsing
      Fix compilation errors on FC3.
      gnc_import_process_trans_item() should return TRUE in those cases
      Fix typo.
      Regularize the account type names into the form ACCT_TYPE_xxx.
      Fix account currency problems when importing QIF files (introduced by
      Add a tip for raising the accounts menu in a register page.
      Fix a typo.
      Remove overloading of an argument passed to the
      Add some 'const' declarations.
      Add missing call to xaccAccountBeginEdit.
      Update so that bug-buddy 2.16 will still allow you to file bugs
      Maintain the account hierarchy when reparenting the descendants of a
      Remove some conditional code that is no longer compiled, or shouldn't
      Use the glib-compat.h file for backward compatible function names.
      Include config.h a couple of places.
      Eliminate some compile warnings.
      Fix uninitialzed variable error message.
      Fix some scheme inexact errors.  Fixes 347462.
      gnc_history_get_last() can return NULL.
      The args to g_build_filename should be NULL terminated.
      Save and restore the visibility of the toolbar, statusbar, and
      Need to expliticly load the gnome-utils scheme code.
      Add a check for the Date::Manip module (used by gnc-fq-helper).
      Fix cases where something that should be a GType isn't defined
      Don't abort when F::Q fails to return a quote.  GnuCash may have
      Make the dependency requirements consistent with the other gnc-fq-xxx
      Make trunk compile again on FC4.
      Update for the new base level of gtk2.6.
      Update for the new base level of gtk2.6.  Add all the gtk2.6
      Fix glib28 utils on non-win32 system.
      Remove unused functions.
      Play nicer with recent releases of glib that have tightened what's
      Back out #15458 on trunk.  This is temporary until after 2.0.5
      Prevent a crash when reading a new state file.
      Remove extra argument to gtk_list_store_set.  Fixes #409758.
      Remove obsoleted files.
      Simplify function parameters.
      Remove all traces of the AccountGroup data structure.  Accounts now
      Update the example account trees to include a new root account.
      When deleting an account, correctly display the new account to which
      Show a busy cursor while deleting an account, in case the deletion
      Guile 1.8 seems to be pickier about inexact->exact producing integer
      Remove some unused variables and function declarations.
      Destroy no longer used template accounts when reading scheduled
      Patch from Bill Nottingham to remove redundant ofx checks.
      Find the root based off the current account and not the book.  It
      Fix two instances where a function name didn't get changed for the
      ISO 8601 requires a four digit year.
      Convert the check printing code from Scheme to C.  Add support for
      Make the new check printing code compile on systems that don't have
      Another 64 bit fix.
      In the print check dialog, the notes field has always incorrectly been
      Add support for printing the check number, the action, and the real
      In the Print Checks dialog, provide an easy way for users to save the
      Add GUID numbers to check formats.  Detect duplicate check format
      Use a single key for check position names instead of a series of
      If the specified check format guid can't be found then select the
      Add preferences support for a GtkFontButton widget.
      Add preferences support for printing the date format immediately below
      Don't crash if an example account file has no root account.  Also
      Record a couple of user suggestions for things to do with gnucash's
      Add a preference for printing "***" immediately before and after all
      Add an option to change the tab closing behavior.  The two choices are
      Allow the base gconf path to be specified at run time, either via an
      Allow the user to specify the maximum width of the page labels in the
      Play nicer with recent releases of glib that have tightened what's
      Fix window corruption problems when adding prices to the price
      Print a different warning messages if unsaved changes have existed for
      Patch from Klee Dienes <klee at> (bugzilla #420550) to
      Implement idea from Mike Alexander (in #346063) to key lot scrubbing
      Balance ENTER/LEAVE calls on some functions.
      Remove some deprecated functions.  Bump version numbers were GnuCash
      The function name xaccSplitDateOrder is misleading, so rename it to
      Conditionally remove some more deprecated functions.
      Fix compiler complaints about dereferencing type-punned pointers.
      Re-enable -Wunused checks.
      Add some begin_edit/commit_edit checks.
      Add some const declarations.
      Begin the GObjectification of the Account object.  Move some
      Ignore generated files
      The root account name should never be visible, so no need to mark it
      More moving of properties from the public data structure to a private
      Mark the number-to-word code as non-translatable because, as the
      Make sure to distribute all the check files in the tarball.
      Move more account properties from the public data structure to a
      Fix mistake in property install.
      Finish moving account specific properties from the public data
      Replace silent failures with noisy assertions.
      Fix an error in a test data file.
      Replace a function name mapping with the real function call.
      Relax the check on whether xaccAccountGetCommodity is called with a
      Validate whether or not an account exists before calling various
      Disable the close callback while updating reports.  Fixes #416986.
      Use GNC_TYPE_NUMERIC instead of GNC_NUMERIC.
      Suspend qof events for the interval between swapping the books between
      Remember the current session when an option dialog boxes is opened,
      Allow NULL pointers when calling xaccAccountGetFullName. Fixes #432314.
      Catch and short circuit the case of trying to get the balance of an account
      Changing the transaction number can affect the split sort order and
      Add the Moldovan Leu.  Fixes #414064.
      Move the price manupilation buttons to the right side of the dialog.  For
      Use simpler behavior for setting the "1 xxx = 2 yyy" exchange rate sample
      Update ignore properties.
      New version of the file from Zach Sadecki that include three different
      Use gtk_widget_show, not gtk_widget_show_all. The latter screws up the
      Collapse two functions into their only caller.  Move a third function
      Start putting an API in place for access to the members of the
      Remove the macro versions of qof_begin_edit and qof_commit_edit_part<x>.
      More a large number of the QofInstance properties from the public data
      Move QofInstance book properties from its public data structure to its
      Move QofInstance guid property from its public data structure to its
      Fix a problem copying a guid from an object to a local variable.
      Collapse the various "version" and "version_check" fields into a
      Collapse the various "idata" fields into a single field attached to
      Fix two bugs in custom check printing.  One swaps the placement of the
      When saving a check format, query the user for the title to write into
      Now that check printing has been rewritten, there no longer a need to
      For report pages, make the "Refresh" menu item synonymous with the
      Fix several problems with the QOF book merge code.  Use unique error
      Use the last second of the statement date when determining whether
      Limit the values of randomly generated numbers a little bit more.
      Programmatically generate check file names from the title input by the
      Update translator comments.

Derek Atkins (1263):
      Documenting the discussion on generic core-objects
      Add first-pass at Entry, Order, and Invoice objects
      Add Entry, Order, and Invoice types to g-wrapped data
      Add tax_type and discount_type to GncEntry -- this allows you
      convert GNCIdType from an enum to a char*
      Add gnc_book_{get/set}_data() to add/get arbitrary data pointers
      * Remove the "GncBusiness" object type in preparation to move
      First-pass at A/R and A/P accounts.  Right now there is nothing
      Fix compiler warning
      First pass at an Entry Ledger.  It compiles.  It still needs
      build the Entry Ledger before business-gnome, so it can be used
      Add Due-dates to Transactions and the SplitLedger for A/R, A/P
      Change "reconciled" label to "paid" for A/R and A/P ledgers
      fix a/r,a/p layout for split-view
      Abstract RecnCell to allow multiple "choice" types.
      Add dialog-order (to test gncEntryLedger) and hook into the
      Better support for A/R and A/P transaction types.  It actually will
      Update RecnCell API to return the string_getter callback, but
      add Transaction Type flag (Invoice v. Payment) to know whether the
      if trans-type is none, print a ? (default) and have due-date off.
      Update reports to include a/r and a/p account types
      Refactor payables report into a generic aging report (really just
      actually supply a header row now, and connect the buttons.  The window
      Default colors so we can see the ledger
      add realize_gui() call
      defer widget realization until later
      Pick a reasonable entry date
      Widen the 'default' order entry dialog.  Fix the modality.  Make
      Fix some layout issues, start working on more callback implementation
      Updated move_cursor() and traverse() callback functionality.  It now
      Abstract out the owner of Orders and Invoices into a GncOwner.
      Reorder libraries to build properly with separate GTKHTML and GUILE
      reorder includes
      Fix for Solaris:  Can't use 'if ! $(GUILE) ...'  so rebuild
      Add a hook to get the GNCBook* from a Transaction
      Add "GetValue()" method to an Entry and move the value computation
      Cope properly if the entity_type is NULL
      - Add a "date-close" dialog that basically asks for confimation
      - add VIEW option to the general-select
      More work on the Order Dialog and Entry Ledger
      Set the Value Cell in the current cursor
      Small IO flags cleanup
      Add "Tax Value" cell
      - Update the Order dialog
      Change Job to use GncOwner instead of GncCustomer -- this lets
      - Support Vendor-owned Jobs.. Fill in all the GNC_OWNER_VENDOR place
      - gncInvoice:
      include dialog-invoice.h
      fix typo
      Hook the Entry Ledger into the component manager
      - Refactor invoice dialog creation; keep dialog open after a 'post'
      More Invoice/Order updates/fixes:
      Fix the traversal code to actually work right.  Now tabbing off the end
      Fix bug: if you enter a non-existant account and hit 'ok' while still
      Add new interface to create an account with a list of valid types
      * gncObject -- object registration in the engine; hook into the books
      * fix QueryNew bug: make sure to retain book list
      - register the GncOwner as another queriable type
      regex.h is broken on Linux; it doesn't include all the necessary
      update AUTHORS file
      - register gncAddress for queries
      convert GNC_ID_NONE to appropriate module in component_watch
      - gncOwner: add create/destroy functions (for scheme)
      Implement "GUID_MATCH_ALL" (to enable support for the old ACCT_MATCH_ALL).
      default to % for discount and tax interpretation types
      add COMPARE_NEQ support
      Move the query_compare_t (compraritor, or "what kind of comparrison to make")
      gncEntryLedger: add function to reset the query
      Move the GetParameter function into .h from P.h -- it's useful outside
      A new generic search dialog for gnome, and a test to show how it
      New Search Dialog committed to repository.
      QueryNew.h,QueryCore.c: change NEG_ONLY and POS_ONLY to CREDIT and DEBIT
      Add UI for a bunch of new Query types, and hook them into the
      AccWindow.h: Add comment about who owns the GList *
      have the order dialog stay open when you "close the order", so you
      make sure that you can't change an Order or Invoice after it becomes RO
      dance a widget shuffle when rebuilding the order and invoice dialogs
      - Consolidate debcred search UI into numeric search UI (they are
      - Add Account Search widget(s)
      Fix the search dialog radio-buttons
      - Query.h: change to interoperate with QueryNew.h
      src/gnome-search/ changes:
      - A few API changes to make functions more "similar"
      - Change the dialog-search "choose" API to provide a parent widget...
      dialog-invoice:	fix modality
      - glade files updated in preparation for a "new" dialog and an entry window
      API change: let the new_item callback decide whether to close the
      Set dialogs to modal only when there is a parent.  Top-level dialogs are
      gncInvoice/gncOrder:		add Printable object method
      - make ID and dates immutable
      Change the NewItem Callback so that it's always modal to the
      - Provide 'QUERY_PARAM_GUID' to abstract the guid parameter.  Remove all
      QueryObject:	Move the 'Param Function Getter' to the public API
      Add hook to print invoice.  Still need to write the invoice print
      wrap a bunch of the core business objects
      Create a new Invoice Report to print a GncInvoice
      gncInvoice: change interfaces from "const Timespec *" to "Timespec"
      gncOrder: add reference
      change the Order API to take "Timespec" instead of "Timespec*"
      srfi-19: Fix date->string to work with guile-1.4/slib-2d2
      gncCustomer: change terms from gint to string
      gncVendor.c: convert terms to string
      change API to supply a "const GUID *" because it's read-only
      emit gnc events for the business objects.
      - Add new Backend method, counter(), which increments a named counter and
      change string-searches to default to case-insensitive
      * Plug-in Extensions for backends, so pluggable objects can
      change the structure member name:
      gnc-backend-file.c: 	scandir() is not portable; re-write the
      Fix to work on Solaris..  Test's need spaces between the
      Fix for Solaris: you cannot have an empty .a, so supply a no-op .c
      Use safe_strcmp() in case be->linkfile is NULL
      Change the format of Invoices slightly, in preparation for Lots.
      If you pass down an owner into the Job selection, don't let the user
      It helps to recurse into oneself
      Create a new general_search widget that hooks into the search
      Fixed dialog-order.  Should now complain less during compilation.
      Remove dialog-job-select.[ch] from the build process.
      Actually enable the search on JOB_ACTIVE
      Change the Date-Close dialog to use gnc-date-edit instead of the
      Remove remnants of old report that no longer exists
      fix a compiler warning
      Store the customer name in all the Splits of a Posted Invoice
      Convert from GtkList to GtkCList in preparation for multi-column display
      Get scrolling to work right on new searches
      Change the Search Dialog to use a CList and allow each object to
      In a posted invoice store company name in in TransDescription and
      Change "Receipt" to "Payment" for A/R and A/P accounts
      Don't include gettext-0.11 macros in the distribution
      gncInvoice: add function to return the Type string, based on the Owner..
      Hook the payment dialog into customer, vendor, and job search results
      Hook payments into invoice search results
      Implement "cancel" and "enter" buttons in the Invoice Window toolbar
      Implement "Blank" (jump to blank)
      implement "Delete" and "Duplicate" functions solve the "test: too many arguments" bug
      Not all versions of autoconf return 'GNU' in the --version.
      Make search types dynamic, so you can register new ones
      Create a popup menu for the register
      business-gnome.scm: add global preferences for the invoice dialog
      Create a new lot when an invoice is posted
      Hook the payables and receivables reports into the window register
      Actually get the report to "save" successfully so one can reload later
      Fix payable report to save the account
      Begin to implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() in order
      Actually hook in the editable_enters() code
      implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() for other search widgets
      Implement grab_focus() and editable_enters() for the search-date widget
      Create a "search-owner" widget for the search dialog, which allows you
      Put the search criteria into a scrolled window.  It will auto-resize
      Provide a method to obtain the computed discount
      * src/engine/GNCId.c: Implement xaccForeachEntity() as a which
      * src/gnome-util/dialog-options.[ch]: Create an option-type
      * dialog-options.c: implement a radiobutton option type.
      * Create new options for a few business objects.  This allows you to
      Use the new invoice option to hold the invoice being shown
      Don't require fixed-point addition; we'll round at the end.  Just let
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: Add a function to reset all the gui
      Provide a default match to return NULL
      fix a compiler warning for g_cache_remove()
      Save GUIDs instead of assuming the pointer will stick around
      PERR() if a bad parameter is returned
      fix bug: missing structure entry
      don't need GTK_ENTRY() when casting a GtkWidget* to GtkWidget* ;)
      provide a get_random_numeric()
      Get test-create-account to work with a non-standard g-wrap install
      Add g-wrap lib dir for non-standard g-wrap installs
      Support g-wrap in non-standard location
      add gnome-search, business-ledger, and business-file modules
      add test-scm-print-import and test-print-queries
      remove test-print-queries (move it to app-utils/test)
      Add test to compare query->string conversion by converting to a
      Integration of the new Query subsystem, to replace the old Query
      Fix a bug in the invoice-search, setup the query properly so
      Create a top-level Business menu item in the main window.  You
      Actually save 'list' when we reverse it
      * business-core/gncTaxTable*: Create a preliminary implementation
      Don't allow the user to delete the last entry from a tax table
      * business-core/file/gnc-tax-table-xml-v2.*: Create a preliminary
      Integrate the tax table into the gncEntry object; change how taxes
      * Refactor a lot of the business code.  Move the tax-table dialog
      * Move to invoice report into business-reports (it _IS_ a business
      update the list of files
      compile with GUILE INCS and LIBS
      business-reports is loaded from C; don't need it here
      Put the account tree into a scrolled window
      Add a notes field to the entry object.
      Update the QUERY hooks
      Change some column headings per Wilddev's suggestion
      Better error messages
      Better logging of tests.  The test still fails, but now it's
      fix g-wrap location URL
      Fix hampton's autoconf patch
      Fix a prototype error and move an enum for recent GCC (you can't
      * .../business-core/gncBillTerm*.[ch]: Add Billing Term objects.
      Fix logic for "dirty" setting; only set dirty when data actually
      * integrate the Billing Terms into the Core, GUI, and XML Backend
      Save proximo-type billterms with the right tag.  (oops)
      signal DATE_CHANGED when the focus event occurs
      * gncBillTerm: add functions to compute DueDate and DiscountDate from
      Benoit's "blank-line patch":
      Fix bugID# 85995.  Get invoice and search-dialog windows to appear
      re-sort the list of visible items when the appropriate entries
      Fix the item ordering (so it appears in ascending order)
      Get the invoice toolbar (and menubar) to appear correctly.
      Register the generic option-menu (taxtables and billterms) with
      Fix the column headers.  Expand the acronyms to be clear, and mark them
      Mixed up Taxable and TaxTable columns.  Fix that.
      Save the due-date properly (even if the focus_out_event isn't working)
      * handle double-clicks in the search dialog
      Customer and Vendors can set TaxIncluded to Yes, No, and Use Global,
      Fix bugID: 85688
      Need to supply ${GUILE_INCS} when you want the guile headers
      src/engine/gnc-lot.[ch]: provide gnc_lot_get_book() function
      * gncInvoice*, gnc-invoice-xml-v2.c: add a "posted_lot" attribute
      Fix a typo in a function name that I didn't catch earlier
      actually create the kvp_frame for the lot
      Force recomputation of lots' is_closed flag when splits are added
      src/engine/Account.[ch]: add convenience function to find open lots
      * gncOwner.[ch]: Provide functions to store/lookup an owner in a
      Uncomment code I commented before.  Keep the window size instead of
      deal properly if owner == NULL (return FALSE)
      src/engine/Transaction.[ch]: add xaccTransGetAccountValue() method to compute
      add gnc_lot_count_splits() function
      Implement xaccQueryGetLots() which is just like xaccQueryGetTransactions()
      wrap xaccQueryGetLots()
      wrap xaccTransOrder() for use by scheme
      * Create an "owner-report" which prints out a set of Invoice and
      wrap xaccSplitGetLot()
      wrap gncInvoiceGetInvoiceFromTxn()
      * Change the "Owner Report" to a "Customer Report" and "Vendor
      create xaccQueryAddGUIDMatchGL() and wrap it.  This is a special function
      Add Query system hooks for invoice-from-lot, invoice-from-txn and
      Set the query to limit searches to splits that belong to the
      Add a text label around the splash screen that includes the Gnucash
      wrap SPLIT_DATE_RECONCILED parameter
      Add a 'Reconciled Date' column to print the date of reconciled splits.
      * gnc-html: convert URLType from enum to char*
      * fix the business XML to use symbolic names for enums (instead of
      Don't assume gnu-date; use +FORMAT instead (which is more portable)
      * Convert all (well, most all) HTML URL-generators to use
      Fix the "size" problem -- the customer/vendor widget was taking up too much
      Instead of hiding the invalid toolbar entries, just make them
      As per suggestions on #gnucash, use hide() instead of insensitive() for
      Revert to using insensitive() widgets, per discussion on #gnucash
      * business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: make all my callbacks
      * register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: allow a caller to
      * business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: use glade for the
      * add a menubar to the Invoice Window in glade
      Fix a typo
      change a bunch of "callback" functions to non-static, so they can
      Fix a typo that could crash the report
      A few more typos
      Add DATE_ENTERED parameter into the searchable fields
      * fill out the Invoice Window Menu, based upon the Register
      * options.scm: Create gnc:make-account-list-limited-option
      * moved receivable and payable aging reports to business-reports;
      Change the 'owner' option.. define an owner-type and make sure
      Actually set the right copyright date
      * option-util.c: add gnc_option_get_option_data() function
      * business-options: (new files) implement owner/customer/vendor
      * business-core.scm: fix a typo
      * gw-engine-spec.scm: wrap gnc_lot_get_split_list
      * invoice.scm: add the ability to show the payments applied to
      * gw-kvp-spec.scm: wrap kvp_slot_set_slot_path_gslist(),
      * kvp-scm: create gnc_kvp_frame_delete_at_path() and wrap it.
      * kvp-scm: implement KVP_TYPE_FRAME kvp-values
      Return a kvp_value instead of a kvp_frame (type-checking is your friend)
      * gw-engine-spec.scm: wrap gnc_session_get_url(), in preparation
      * options.scm: change gnc:make-option; add two new args, scm->kvp
      * hooks.scm: fix documentation
      * gw-app-utils-spec.scm: wrap <gnc:OptionDB*>, option_db_new,
      * kvp-option-registry.scm: create a registry of kvp-options
      Make the option-path available as a variable
      make the kvp-options 'public' to make it easier to obtain later
      Use the Book-KVP-Options for the Company Name and Company Address in
      fix bugID 87676
      Change the name and move the location of the file properties menu item
      add a separator between Print and Properties
      * "global-replace for-each-in-order for-each" because the former
      * add "centered-label-cell" markup type to define a cell with tag
      * owner-report.scm: add a due-date column; change "Invoice" to
      * prefs.scm: change A/P's "Invoice" column header to "Bill"
      * Separate Bills and Invoices into (somewhat) different things.
      Don't need the TaxValue cell for Bills
      * add Billable flag and Bill-To (owner) to line-item entries.
      * add gncQueryAddBooleanMatch() convenience function
      * add a BillTo owner in the GncInvoice object.  Save it in XML if
      * modify the Entry Ledger query to pull in Billable Entries from
      * business-prefs: add the bill_reg_width preference to save the value
      * change gncEntry->account into gncEntry->invAccount and
      Fix some of the query creation code so as not to match all splits
      * acinclude.m4: fix guile bounds-check to make sure guile-config exists
      * business-gnome/ cross-link the business-core
      Applied Joachim Breitner's patch for VWD price-sources:
      * Pull up change from 1.6 to make "make dist" work on swig subdir
      * Update README to mention g-wrap 1.3.2 (instead of 1.1.9)
      * remove GNUCASH_BUILD_DATE
      Ignore gnc-version.h in CVS
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: ignore gnc-version.h
      Apply the rest of Benoit's patch (Account.h/gnc-engine-util.[ch])
      Add TaxTable entries to Vendor Invoices (Bills); make sure it does
      hampton's patch to:
      Add more startup reporting.. show the modules loading
      * fix bug #93331
      * fix bug #93333
      * -- die during configure if g-wrap version is wrong
      Fix bug #91413 -- Add TaxTable defaults to Customers and Vendors
      GUID_MATCH_ANY is allowed normally; it's GUID_MATCH_ALL that is special.
      * fix g-wrap testing in configure to work with an existing config.cache
      * get (alpha) qif-io-core to load again and "make check" to
      * wrap gnc_commodity_table_add_default_data()
      * src/scm/main.scm -- fix menu issue for LANG=de_DE.. "Preferences" is
      * src/gnc-test-env: define LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-build-env: fix trailing whitespace bug
      Herbert Thoma's patch:
      * check for ltdl.h
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c - create proper SQL, ignore bookGUID
      * src/scm/main.scm -- move (setlocale ...) earlier in the startup.
      Add comments about bug fixes
      * Fix the autoconf-2.13/2.52/2.53 problems -- Gnucash should now
      * Check for gettext in -lintl for MacOS
      * Peter O'Gorman's patch for fixing libtool on darwin
      Pogma's fixed patch
      * Implement a core CheckboxCell register type (note, still needs a
      * use the checkbox cell in the EntryLedger
      * make the Invoiced? cell mutable under limited conditions
      * Rename a bunch of reports as per Chris Lyttle's suggestions
      * report-gnome/report-gnome.scm -- Create sorted menu items
      More report renaming (and report menu renaming).  Try to keep reports
      * Change the Report MENU names, not the REPORT names (except for
      * Rename "print invoice" to "printable invoice"
      * Applied Matt Martin's advanced-portfolio patch.
      * created the backend-api document
      * books do not need to generate events
      * however they should generate destroy events
      * src/backend/file/test-xml-transaction.c -- use gnc_numeric_equal()
      * src/backend/file/test/test-file-stuff.c -- don't spew so much
      * src/test-core and src/engine/test-core should not be added to
      * add library directories for "make check"
      * Christian Krause's dialog-utils patch for style
      * Update the Backend API in the engine for better plugability.
      * add more debugging to new PostgresBackend functions
      * fix call to pgend_trans_rollback_edit()
      * fix call to pgend_trans_commit_edit()
      * fix bug #96030 -- change "Customer/Vendor Name" to "Company Name"
      * remove (old, unused) dialog-job-select.[ch] files from CVS.
      * fix some compiler warnings in dialog-customer and dialog-vendor
      * fix bug #95954 -- cache backend query compiles.  Add a hash table
      * add a 'modality' flag to the gnc-account-sel (which new-account API)
      * create search-reconciled.[ch] to implement searches by reconcile flag
      * src/engine/test/test-querynew.c -- add a warning message about
      * gnc-ledger-display.c -- honor user defaults for A/R and A/P windows
      * table-model.h -- add a flag for "READ_ONLY" cells, to all you to
      Fix the "fixes bug" message
      * gnc-ledger-display.c -- fix a memory leak (you need to g_list_free()
      * gncEntryLedgerModel.c: don't use the currency symbol when printing
      actually commit the change here...
      * Matthew Vanecek's gncQueryPrint() patch
      * gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm -- add "#include <gnc-splash.h>"
      * -- don't let GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS overwrite our list
      * -- don't double-add -Wall.  Only add -Wall for GCC.
      * fix bug #95844 -- fix qif-import/qif-parse.scm to match
      * src/dialog-account/dialog-account.c,
      * dialog-account.[ch] -- add "destroy-window" callback registration.
      * move dialog-account.[ch] from src/dialog-account to src/gnome-utils
      * move gnc-account-sel.[ch] from src/gnome to src/gnome-utils
      * app-utils/options.scm -- define new account-sel options that let you
      fix w.r.t. the move of gnc-account-sel.c.  oops.
      * -- remove -Wno-uninitialized -Wno-unused, in preparation
      * Peter O'Gorman's MacOS patch
      * app-utils/options.scm -- fix (find-first-account) to search subaccounts
      Fix a bunch of compiler warnings:
      * de.po: fix a string for Christian so it compiles.
      * new translations require leading underscores for menu names
      * gnc-backend-file.c: make sure a file HAS a date before actually
      * gncInvoice.[ch]: create gncInvoiceGetTotal(), which currently does
      * gncInvoice.c -- implement GetTotal() -- fixes #96833
      * -- add "View->SummaryBar" item to turn it off.
      * -- improved libofx configure support.  Add --with-ofx-prefix
      * import-export/ofx/gnc-ofx-import.c: use gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff() instead of strftime()
      * import-export/ofx/ add gncscm_DATA to EXTRA_DIST
      * gnc-engine-util.[ch]: add MOD_BUSINESS for logging (eww)
      * engine/gnc-be-utils.h: implement macro helpers for begin/commit functions
      * business/business-core/*.c: add begin/commit edit calls in every 'set'
      * gnome-utils/dialog-account.c: change the BeginEdit() call on the
      * business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- set the account
      * src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c: remove reference to gnc-regwidget.h
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-gui-query.c: use the right string when building
      * src/app-utils/ install i18n.h but don't include it
      * src/business/business-reports/invoice.scm: fix some strings
      2002-11-04  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * gnome/gnc-split-reg: export jump_to_* functions
      * gnome/dialog-new-user: don't call the qif-import-druid directly.
      2002-11-09  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * Fix the Find-Transactions dialog so it only has "Share Price" twice
      Fix a merge failure
      Er, only has share price _ONCE_
      * src/import-export/gnc-import-match-map.[ch]
      * business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c
      * Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      2002-11-17  Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at>
      * -- fix OFX search to look in /usr/local if it cannot
      * business-core/test/*.c -- fix the tests for begin/commit edit
      * src/scm/main.scm -- fix the load of price-quotes on guile-1.4.1
      * README/README.cvs -- update to reference how to "properly" use
      2002-11-24  Derek Atkins  <derek at>
      * src/gnome-utils/ -- New dialog to deal with
      change a string for i18n (I hope for the better)
      Change the order on some lines in the exchange dialog
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-load.c -- set the txn
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- Always
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c -- make sure we have a string
      * src/import-export/ -- make sure to distribute the scm files
      * remove -- it is no longer used
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-exchange.h -- header for the exchange-rate dialog
      2002-11-30  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- compute
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c -- compute the
      * move QuickFill and dialog-transfer into gnome-utils
      * business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c -- delay setting *new = FALSE until
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer -- update the dialog to enable
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c -- fix a bug
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      fix a typo
      Closed bug # 97690
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-p.h:
      * src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c:  add a handler for
      * README: fix references to g-wrap
      * remove src/experimental/ofx from the build system
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm:
      * src/gnome-search/ add GDK_PIXBUF_CFLAGS because
      * revert patch -- not needed.  Oops.
      * src/gnome/glade/ -- add "Edit Exchange Rate" menu
      Add a comment.
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.[ch]: add two APIs to set the
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c -- Fix the
      * revert patch in src/engine/Transaction.c -- imbalance is computed
      * po/nl.po -- don't use msgid_plural -- it fails to work.
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c:
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.c: change PWARN() to DEBUG() in
      * README.cvs: mention gettextize breakage and "cvs up -C"
      * src/gnome/window-acct-tree.c: Disallow the deletion of accounts
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c -- lookup and store entries in
      * require g-wrap >= 1.3.3
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c: invert the
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: call the to_amount_update_cb
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: always set the exchange-rate
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-layout.c: fix the
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: create new function
      * src/engine/Account.[ch]: add an xaccAccountRemoveLot() function to allow
      * add a blatent warning that the RPC code is broke!
      Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/ fix a string
      Don't call a Liability account "Accounts Payable" -- it's wrong!
      * add a set of business accounts to the setup druid
      * src/engine/Transaction.[ch]: add TRANS_NOTES and supporting routines
      * src/gnome/dialog-find-transactions.c: search on NOTES
      * src/register/ledger-core/*: gnc_table_layout_get_cell() doesn't
      * src/scm/main.scm -- mention bugzilla in the unstable message
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.[ch]: add a flag that signifies
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.[ch]: add a flag that signifies
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c: when
      * src/backend/file/io-example-account.c: fix a logic bug
      Don't forget the Equity:Opening Balances account(s)
      * macros/ include the rest of the macros in the dist.
      * src/engine/test/test-scm-query-import.scm: add a warning message
      * intl-scm/ applied John's patch to build guile-strings.c
      * src/business/business-core/file/* -- don't save half-built data.
      2002-01-07 Herbert Thoma <herbie at>
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm: return #f if
      * apply patch to use Euclid's algo for gnc_numeric_reduce
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: actually apply
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c:
      * src/business/business-core/gncBusGuile.[ch]: functions to interface
      * src/business/business-core/gw-business-core-spec.scm:
      * src/app-utils/global-options.[ch]: add gnc_default_report_currency()
      * src/business/business-core/gncOwner.[ch]: rename ...Commodity() to
      * .../business-core/gncCustomer.[ch]:
      * .../business-gnome/business-gnome.scm:
      * .../business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLayout.c: change the order
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c: fix the algorithm to compute equality
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: gh_str2scm() takes a char*, not a
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c -- make the Notes
      * src/import-export/import-utilities.c -- applied Nigel Titley's
      * src/engine/QueryNew.h: add QUERY_PARAM_ACTIVE
      * src/gnome-search/dialog-search.c -- grey out the button if it
      * src/app-utils/test/test-print-parse-amount.c: set force_fit and
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ include in
      * src/register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.c: fix a fencepost
      * src/engine/commodity-table.scm: move gnc:commodity-is-currency? here
      * qif-merge-groups.scm: Limit matches against only the accounts in
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.[ch]: add functions to
      move code around a lot.
      Mistakenly committed these (empty) files
      * src/app-utils/option-util.[ch]: add new functions to handle
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm: Remove "user name" and "user address"
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric.c -- be more intelligent when operating
      Update POTFILES due to the moved file locations
      * src/gnome-search/dialog-search.c -- reset the search-type to
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm -- combine all the Advanced prefs into one
      Fix the tooltip, which required a small change to the logic.  Default to
      2003-01-19  John Pierce <john at>
      * scrub GNOME_PRINT_CFLAGS
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-gui-query.c -- fix gnc_info_dialog() to deal
      * src/app-utils/hooks.scm -- create a new 'post-ui-startup' hook
      * -- scrub the CFLAGS for postgres, as per Roland Roberts'
      remove old gnc-business-utils.c, which doesn't exist anymore
      2003-01-19  John Pierce <XXXXXXXXXXX>
      * src/engine/QueryNew.c -- g_list_append() can take a LONG time
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric. -- fix the gnc_numeric_lcd() algo to
      * src/app-utils/test/test-scm-query-string.c -- fix a memory leak
      John Pierce's Makefile patches...
      * be more liberal in the use of AS_SCRUB_INCLUDE
      * src/business/business-reports/business-reports.scm -- need to
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerModel.c -- relabel
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- limit the
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/*.glade -- fix a tooltip to
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/*.glade -- fix a tooltip to
      * -- Apply Bill Nottingham's patch to use db4/db_185.h
      * -- don't assume gtkhtml is avail from gnome-config
      * -- fix the PG test to deal properly with non-standard
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: only asset accounts
      Matthew Vanecek's PG patches...
      * po/np.po -- add the proper "Plural" header so it builds again.
      * Nathan Neulinger's patch to gnc-split-reg.[ch] to implement
      * src/report/report-system/options-utilities.scm:
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: change the way that
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c:
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: fix the query code to use the correct
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c (pgendEnable):
      * src/engine/gnc-engine-util.c: turn off DEBUG on all the modules
      * accounts/C/acctchrt_business.gnucash-xea: fix some of the accounts
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-module.c: only set ReadOnly
      * re-enable -Werror, make sure it only is used with GCC,
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c:  change INITIAL_BUFSZ to 32000
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: use gh_scm2double() instead of
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- don't add
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: don't crash when a
      * src/quotes/ add dump-finance-quote to the DIST
      * po/
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: fix a
      * src/scm/main.scm: fix "development version" message in head
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: mark "splits" as negative
      * src/engine/gnc-lot-p.h: some strange platforms assume "char" is
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-utils.c: Don't round unless force_fit is true.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add business-utils
      * src/scm/main.scm:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c
      * src/report/standard-report/advanced-portfolio.scm: add extra
      * src/gnome/glade/ Need to start the Editor dialog
      Move some files around in preparation for re-factoring the
      * po/ fox for the search-param.c move
      * src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c: freeze/thaw the clist
      Herbert Thoma's patch to add a "display currency" column to the account tree.
      revert a change that I shouldn't have committed
      * applied Matthew Vanecek's patch to postgres/kvp-sql.c
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c:  guile-1.6 doesn't like
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm:
      2003-02-16  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * src/import-export/import-backend.c: fix a bug keeping the code
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: don't round the exchange
      * move AS_SCRUB_INCLUDE _before_ tests so it wont
      * src/gnome/glade/ Increase height of
      * src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c: make sure to resume gui refresh events
      * src/business/business-core/gncEntry.[ch]: add interfaces
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm:
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm: don't export
      * src/import-export/import-backend.c:
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c: allow the user
      * src/business/business-core/gncEmployee.[ch]: added APIs to
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-account-sel.c:
      * src/business/business-core/gncEmployee.c: name the employee name
      * src/scm/main-window.scm:  turn off the report-total by default
      * the Euroland currency rates were inverted in the transfer
      Fixed the changelog comment
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c:
      * src/calculation/ fix to build on systems that don't
      * src/engine/ make sure to add INTLLIBS in case
      * don't add -I$(GNC_INCLUDE_DIR) to the engine
      * src/business/business-core/test/test-employee.c:  fix the test
      * src/business/business-core/gncEntry.h:  Move the definitions
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: fix an assertion
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerControl.c:
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerControl.c:
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/
      When building the "name + address" string, check if the
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:
      * src/scm/main.scm: guile-1.6 requires empty lists to be quoted
      * src/report/standard-report/transactions.scm: symbols are not
      * src/gnome-util/transfer-dialog.c: Pop up a dialog if the user
      * src/gnome-search/search-date.c: Evaluate the date during
      * src/engine/Transaction.c: xaccSplitGetCorrAccountCode() should
      Applied Herbert Thoma's patch:
      Herbert Thoma's multi-currency patch (#3):
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: Applied Tomas
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-customer.c:
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: Don't try to
      * src/business/business-reports/aging.scm: fix the percentage
      * src/engine/test/ disable the test-scm-query-import
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm: Don't assume that a
      * macros/ require autoconf >= 2.53 and automake >= 1.5
      * add AC_PREREQ(2.53) to require 2.53 :)
      * fix some AC_DEFINE macros
      * acconfig.h: remove duplicate entries (for use with more recent autoheader)
      Add some extra messages so users don't shoot themselves in the
      Remove non-needed config options, generated by automake
      You need to define your variables before you call ENTER()
      Update for 1.8.3
      * src/import-export/hbci/gnc-hbci-utils.c: you have to declare
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.[ch]: an abstracted Query list
      * src/engine/Query{,P}.h: move the location of gncQuerySearchFor()
      That last patch actually fixes bug #106035
      Add a justification
      * src/gnome/reconcile-list.[ch]: Port to the gnc-query-list.
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.c: we can't use a reversed list
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm:  the numeric test
      * src/engine/gnc-lot.[ch]: add LOT_IS_CLOSED and LOT_BALANCE
      * src/engine/QueryNew.[ch]: add gncQueryGetBooks() API to return
      * src/engine/gnc-event*: add an api to force an event even when
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-query-list*: the glade and C code for
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.[ch]: pass a double
      * src/gnome-utils/print-session.[ch]: added gnucash wrappers
      * src/gnome/glade/ add "Deluxe Personal Check" type
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c:
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: some finer adjustments on
      * acinclude.m4: modify the AC_GWRAP_CHECK_GUILE() macro to
      * src/report/standard-reports/advanced-portfolio.scm:
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:  Better fix for 108731
      Nikos Charonitakis's account chart updates:
      Fix a stupid typo
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c: don't let the user do anything
      * src/report/report-system/report-utilities.scm: had the wrong
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: add some
      * src/business/business-gnome/business-gnome.scm:
      * src/import-export/ofx/test/test-link.c: fix the test program
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c: back out previous change.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: include split
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: use a 'from' date
      * src/gnome-search/search-double.c:
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: "eval" changed
      * src/business/business-reports/invoice.scm:
      * src/business/business-utils/business-prefs.scm: make the
      * src/business/business-reports/aging.scm:
      Revert a patch that wasn't supposed to be committed.
      * src/report/report-gnome/dialog-view-column.c:
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm:
      * src/register/ledger-core/dialog-dup-trans.c: If the "number" is
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.c: when asking for
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c: fix a bug where
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: change the unpost
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: don't constantly
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.c: the query headers were restructured
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: add APIs to get
      * src/gnome/glade/ add sort entries for Action and Notes
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-customer.c:
      * src/gnome/dialog-print-check.c: a simple change -- use a globally-
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-format.*: Create a new "date format"
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: make sure we have
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-format.c: ignore empty "custom" formats.
      * src/app-utils/app-utils/scm: export new dateformat option symbols
      * src/backend/file/io-gncxml-v2.[ch]: add API to the plugin
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c:
      Revert changes that should not have been committed.  Oops.  Sorry.
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.c:
      * src/backend/file/io-gncxml-v2.c: make the book-string an extern
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c: enable the
      * src/engine/QueryCore.[ch]: create a new GUID_MATCH_LIST_ANY
      * src/import-export/qif-import/druid-qif-import.c:  raise the
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-billterms.c:
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: change how the
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: Don't use
      * src/engine/Account.c: initialize the returned values in
      date.c -> gnc-date.c
      * src/engine/QueryNew.h: change QUERY_FIRST_TERM to a #define.
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c: fix gncBillTermCopy()
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: Properly
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c: Apply sam's patch:
      * src/business/business-reports/ add fancy-invoice report
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: Add a "retained
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: if we've got the 'exch rate'
      You cannot declare a variable AFTER you call DEBUG()!
      linas' change broke the build w.r.t. db.h.  revert the change and add
      linas missed one GNCBook -> QofBook conversion
      * src/engine/gnc-event*.[ch]:
      * src/engine/qofid.c: change the entity table to use
      * macros/acx_pthread.m4: macro to find the pthread library for
      * change (and comment out) checks for pthreads
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.[ch]: add a function to parse a numeric
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c:
      * src/import-export/import-parse.[ch]: routines to parse numbers
      * src/import-export/qif: an incomplete implementation of a new
      * search for db-4.1.  Fixes #116509.
      * src/gnome-util/dialog-transfer.c: fix a bunch more rounding
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: change the description
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: fix some labels and
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: add Debit and Credit
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c:  Don't need to set the
      * src/import-export/qif/...
      * src/import-export/qif/...
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c: be sure to delete the book's KVP when we
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c: be sure to delete the book's KVP when we
      * src/engine/Backend.h: add a new error, ERR_BACKEND_READONLY
      Fix a comment pointer (gnc.gwp no longer exists)
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c: don't make the chmod() and
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c: fix the message to be more appropriate
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c: Added pgendGetBook(),
      build log-replay before test
      Fix the DIST_SUBDIRS
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-edit.c: hide the calendar popup
      * src/business/business-gnome/business-gnome.scm: remove
      * src/import-export/qif/ -- add functionality to merge multiple
      * src/import-export/qif-context.c: add functions to get the list
      reorder the transaction lists to be ordered per the qif files
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-account-tree.c: add "(Report)" strings
      Support "gain/loss" balancing splits on stocks:
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: set the date-entered on
      * src/gnome/druid-loan.c: Apply patch to fix a number of
      * src/gnome/reconcile-list.c: our parent is a gnc-query-list, not
      * src/*/ Make sure we define PWD, as not all shells
      Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      * src/backend/file/sixtp.c: Add code to read XML files with real
      * rpm/ add gnucash.spec to the DIST; clean during
      Jon Lapham's new README
      Matthew Vanneck's Postgres patch:
      Jon Lapham's patch (from July 4!) to the translation HOWTO:
      Need to insert 1.5.1, not 1.5.0 when building new tables.
      Apply Nigel Titley's patch to fix #103174:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c:  during the dialog startup it
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c:  turn off scheme garbage collection
      * src/business/business-core/file/gnc-*.c:
      * src/import-export/ofx/gnc-ofx-import.c:  use <libofx/libofx.h>
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ small fix from
      Update to 1.8.7
      * src/engine/gnc-date.h: add a comment about minimum string length
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c:  Linas broke SQL when we renamed
      qofqueryobject.c -> qofclass.c
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm:
      * Added GPL boilerplates to many of my files.
      * src/report/standard-reports/advanced-portfolio.scm:
      * src/engine/test-core/test-engine-stuff.c:  don't make a timespec
      *, Makefile.DEPS:
      * src/engine/gnc-numeric.c:  Rich Johnson's patch to convert
      * src/gnome/reconcile-list.c: make sure to verify that the items
      * src/engine/qofinstance.c: return a "valid" GUID even if passed a NULL
      * src/business/business-reports/aging.scm:  When computing the aging
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: set the lot title to
      * src/engine/test-core/test-engine-stuff.c: random queries only
      * src/engine/test-core/test-engine-stuff.c: don't test double
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: need a non-const string
      * README.patches:
      * README.cvs: make it even more explicit that you should not run configure
      * src/engine/qofinstance.c: revert fix from 01-01, because it's wrong.
      * src/engine/Transaction.h: fix the xaccTransOrder() documentation
      * src/doc/
      * src/doc/ add new documentation: generic-druid-framework.txt
      It's 2004, not 2003
      * src/app-utils/file-utils.[ch]:  add gnc_getline() function
      * src/import-export/csv/gnc-csv2glist.[ch]: add file from Kevin Hammack
      * src/app-utils/options.scm: Create two new functions to centralize
      * fix a typo in the help (was --diable-gui).  Fixes #131414
      * add db-4.2 to the list of databases we search.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add import-export, ofx,
      Herbert Thoma's transfer dialog patch for accountant headers
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-layout.c:  Remove the
      * src/business/business-core/gncJob.c: Linas checked the wrong
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-load.c: make the code a
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm:
      Build CVS directly with recent gettextize; no AC_OUTPUT errors.
      Don't try to distribute nonexistant files.
      This isn't C++; variable declaration must be at the top of a block.
      Deal with gettext not doing anything on every autogen.
      Ignore built test-link file.
      Don't use C++/C99 variable declarations.
      Add more warnings to autogen.
      Revert Linas' broken changes to qof.
      Fabien COELHO's zero-balance patch.
      Fix a broken recursion problem in html-utilities.
      'sed' out of ${srcdir}
      Fix another slib3 issue.
      Remove gncOrder.h from doxygen (I hope this works correctly)
      automake-1.8.x is more pedantic about m4 quoting.
      Guile-1.6 doesn't allow string->symbol on a symbol (bug #131201).
      Vasil's patch to add "export" option to txn report.
      A few more QOF_QUERY_PARAM_GUID -> QOF_PARAM_GUID conversions.
      Fix memory corruption: add book_closing and use it.
      Auto-load a new "saved reports" config file.
      Add information about using cvs to create a patch.
      David Montenegro's Balance Sheet + Equity Statement patch (#144243).
      Add another test for Linas to fix
      Better "carry" flag to not overrun a signed 64-bit int (#114980).
      Fix a bunch of GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED warnings.
      fix a deprecated guile function (use re-export)
      print out more info when trying to print/parse numerics.  There's
      Add another test to test-numeric to show a division overflow.
      Apply David Reiser's patch for Quicken(tm) cheques with stub.
      Add TD Efunds (#145297).
      get test-query to fail consistently.
      Get test-lots to die consistently.
      Improved checks for scanf %lld and %qd as per gc-devel mail.
      Make the bug#147025 failure reproducible.
      David Montenegro's patch for trial-balance (bug #144265).
      Forgot to add trial-balance.scm.
      David Montenegro's General Ledger patch (bug #155268).
      David Montenegro's patch to fix the pnl (income statement) #105330.
      David Montenegro's General Journal (bug #109738).
      Priit Laes' patch for C90 compliance.
      Make the gnucash desktop HIG compliant (#145545).
      David's patch to handle merchandising businesses (#150008).
      Check for newer gtkhtml first (#84707).
      Neil Williams's "QOF create: functionality added" patch.
      Perry Smith's Null Account patch.
      Add option to advanced portfolio to include $0 splits (#143772).
      Fix a few problems to get CVS to compile.
      Fix xaccAccountGetBalanceAsOfDate() (bug #150757).
      Fix ISO C90 (#153465).
      Fix for x86_64.
      more x86_64 fixes.
      Andreas Rottmann's patch to support g-wrap 1.9.
      Forgot to commit ChangeLog last night.
      Don't crash when someone imports a broken QIF (#155244).
      Daniel Lindenaar's patch for posting invoices.
      Neil Williams' QOF book merge patch #1.
      Neil Williams' QOF Book Merge Patch #2.
      Phil Longstaff's patch to prevent duplicate pricedb entries.
      Heath Martin's x86_64 patch.
      James Strandboge's "Easy Invoice" patch.
      Fix parameter order to match C file (thanks for Erwin Rieger).
      * src/business/business-ledger/ add explicit
      Stephen Evanchik's trace crash patch.
      Set the query search type in the vendor dialog (#141526).
      Send an 'invoice modified' event when a payment is applied (#139092).
      Increase the max dup-trans number to 1Bill (#152772).
      Include libxml headers during compile (#121026).
      Get test-numeric working.
      Neil Williams' patch to fix the book-merge test.
      Rich Johnson's patch to include private structures in the doxygen docs.
      John Ellson's patch to fix some gcc4 warnings (bug #162582).
      Chris Shoemaker's gnc-trace patch.
      Chris Shoemaker's typo-fix patch.
      * Neil William's patch to remove static mergeData context.
      Properly accumulate splits (bug #165053).
      David Montenegro's patch for bugs #95551, #124367.
      Thomas Bushnell's patch to protect non-backup pruning (#164875).
      Fix ACCOUNT_NSCU Qof Param getter.
      Neil Williams' QOF sync patch.
      * src/engine/Account.c:
      Add extra debugging (#165571).
      Make sure us.scm is distributed.
      Fix leap-year computation in the 'last_mday' computation.
      Fix leap-year computation in the 'last_mday' computation.
      Fix to find glade symbols on some *BSD systems.
      * acinclude.m4: Add mips, mipsel, arm, and m68k for Debian.
      Fix recursion in gnc:owner-get-owner-id (reported by Chase James).
      Testing commit.  This should fail.
      Yet another cvs-acl test
      Use the svn info for the splash screen info.
      Fix David Reiser's compile problem on OSX with gcc-3.3.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Remove Andreas Köhler test.
      Derrick Hudson's patch to tell users that they need gtkhtml-3.
      Update patch to explain which versions of gtkhtml are required.
      * src/gnome-utils/ exit if "svn info" fails.
      run "svn info" in en_US locale
      use LANG=C instead of LANG=en_US
      * macros/ don't warn the user about running
      Get goffice merge to build on FC3 again.
      Update svn version grabbing code.
      remove gsf and goffice po dir from configure script.
      Remove dependency on gtk-doc from private libgsf build.
      Some changes to get code to compile on Solaris.
      raname internal fmin() to gogi_fmin().
      need to #include gkeyfile.h if we don't have glib26.
      * fix the dist-hook macro for po/
      ignore dangling symlinks when building po/
      *  add --enable-qof so build defaults to internal qof.
      * fixes to make configure more quiet
      Get GnuCash to run out of the build tree again.
      Revert 12296 -- provide a better fix for gentoo ebuild.
      Remove old gnucash and gnucash-valgrind override scripts.
      Fix a typo.  Need a backslash.
      Don't install goffice and gsf headers.
      * Properly set QOF_LIB_DIR et. al. for internal qof.
      * lib/libqof/qof/ qofla-dir.h depends on Makefile.
      * src/gnome/dialog-new-user.c: some fixes to get file to compile.
      * us AM_PATH_GWRAP properly. Exit configure on failure.
      Fix the build so Chris' command-line processing works.
      Get gnucash-bin to compile...
      Print SVN version information more often.
      Get the code to compile against glib-2.4 again.
      Fix a fencepost error.
      Continue to load even if we find config.user.
      * src/bin/gnucash-bin.c:  update splash screen while loading modules.
      Replace missing API for config-file loading.
      And don't forget to export the API.
      Thomas Klausner's NetBSD patch.
      Need to add a PATH for the tests to succeed.
      * src/engine/test/ add explicit libdep on
      * fail if we find libgsf >= 1.12.2 but not libgsf-gnome.
      Commit the msgmerge to reduce the time a clean-checkout "distcheck" takes.
      Get "make distcheck" to work....
      Properly save the guid of owners (partial fix for 328790).
      Clear up the billterm data lossage (due to a broken enum definition).
      Um, there is no "PDEBUG()", only "DEBUG()".  Oops.
      Need to insert splits into accounts before called xaccSplitSetBaseValue().
      Get libqof to link against glib and gmodule.
      Need to put the new split into the txn as well as the acct
      Re-sort an invoice entry list when an entry date changes (#320566)
      Allow specification of invoice sub-type when creating search dialog (#117354)
      Disable testing of the (not finished) qif import re-write.
      No need for the blank SUBDIRS +=
      Copy the OFX UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Copy the HBCI UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Copy the mt940 UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Specify the output xml encoding as utf8.
      Some gnc-numeric fixes (more to come).
      * src/backend/file/test/ link against libcore-utils.
      Commit msgmerge prior to 1.9.0 release.
      use g_strdup -- cannot feed SCM_STRING_CHARS() back into guile.
      * src/backend/file/ link against libcore-utils.
      A few test changes to make sure we don't fail when we're very unlucky.
      - better fix for #accounts
      Revert Chris' change in r13128.
      Print more debugging when the guile version check fails.
      Use xaccTrans{Begin,Commit}Edit in xaccTransDestroy()
      Test for an empty string when translating.  (Fixes #330179)
      added README.dependencies to the dist.  Fixes #330614.
      check that we can find g-wrap-wct.h.
      Better handling of event removal.  This allows us to actually
      don't need to scm_gc_{un,}protect_object on SCM_BOOL_F.
      set the document title properly AFTER type-str is set.
      rework the initialization to require autoconf-2.59 and automake-1.9
      Um, quote the sed script so it actually works right.  Oops.
      rename gnc:owner-get-address-dep to gnc:owner-get-name-and-address-dep
      Rework some APIs for the fancy-invoice set the client name font.  #327545.
      Brian's patch to fancy-invoice to parameterize everything.
      Des Dougan's patch to let the user choose the fancy-stylesheet image alignment.  Fixes #314048.
      Mike Alexander's Currency Scrub patch.
      Boris Zbarsky's advanced-portfolio patch. (#311549)
      Mike Alexander's patch to handle multiple currencies in reports. (#314554)
      Mike Alexander's reconcile preselection patch (#112653).
      Christian Neumair's desktop patch (#145545)
      depend on autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9
      Error out of autogen if one of the programs fails.
      Revert advanced-portfolio.scm r13244 because it breaks the report.
      use glib macro instead of cast to convert pointer to int.  Fixes #330581.
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to add display options and fix
      Mention libtool-ltdl-devel for FC4 if ltdl.h is missing.
      Fix a typo; forgot one procedure name-change instance.
      Small QOF build fix for dist and non-srcdir builds:
      set the document title properly.
      get --disable-gui configure switch to actually do what we want.
      move jsled's g-type initialization into the module init
      need g_type_init() because we don't actually "load" the file backend.
      * lib/libqof/qof/ add qofla-dir.h to DISTCLEANFILES
      Make the build work if the build directory is not the source
      Don't pass NULL to ferror() (from bug #143720).
      scrub the transaction for a currency after we replay. (#143720).
      Fix a double-set of CLEANFILES.
      * remove un-needed/wanted gsf/goffice configure options
      * autodetect OFX and use it if we find it.
      * intl-scm/xgettext.scm: remove the absolute path from filenames
      display an error dialog when we fail to parse a log file
      Also report an error dialog if the fopen() fails.
      Make sure we use tabs, not spaces, in the transaction log (#331620)
      Pop up a warning dialog if the user has no valid post-to accounts. Fixes #331730.
      Brian's patch to add company-id to the company address.
      Remember the last-used account when processing payment (#329725)
      Use glib's gi18n.h instead of redefining gettext.
      A few tests to improve get_random_query() and fix a couple test bugs.
      Don't let users post negative invoices.  (#166864)
      Phil Longstaff's patch to make the GUID length a magic number.
      Allow nested begin/commit in xaccTransSetTxnType().  Fixes #331771.
      * fix the qof configure test for OSX.
      include gtk-compat.h so we build against gtk-2.4.
      force a build from svn to have access to svn version info.
      add QOF_LIBS to link line because debian libtool is broken.
      Rework of Titi Ala'ilima's patch to apply payments directly to invoices. (#121420)
      Don't need to translate placeholder labels.
      Bill Nottingham's spelling fix.
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to add transaction links.
      error out on g-wrap-1.3, gcc4, and error-on-warning.  Fixes #330615.
      Fix a compiler warning so the code builds properly:
      * change the g-wrap 1.3 + GCC4 behavior.
      A different tact to test enable-error-on-warning.
      Don't suggest that users use --enable-error-on-warning
      properly ignore the return value of fgets().  Fixes an FC4 error.
      gstdio.h and g_mkdir are in glib-2.6 -- use old APIs with glib-2.4.
      Fix the definition of QOF_EVENT_BASE; use QOF_EVENT__LAST for tests.
      Define and emit two new events when splits are added/removed from accounts.
      gnc:get-account-from-full-name requires two args, not three (#334170)
      put ".links" into lib so rm -rf works properly from the top-level
      Make sure we translate the button label string.
      translate "Thank you.." string.
      fix the build-order (and install order) of the engine libs.
      * lib/libqof/backend/file/qsf-backend.c:  add <locale.h>
      Move sources to remove the libgw-engine dependency.
      move file-backend dependency from core to core/file.
      Missed a backslash.  Oops.
      open the bills due reminder at BOOK_OPENED instead of UI_START.
      link against GUILE_LIBS when building the test-link test app (#336007)
      * lib/libqof/qof/qof.h:  QOF requires <glib.h>
      Back out r13752.  We don't need to explicitly #include glib.h
      Revert r13749.  Wedon't need to explicitly #include glib.h
      Create a QOF_SCANF_LLD (because we cannot use the printf version).
      Get gnucash to build properly with the new QOF changes (0.6.4+)
      * lib/libqof/qof/qofbookmerge.c: fix a few memory leaks.
      Fix a bunch of 64-bit compile issues.
      need to #include gmodule.h.
      Add new files to make the string freeze that define the
      Two string fixes.
      Bill Nottingham's patch to fix a guile parser problem during build.
      Same patch as qif-import/qif-parse.scm for guile-1.8.
      Add some extra "don't shoot yourself in the foot" text to autogen.
      * add $GUILE_INCS when testing g-wrap
      Make sure to properly define _GNU_SOURCE in sub-config files.
      Use QSF #defines instead of hard-coding the library name and init-fcn
      Disable the use of external QOF and make sure we can co-exist.
      Fix the documentation of qof_query_merge for degenerate cases.
      * po/el.po: Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      need to link against gnome-utils
      revert r14081 because we always have localtime_r.
      Get the RPM SPEC to build properly (should built from future tarballs)
      remove hook to test druid for 2.0 release.
      re-add the test-druid menu item but leave it commented out
      Re-enable window sensitivity if the report fails.  Fixes #341610
      load the qsf backend from the right place.
      force-exit gnucash if a required library can't be loaded.
      QOF should load its own backend libraries.
      Updated Spanish Translation from Eneko Lacunza
      remove some duplicated code.
      * Don't need to patch libtool for darwin anymore.
      * po/nb.po: updated Norwegian Bokmål translation by Sigve Indregard
      Refactor the file backend into a shared library and a loadable module.
      Properly round values when setting the Base Value.  Fixes #337505.
      swap the #includes so it builds on FC3 w/ glib-2.4
      Move the GLIB26 compatibility checks to
      * force-enable hbci if the user enables mt940
      Allow building from either SVN or SVK
      Remove warning messages from configure script used for testing.
      Use gnc-svnversion to detect development version or tarball version
      Consider certain control character as invalid UTF-8.  Fixes #346535.
      The trunk is still a development branch.  Make it say so.
      Check for g-wrap compile-time system and bomb out if it's not found (#347404).
      Allow account-separator character in account names (#347321).
      Handle the case of a user who has svk but hasn't configured it. (#347403)
      make sure that po/ exists so configure doens't complain.
      check for (g-wrap gw-glib-spec) instead of (g-wrap) #347404.
      Make GncAddress more QOF compliant.  (#343726)
      Set the summary bar values when the window is first opened (#345978).
      check for (g-wrap) module (#347680)
      Ignore any unknown !Option specification.  Fixes #160735.
      Allow comma-radix numbers without a radix.  Fixes #142424.
      Properly round invoice entries and totals.  Fixes #300042.
      Compute the commodity scu from the ledger invoice (#300042).
      check for SLIB.  (#347922)
      Now that we distribute the SX schema properly, don't skip it
      Allow proper compile/install from tarball using separate builddir.
      Adjust the "development version" message for the 2.0.1 release.
      * move gnc-gtk-utils from core-utils to gnome-utils because
      Update win32 script to be better about failing.
      Fix some typos.  Deal with constructs that don't work with "set -e"
      use WORKING set +/-e construct.
      Be smarter about handling partially completed builds.
      Add script code to build libgsf -- tested and works for me.
      More updates to the win32 build script.
      msys sed doesn't understand "-i".  Work around that.
      Get goffice building properly.
      Check for libgoffice-0.3 before libgoffice-1.
      revert back to checking for libgoffice-0.3.pc
      Don't arbitrarily change
      modify the goffice.def later in the build.
      Patch goffice to deal properly with goffice.def
      re-add gnc:gui-refresh-all, needed by a test, removed by r14619
      libqof/backend/file needs lib/libc for the missing libc functions.
      need to include strptime.h so we get the declaration.
      and one more file needs strptime.h.
      RPM Build Requires libtool-ltdl-devel.  Fixes #355656.
      We don't have a mime-info.  Fixes #355676.
      Add pixmaps to RPM.  Fixes #355695.
      suspend events around the Commit(). Fixes #347089 when combined with r14495.
      disable lot scrubbing during Check & Repair (#357370).
      Add a new QOF_TYPE_NUMSTRING to add numeric sorts.  (#150799).
      Implement SubQuery functionality in QOF:  qof_query_run_subquery()
      Revert r14892 in order to try a different approach.
      Add the ability to override the default sort (#150799).
      Missed one patch hunk in r14903.
      Don't pass a pointer to a pointer.  It's just expecting the pointer.
      r13496 at cliodev:  warlord | 2006-10-16 22:29:43 -0400
      Don't wrap the GncOwner structure.
      Use "passive FTP" with wget, to allow building behind a firewall
      fix a small syntax bug in the reset script.
      Remove the goffice tmpdir before rebuilding it
      Don't have aktzu in the "case" twice.  Fixes #377519.
      Print out more information about "broken" splits.
      Load and store a commodity's KVP-frame (IFF it's non-empty).
      Update for 2.0.3 release
      guile 1.8's SCM_EXACTP() throws an error when passed a non-number.
      MacOSX installed libtoolize as glibtoolize.  Handle that in autogen
      lack of swig should be a fatal error (if building from SVN).
      Make sure we set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in the test environment (for MacOS X)
      MacOS X needs core-utils in the library load path for "make check" to work.
      A few more changes for "make check" to succeed on MacOS-X.
      Change around the test helper routines so we get the real test lineno.
      Uncomment the test-qofmath to make it easier to use.
      Fix the printf routines in the qofmath tests.
      Use G_GINT64_MODIFIER for qofmath test.
      Fix a gnc:warning-dialog -> gnc-warning-dialog from swigification. #393596
      gtk_html_save needs an API with size_t instead of guint (#395553)
      "string-match" uses regexp which can error out if a GNC Account has a
      gnucash-env needs DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for MacOS-X
      /tmp/qof.trace or /tmp/gnucash.trace is opened for writing directly.
      Remove hardcoded /tmp paths.
      Make sure we properly add the glib28 sources to EXTRA_DIST
      Fix the gnc-numeric test because using EXACT means we don't know
      The engine shouldn't depend on business.
      If we're not building from SVN then make sure that
      Fix the configure tests..  Need a comma instead of a period.  Oops.
      The New Turkish Lira changes from TRL to TRY in 2005.
      Use Glib GINT64 printf format.
      Build a branch for my own gobject dev work
      Preparation for QofEntity -> QofInstance:
      * Merge QofEntity into QofInstance
      Hey, look!  QofInstance has a GObject.
      Um, the branch should live under branches.  oops.
      convert QofInstance to using GObject
      get libqof to build using GObject
      Convert Account object to GObject
      Convert FreqSpec to GObject initialization.
      Convert SchedXaction to GObject initialization.
      Convert SX-book (SchedXactions) to GObject initialization.
      Convert Split objects to GObject intiialization
      Convert the Transaction object to GObject Initialization
      Convert GncBudget object to GObject initialization.
      Convert gnc_commodity objects to GObject initialization.
      convert gnc-lot object to GObject initialization
      convert price/pricedb objects to GObject initialization
      convert gncAddress to GObject initialization
      convert billterm to gobject initialization.
      convert GncCustomer to gobject initialization.
      convert GncEmployee to GObject initialzation.
      convert gncEntry to gobject init.
      Convert GncInvoice to gobject initialization.
      convert GncJob to gobject initialization
      convert GncOrder to gobject initialization.
      convert GncTaxTable to gobject initialization
      convert GncVendor to gobject initialization
      Get "make check" to work with the gobjectified objects.
      Add hooks for the gobject dispose() function so that we can
      First step of QOF/Object GObjectification.
      Phil Longstaff's patch to fix a kvp_frame bug.
      Phil Longstaff's patch to enable gnc_numeric to be a GValue
      Phil Longstaff's patch for begin/commit edit in price quotes.
      Actually load the correct module to test invalid dependencies.
      Make sure that each GNCModule has a unique set of symbols.
      Extend the stack size when pulling price quotes (#428133)
      Use POTFILES.ignore (in addition to POTFILES.skip) to placate recent intltool
      Fix space->tab issue in a Makefile (need tabs, not spaces)
      Overpayment for bills records wrong amount (#447269)
      Don't crash running the Account/Account Txn Reports from A/R (#460432)
      limit SVK version information to 5 revisions/copies.
      Don't need to test for NULL. (#460924)
      Make sure we have a valid gettext usermode when building (#476189)
      Reference bug #483631 for slib failures as well.
      Apply Andrew Sackville-West's doxygen patch.
      Revert Andrew's patch and just run "doxygen -u" to update
      Make sure the splitlist is sorted before we return it.
      A reminder of where we need to set the income/expense accounts
      Back out r16619 (#492137) because it breaks test-lots
      First pass at a Book Closing dialog (#106383)
      Fix a fencepost error in the book closing code (#106383).
      Make sure to properly parent auto-created accounts.
      (#492137) Re-apply r16619 and make a change to the test
      Choose a reasonable currency in stock registers (#116353)
      Maintain separate invoice number sequences for AR and AP (#327218)
      Add currencies XDR and XXX for IMF and "no-currency" (#504935)
      Make sure we require slib in our RPM packaging (#471321)
      reduce the width of reports (#366934)
      Fix a crash in the receivable aging report (#384879)
      Allow creation of new lots from lot viewer. (#420543)
      Don't un-clear transactions improperly when postponing reconciliation (#497517)
      Wait for pending events before displaying the tree view (#463678)
      Including all bills/invoices since the beginning of time.
      Show the balance row for all transactions before the "from" date.
      Allow the user to permanently disable currency quotes (#499496)
      Fix the logic of the #if for the warning.
      Don't need to sleep in the test. (#505894)
      Re-introduce the Profit & Loss report.
      Always ask for the QIF currency (#504007).
      Better handling of QIF Split transaction matching (#114724)
      Get distcheck working on FC7.
      If you close the books on the same day twice don't insert double txns.
      Ignore src/gnome/ in the POTFILES
      Get distcheck working again on Fedora 7
      Throw a better warning for dates before 1970 (#106242)
      Improve the QIF txn matcher (#336211)
      Fix the rounding of security transactions in the QIF Importer (#373584).
      Display the Notes if Memo is empty in Transaction Report (#454834)
      Ignore empty (whitespace) lines in QIF leader (#457591)
      When matching QIF transactions make sure the account matches (#506810)
      Small patch to recognize 401k/403b
      Fix r16860 by re-adding the slash in the XML closing tag.
      Add a new Liberty(tm) check format (GtkPrint only)
      Look for Align_n keys in check printing formats (#467529)
      Handle AB_Job_GetResultText() returning NULL (#506499)
      Honor the "used columns" in the balance row (#530924)
      Don't clean out the EXTRA_DIST pixmaps if we're not building from SVN.
      Match NULL and guid_null() for NULL GUID Matches
      GOffice >= 0.5 requires GtkHTML >= 3.14
      Better patch for goffice-0.5/gtkhtml-3.14 checking
      Fix the usages of __EXTENSIONS__ so it works with newer auto-tools
      Get GnuCash building again.
      Add Rolf to AUTHORS
      Add SQL glade file so "make check" succeeds
      Use G_GINT64_FORMAT instead of %lld for x86_64
      export the various QOF_PARAM_* settings to guile
      The update to business-urls.c requires dialog-job.h
      Fix gcc warning from qof's lookup macro
      Remove duplicate report installation
      Bug #568473 – Add option to average-balance report.
      Ignore the python-bindings when building translations.
      remove python-bindings from
      Add a glade file to the POTFILES list.
      Upgrade doxygen configuration from 1.5.2 to
      Call swig with -python because we never need -noproxy
      re-enable the python bindings
      Upload the daily builds
      Refactor into
      Use pwd instead of assuming $0 is a full path.
      it's "tagfile"
      Handle BUILD_FROM_TARBALL special for tag builds.
      More updates the build-tags scripts:
      Add AqB 3.8.3 patch for Win32
      Fix the patch name.  Oops.
      Properly reconfigure AqBanking 3.8.3 with the updated
      Add start/stop build times.
      Add the batch file for the win32 daily build.
      Make sure we copy the logfile even on error
      Let the trap happen.
      Make sure we include glade headers (#613326)
      add "isocodes" to reset directory
      Add APIs to get/set a flag signifying that a transaction is a book-closing txn.
      Revert r20082 (re-enable plugins)
      Several people reporting that swig-runtime.h wasn't being created.
      Add a "features" table to the KVP frame, and pop up an error message
      Remove (unused) LIBXML_VERSION from (#680708)
      Set SCM_FILE_LINKS even if not in a separate build directory, otherwise tests fail
      Fix typo
      Update r23747 -- require 2.0.10 for guile2 builds, but allow older versions
      Upgrade doxygen config to
      Remove the 'SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE' parameter (required for version 1.8.6)
      remove DOT_FONTNAME setting; FreeSans isn't included anymore, and we don't even use "dot"

Frank H. Ellenberger (25):
      Add "discount" to all glossary files because some languages use different translations in billing terms and invoices.
      Bug 638842 - Estonia adopted the Euro on 01.01.2011
      Add python in section optional of README.dependencies
      Improve the for translators problematic format string from gnc_entry_ledger_verify_acc_cell_ok
      Bug #642176: Add four decimals to CLF (Chilean Unidades de fomento)
      Bug #642176: Add four decimals to CLF (Chilean Unidades de fomento)
      Bug 680671: configure should check for the python-devel package if called with --enable-python
      Add info about usage of locale-specific-tax by german SKR04 to configure.
      Update DOCUMENTERS to gnucash-docs/AUTHORS r17603
      add futureValue and computeInterestIncrement to fin.scm
      Add "compound interest" and "principal payment" to glossary.
      Fix of [21869]: src/plugins/bi_import/glade/* moved to gtkbuilder, but for some reason files were only trunkated.
      Fix [13303] files were renamed, but content not adjusted.
      Bug #684719 - Man pages for gnc-fq-* perl scripts
      Bump required automake version to 1.11
      Rename .texinfo files to .texi to get rid of the warning.
      Fix a few doxygen errors and wanrnings.
      Update german glossary
      Bug 711317 - Indian Rupee Symbol appears as "?" marks
      Appendix to [23539] update
      Port of "Completion of translation into Arabic language by 55%" by abdulsalam alshilash
      Tell translators where to adjust their credits.
      Update translation into Arabic language to 44% completion on trunk
      Fix of [23550]: Translator comments don't like empty comment lines.
      [23570] there was still one "_JP" although currently commented out

Geert Janssens (1236):
      Payment dialog layout improvements
      Bug 586122 -  The AqBanking Wizard can't be loaded: plugins\20 folder to be renamed into plugins\16
      Some usability improvements to the Save As.../Open dialog
      Some usability improvements to the Save As.../Open dialog (part 2)
      Require gtk+ >= 2.8
      Fix gwenhywfar version lookup by tightening the RE used
      Bug #479581 gnucash --nofile hasn't application name in window title
      Fix bug #582325 by refactoring some deprecated guile functions:
      Bug #348701 Wrong currency symbol when currency is set to DKK
      Fix typo: accouting -> accounting
      Fix translation issues caused by r18474.
      Change 'Int' to 'Interest' and 'Div' to 'Dividend' in action strings
      Bug #589320 Price Editor - Currency Namespace does not show up
      Minor changes to global project files
      Fix script to check for > 2.8 entries to remove
      Remove the old, obsolete postgres backend and its tools
      Set svn:ignore on pl accounts like the other account directories
      Move valgrind suppression rules to debug subdirectory
      Add, and accompanying xslt sheets.
      Moved svnlog2ul from contrib to util
      Move count.* to util
      Bug #609402 Add Japanese resource to Windows (inno) setup
      Remove Linux Software Map description.
      Have the Post date widget grab the focus by default when opening the post invoice dialog.
      Move splint-defs.h to src/debug.
      Small documentation improvements for better doxygen docs
      Fix doxygen markup
      Use gtkhtml as html render in the Windows build
      Reverting r18428 as per multiple user requests. This patch needs some more work.
      Better fix for segfault at startup caused by bug 608329's patch and a renamed Accounts tab.
      Revert r18654.
      Update release to 2.3.10
      Bug #564380 Payment on bills doubles bill
      Bug #610047 - Dutch accounts template doesn't work
      Small spelling fixes in the comments
      Update libpng package dependency for win32 to 1.4.0
      Fix bug #564380 additionally for easy invoice and fancy invoice.
      README referred to a non-existent file
      Add bzr support to gnc-svnversion. Patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Display the SX variables in the "Since Last Run..." dialog in ASCII order
      Partial fix for bug #610321 Compile errors with gtk-2.10.4: GTK_BUTTONBOX_CENTER undeclared
      Bug #610348 missing dependencies in windows build
      Bump glib2 minimum requirement to 2.12.
      Build fixes for EL5 after glib 2.12 requirement
      Add a starter script for gnucash under ddd (a gui frontend for gdb)
      Bug #610051 - Crash when using GktHtml whenever a report is opened
      Bump minimum required versions of gtk+, goffice and gtkhtml
      Remove redundant GLIB check.
      Make sure file urls actually contain path information or are NULL
      Bug #608032 - MySQL timeout and no attempt reconnect, second version
      Change file loading message to "Loading user data..."
      Add dutch translation to the Windows installer.
      Remove redundant entries in EXTRA_DIST
      Update documentation references to Active Perl (5.8->5.10)
      Fix minor spelling errors
      Remove popt references
      Remove popt requirement from configure
      Remove two more popt references in support files.
      Remove reference to gnome print in the comments
      Spelling errors and trailing whitespace removal
      Remove GNOME_PRINT_{CFLAGS,LIBS} from the Makefile templates
      Minor doxygen change and lots or trailing whitespace removed
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Cosmetic: Remove duplicate include of gnc-engine.h
      Doxygen fixes
      Clarify required steps to setup windows build environment.
      Doxygen improvements, patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Bug #611470 Add Japanese concepts guide into GnuCash installer, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Bug #610321 - Compile errors with gtk-2.10.4: GTK_BUTTONBOX_CENTER undeclared
      Fix make dist
      Include gtk/gtk.h instead of gtk/gtkclist.h as recommended by Gtk
      Tweak to gnc-svnversion's bzr section, patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Typo fixes, as found by doxygen.log, patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Move gnc-filepath-utils and dependencies from engine to core-utils
      Move binreloc library include
      Remove gncmod-test from test-core
      Move filepath related tests to core-utils/test
      Add the core-utils tests in the automake system
      Build test-core before core-utils
      Remove invalid target (got copied from src/engine/test)
      Add svn:ignore to src/core-utils/test
      Change the definition of QOF_STDOUT
      Use a normalized uri format internally to refer to data stores.
      Fix circular dependency between gnome and gnome-utils introduced in r18842
      Update for the moved dialog-userpass.c and the newely added gnc-jalali.c
      Bug#325436 creating income account for invoice doesn't restrict account type
      Fix failing core-utils tests
      Bug #611645 gnc-svnversion returns "too long" a string for git users, patch by Jeff Kletsky
      Bug #610675 Register Tabs Do Not Display Since Nightly Build r18685
      Bug #525821 new or edited account names should be checked for reserved chars like ":"
      Regression fix: patch for colored tabs segfault in trunk, patch by Tom Van Braeckel
      Patch my patch in r18884. Spotted by Herbert Thoma.
      Replace Income Tax Options with Tax Report Options. Patch by J. Alex Aycinena.
      Bug #364358 - Import dialog unreadable with dark colored gtk theme (with solution)
      Add first test for the gnc-uri-utils api.
      Fix typo in previous commit
      More doxygen.log-prompted typo fixes, patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Complete unit tests for gnc-uri-utils api and fix bug found by running the tests.
      Bug #507351 Terms not defined prior to use
      Fix missing color in qif-import account copy, patch by Tom Van Braeckel
      Bug #536108 - After cancelling "save as", user is not prompted 2nd time
      Fix guint32 vs gint32 in gnc-uri-utils test.
      Fix Windows installer doc to have perl >= 5.8 instead of 5.10
      Whitespace cleanup
      Open/Save As...: configure enter/double click to run the default action.
      Bug #613655 - Cannot load MYsql data, fix invalid state file name
      Bug #605802 - Can't input Japanese characters at an account register window on windows with SCIM, IIIMF and XIM
      Add svn:ignore properties
      Remove redundant page tab setting code.
      Bug #612566 - Build failure with glib 2.10 - undefined gdk_color_to_string
      Bug #612566 - Build failure with glib 2.10 - undefined gdk_color_to_string - part 2
      Replace IF_TYPE macro with a validation function
      Fix indentation with astyle
      Bug #613963 - GnuCash opens empty window when no state file is found
      Bug #525821 - new or edited account names should be checked for reserved chars like ":"
      Bug #525821 - new or edited account names should be checked for reserved chars like ":"
      Can't add or update currencies in 2.3.11
      Configure: group platform dependent tests
      Configure: fix password store test
      Have the gnucash binary setup its required environment by itself
      Remove local srfi's and require guile 1.6.7 or better.
      Make sure only the quartz build uses
      G_PATH_SEPARATOR is not used in the environment config file. Remove it from the make script.
      Revive gnucash-setup-env on OSX/Quartz.
      Fix Windows build after introduction of the environment config file.
      Fix crash when trying to unset a parameter via the environment config file
      Add note about required Qt for + some typo fixes
      Remove unneeded path conversion on Windows
      Insert missing "format:" - otherwise it didn't build for me.
      Enable the use of gnome-keyring during loading and saving of data.
      Small corrections in the comments of gnc-commodity.h
      Update Japanese names of accounts. And remove empty ja_JP.EUC directory.
      Allow QTDIR to be defined either in pure windows format (c:\xyz\def) or unix format (/c/xyz/def) without ISS bailing out.
      pexports is only available if MSVC is installed. Encapsulate it in a conditional.
      Move one more MSVC-only line inside the MSVC test
      Makefile fixes for setup-gnucash-env on OS X
      * Make sure wget downloads are stored with filenames not containing any html garbage (& and = signs as a result of http_get parameters).
      Enable keychain functionality on OS X after fixing compiler bugs.
      Replace directory mv's with cp -r when the move potentially crosses filesystem borders.
      Bug #616615  - Request for larger size icon (96x96, 128x128, 256x256)
      Remove redundant test for ENOSYS
      Bug #616615  - Request for larger size icon (96x96, 128x128, 256x256): Properly include smaller icon sizes, remove duplicate size
      Write makefile rule to create gnucash-icon.ico.
      Enable environment file on Windows (only direct install, not via ISS installer)
      Bug #616696 - Development version warning string should not include hardcode version.
      Add missing libmysql.def to tarball
      Bug #615317 - Windows installer requires Qt libraries
      Add .log extension to qof_log filename while creating the temporary file.
      Bug #616696 - Development version warning string should not include hardcode version.
      Bug #616696 - Development version warning string should not include hardcode version.
      Bug #554936 - '' files should be renamed ''
      Bug #617072 - Update, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Updated zh_CN translation of accounts, patch by Tao Wang
      zh_CN translation of gnucash glossary file, patch by Tao Wang
      Fix some typos
      Update zh_CN translation, patch by Tao Wang
      Windows build script improvements
      Add (optional) destination file name parameter to wget_unpacked and smart_wget functions.
      Add ./ to sourced files, so that they are found when cross-compiling.
      Remove forgotten debug statement
      Bug #617558 - Header in register doesn't clear properly in double-line mode when switching from transaction to split, patch by Alex Aycinena
      Bug #617435 - webkitgtk+ cross build script, created by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Remove QSF
      Improve assert_one_dir
      Improve test_for_mingw
      Remove some additional QSF references
      Remove QSF references from cutecash
      Improve the cross-compilation process.
      Rewrite assert_one_dir function to not crash on a native build machine
      Remove qsf related code from windows installer script.
      Return only bills when searching for bills, return only invoices when searching for invoices and  return only vouchers when searching for vouchers
      A search with no search terms set by the user should still honor the original search constraints.
      Bug #357696 - Billable items appear in more than one invoice
      Bug #615510 - Gnucash crashes when creating new customer job
      Bug #352058 - Invoice entries should default to opening date of invoice.
      When posting an invoice, propose the invoice's opened date as post date.
      Fix help text, discovered by Nikos Charonitakis
      Update zh_CN account charts, patch by Tao Wang.
      zh_CN translation for Windows Installer, patch by Tao Wang.
      Repatch Windows installer for Simplified Chinese
      Reapply Simplified Chinese patches
      Add "Pay invoice" toolbar button when invoice is open.
      Add rules to copy the necessary icons during build.
      Fix windows build
      Additional fix for Simplified Chinese translation of windows installer
      Bug #618505 - Separate shell functions files from variables and steps files, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Svn ignore built files
      Bug #618647 - Compile .ico as resource into gnucash-bin.exe, patch by Tao Wang
      Win32 use up-to-date configure parameters for aqbanking
      Fix libdbi hardcoded driver directory usage
      Fix warning message of for python-binding. Patch by Tao Wang
      Bug #618646 - Should be able to run gnucash-bin.exe directly, rather than gnucash.cmd
      Properly check for the unavailability of windows webkit.
      printf with %zd is not known in mingw gcc 4.4.0 and prevents gnucash from being built with that compiler. Since this is only a debug message, I chose to replace it with %d which should also do the  right thing.
      Fix encoding issues introduced in r19204
      Fix 64-bit compiler error introduced in r19206
      Win32 - Fix installation location of some files, reported by Tao Wang.
      Fix gnc-module test after patch from bug #618646.
      Fix script that builds the release tags. Awk works differently on windows than on linux apparently.
      fix Latvian account trees, patch by Bill Nottingham.
      Bug #618434 - Decimal separator is always '.' when using the keypad, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Fix dbi drivers not found when --with-dbi-dbd-dir is set at configure time.
      Don't look for dbi drivers if dbi_initialize failed.
      Improve handling of unknown access methods (protocols). Avoid mangling of such urls, so that a clean error message can be displayed.
      Bug #378638 - log replay creates two transactions from a single logged transaction
      Move language dependent files lv_LV to lv
      Move language dependent files lv_LV to lv, one more change
      Move language dependent files lv_LV to lv
      Remove command line parameter that is ignored anyway.
      Fix a comment to reflect the actual code.
      Bug #615347 - Use enforced, consistent data file extension across supported platforms
      Explain proximo concept.
      Delegate transaction log enabling/disabling to the backends. Let only the xml backend enable logging.
      Use enum value QOF_LOG_MESSAGE (newly defined in r19257) instead of the generic G_LOG_LEVEL_MESSAGE
      Undo debug modification introduced in r19100. It bypassed the Abort and was never intended to be committed.
      Finish direct binary execution on Windows and linux and cleanup bin Makefile/targets
      Set user visible application name as part of the gui initialization.
      Bug #621602 - Upgrade svn on Windows building environment to 1.6.x, patch by Tao Wang.
      Check properly for svn availability
      Bug #619709 - Upgrade Inno Setup to 5.3.x to use utf-8 in .iss script, patch by Tao Wang
      Add Latvian readme file for Windows
      Fix encoding issues in Windows README file and translate last sentence.
      Add Latvian translation for the Windows Installer, patch by Valdis Vītoliņš
      Bug #621744 - Prompt for password is not hidden
      Fix Latvian language support for Windows installer (should have used lv instead of lv_LV)
      Add utf-8 prefix, so the Windows installer interprets the file properly
      Cleanup use of constants
      Document what to do if svn isn't found. This only applies to the scripts used to setup an automated build system
      Bug #600574 - Would like to disable creation of log files and backup files entirely
      Improve name consistency. Use "GnuCash" (or more precisely PACKAGE_NAME), wherever the name is visible to the user, and "gnucash" (or more precisely PACKAGE) everywhere else.
      Add missing UTF-8 BOM
      Change gnucash-bin to gnucash on OS X (the other platforms had been changed already)
      Updated latvian translation, patch by Valdis Vītoliņš
      Fix build failure introduced by r19285 on systems with guile 1.6.
      Bug #617797 - Win32 need to downgrade to gtk-2.16 (Default theme not working under Windows), patch by Tao Wang
      Update lv translation, correct translation prefixes
      Bug #622271 - Category 'Gas' under 'Auto' should be translated to Petrol in en_GB and en_AU
      Bug #622520 - gnucash business objects disapear on save, patch by Mark Jenkins
      Bug #622523 - Python bindings are crash prone when linked to guile
      Bug #617797 - Win32 need to downgrade to gtk-2.16 (Default theme not working under Windows), second patch adding custom themes, by Tao Wang
      Bug #622637 - The classical invoices should use the more specific strings from taxinvoice, part 1: whitespace cleanups, patch by Frank H. Ellenberger.
      Bug #622637 - The classical invoices should use the more specific strings from taxinvoice, part 2, by Frank H. Ellenberger
      Re-enable colored tabs on Windows. This works fine with gtk+2.16.
      Convert to glade-3 target gtk+2.10
      Convert glade files to gtk+2.10, next batch.
      Bug #622953 - Enable comment for date format string again in gnucash.pot, patch by Frank H. Ellenberger.
      Nice example python scripts, patch by Mark Jenkins.
      Python bindings, gncnumeric and accounttype constants, patch by Mark Jenkins.
      Fix paths. On Mandriva the original code resulted in two absolute path being appended, resulting in file not found errors.
      More path fixes.
      Fix binary test.
      Future default file extension is .gnucash, so
      Some changes to align the README files with the current state of gnucash.
      Remove obsolete code.
      Convert glade files to glade3/gtk+2.10, next batch.
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options, partial fix
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options, partial fix
      Bug #447339 - custom reports with similar names misbehaving
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options, partial fix
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options, partial fix
      Bug #623842 - Reseting of Color Tabs to default color wrong.
      Bug #623844 - CRITICAL gnc.backend Error message in trace file.
      Fix GtkSpinButton with non-zero page_size warnings.
      Remove unused dialog
      Convert dialogs to Gtk+2.10
      Convert glade files to Gtk+2.10, next batch: gnome-utils
      Convert glade files to Gtk+2.10: business dialogs except customer/vendor/invoice
      Convert glade files to Gtk+2.10: remaining business dialogs
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options
      Bug #556713 - inconsistency in report options
      Remove now empty business directories
      Fix spelling in comment.
      Bug #624623 - Patch: US Tax Report for webkit and gtkhtml
      Bug 625976 - Python Bindings Patch for Transaction.GetImbalance(), patch by Mark Jenkins
      Bug 625977 - Python Bindings, enhanced examples showing the use of Transaction.BeginEdit(), patch by Mark Jenkins
      Bug 625845 - Exporting Accounts results in 0 byte file.
      Fix gtk critical warning, patch by Bob.
      Bug 623801 - gnucash file is not saved
      Bug 616612 - Remember last location of File Open/Save dialog, partial solution
      Replace a gkt+2.18 function to be gtk+2.10 compatible
      Fix compiler error reported by Herbert Thoma
      Fix compiler warning
      Convert glade files to gtk+2.10, last batch.
      Allow negative tax percentages.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Dummy commit to test mailing list hooks.
      Bug #627325 - Update Subversion URL, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Automatically map pre-2.3.15 report option names to their new 2.3.15 equivalents.
      Move business-reports to the reports module.
      Translatable string fixes by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Bug #504954 - Wrong calculation of TAX
      Refactoring: replace all GNC_RND_* and GNC_DENOM_* occurences with their GNC_HOW_RND_* and GNC_HOW_DENOM_* equivalents
      Fix some obsolete uses of gnucash-bin.
      Some more uses of PACKAGE_NAME instead of "GnuCash"
      Remove the config-path and share-path command line options.
      Readd LD_LIBRARY_PATH to environment to make sure Guile loads the proper shared libraries
      Calculate standard-reports dir internally instead of reading it from the environment.
      Update man page following the recent removal of command line options.
      Remove GNC_STANDARD_REPORTS_DIR from gnucash launcher as well.
      Windows version: remove obsolete and duplicate parameters from the environment file
      Windows version:
      Windows build: strip the .la files in their new location
      Make GnuCash more runtime relocatable by using dynamic paths in the environment file.
      Remove obsolete file from distribution list
      Add vendor search to python bindings and refactors files gncIDSearch.c/h with vendor search.
      Updates for Latvian po file, patch by Valdis Vītoliņš.
      Cleanup whitespace
      GnuCash on Windows is built with webkit, no need to install gtkhtml
      Bug #588414 - Got "Entry Point Not Found" errors starting GnuCash, but ran OK
      Spelling correction in comment.
      Bug #626681 - date fields missing in GUI, lost in change from 2.2.9 to 2.3.14
      some bitrot in python bindings examples/tests, patch by Daniele Varrazzo
      Updated Latvian translation for the Windows installer, patch by Valdis Vītoliņš
      Bug #616697 - string "Payment rec'd..." should be more cleared.
      Add newly introduced gconf parameter in the default schema.
      Spelling fixes in comments
      Fix Stock Split Druid.
      Bug #628865 - Error dialog displays password to MySql database when fails to connect
      Fix typo in comment
      Eliminate *-vicinity functions from e-guile reports.
      Fix disambiguation prefix translation errors, by Valdis Vītoliņš
      Fix invalid po file header
      Add missing header, issue detected via failing make distcheck
      Revert r19475. That revision fixed one rounding error, but introduced another one.
      Bug #628960 - Column width unchanged after shortening translation string
      Fix typos in comments.
      Separate load paths for shared libraries and gnucash loadable modules.
      Make sure the right gnc-fq-* scripts are used.
      Commit missed file for gnc-fq-* location fix.
      Remove incompatible example files (X-Account) and update the README file
      Remove obsolete example files: also remove them from the makefile.
      Rework two nearly identical fuctions into a common function with parameters.
      File dialog - make enter activate the default action for mysql/pgsql selection.
      Replace all occurrences of the old gnc_book_get_pricedb with the newer gnc_pricedb_get_db
      Spelling fixes in comments.
      Rename old gnc_book_get_commodity_table into the newer gnc_commodity_table_get_table.
      Bug #593479 - Account file being deleted because of erroneous checking for lock file.
      Bug #502853 - Incorrent tax rounding in invoice (rounding of .5)
      Some whitespace cleanups
      Bug #630770 - Crash when connection lost using db
      Preferences window improvements:
      Bug #634357 followup: convert New and Open submenus into plain menus
      Reactivate English docs generation in Windows build
      Disable Italian docs generation I just accidentally enabled. It
      Bug #609581 - Gnucash 2.3.8 offers to create db and then fails to do so
      Bug #633550 - Help and concepts guide are missing from the prebuilt binary (because xsltproc chokes on undefined entities)
      Bug #634906 - Re-enable splash screen preference option
      Splash screen: minor code cleanup
      Fix GtkSpinButton with page-size deprecated warning in gnucash.trace
      Bug #635911 GnuCash crashes out when trying to save-as MySQL
      Use proper decimal separator for monetary amounts
      Fix some spelling errors in doxigen documentation
      Remove obsolete compatibility code in the state file processing.
      Remove unused variable.
      Bug 639322 part 1: add extension .gcm to future state files
      Bug 639322 part 2: display an error message if a user attempts to save beneath gnc_dotgnucash_dir
      Bug 639322 part 2b: display an error message if a user attempts to export to somewhere in gnc_dotgnucash_dir
      Bug 639322 part 3: provide users with a sensible first time "Save As..." path on Windows
      This patch adds a new option under Edit -> Preferences -> Date/Time
      Whitespace cleanups
      Add icons for Duplicate Invoice functionality
      Bug #352057 button to create a new invoice when viewing an old one.
      Bug #467311 Print invoice button should be restored to View invoice
      Bug #629501 Nonexistent field in error message
      Use last changed revision number instead of last-commited-somewhere-in-repo
      Bug #638762 - Windows 7 64-bit: GnuCash will not start due to existing SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH env variable
      Update svn:ignore for bi_import plugin
      One more svn:ignore for bi_import plugin
      Spelling fixes in code comments.
      Bug #631789 - "Assets" in summary bar does not match assets displayed
      Allow all book types instead of only sqlite3 for
      Clarify the use of pathnames in the python bindings example scripts
      Bug #640061 - Invoice items are not saved, patch by Christoph
      Bug #642445 [PATCH] Segfault when tip_of_the_day.list is empty
      Set a printer job name when printing reports and cheques
      Update gtk include headers to follow gtk recommendations (only include gtk/gtk.h)
      Only show the Save As dialog at the end of the Hierarchy druid if it
      Bug #347265 - budget column resizing/options applies to all budget
      Update page name if budget is renamed.
      Present already open budget page if the user tries to open a budget more than once
      Update page name if invoice/bill is renamed.
      Small spelling corrections in comments and some whitespace adjustments
      Fix Gtk CRIT warnings introduced in r20351
      Remove some obsolete files
      Add additional debug markers
      Add more debug logging.
      Bug #521817 - Guid_init causes very long startup delay if Novell
      Add comments to warn about lack of Windows support in the guid_init
      Additional svn:ignore settings
      Fix missing timestamp in trace files on Windows
      Bug #642739 - Translog files being created in Gnucash program
      Bug #644557 - gnucash-2.4.3: downstream patches to fix tests linking
      Bug #641645 - Support ActivePerl 5.12 for Finance:Quote on Windows
      Bug #645173 - [PATCH] Configure check uses hardcoded webkit library
      Whitespace and spelling corrections
      Add some convenience getter functions to gncOwner.
      Bug #615168: Remove spurious (require 'hash-table) instances
      Bug #615168: Remove instances of (use-modules (ice-9 slib))
      Bug #615168: Remove check for slib
      Bug #615168: N_ in the root module
      Windows: avoid GROUP_NAME redefined error with mingw gcc 4.5.2
      Bug #615168: N_ in the root module
      Require guile 1.8.5 and remove all 1.6.x specific conditions
      Windows build: update gcc to 4.5.2
      Windows build: patch libofx to build with mingw gcc 4.5.2
      Windows build: update guile to 1.8.8 and remove slib
      Windows build: fix libstdc++-6 DLL error
      Windows build: update dist script for guile 1.8
      Adapt the windows build system to deal with swapping mingw installations on one build machine
      Rework the Windows weekly 2.4 build to avoid parallel builds (which would fail
      Build server: automatically create directories on webserver for new branches
      Some additional Windows nightly build fixes:
      Improve message printed on screen
      Fix windows build:
      Windows build: fix upload code
      Windows build: allow to remove mingw
      Windows build: fix weekly 2.4 build and move log files into separate directory
      Windows nightly build: fix webserver directory creation hack
      Various spelling fixes in comments and translatable strings.
      Add assistant-utils, equivalent of druid-utils to be used with
      Add New Account Hierarchy assistant to replace the druid
      Introduce a new directory to store all gtkbuilder compatible ui files
      Provide gtkbuilder equivalents for some libglade based support functions
      Replace Account Hierarchy setup druid with gtkbuilder compatible gtkassistant
      Remove gnome dependency
      Fix currency entry alignment in hierarchy assistant
      Use quotes instead of <> to include project local header files
      Windows build: fix logfile naming for tag builds
      Bug #629156 Recently Used Filenames incorrectly displayed
      Bug #628342 - Quick open on File menu deleted if failed
      Bug #626408 - Gnucash File Open Error when double-clicking the File
      Refactor utility function to allow merging multiple (glade) objects together in one gtkbuilder object
      Convert Account dialog from libglade to gtkbuilder
      Remove unwanted use of G_MODULE_EXPORT again from the new gtkbuilder
      Fix guile load path for guile 1.8
      Restore save after new account hierarchy as submitted by Robert Fewell
      Bug #436479 - Gnucash doesn't display the data file name in the title
      Revert "Bug #436479 - Gnucash doesn't display the data file name in the title"
      gncOwner convenience functions: jobs do have an active state, fix the getter function. At the same time, move the Job Active getter with the other getters. This is why I missed it the first time.
      Add owner tree model similar to accounts tree model. This is not used yet.
      Add generic owner setter function for the active property
      Add convenience function to set name of an owner regardless of its type
      Add Tree view widget for owner objects, not used yet
      Refactor gncOwnerCreate/Destroy into gncOwnerNew/Free to avoid confusion with similar gnc<ownertype>Create/Destroy functions, like gncVendorCreate, gncCustomerDestroy and so on. The type specific functions add or delete the owner from the book, while the generic one only allocated memory or freed memory to hold a generic owner. Changing the name makes it clear the generic and specific functions are not related. Note: this change may require a clean rebuild. I'm not sure if swig picks this up automatically.
      Add gncOnwer* convenience wrappers for BeginEdit, CommitEdit and Destroy. This allows to begin edit, commit edit or destroy an owner without knowing its type.
      Add a page/tab to display an owner tree with some basic toolbar buttons and menus
      Owner tree: fix crash when modifying owner name
      Fix doxygen comments
      Emit qof add events when a new owner is added
      Always explicitly define an owner when converting from a qof entity
      Properly handle owner add events in the owner tree view
      Fix improper qof instance conversion in owner plugin page
      Disable delete owner feature for now, it causes a crash
      Rename owner.ui to
      Windows build: fix additional obsolete references to guile 1.6
      Fix crash when editing existing owners from the new owner tree overview pages
      Delete unused dialog
      Convert "Delete Account" dialog to gtkbuilder.
      Bug #650584 - Change Stock Split Druid to an Assistant
      Stock Split Assistant - improve validation steps
      Replace obsolete gnome include with gtk include
      Spelling and other fixes in comments
      Convert Account Filter By dialog to gtkbuilder format
      Convert "Renumber Subaccounts" dialog to gtkbuilder format
      Remove unused variable
      Windows build: properly configure msys before checking mingw
      Windows build: be sure to restore msys environment even when the build
      Fix warning for missing Delete Owner action
      Minor code cleanups in owner list code
      Add New Invoice/Bill/Voucher toolbar button on owner list page
      Bug #651648 - Change Account period Druid to an Assistant
      Restore accidentally deleted file in r20730
      Follow up on bug #650598 - Cannot Enter Nth Day of Month Scheduled
      Replace deprecated xml tag in chart of accounts templates
      Bug #652193 - Upcoming Scheduled Transactions Calendar Starting Month
      Windows build: change default gtk theme to work around a number of
      Bug #612562 - Transfer Funds dialog - 'Show Income/Expense' checkboxes
      Convert transfer dialog to gtkbuilder format
      Owner page: double click now opens edit window, name no longer
      Owner tree: define better set of default visible columns
      Owner Tree: add vendor/customer listing buttons/menu items
      Convert Autoclear dialog to gtkbuilder with some additional code cleanups
      Factor out some common report code
      Whitespace cleanup
      Owner report: add link to edit options in case of error
      Owner Tree: add menu to open owner report (Vendor/Customer/Employee)
      Owner overview: use consistent action names
      Convert commodities dialog to gtkbuilder format
      Account Hierarchy assistant: correct page type
      Convert loan repayment calculator to gtkbuilder format
      Remove unused dialog
      Bug #651992 - Exported invoices do not render correctly in Firefox
      Bug #651889 - Using trading accounts, new non-expanded trading transaction shows inverted rates in exchange dialog
      Bug #632931 - Advanced Portfolio: new income column shows negative
      Bug #652377 - XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance for reports
      Bug #652435 - Fancy invoice export has <generic> tags in it preventing
      Bug #652257 - Memory leak in gnc-file.c
      Force custom url handlers to lowercase to deal with Webkit 1.4's case
      Fix report reload and options change that got broken by the previous
      Bug #646541 - new invoice line items default to invoice open date
      Remove local-only file frop
      Bug #655901 - Fix build with guile 2.0
      Add missing include file
      Bug #653109 Change Loan Druid to an Assistant
      Use separate glade file per assistant
      Bug #655518 Migrate Price / Securities from GladeXML to Builder
      Fix a weird include
      Add note for qofmath128.c include in the source file itself
      Update after recent glade to gtkbuilder conversions
      Remove deprecated clist.
      Convert lot viewer GUI to gtkbuilder format
      Rename lot viewer related files to be more in line with other dialogs
      Bug #656174 Migrate Cheque / date from GladeXML to Builder
      Rename gnome gtkbuilder files to match the source file they are called
      Rename gnome-utils gtkbuilder files to match the source file they are
      Update based the last few commits
      Restructure file to make it easier to read
      Spelling and comment improvements
      Bug #542020 invoice/bill payment dialogue: automatic account as
      Bug #656422 Migrate Search from GladeXML to Builder
      Fix critical error
      Spelling corrections in comments
      Move some functions to better locations
      Implement a balance for owners and show it on the owners view page
      Fix crash in invoice payment introduced in commit 21181
      Owner balances: flip sign
      Bug #656752 - Migrate Budgets from GladeXML to Builder
      Bug #656786 - Allow splits to be added to/removed from lots in lotviewer
      contrib: add an XSLT style sheet to create an account list
      contrib: add a style sheet to create an account hierarchy template from a GnuCash file
      contrib: update/add README files for style sheets
      contrib: add license information for style sheets
      Add qof queries to python bindings and set PYTHON_PATH in gnucash-env
      Move ui related balance calculation functions to separate file
      When posting an invoice it warns of no post-to account selected.
      Add some warnings to help tracing file loading issues
      Bug #657596 - Migrate Scheduled Transactions from GladeXML to Builder
      Bug #655901 - Fix build with guile 2.0, part 2
      Bug #658244 - Custom css stylesheet and logo in Tax Invoice report
      Use billing_id consistently (fixed billing_id/billingid/biing_id mixup)
      Pass document type to gnc_bi_import_fix_bis function and use it to perform correct document owner check: vendor for bill, customer for invoice.
      Inverted conditions for gnc_search_bill_on_id / gnc_search_invoice_on_id. g_ascii_strcasecmp returns 0 when arguments are equal.
      Check correct field when testing if date_opened was set for a document.
      Open invoice in a new tab only if it has not been posted yet.
      Changed 3rd import regexp to actually accept quotes on all fields, and 4rd to accept commas and quotes, as advertised in the UI.
      minor formating fix
      The previous seven patches were by Rafał Krzewski.
      Bug #651175 - Script to export invoices to LaTeX
      Change default post date:
      Improved regexps for CSV files with quotes - quotes are allowed but not required on all fields.
      Normalized regexps. Non quoted regexp require complete match (no trailing garbage allowed). Default regexp was brought in sync with GUI option 1 (selected by default). Now a complete set of fields (possibly empty) on each line is required.
      Tweaked alignment of import type radio button group for better consistency and dialog resize behavior.
      Opening new bills / invoices made configurable from UI.
      Business import: add a note about the quoting differences
      Bug #657596 - Migrate Scheduled Transactions from GladeXML to Builder
      Bug #612562 - Transfer Funds dialog - 'Show Income/Expense' checkboxes
      Bug #659504 - Migrate Register and reconcile from GladeXML to Builder
      Added gncVendor and gncCustomer to base-typemap.i.
      Added bindings for Employee, Job and Owner types.
      Completed mapping for owner types and added tests.
      Added test for Employee name (uses GncOwner*Name).
      Bug 651645 - Windows SVN trunk nightly builds fails to open compressed
      Ignore some autogenerated files
      Bug #660369 - Migrate Report dialogs to Builder from GladeXML
      Bug #365928 - Jobs do not stick in Expense Vouchers
      Bug #553432 - Status line of edit invoice page mixes invoice currency
      Add more debugging info in an effort to find the cause of bug #510720
      Small improvements to the hierarchy assistant:
      Introduce GncInvoiceType enum and start using it instead of the char based Invoice Type.
      Use GncInvoiceType in query for bills due reminder
      Introduce credit_note flag in invoice object
      Bug #661218 - Migrate New user, progress and user pass dialogs to
      Update after last commit
      Prepare invoice search to handle both invoices and credit notes
      Add link to split in its account register to all payment lines on the
      Rename an ambiguous parameter to avoid confusion.
      Prepare internal post-to code to handle credit notes
      Use "Nimbus" gtk theme on Windows.
      Some const correctness improvements in owner and invoice functions
      Assert that the invoice type is never an unknown type.
      Bug #651522 - crash in query_free_compiled, gnc_query_list_reset_query
      Bug #661220 - Critical errors when closing down Gnucash
      Fix summary bar errors on invoices since commit 21411.
      Bug #661721 - Exposed Password
      Bug #420342 - remember register filter and ordering settings
      Bug #626970 - Crash when saving a transaction whose destination account
      Bug #626970 - Crash when saving a transaction whose destination account
      Bug #661851 - Migrate Account and Owner glade files
      Bug #661852 - Migrate Totd and file access dialog from GladeXML to
      Bug #655901 - Fix build with guile 2.0
      Rework owner payment code to work with credit notes as well as invoices
      Bug #662477 - Desktop file not compliant with FreeDesktop spec and GNOME
      Bug #658992 - Changing the order of the balance sheet
      Provide an alternative for the option menu based business
      Convert to gtkbuilder
      Add two more alternatives for the option-menu based dropdowns.
      Convert customer dialog to gtkbuilder
      Bug #662864 - Migrate Various dialogs to Builder from GladeXML
      Some small whitespace fixes and comment improvements.
      Remove some unused dialogs as spotted by Robert Fewell in bug #662864
      Bug #420342 - remember register filter and ordering settings
      Convert vendor dialog to gtkbuilder
      Whitespace cleanup in
      Remove option menu dependency from business-options-gnome
      Remove the deprecated optionmenu widget based convenience functions.
      Protect strcmp from crashing on NULL values
      Bug #639082 - General Journal report reports an error
      Bug #651565 - Billing term not set properly when using "Clone
      Check for guile-2.0 as well as guile-1.8.
      Set GUILE_INCS as an output variable.
      Bug #663638 - Posting Invoices asks for curency conversion for blank
      Set maxdepth debug option only in guile 1.8 and before
      Bug #663057 - Migrate Gconf setup druid to assistant
      Fix critical warning when quitting from the gconf startup dialog.
      Bug #663433 - Migrate preferences from GladeXML to Builder
      Remove unused files, fix a comment
      Update due to previous commit
      Introduce credit-note kvp value to distinguish invoices from credit
      Add invoice/credit note type field and selector to invoice dialog and
      Adapt entry ledger to credit notes
      Make easy-invoice report credit note aware
      Don't install a script that is only used for building and testing.
      Reset required gtk version back to 2.16 for glade files.
      Tighten gtk+ requirement to 2.18.1
      Bug #663433 follow up - Migrate report options dialog from GladeXML to
      Convert payment dialog to gtkbuilder
      Fix subtotal sign in credit note ledger
      Fix autofill on credit note ledgers.
      Adapt printable invoice report for credit notes
      Fix xml backend to load and save invoice kvp values.
      Fix load warnings in utility-reports tests.
      Partly revert previous commit. Although it eliminated a couple of
      Fix load warnings in report-system tests
      Move eguile balance report to business-reports as it depends on business
      Fix load warnings in standard-reports tests
      Fix load warnings in report-gnome tests.
      Fix load warnings in gnome-utils tests
      Fix failing python-bindings tests.
      Spelling fixes in doxygen comments
      Fix failing xml backend test.
      Fix load errors in import-export tests
      Dissolve the business-core module, by integrating its remaining bits in
      Dissolve dialog-tax-table module by moving its only object into
      Dissolve business-utils module by moving the leftovers into app-utils.
      Bug #630804 - make check failure in business module
      Remove unneeded circular dependency between business-reports and
      Bug #664877 - Migrate Qif Import Druid to an Assistant
      Bug #664877 - Migrate Qif Import Druid to an Assistant
      Bug #665401 - Migrate Tax Report Options from GladeXML to Builder
      Remove some empty directories
      Remove some more empty directories
      Bug #661383 - GnuCash segfault on Linux (Fedora 16 beta) because of
      Bug #665202 - Improve python-finding code
      ActivePerl only allows to download the most recent version. So change
      Fix some static warnings and errors as a result of Eclipse's static code
      Replace deprecated GtkTooltips with new GtkTooltip interface.
      Add more conditional parts based on GTKCOMBO_BOX_TOOLTIPS_WORK
      Avoid risk on a rare crash after r21680.
      Abort posting if not all required exchange rates are given.
      Bug #649362 - Transfer Funds Window Exchange Rate and Decimal Points
      Rename parameter for clarity.
      Bug #665998 - Migrate Aqbanking from druid to assistant / builder.
      Bug #666311 - Migrate inport-export GladeXML dialogs to builder
      Replace no-op function force_account_dirty with qof_book_mark_dirty
      Revert "Replace no-op function force_account_dirty with qof_book_mark_dirty"
      Replace no-op function force_account_dirty with qof_book_mark_dirty
      Add some more debug logging to standard-reports.scm
      Improve kvp handling in aqbanking plugin.
      Bug #666459 - Migrate the remaining business dialogs to builder
      Remove empty directory left behind by previous commit
      win32 build: indicate when begins or ends and remove redundant crosscompile check
      Win32 build: abort build process if step failed.
      Avoid build failure if a temporary directory still exists
      Win32: fix clean trunk build
      Win32: use new location of gnucash doc directory
      Win32: add include to find strtol and strtod
      Bug #666709 - Migrate Tax tables dialog to Builder
      Remove unused gnc_druid code.
      Remove unused gnc-dialog code, spotted by Robert Fewell.
      Remove one more gnc_druid related file.
      Win32: use proper cpp and ld include parameters
      Bug #667871 - Migrate druid old xml file import to an assistant
      Delete unmaintained and unused binary importer.
      Remove no longer used druid-utils (replaced with assistant-utils)
      Some small gnome header cleanups.
      Remove empty directories (which the git-svn bridge ignores)
      Bug #667417 - Fix build with glib 2.31.x
      Bug #667581 - Migrate Invoice / Bill plugin to Builder
      Remove the stable version numbers from the Development warning version.
      Avoid guile dependency in the python bindings
      Remove some stray references to libglade.
      Win32 installer: always remove previously installed versions.
      Restore missing customer|vendor in easy invoice.
      Move the features tests to its own source files.
      Add function to set a feature as used and use it for a first feature:
      Rework payment dialog for credit notes
      Small cleanups:
      Use better variable name to avoid confusion with is_cn
      Rework entry value getters
      Introduce entry getters that return the balance value as opposed to
      Update invoice reports to use the new entry value getters.
      Modify gncInvoice to use the new entry value getters
      Modify fancy invoice to work with credit notes.
      Introduce two convenience functions to simplify quantity handling for invoice/credit note entries.
      Modify Tax Invoice report to work properly with credit notes
      Make invoice totals always document values. These functions are only
      Hide some now internal-only functions from the public GncEntry interface
      Fix credit card charges for credited vouchers ("credit notes for
      Refactor code to avoid duplication
      Rework interaction between payments and invoices.
      Optimization: don't sort lot list if it will only be traversed to calculate a sum
      Improve open lot selection when posting an invoice
      Small fixes in comments
      Rework interaction between payments and invoices part 2.
      Remove some obsolete (and now malfunctioning) code.
      Keep the lot list sorted during payment processing to ensure the oldest
      Win32: tag builds when a tag is not x.y.z (like 2.4.10-1) fail to upload
      Bug #584819 - Company name is not shown by default on some reports
      Fix a GtkWarning in the Account Hierarchy Assistant which occurs if the
      Bug #669494 - Swedish account plan provided (BAS 2012)
      Bug 632931: Advanced Portfolio: total gains does not include income
      Fix "'txn' may be used uninitialized in this function" warning
      Bug #670002 - updates to comments format for gnc-fq-check and
      Add an additional test that hopefully will shed more light on bug
      Payment dialog ui tweaks. Make it slightly larger by default and enable sorting on the document list
      Use correct list iterator instead of list pointer.
      Fix make dist for Swedish accounts files
      Fix crash/invalid memory access when unposting an invoice.
      Bug #673855 - fixes and enhancements to example script
      Bug #673877 - fixes and enhancements to example script
      Bug #674276 - fixes and enhancements to example
      Further tweaks to enable git on the windows build
      Remove empty lines from AC_CONFIG_SOURCES as this will cause the Windows build to fail
      Bug #670355 - Automated install of Perl with Finance-Quote
      Rearrange install-fq-mods.cmd to avoid duplicate code and make it easier to understand
      Remove some unused function declarations
      Add getter/setter for fake Employee name propery.
      Add gnc{Owner,Invoice}ApplyPayment functions.
      Bug #674273 - fixes and enhancements to example
      Allow to change document type when duplicating an invoice.
      Cosmetic: move include to source file. It's not used in the header file.
      Fix credit note duplication. It was not possible to duplicate a credit
      Bug #677859 - Depreciated functions in Gtk+2.24
      Bug #677859 - Depreciated functions in Gtk+2.24
      Bug #677859 - Depreciated functions in Gtk+2.24
      Fix Account Report menu option when used on A/R or A/P registers.
      Revert some unintended testfile changes that accidentally slipped in in
      Bug #671323 - Scheduled monthly transactions lose "except on weekends"
      Bug #678214 - GnuCash fails to open some post-processed XML files
      Bug #675201 - slight bugfix to prior enchancement post for example
      Invoice report - display Job info in new line
      Some small code cleanups in check printing code
      Bug #631611 - Check printing fails because fonts are too tiny on Windows
      Bug #677572 - 3-part check format
      Fix tip-of-the-day with gcc-4.7
      Bug #678848 - Customer/Vendor reports off-by-one on start date
      Bug #494861 - Business reports lose a/p & a/r account options
      Wrong parameter is used to load from and save to kvp
      Rewrite the tip-of-the-day parsing logic
      Modify one tip of the day to illustrate the use of \n in tips
      Properly calculate amount to pay when post-to account is not the first
      Remove depreciated Option functions - part 1
      Remove depreciated Option functions - part 2
      Remove depreciated Option functions - part 3
      Remove unused, depreciated functions
      Double click on parent account expands/collapses child account list
      Cleanups in save/restore window position and sizes
      Avoid windows with saved positions to reopen off-screen if possible
      Payment dialog - amend r22263
      Adapt payment dialog for credit notes.
      Bug #680887 - RELAX NG schema for 2.4.11 XML file format
      Initial code for a new register.
      Refactor safe_strcmp into the glib standard g_strcmp0
      Bug #672161 - New CSV account and transaction importer
      Bug #677859 - Remove depreciated CList functions
      Bug #677859 - Allow space to (un)reconcile in the reconcile window
      Register2: small improvements
      Update after recent file additions/removals
      Win32: fix UPDATE_SOURCES with a git repo
      First attempt at rewriting the win32 automated build scripts for git
      Win32: bugfix in the git scripts
      Win32: more automated build from git fixes
      Win32 build: remove UPDATE_SOURCES parameter
      Win32 nightly build: build trunk from git by default.
      Win32: fix tag build for git
      Win32: more fixes for git based tag build
      Bug #463969 - Allow Selection of Multiple Transactions During Reconcile
      Small optimizations to the previous commit.
      Make weekly build truly weekly again
      Win32: fix log file name generated by automated build
      Win32: call proper script to autobuild from git
      Win32 automated build: add note about Windows' restriction on updating
      Win32: call proper script when building tags from git
      Win32: restore UPDATE_SOURCES in tags build script.
      Win32 tag builds: match tag cache syntax with the actual tag checks
      Win32 tag build: fix typo
      Win32 tag build: fix another typo
      Win32 tag build: avoid Windows paths in git commands
      Win32 tag build: fix yet another typo
      Win32 nightly build: add timestamp in package name created from git
      Follow up on bug #563565
      Win32 nightlies: more small build tweaks
      W32 nightly: fix typos in previous commit
      Win32 nightly: match built package name to the one expected for upload
      Win32 nightly: fix syntax error caused by previous commit
      Bug #610648 - Change Reconciled Split Dialog ignores pressing Cancel
      Question dialog: treat close button in title bar as "Cancel" iso "No"
      Added new tip for scheduled transactions
      Bug #344869 - No warning when you change a reconciled split from another
      Payment dialog: use more sensible names for payment amounts
      Bug #632931 - Advanced portfolio: add "rate of gain" column
      Simplify dialog creation on date close dialog
      Replace deprecated GDK_* with GDK_KEY_*
      Reduce dependency on libgnome
      Bug #682660 - Add Account background colour to Account page.
      Add comments and small code optimizations to the previous commit
      Fix critical gtk warning introduced with r22360
      Eliminate gnome dependency in file location functions
      Show help and guide in gnome independent way
      Replace gnome_program_init with gtk_init
      Win32 build: remove libgnome related parts from the build scripts
      Win32 build: more post-libgnome related build script changes
      Add missing file to dist
      Small code cleanups in the gnucash-bin code
      Don't set the log file in gnc_module_init
      Move option parsing back into its own function
      Register rewrite: make separate menu item for general ledger based on
      Further register rewrite work.
      Add unittests for mysql and postgresql backends
      Bug #677488 - DROP INDEX missing ON <table>
      Add sql drop index test to cover bug #677488
      Win32 build - build docs either from git (default) or svn
      Minor changes to indicate svn is not the only/primary vcs used.
      Change of mind. Use scm instead of vcs.
      Register rewrite - another update
      Bug 680887 - Updated RELAX NG schema for trunk XML file format
      Add README file to explain the gnucash.rnc Relax NG schema
      Updated file
      Small spelling and comment improvements accumulated while working on other stuff
      Rewrite misleading comment
      Bug 673193 - Possible Register migration to TreeView
      Bug #638971 - Multicolumn report does not show more than one graph
      Fix potential crash with malformed reports
      Synchronize DOCUMENTERS document with gnucash doc's AUTHORS file
      Fix gnc-help protocol and illustrate its use in the hello world report
      Rewrite gncFindFile function in C and move it to file-utils.
      Eliminate use of gnc:find-file
      Remove now unused scm file
      Remove guile commandline handling
      Drop gnc:main; it is an empty function by now
      Remove unused guile references in various source files
      Drop non-functioning old test functions
      Make sure all functions are defined only once in the header file
      Use correct parameter sequence for g_date_time_get_ymd
      Fix some warnings generated by Eclipse's static code analysis plugin
      Rewrite option dialog callback in C
      Guile 2: replace deprecated SCM_SYMBOL_CHARS function
      Guile 2: replace deprecated functions
      Guile 2 : replace deprecated scm_makfrom0str function
      Guile 2: drop custom kvtable in favour of standard hashtable
      Drop workarounds for potential guile issues with long long
      Replace now obsolete wrappers by the functions they called directly
      Move configure test to a more appropriate location
      Remove unused CFLAGS in configure test
      Remove code that was intended for guile before 1.6
      Add new file to POTFILES
      Drop obsolete custom hash-fold definition.
      Drop obsolete custom string-join definition.
      Drop unused custom gettext macro
      Drop syntax export of N_ and move related bits together
      Fix double definition of gnc-build-dotgnucash-path
      Guile 2: fix autocompile errors
      Guile2: avoid build failure on deprecated guile symbols
      Guile2 : replace deprecated SCM_LENGTH
      Fix compiler warnings introduced by the guile 2 patches
      Move some guile convenience routines to core utils
      Use gnc_guile_call1_to_string convenience function where appropriate
      Readd gnc_scm_to_locale_string function and use it where appropriate
      Properly use scm_dynwind_* functions where they still make sense
      Normalize naming convention for guile convenience functions
      Move gnc_guile_strip_comments to core-utils and normalize its name to
      Bug #672364 - does not properly handle XML parse errors, leading to
      Win32 build system: Experimental bootstrap script
      Bug #604520 Explain scope of find transaction tool.
      Define line ending style for different file types
      Win32 build: remove obsolete patches
      Win32 build: rename patch files to consistently end in .patch
      Win32 build: some more patchfile cleanups
      Fix another eol issue
      Win32 build: add attribution for a code snippet in bootstrap
      Bug #680086 - Each Tip of the Day has an n shown at the end
      Enable jqplot for barchart, piechart and scatterchart
      Fix code to find html files
      jqplot: fix paths to js and css files
      Update to jqplot 1.0.6
      Improve barchart
      Define EOL style for javascript files
      Improve jqplot's barchart renderer's barWidth and barPadding calculation
      Improve piechart
      Improve scatterplot chart
      Improve linechart
      Drop goffice dependency from our html engine
      Charts: source formatting
      Charts: improve tooltips on line and bar charts
      jqplot line chart: make markers and grid optional again
      Fix compile error after r22799 due to missing CFLAGS
      Add tax tables lookup to python bindings.
      Add child functions to Account in python bindings.
      Fix make check failure pointed out by Alex Aycinena
      Winbuild: remove obsolete pixman dependency
      Register rewrite Update.
      Register rewrite Update
      Bug #696469 - renumbering subaccounts does not preserve original order
      Remove unused guile-mappings.h include instead of adding GUILE_INCS
      Prevent engine's guile dependency from leaking to modules not directly
      Commit nex file (missed it in previous commit)
      Fix indirect libguile dependency in business ledger
      Fix indirect libguile dependency in customer import
      Fix indirect libguile dependency in bi_import plugin
      Register rewrite Update, this adds the trading accounts option with some other changes.
      Fix compiler warning
      Register rewrite Update, this adds the schedule option with some other changes.
      This update fixes the schedule of share purchase.
      Register rewrite Update, this fixes some leaks and renames some functions.
      Register rewrite Update, this adds some preference options and fixes a tab issue.
      Fix chart positioning on multi-column report
      REST API Example for Python Bindings
      make distcheck altered
      Rename gnc-main to gnc-core-prefs
      Add new core prefs
      Move gnc-gconf-utils to app-utils
      Refactor file backend settings to no longer depend on gconf
      Tests: harmonize test initialization
      Bug #698781 can't build with glib 2.36: error: 'g_type_init' is deprecated
      Register rewrite Update, change the default for the new register and rename old one.
      Bug #589865 In the report "Budget flow" period it doesn't work ok
      Bug #589865 In the report "Budget flow" period it doesn't work ok
      Bug #584869 net change line in general journal report broken
      Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 01
      Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 02
      Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 03
      Bug #682800 Generated balances on Report different than calculated balances on Ledger when using "open subaccounts"
      Fix charts on Windows
      Win32: build 2.5 tagged releases from git instead of svn
      Win32 fix path to git build script for tags
      Win32 git: fetch potentially new tags before running the tags build
      Add code to generate ChangeLog from git
      Add script to generate a list of changes in html format between two revisions based on git log
      Support for querying Bitcoin/Litecoin prices via F::Q's MtGox module
      Cleanup non-relevant comments introduced with r22825
      Register rewrite Update, bug fixes and allow mouse to change reconcile flag.
      Register rewrite Update, bug fixes and allow mouse to change reconcile flag.
      Register rewrite Update, bug fixes and transaction commit changes.
      Fix windows build after it got broken by r22982
      Update copyright year and make it translatable
      Update gitignore
      Bug 383928 - Bad command name: Remove transaction splits
      Add exported ids to reports.. useful for testing
      Add some plumbing for report changes - test framework plus some utility methods
      Reports: Add collector-into-list function.. turns the idea of adding stuff to a
      Reports: Add collector functionality for side effects..
      Utils: Add "gnc:timepair?" function; useful for ensuring functions are called in a type-safe way.
      Log a warning if a test shows more than 100% progress.
      Add test suite for standard tests
      reports: faster versions of category, net-barchart and net-linechart reports
      Reports: Deal with closing transactions.
      reports: cleaned up a few methods in report-collectors
      Refactor so that we don't have to call gnc:progress functions while creating a report
      Win32: make sure RC file is actually considered for linking
      Win32: add VERSIONINFO block to RC file and convert in into a template to be completed during configure
      Reports: Reduce test verbosity
      Fix distcheck and automake 1.13 build failure
      Use SCM_FILE_LINKS properly and some cleanups of report test makefiles
      Update .gitignore
      Report test makefiles: avoid extra softlinks for out-of-tree building
      Lookup business reports by id instead of by name
      Report system legacy code cleanup
      Report system: regroup legacy functions
      Report system - emit warning when trying to restore named-based saved reports
      Delete report function: use less ambiguous variable name
      Return success or failure when writing report templates to save file
      Return guid of newly-created report template to calling function
      Define 'custom-template' property on report instances (not used yet)
      New functions to check for custom templates
      New function to rename a saved report
      Rework custom reports dialog
      Require custom report template names to be unique (among other custom report templates)
      Custom reports dialog - track template guids directly in model instead of separate list
      Bug #699686 - Startup dialog windows should be top level windows
      A whitespace cleanup, no functional changes
      Fix crash when saved-reports file doesn't exist
      Add back translation support in combo boxes that was accidentally removed in 1286a896a66a3002e98913b9016f1dc56f7137d7
      Fix windows compilation error since r23083
      New function to open custom reports dialog with one report name in edit mode
      Implement Save and Save As for custom report templates
      Bug 704525 - When you have a mix of chart types (bar charts and pie charts)
      Bug 704525 - When you have a mix of chart types (bar charts and pie charts)
      Add comment to document the hack for multicolumn multi-chart reports
      Bug 334939 - Account Report and Account Transaction Report are apparently the same, but different
      Add appdata description file to be used in Gnome's App store
      Bug #704039 time zone is not respected on windows
      Bug 603183 - Equity statement shows incorrect changes
      Bug 603183 - Equity statement shows incorrect changes
      Bug 603183 - Equity statement shows incorrect changes
      Prevent 2.4 from crashing when loading a book that was opened with 2.6 before.
      Revert dbi check
      Improve tab behaviour in Stock split assistant
      Revert r23187 "Revert dbi check"
      Remove redundant call
      Remove obsolete enable_euro key from gconf
      Cleanup after file backend settings refactoring
      Whitespace cleanup, comment improvements and spelling fixes
      Use more generic parameter name to cut association with gconf
      Prepare for GSettings conversion
      Add GSettings schemas and build rules
      Add some initialization code for GSettings
      GSettings: add functions to listen for changes
      GSettings: add functions to get/set most common data types
      GSettings: add functions to unset a key or complete schema
      GSettings: add function to bind a gsettings key to a gobject property
      Refactor preferences
      Remove obsolete gconf setup assistant.
      Create gsettings schema entries for all gconf keys currently in use
      Amend XDG_DATA_DIRS if not installed in default prefix
      Temporarily use gconf as gsettings backend
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate first preference option (first_user) to new preference system
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate most preferences found in app-utils
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate search dialog and saved window geometry preferences
      GncCurrencyEdit: add gobject property mnemonic
      GncPeriodSelect: add gobject property active
      GncDateEdit: add gobject property "time"
      Prepare preferences dialog to work with gnc-prefs instead of gconf.
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate all GtkFontButton widgets (default_font property)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GtkCheckbutton widgets (and associated preferences) - first batch
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate 24hour_clock preference and fix the code
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate extra_toolbuttons preference (business option)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GtkCheckbutton widgets (and associated preferences) - second batch
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GtkCheckbutton widgets (and associated preferences) - last batch
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GtkSpinbutton widgets (and associated preferences)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate int-typed preferences (and GtkCombobox widgets linked to them)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate file history plugin
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate account_separator preference (and associated GtkEntry widget)
      Resave preferences dialog with a recent glade-3 version
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate date_format preference
      Gnc-Prefs: remove toolbar_style preference
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GtkRadiobutton widgets (and associated preferences)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate gnc-plugin gconf machinery
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GncCurrencyEdit widgets (and associated preferences)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GncPeriodSelect widgets (and associated preferences)
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate GncDateEdit widgets (and associated preferences)
      Gnc-Prefs: cleanup some remaining bits from the preferences dialog
      Drop option to customize gconf_path via command line or environment variable
      Gnc-Prefs: migrate remaining gconf calls in check printing
      Gnc-Prefs: cleanup (most) gconf wiring in import-export
      Gnc-Prefs: cleanup gconf wiring in report system
      Gnc-Prefs: cleanup gconf wiring in main summarybar
      Refactor gnc-tree-view based widgets such that only gnc-tree-view itself deals with gconf
      Remove unused gconf includes, cflags and libs so far
      Gnc-Prefs: Convert gnc user warnings
      Remove state saving/restoring code from gnc-tree-view
      Remove state saving/restoring code from new and old register code
      Gnc-Prefs: call gnc_gui_refresh_all on changes in the general prefs group
      Remove remaining gconf code bits
      Properly share a variable between two source files
      Gnc-Prefs: rename preferences to be compliant with gsettings syntax rules
      Gnc-Prefs: stop using gconf as gsettings backend
      Add some debugging code to gnc-gsettings
      Test for empty filename in addition to no filename
      Gnc-Prefs: update the windows build system to handle gsettings properly
      Gnc-Prefs: add convenience functions for int64 and coords typed preferences
      Gsettings schema corrections
      Gnc-Prefs: add code to migrate settings from gconf to gsettings at runtime
      Fix make distcheck
      Move prefs migration call from app-utils module load to inner_main
      Prefs migrate: skip preferences that don't have a value set
      Gnc-Prefs: windows limits preference names to 32 characters
      Gnc-Prefs: disable migration of aqbanking prefs for now
      Gnc-Prefs: fix crash in migration script on Win32
      Gnc-Prefs: make the prefs migration actually do something on Windows
      Prefs migration improvements
      Prefs migration: fix radiobutton prefs migration
      Prefs migration: write xsl transform to migrate a pair of coordinates
      Prefs migration: migrate ofx and aqbanking prefs if these options were enabled at build time
      Prefs migration: improve messaging
      Fix build error with clang
      Prevent crash due to accessing a non-existent gsettings schema
      Fix bug 668530
      Fix bug 708659
      Do not remove gnucash_core.c in clean rule
      Elaborate a bit on why compile time XDG_DATA_DIRS is added to the mix
      Set tab position when opening a new window
      Bug 710055 - advanced portfolio report counts capital gains split as dividend
      Drop check for glib >= 2.14, glib >= 2.28 is already required
      Add default-to-save timeout on save-on-changes dialog
      Win32: set XDG_DATA_DIRS when running the Windows installer
      Register rewrite Update, remove update for next release.
      Revert "[PATCH] Register rewrite Update, remove update for next release."
      Remove reference to schema that was deleted earlier
      Abort configure if --enable-ofx specified but no libofx development files found
      Fix budget options descriptions field
      Fix gsettings schema for commodities editor
      Check for availability of xsltproc at configure time
      Add a new user_symbol property to the Commodity class
      Use the new user_symbol property where relevant
      Copy the test-files to the builddir, and use that in GNC_TEST_FILES
      Add a user_symbol to one UT
      Add a field to the commodity editor allowing setting the user symbol.
      Ignore autogenerated Makefile[.in] for gschemas directories
      Fix window position/size saving
      Register rewrite Update, revised removal update for next release. This update adds a configure option --enable-register2 which will enable the register2 changes at compile time, there are also some changes to use the Gnucash --extra parameter that displays some of the new register2 functionality for testing. Author: Robert Fewell
      Avoid the need for a duplicate
      Configure: don't list ofx twice in selected components
      Clean up preferences for pricedb-editor and price-editor
      Fix save count down timer on Windows
      Prohibit setting budget values greater than num_periods
      Add off-by-one warning in comment
      Small XDG_DATA_DIRS improvements
      Use the symbol in iso-4217-currencies by default
      Remove some unused includes
      Remove gnc_build_book_path from swig interface file
      On file open, only destroy a previous session if really exists
      Move state handling code to separate file and improve on it
      Re-implement state save/restore functionality in gnc_tree_view
      Remove function that no longer adds value
      Fix crash when deleting budget
      Cleanup leftover from state save/restore re-implementation
      Some white space and comment improvements
      Bug 710979 - Crash in gnc_plugin_page_invoice_summarybar_position_changed
      Remove now unused parameter
      Code reindentation
      Code reindentation in tests
      Bug 687479 - Automatic invoice/payment matching on posting an invoice should be an optional feature
      Bug 687478 - Bills due reminder doesn't work well with credit notes
      Improve visual appearance and sorting of Invoice payment dialog
      Bug 693244 - View Lots window enhancements
      Update after my recent work
      Use proper conversion modifier for unsigned int
      Bug 711294 - Gnucash repeatedly ask associated income account when import qfx file
      Enable translations on gsettings schemas
      Improve guile testing in
      Replace all uses of GUILE_INCS with GUILE_CFLAGS
      Use guile/python executable as found during configure for tests and some support scripts
      Make python test find its test files for out of tree builds
      Bug 709589 - make check fails with guile 2
      Bug 707311 - Tax Invoice fails to open when using guile 2
      Don't create invoice when Duplicate invoice dialog is cancelled
      Fix distcheck-hook to handle [type: ] prefixes in properly
      Don't distribute files generated by configure
      Remove some redundant variable definitions in
      Small fixes to make the Windows build work again after r23412
      Bug 712299 - Tax Invoice with guile 2 doesn't display currency symbols
      Fix typos in translatable strings
      Win32: remove gconf related settings from the installer script
      Win32: more consistent use of @PACKAGE@ for gnucash package name in installer script
      Suppress a few harmless state file related warnings at startup
      Bug 710905 - Column withs, visibility, order and sort order not saved and restored
      Register2: improve sort functionality
      When an account or budget is deleted, drop any associated saved state
      Guile2: fix two tests in report system
      Preferences fixes
      Bug 712299 - Tax Invoice with guile 2 doesn't display currency symbols (second attempt)
      Fix several test failures under guile 2 with auto compile enabled
      Report the proper minimum version for libgoffice when not found at configure time
      Set proper EOL style for windows vbs script
      Fix line-ending styles on a few windows scripts
      Fix price quotes installation on Windows
      Bug 707311 - Tax Invoice fails to open when using guile 2 - addendum
      Improve cond-expand/eval-when usage based on feedback from the guile developers
      GSettings: only load backend when installed
      Fix python test
      Bug 715123 - Post invoice problem, cannot unpost
      Bug 630578 - current date instead of posting date in exchange rate, when posting a bill
      Multi-currency "Post invoice" improvements
      Bug 627575 - Stylesheet names with non-alphanumeric characters and saved-reports
      Bug 627575 - Stylesheet names with non-alphanumeric characters and saved-reports -- addendum
      Fix report background image loading on Windows
      Remove obsolete conditional that's never triggered anymore
      Long term fix for wrong version number part of bug 639371
      Fix (harmless) report warnings as reported in bug 639371
      Ensure that opening an existing book never opens an empty main window.
      Bug 720235 - Python bindings should load environment file just like gnucash does
      Build svn releases with documentation from a matching branch
      Use scm_[to/from]_utf8_string instead of scm_[to/from]_locale_string as per guile recommendation
      Bug 719481 - GnuCash report crashes with Guile2
      Guile 1.8 fixes for r23556 and r23557
      SWIG version updates
      Add missing macros to distribution and silence libtool warning
      Reset Warnings dialog: show translated warnings
      Drop double blanks from gschema strings.
      Bug 720556 - The Tip of the Day preference isn't getting saved
      Prevent account hierarchy assistant from opening a second account hierarchy upon completion
      Fix some warnings while creating a new book
      Bug 720646 - New Book Tabs on Windows
      Revert "Bug 720646 - New Book Tabs on Windows"
      Use same name for dialog and menu related to preconfigured reports
      Make "New Book Options" dialog transient for its caller where possible
      Don't create a second account hierarchy page when cancelling the Hierarchy Assistant
      Bug 720646 - New Book Tabs on Windows
      Fix compile warning introduced in r23602
      Prevent gnc-numeric overflow in advanced portfolio report
      Update gnome appdata file to pass validity check
      Bug 721600 - Segmentation fault on startup if report Income/Expense Chart was opened since last running
      Win32: update swig to 2.0.11 to fix the build after commit 23702
      Bug 721306 - Account hierarchy column widths are reset when restarting a second time without changing the widths
      Bug 721211 - Reconciliation checkboxes fail to sync for split transactions across sub-accounts
      Win32: don't apply swig patch on this platform
      Require swig 2.0.10 when building from svn/git
      Change double-click behaviour on account hierarchy
      Fix make distcheck on systems that do have swig >= 2.0.10
      Escape labels for jqplot charts
      Drop old ampersand subsitution in a couple of reports
      Drop some unused variables
      Bug 677489 - Critical error reported when initializing an Invoice
      Add some debug output to help in debugging locale problems
      Python bindings: open init file in read mode, not read-write
      Win32 tag builds: use existing download directory instead of copying it
      Win32: update daily_build.bat rules
      Document the need for a gsettings backend
      Harmonize whitespace
      Bug 721677 - Customer Summary does not include inactive customers
      Bug 724427 - New account plan for Sweden
      Bug 724426 - Errors in account plan
      Add note for the new Swedish account file
      Remove obsolete, unused gsettings schema
      Fix 'Assign As Payment' feature
      Rework payment dialog to better guide the user
      Bug 724578 - Problems clearing incompletely paid invoices
      Fix compilation error on Windows
      Restructure dbd driver search path determination
      Fix GLib assert on windows when entering a date in dst
      Bug 497831 - Can't change the date of a transaction with certain locales
      Bug 724753 - Saved Multicolumn Report Error
      Whitespace cleanup
      Improve function names and comments to reduce ambibuity
      Some code refactoring to avoid duplication

J. Alex Aycinena (46):
      Remove leading character N from tax code, but only if it is there, and remove leading blank character when no tax code.
      Add info about sub-accounts to Tax Info column on Accounts page.
      Fix typo
      Modify Tax Info on Account Page to display or not display sub-account info based on whether row is expanded.
      Modify Tax Info on Account Page to display or not display sub-account info based on whether row is expanded.
      Correct memory leak found with valgrind
      Correct memory leaks found with valgrind
      Correct memory leaks found with valgrind
      Add validation of tax-entity-type in book relative to locale-based tsx.scm
      Improve txf scheme routines to handle invalid tax-entity-types more gracefully.
      Correct memory leaks found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leaks found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leaks found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leaks found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Fix memory leaks found with valgrind
      Correct memory leaks found with valgrind
      Correct memory leak found with valgrind
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Correct memory handling of scm_to_locale_string per guile manual
      Reverse changeset 20663; wrong place to correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Correct memory leak found with Valgrind.
      Update txf.scm to reflect changes to US Income Tax Forms and Schedules for 2011.
      Update xml file backend to recognize a newer version file on load attempt, not load, and alert user of need to upgrade Gnucash.
      Add  to the includes in, which were implicitly included by  until taken out in r21880; this gets make check complete
      Properly handle Windos end-of-line markers in determining xml file versions.
      Remove g_free of msg two lines before it is returned from function.
      Add ability to import a csv column to 'notes' field; fix 'OK' and 'New Account' button widths
      Correct error in search dialog where results sub-window(s) is(are) erroneously created.
      Implement a Book Option to give users the choice to use the transaction number field (default and current behaviour) or, alternatively, the split action field of the anchor split for 'Num' column on registers, reports, import and export, where applicable. The difference between the two is that with the default, the same 'Num' is displayed for a given transaction regardless of what register it is viewed in and with the new option, a different 'Num' can be entered/displayed for a given transaction in each register it is viewed in. In both cases, the 'next number logic' of the 'Num' cell is based on the account of the register the transaction is entered/viewed from but in one case it fills the transaction number, in the other, it fills the split action field of the anchor split (with the transaction number field displayed in the register cell labeled 'T-Num'). In both cases, both fields are visible and can be used as free-form text in double-line mode for any value the user wants. If the new option is not s
      Remove circular dependency introduced in r22681
      Update txf.scm to reflect changes to US Income Tax Forms and Schedules for 2012.
      Update taxtxf.scm to fix beginning balance sign and signs for Transfer From/To amounts for
      Replace GtkLabel with a GtkTextView within a GtkScrolledWindow for error summary for csv account import so that window doesn't get larger than screen with large error messages.
      Vary some menu labels and tooltips based on cursor class: transaction or split.
      Update txf.scm for 2013 US Income Tax for,/schedule changes

James LewisMoss (152):
      Add long description.
      Expense -> Expenses (to match all the other files)
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-ui-util.c (gnc_ui_account_get_balance):
      * src/engine/Account.c (xaccCloneAccountSimple): new func.
      * src/engine/Group.c (xaccGroupForEachAccount): change from
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_set_group): free account group
      * src/engine/rpc/RpcUtils.c (rpcend_build_gncacctlist):
      * src/engine/sql/PostgresBackend.c (pgendGetAllAccountKVP): use
      almost complete new user stuff.
      * src/scm/main.scm ((gnc:main)): remove the main window startup
      write title as well.
      * src/engine/sixtp-dom-generators.c (int_to_dom_tree):new func.
      remove cruft (extra window no longer used)
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-account-xml-v2.c (gnc_account_end_handler):
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c
      add long descriptions (plucking some stuff out of short to do it).
      fix compile warnings (misspelled string, missing SYSTEM on a couple of
      remove cruft.
      * src/engine/ (libgncengine_la_SOURCES): remove
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): create new user dialog on new
      update strings.
      add account list at new file pref (unused currently)
      remove newlines in long descriptions.
      add build depends
      * (TAGS): ignore debian dir.
      remove an extra blank line.
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): call gnc_ui_show_new_user_window
      * src/gnome/new-user-callbacks.c (cancel_everything_out): new func
      * src/gnome/new-user-funs.c (gnc_new_user_dialog_is_new_user): new
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm ((gnc:current-tip-number)): reset
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c (set_commodity_value): use
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-v2.c (gnc_counter_end_handler): use
      * src/engine/sixtp-dom-parsers.c (string_to_integer): remove
      remove string_to_integer prototype.
      * src/engine/sixtp-utils.c: (string_to_gint64) return FALSE if the
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-accountedit.sgml: Remove title for section so
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-acctypes.sgml: Remove title for section so
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-adjbalwin.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-apar.sgml: remove sectionness of first bit.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-asset-liability-barcharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-asset-liability-piecharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-balancereport.sgml: insert section around
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-balancesheet.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-commodity.sgml: insert section around
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-common-report-options.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-currencyhandling.sgml (LINKEND): remove first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-dateinput.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-depreciation.sgml: remove sectionness of first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-euro.sgml: remove top level sect1 and promote
      fix ref to QIF to XACC-QIF-something
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gnome-mdi.sgml: remove first section's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gnucash-web-browser.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-gpl.sgml: more cleanups.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-income-expense-barcharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-income-expense-piecharts.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-locatingtxns.sgml: promote sect3's to sect2's.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-mainwin.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-multicolumn-view-reports.sgml: remove section
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-net-worth-barchart.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-newacctwin.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-pnl.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-portfolio-report.sgml: remove section title.
      fix QIF ref to XACC-QIF-IMPORT.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-print-check.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-print.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-qif-import.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      fix ref to QIF to XACC-QIF-IMPORT
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-quickstart.sgml: remove sect1.  promote sect2's
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-regwin-kbd.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-regwin.sgml: remove sectionness of first
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-reports.sgml: remove sectionness of first section.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-stock-price-report.sgml: remove section title.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-tax-report.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-trans-report.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-categories.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-export-anomalies.sgml: wrap content in
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-txf-export.sgml: wrap content in sect1.
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-y2k.sgml: wrap content in sect1
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * README: fix dependancies.  Spell check.
      * README.patches: remove warning at top.  Up version number to
      add some to libgal failure message.
      files for xacc-account-hierarchy-creator.sgml
      * src/FileDialog.c (gncFileNew): lookup pref and do or don't run
      * src/gnome/new-user-callbacks.c: fix test for commodity added by
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/C/xacc-quickstart.sgml: add link to
      better description.
      (on_chooseAccountTypesPage_prepare): use new func to determine
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/README.translator.txt (variables): add instructions for
      screen shots of the preferences dialog.
      cleanup.  include links to screen shots.
      cleanup.  updates.  fix FIXME.  more text.  cleanup grammar.  etc.
      add libdb to depends list.
      * (CFLAGS): add test-files makefiles to list.
      *** empty log message ***
      * doc/sgml/de_DE/ remove empty SUBDIRS setting.
      add .deps.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_write_to_file): remove useless
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c (set_commodity_value): strip
      * src/engine/io-gncxml-v2.c (gnc_book_write_to_xml_file_v2): check
      *** empty log message ***
      remove conflict indicator.
      * src/engine/gnc-account-xml-v2.c (gnc_account_end_handler): use
      * src/engine/gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/top-level.c (gnucash_ui_init): remove the \n's frome
      up the date some.
      remove perl stuff.  use
      remove debian dir so it isn't distributed with source.
      Richard Braakman's xml lib version test.
      *** empty log message ***
      file backendifying.
      combine all the v1 xml parser code into one file (io-gncxml-v1.c)
      * src/engine/gnc-pricedb-xml-v1.c: remove include of
      * src/engine/gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c: remove include of removed
      fix missing space between func name and arg list warnings.  Also fix
      add .deps, .libs,, *.lo and *.la to appropriate cvsignore files.
      move modules to /usr/lib/gnucash from /usr/lib and change
      * src/engine/md5.c: include string.h to get bcopy def.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/backend/file/gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c: add null stuff to
      add .deps, .libs, *.lo and *.lo to .cvsignore's
      * src/guile/ remove file-utils.[ch] &
      * src/register/register-gnome/
      * src/gnc-module/ (libgw_gnc_module_la_SOURCES): add
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c (gnc_module_system_setup_load_path):
      add kvp g-wrap module.
      *** empty log message ***
      update etags generation.
      remove crufty code.
      minor formatting changes.  add copyright.
      .deps, .libs, *.la, *.lo added.
      minor formatting change.
      remove cruft.
      add xml dir to dist.
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model-save.c
      cleanup of double stuff.
      fix first checkout problem of wanting gw-gnc-module.h and it not being
      add .libs.
      add dep of gw-engine.h on gncmod-engine.c so it gets generated.
      added dep of gnc-dir.h on dialog-utils.c so it gets generated.

Jeremy King (1):
      Bug 725131 - Adding Payments to Fancy Invoice

John Ralls (529):
      Remove erroneous use lib from gnc-fq-*, along with PERLINC setup in
      Corrections to r18610 to permit compiling against older versions of glib
      Fix null-pointer dereference from r18612
      Ensure that GNC_DOT_PATH and other gnc_dotgnucash_dir() logic is
      Reverted 18699
      Redo of the dot-gnucash fix (so that GNC_DOT_DIR actually works) fixing bug 610707, adding Doxygen comments for all functions in gnc-filepath-utils, and adding testing for xaccResolveURI and more tests for xaccResolveFilePath.
      Add src/engine/test/test-resolve-url
      Removed erroneously re-created src/engine/gnc-filepath-utils.c
      Fixup binreloc, which wasn't working correctly on OSX
      Forgot to delete a diagnostic in 18941
      Fix bug #613375
      Cleanup cruft and an error from r18945
      Change from ige-mac-menu to GtkOSXApplication for OSX integration. Fixes 600590.
      Fix gnc_dbd_dir foulup
      Update binreloc to use Cocoa-based GtkOSXApplication instead of ige-mac-bundle.
      Implement help for OSX
      Remove AC_PROG_OBJC from
      Default key accelerator map for OSX, using Command instead of Control
      Disable enviroment_overide() when MAC_INTEGRATION is defined: It doesn't play well with App Bundles.
      Fix typo in which broke creating new commodities
      Add missing enum value
      OSX: Set locale and languages from User Defaults.
      OSX: Use the language list instead of the locale
      Modify the osx_accel_map to reflect the different keybinding in Gtk+-2.20
      New Latvian translation of the business account chart, thanks to Valdis Vītoliņš <valdis.vitolins at>
      [Bug 560052] Force use of internal strptime to work around bug in the Leopard libc.
      Update binreloc to use the free functions for bundle id and resource path
      Restored changes of r19477 inadvertently reverted in r19515
      Consolidate accelerator map loading for OSX with the others. Accelerator maps can't be modified interactively in OSX so there's no point to reloading the saved map.
      Fix typo in osx_accel_map, caused error in Accounts page Actions>Transfer accelerator
      Fix misplaced quote in backend/dbi/test/, broke dbi testing.
      Remove lbgncmod-backend-xml as an additional library in business/business-core/test/ is a loadable module, not a shared library, and it shouldn't be dynamically linked. While this will do no harm on Linux, it fails on OSX/Darwin.
      Bug 611077: Warn instead of assert about gtk_html_jump_to_anchor not being implemented in webkit. Note, however, that Webkit seems to take care of this on its own, so even the warning may be unnecessary.
      qoflog.h: No such macro as G_LOG_LEVEL_FATAL
      Bug 632166: Notify user when something goes wrong with a transaction save.
      Bug 632166: A Better fix that doesn't break string freeze or introduce a Gtk GUI dependency into the backend.
      Fix minor typo in error message.
      Bug 632166: gnc_backend_sql_sync_all: Commit only if all operations were successful; otherwise roll back.
      Bug 632166: Restore the old session if "save as" fails.
      Remove gnc_book_mark_saved from gnc_sql_save_book. It's a bit premature to mark the book as saved when we haven't yet saved its contents.
      Bug 611077: Removed warnings, webkit handles jumps to anchors internally
      Bug 627831: Implements recursion into storing and retrieving nested slot frames and lists.
      Bug 629238: Part 1: Create a lock table for postgresql and mysql backends.
      Bug 629238: Part 2: Extend locking table to SQLite3.
      Minor fixups to dbi backend:
      Revised handling of obsolete security elements, made log messages better.
      Bugs 632346 & 632166: Fixup transaction currency scrubbing.
      Updated test files complying with the xml schema as of 2011-11-02
      Updated tests matching the xml backend as of 2011-11-02
      Bug 632346: Fixed test failures in dbi
      Fix business-core tests so that all pass
      Fix the errors, reduce the noise when testing the dbi backend
      Bug 634334: Crash on selecting New User Tutorial from new user dialog.
      Bug 634334: Check that subdir argument really is one of the two cases
      Bug 634392: New sql database raises clobber warning
      Add force_new parameter to GnuCashCoreClass.__init__, reflecting change to qof_session_begin() in r19798
      Bug 634673: Add dependency information & fix typo in python-bindings Makefile.
      Make arguments to Session.__init__() have the same order as to qof_session_begin() to reduce potential confusion.
      Fix misplaced comment in gnome-utls/gnome-file.c from 19798
      Fix python samples to work with reordered Session.__init__() args
      Bug 634964: Crash in pgsql_error_fn. The dbi_conn isn't set if the server refuses the connection, so protect dereferences from null pointers.
      Bug 592643: Set standard_conforming_strings on postgresql databases.
      Bug 628409: SQL coerces identifiers to lowercase, but postgres's C interface is case sensitive.
      Fix error in r19822 which prevented creation of postgres databases.
      Bug #589954: No blank split after creating a new account "on the fly" while editing a transaction.
      Correct patch submission instructions to direct patches to bugzilla rather than the mailing list.
      Bug #635859: Strip all trailing '/'es from kvp_slot paths when loading.
      Reverse inadvertent mods to po/ in r19904
      Bug #636459: Recursively delete slots contained in slots of type KVP_TYPE_FRAME or KVP_TYPE_LIST.
      Bug #635967: Slots didn't correctly read the path semantics stored by
      Bug #635926: Lower-case the name of the lock table to avoid confusing Postgres. Also abstract it to a static variable instead of repeating the string everywhere.
      Patch by Matthijs Kooijman.
      Add Gnucash svn version to sql versions table.
      Add messages to backend errors, ensuring that qof_session_backend_get_message() will actually get a useful message, or that there will be a descriptive warning immediately before in the trace file.
      Add enumeration of indexes in sql backends.
      Fixed date problem in MySql backend
      Bug #637331: Cancelling quit crashes on OSX Leopard. Turns off handling shortcuts by OSX, everything goes through Gtk.
      Revert r19965: It wasn't the problem after all.
      Provide glib unit testing template files to make it easier to add unit testing to modules
      Add a read-only attribute to QofBook and check of same to
      Fix qof/test compilation errors, provide guard for glib_testing.
      Bug #638225: Author Jim Radford. KVP lists are ordered so should not be sorted
      Provide for safely overwriting a sql database by moving the existing
      Minor fixes to g_test: Adjust MODULEPATH so that the boundary path delimiters go at invocation; add DEFAULT_INCLUDES to the test_foo_CFLAGS; include the required NULL third arg to g_test_init()
      Enhanced database version handling.
      Rejigger the set_macos_locale function to better handle qualified
      Prevent a crash if gnc_sx_sxes_reverencing_account called when book has no sxes.
      Bug #611936: Test DBI backends for a dbi bug which causes 64-bit numbers
      Remove book_is_readonly check from qof_instance_begin_edit; it crashes if it's actually used.
      Throw an error and return if if the book is marked readonly.
      Provide more detail in commit error when it's caused by a read-only book. Mark error message for translation.
      Bug #637770: Fix progress bar on load and full save in sql backend.
      Reverse some extra changes that slipped into 20155
      Add en to the ALL_LINGUAS list in; should have been in r20142
      SQL Backend Version Control: The final part.
      Remove qof_instance_begin_edit test from test_book_readonly; qof_instance_begin_edit doesn't check qof_book_is_readonly anymore.
      Make the splash screen stack as a regular window instead of stacking in front of everything else.
      Add declaration for test_dbi_version_control; doxygen comments for test_dbi_safe_save and test_dbi_version_control; and rearrange order of declarations to keep the test functions together.
      Add #include gnc-main.h for declaration of gnc_get_svn_version() for test_dbi_version_control().
      Change serialization of doubles in the dbi backend to use
      Clean up an obvious time-waster.
      Better OSX language handling: Add a "C" locale to the language-list
      Handle localization-ignorance bug in libdbi by setting LC_NUMERIC locale
      Left out of r20188: Actually wrap the important code...
      Add locale.h; some systems seem not to pull it in via glib/gi18n.h
      Adjust gnc_push_locale and gnc_pop_locale to take a locale category and
      Delete the unused and slightly pointless gnucash_foo_version functions
      Add to src/backend/dbi/tests LDADD so that gnc_push_locale and gnc_pop_locale can be found for testing.
      Add gnc_get_long_version, a guint concocted by adding the version values together allowing two digits for each. Add a new version value, GNUNCASH_NANO_VERSION, to be incremented when there's any change to data serialization. Use the new gnc_get_long_version to tag the Gnucash version in the versions table in the dbi backend.
      Adjust location and add gnc_(push|pop)_locale wrapper around dbi_conn_query() calls which retrieve data. Patch by Christoph Holtermann
      Move gnc_locale functions from src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util to src/core-utils/gnc-locale-utils (new files) and adjust accordingly.
      More adjustments for moving gnc_locale functions from app-utils to core-utils
      Adjustments to test Makefiles required by r20176 (move quickfill functions from gnome-utils to app-utils
      The new files for gnc_locale functions, ommitted from r20110.
      Change GNC_RESAVE_VERSION to GNUCASH_RESAVE_VERSION so that it's similar to the other version macros; define it at the top of so that it's obvious to everybody; and store the current Gnucash version only when doing a full save so that retrospective changes to GNUCASH_RESAVE_VERSION won't skip a resave because the database has been touchedby a newer version.
      Change dependency in src/backend/dbi/ from app-utils to core-utils
      Fix compiler warning in gnc-backend-dbi.c.
      DBI Backend: Cleanup after testing version control so that repeating the tests doesn't fail.
      Bug #641832: Use g_strdup_printf() instead of dbi_conn_queryf() to format the query; the latter crashed msvcrt. Also reverts r20287 because the root bug is fixed.
      Remove no-longer-correct warning about the aqbanking5 setup wizard not being implemented: It is.
      QofSession: Don't push a new generic error if there's already one available that might be more descriptive.
      qofinstance.h: Delete duplicate declarations and consolidate editlevel declarations in one place.
      Bug #644688: Account edit fails to detect that no changes have been made and marks the account 'dirty'.
      Allow AQBanking & Gwenhywfar log-level environment variables to override the gnucash preferences settings
      Bug #646268: Fix minor error on r20565
      Force /bin/echo in git section
      Bug #648554: SQL backend doesn't correctly save taxable flag on bills.
      Rename gtk_quartz_shutdown, gtk_quartz_should_quit, and gtk_quartz_set_menu to gnc_quartz... for better naming consistency.
      Provide a quartz-only Window menu instead of hacking up the X11 one; eliminates a lot of spew in the log every time the menu was redrawn.
      Remove, deleted in r20669, from src/gnome/glade/
      revert bogus directory added in r20682
      Reverting screwups r20683, 20684, and 20685
      Separate window menu to separate ui file, separate function load function called only when not using MAC_INTEGRATION.
      Disable updates of (no longer extant) window menu items when using MAC_INTEGRATION
      Add a gnc_quartz_set_menu call to main_window_new() so that newly created windows get their menus on the mac menu.
      Fix up the Mac shutdown process to give Gnucash a chance to clean up without spewing critical errors about the main loop already running (because of calling gnc_shutdown in an event handler).
      Add the menu ui files for r20690.
      Fix naming error from r20690. Thanks to Alex Aycinena for pointing it out.
      Rename gtk_quartz_shutdown, gtk_quartz_should_quit, and gtk_quartz_set_menu to gnc_quartz_...  for better naming consistency and conformance to GObject naming standards.
      Disable quartz accelerators to avoid hang in bundle during shutdown. (The g_idle_add apparently caused a deadlock between multiple g_main_loop instances.)
      Remove extra call to gtk_action_group_add_radio_actions, should have been removed from r20620
      Add unit test utility macros
      Unit test QofBook
      Bug #653056: Fix menu accelerators not working, crash on save-while-quitting.
      [GSOC2011 Unit Testing] Unit tests for QofInstance.
      [GSOC2011 Unit Testing] Fix memory error by not trying to test pointers in deallocated objects.
      Revert "[GSOC2011 Unit Testing] Unit tests for QofInstance: Incomplete
      [GSOC2011 Unit Testing] Unit tests for QofInstance.
      Testing: Fix an error in the GNC_TEST_ADD macro that
      Testing: Add some convenience functions to make it
      [Engine Test] Fix parameter setup error detected with unit test.
      Formatting Fixes with astyle --indent=spaces=4 --brackets=break --pad-oper --pad-header --suffix=none
      [GSOC 2011 Unit Testing] Test KVPFrame.
      Testing: Fixed test_reset_called() return type
      Testing: Fix compile error introduced in r20928
      [GSOC 2011 Unit Testing] Test QofObject.
      Delete unused QofInstance copy functions from qofsession.c
      Delete unused functions from qofbook.c
      Delete unused functions from qofinstance.c
      Remove unused functions from kvp_frame
      Delete unused Period.c and ifdeffed-away call to it
      Delete qofinstance_gemini and all related functions; they were left over from the clone-the-book-when-closing code abandoned in 2005
      Missed a free in main_window_update_page_name
      Missed a free in main_window_update_page_name
      [Decruftification] Combine xaccCloneAccountSimple and
      Fix tab-indent in gnc-main-window.c, reverting r21207
      Delete the often-conflicting and occasionally unsafe Gnucash local
      [Bug #645216] Wrong permissions on server result in bogus error message
      Make sure that exiting conn_test_dbi_library on a failure doesn't leave the locale at "C".
      Add to EXTRA_DIST so that it will be in the
      Update Mac customizations for gtk-mac-integration-1.0.0
      [Bug 644977] Add new Quicken Check 21 format
      Handle specifying a directory as a dataset file.
      [Testing] Add file modeline for emacs
      [Testing] Test facility for QofEvents and improve fatal-handling
      Fix error in gnc_account_get_descendants_sorted
      [Engine Unit Testing] Unit tests for Account.c
      [Engine Test] Fix some compile problems Christian Stimming found in r21525
      [Engine Test] Change gdoubles to gfloats
      Fix clean targets and DIST_SOURCES
      [Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions from src/app-utils
      [Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions from src/gnome-utils.
      [Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions from src/engine
      [potfiles] Rename, moved in r21572
      [Cruft Reduction] Remove unused functions in src/engine -- reprise
      [Python] Export core-utils SWIG wrappers to Python.
      [Python] Suppress the spew from loading the python module
      src/ Move WITH_PYTHON block to just above where it's used
      Make distcheck fixes.
      Remove src/import-export/qif-io-core
      Remove the obsolescent src/doc/design directory from recursive build.
      [Testing] Provide for engine to load backends from build path
      [Testing] Provide for gnc_path_get_reportdir() and gnc_path_get_stdreportsdir() to return build-directory paths
      [Testing] Set GNC_BUILDDIR and GNC_UNINSTALLED where needed
      Update to reflect recent moves and deletions.
      [Testing] Brain failure in gnc-engine.c, sorry.
      [Testing] Get the python tests working when uninstalled
      [Testing] Provide list error handler, rename some functions
      [Engine Testing] Rework utest-Account.c to use the new error-message handlers.
      [Testing] Ensure that qof_log_init() has been called for all tests
      [Testing] Suppress the useless Guile deprecated warning.
      [Testing] More python-bindings test fixes
      [Testing] Make engine/test-scm-query work.
      [Testing] Fill in some missing libraries for gnc-module check.
      [Testing] Backend/XML: Provide checked error messages to replace noted warnings
      [Testing] Engine: Provide checked error messages to replace noted warnings
      [Testing] Gnc-module: Provide checked error messages to replace noted warnings (c-files only)
      [Testing] Fix Transposed words in test-modsysver.c
      Revert "[Testing] Make engine/test-scm-query work."
      [Testing] Stifle the spew in app-utils checks.
      [Testing] Suppress verbose messages, expected warnings in backend/dbi checks.
      [Testing] Stifle error messages from QOF testing.
      [Testing] Fix duplicate LDADD in report/report-gnome/test/
      [Testing] Re-order subdirectories so that test-core is available to libqof.
      Adjust for r21684
      [Testing] Adjust links for src/optional/python-bindings module
      [Testing] Export test-core log suppression functions to python and guile
      [Testing] Suppress expected messages in optional/python-bindings tests
      [Testing] Suppress expected messages from guile tests
      Fix "imported from both (sw_engine) and (gnucash engine)" errors from Guile
      [Decruftification] Remove gnc-associate-account
      [Testing] Oops, had added this only to gnucash-build-env
      Fix circular dependency between test-core and qof-test.
      Remove deleted file from
      [Bug #642276] Bayesian association with Sqlite
      Clean up some more cases where KVP was set without committing an edit.
      [Testing] Complete repositioning of test-core to build after libqof
      Update ActivePerl URL
      Remove invalid dependencies on LibGnome CFLAGS
      [Bug 666329] Empty database after a little while
      [Bug 666329] Empty database after a little while
      [GSOC][Testing] Modifications to qofsession for testability
      [GSOC][Testing] Unit tests for qofsession
      [Bug 666329] Empty database after a little while
      [Bug 666329] - Empty database after a little while
      Fix Read-only Action Sensitivity
      Fix missing-prototype warnings from r21829
      Reverse the test for HAVE_DBI
      Fix compile error
      [r21886][Bug #667900] No clipboard copy and paste
      New Perl program to create a skeleton test file from a C source file.
      Testing: Add a basic print-to-stdout log handler as a test debugging aid.
      Testing: Rewrite test_signal_assert_hits as a function/macro combination
      Testing: Provide a test_destroy function/macro combination.
      Fix omitted "setup" argument to GNC_TEST_ADD insertion.
      Testing: fix search_local() for detecting callbacks and
      Testing: Unit tests for Split.c
      Fix error discovered in testing: xaccSplitCompareAccountCodes actually compared the account names.
      Testing: Some very minor formatting changes in utest-Split.c comments.
      [Testing] Separate unit test functions from make check functions.
      [Translation] Update with some new filenames
      Add test files to .gitignore
      [Testing] Add hits field to TestErrorStruct
      [Testing] Fix a missed execution path detected with error message counting.
      [Testing] Fix up utest-Account to use checked error messages in all tests.
      Testing: Make "noinst-LTLIBRARY" instead of
      Remove test obsoleted by r22001
      Fix some scheme test program linkage failures on Wheezy.
      [Testing] Fix potential leaks in Split teardown.
      [Bug 674283] With mysql crash after deleting accounts included into a
      [Bug 674862] Gnucash crashes after creating a new SX using the Mortgage
      Fix double definition of DEBUG_MEMORY
      Revert gnc-backend-dbi.c from 22186, should be a separate commit.
      [Bug #674862] Gnucash crashes after creating a new SX using the Mortgage Wizard and SQL Backend
      Add EXTRA_CFLAGS for compiling on Win7
      Fix compilation on OSX
      Delete remaining swig-foo.c files with maintainer-clean
      Set PYTHON_LINK_FILES to useful values.
      Correct -Wunused warnings
      Test of all major gnc-date functions, highlighting 2038 bug failures from using time_t on a 32-bit system.
      Test gnc_sql_convert_timespec_to_string()
      Consolidate some little-used convenience functions.
      64-bit adjustments to test-gnc-date
      Adjust test_gnc_sql_convert_timespec_to_string() for 64-bit time_t
      Disable test-gnc-date until it can be thoroughly tested on a wider variety of compilers.
      Fix "discarded return value warning" from r22203
      Fix make-testfile to count references in UI files
      [Bug 680613] Date format setting seems to be ignored since version 2.4.9
      Fix a compile error in test-gnc-date.c on 32-bit builds
      Configure won't accept python on Debian Wheezy
      [Bug 680402] Tests fail due to unused translations
      Fix compiler warning about 'static' not being first in a declaration
      Update to gtkosxapplication version 2
      Add Mozilla::CA as CPAN dependency for new F::Q TIAA-CREF module
      Fix typo from r22448
      [Bug 686830] Non-portable equality test in
      Try to load libgncmod_foo.dylib if doesn't exist
      Load gncmod-backend-xml so that the tests actually run
      Fix dbi-test linking error
      Remove local log handler and use checked handler from utest-support.
      Replace in-test setup and teardown with a fixture.
      Enable and correct all store-and-reload basic tests
      Allow SchedXaction to safely handle having g_object_property_set called on
      Fix backend-dbi tests to run from a separate build directory
      Fix python tests for out-of-source builds
      Accommodate g_threads changes in GLib-2.32 and later.
      Fix automake INCLUDE deprecation warnings
      Multi-platform fixes to test-gnc-date.c
      Reformat a comment to fit on an 80-col term
      Set up the modpath correctly for Win32, OSX, and Unix in test-dynload.c
      Update Makefile.decl to a newer version that works with MinGW
      Fix gnc-date and test-gnc-date to pass with MinGW
      Implement internal replacements for localtime, mktime, etc.
      Add a note pointing out the separate implementations in qof-win32.c
      Rewrite gnc_iso8601_to_timespec_gmt
      Remove gnc_dmy2gdate, which isn't used.
      Rewrite and rename xaccDateUtilGetStampNow to gnc_date_timestamp.
      Clean up some comments
      New public function gnc_g_date_time_new_from_timespec_local
      Rewrite gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff to use g_date_time_format.
      Work around the way g_date_time_new truncates microseconds.
      Replace the time_t-based timespec_secs_to_given_string with gnc-date functions.
      Remove date exceptions.
      Create 64-bit time type time64 and replace gint64 with time64
      Convenience GDate functions to set to today and an arbitrary time64.
      Convert all time_t to time64: libqof
      Convert all time_t to time64: core-utils
      Convert all time_t to time64: swig type maps
      Convert all time_t to time64: app-utils
      Convert all time_t to time64: engine
      Convert all time_t to time64:business
      Convert all time_t to time64: backend
      Convert all time_t to time64: import-export
      Convert all time_t to time64: gnome-utils and gnome-search
      Convert all time_t to time64: gnome
      Convert all time_t to time64: register
      Convert all time_t to time64: optional & plugins
      Fix includes in gnc-date-edit.c
      Fix 64-bit formatting failure
      Fix string leak in gnc_gnome_help()
      Fix #638955
      Fix gnc-cdate format to match that of POSIX cdate
      [Bug #661832]MySQL database error after wireless reconnect
      Mac: Adjust document path for new location
      Modify the distcheck of POTFILES.skip to ignore scheme files
      Clean out unused financial calculation stand-alone programs
      Some cleanup to get make-dist to build in the tarball
      More Makefile changes to get distcheck to pass
      Remove deleted calculation files from
      Add libgncmod-ledger-core to satsify dependency in libgncmod-gnome.
      Set Version to 2.5.0 for unstable release
      Update NEWS and ChangeLogs for 2.5.0 release
      Register rewrite Update, fixes for duplicate and reversing transaction. This update fixes duplicate transaction and reversing transaction. Also included is a minor change to the model, added the test for unbalanced transaction along with some other dialogs. Tab key navigation has been revised but still further work. Account key seperator works along with new account creation. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, fixes for number / action column This update changes the Number / Action column from a single combo renderer to two, text renderer and combo renderer both with entry. We use the model to decide which one will be visible for each row. Also set up is the number accelerator key. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, adds print check, find, schedule and reconcile. This update changes adds the print check, find transactions, schedule transactions and reconcile options to the new register. This was done by copying the existing files and changing them to work with the new register so both new and old could work at the same time. The new find option on the accounts page has been commented out so the old one would work but has been proved to work the same as on the new registers. Also have the refresh option working which involves reloading the register by re-running the query which is also used for the search register updates. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, adds date accelerator and fixes duplicate transaction. This update adds the date accelerator keys to the date column and fixes the duplicate transaction option. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, adds test for old and new account register open at the same time. This update adds a test to stop opening old and new account registers at the same time. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, changes the way the transaction changed dialog pops up. This update changes the way the transaction changed dialog pops up and also when you navigate to a cell it automaticly changes to allow input. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, fixes a problem with resizing columns. This update fixes a problem with resizing columns and also a missing tree free. Author: Robert Fewell
      [Bug #697402] configure doesn't find python on Debian
      Mac: Add -framework Cocoa to GTK_MAC_LIBS
      Bump version to 2.5.1 for release
      Allow to run on the current working copy
      Update ChangeLog and NEWS for 2.5.1 Release
      Bump version for release
      [Bug 640962] Make check failure: test_backend_dbi
      Update NEWS for 2.5.2 release
      Update Changelog for 2.5.2
      Redo r23043 Don't print "warning" output in comparison functions.
      Revert "Redo r23043 Don't print "warning" output in comparison functions."
      Really Redo r23043 Don't print "warning" output in comparison functions.
      Bug 701670: Command-V in reconcile window pastes data in register
      Bug 703272 - list of windows in Windows menu outdated
      Bump version for 2.5.3 release
      Bug #704185: GnuCash 2.5 doesn't build on FreeBSD
      Fix report tests which fail in OSX
      Register rewrite Update, added extra dates and cursor changes. This update fixes the following, allow the cursor to move between cells and make active, changed the preference for showing date entered to include reconcile date and added another option to show when transaction selected. Also added menu option to show these extra dates. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, change to using original query. This update changes the model to drop the filter and sort models to use the qof query to do these parts. This is in response to the slowness of large transaction lists with the intention to load only a subset of them. This is the start and this update should result in the same out put as using the filter and sort model. Author: Robert Fewell
      Register rewrite Update, add delete transaction up/down function. This update corrects a mistake in the removal of previous gui update. Author: Robert Fewell
      Bug 704183 - ofx file import tries to match online_id against ACCTID[space]ACCTKEY even when ACCTKEY is empty
      - Functions which can return null always return a Python object
      Revert "Support for querying Bitcoin/Litecoin prices via F::Q's MtGox module"
      Bump for 2.5.4 release
      Fix some uninitialized variable warnings
      Split: Ignore fatal message
      Guard xaccTransGetRateForCommodity against NULL arguments
      Transaction.c: Note a bug discovered in testing.
      Protect xaccTransIsBalanced against crashing if passed a NULL Transaction
      Protect split-iterator from NULL split
      [Testing] Create log handlers in one step, clean up in teardown
      Unit test Transaction.c
      Testing: Split.c: Filter out expected error message.
      Set mime-type property on AUTHORS and DOCUMENTERS
      Add Lithuanian translators to AUTHORS
      Fix pointer conversion warnings on 64-bit builds
      Handle exception in set_mac_locale()
      Bug 704056 - Online Banking (Online Actions) does not appear in Action menu
      Prepare 2.5.5 release
      Bug 684670 - Interest amount calculation is wrong in Sqllite3 format
      Bug #682280 - bill/invoice importer fails to save imported bills/invoices
      Fix up state-changing business functions
      Re-enable dbi backend basic tests with g_tester
      Add core-utils to backend-sql test LDADD
      Convert stray g_printf into PINFO
      Work around differing pgsql protocol and dbi name
      Modify xaccAccountChildrenEqual to not depend upon the order
      Bug 674862 - 2038 bug in libdbi
      Bug #704039 time zone is not respected in Windows
      Bug #654196 make check fails without sqlite DBD installed
      Fix win32 build errors
      Bug 654196 - "make check" fails when built with --enable-dbi
      Bug 654196 - "make check" fails when built with --enable-dbi
      Fix leaking Gtkosxapplication objects.
      Bug 632362 - Unable to create "reversing transaction" again after it is removed
      Bug 654196 - "make check" fails when built with --enable-dbi
      Bug 708700 - "make check" fails (missing glib bits)
      Fix undeclared identifier from r23191
      Fix test broken by r23192
      Convert - in filenames to _ for function names
      Remove ancient if-0'd code from libqof
      Remove ancient if-0'd code from backends
      Work around quote change in assertion messages
      Remove ancient #if-0'd code from Engine
      Fix pre-glib-2.38 definition of _Q in tests
      Fix EXTRA_DIST typo
      Release 2.5.6
      Clean up a bunch of clang errors
      Adjust error-message tests to pass with Clang
      Remove gnucash-launcher and related scripting files.
      Bug 710311 - Missing ChangeLogs
      Fix incorrect Enum type specifier
      Avoid critical error from trying to access an uninitialized GHash.
      Mac: Don't append 'Gnucash' to the 'Preferences' menu item title.
      Replace deprecated tempnam with a constant.
      Remove dead code.
      replace static string filename with generated one
      Skip this test when building with clang
      Remove dialog-preferences2.c from
      Clean out log files from testing the xml backend.
      Release 2.5.7
      Fix broken win32 build
      Update dependencies and versions
      Fix Application Menu Preferences Item
      Wrap budget UI strings in the translation function
      Bug 711289: Time Zone Handling is Inconsistent between 2.4 and 2.5
      Bug 336843: Attach images/files/urls to transactions.
      Adjust for new
      Release 1.5.8
      Bug 336843: Correct Win32 Display function.
      Bug 711289 - time zone handling is inconsistent between 2.4 and 2.5
      Work around Clang whining about UTF-8
      Fix make check after r23429 broke it.
      Bug 644044 - Lots: SQL backend loses link to Gain/Loss Txn
      Fix sometime crash in test-xml-pricedb
      Stop leaking and re-inserting Split slots
      test_gnc_setlocale: Print diagnostic message, replacing comment.
      Bug 704506 - Connection loss to mysql after resume from hibernation
      Fix windows build for r23452
      Ensure that all KVP changes are properly marked dirty and committed.
      Release 2.5.90
      Make that Release 2.5.9
      Protect older GCCs from -Wno-invalid-source-encoding
      Remove src/gnome-utils/gnc-warnings.c from
      Bug 708526 - GnuCash Crashes when opening About page
      Bug 719726 - Click on File -> Open seg-faults
      Handle RAND_MAX < 2^32 in get_random_gint64()
      Test for overflow limits in gnc_numeric_add.
      Fix missing prototype warning from r23494.
      Fix missing identifier from r23520
      Bug 632588 - Scrub doesn't fix missing currency
      Qif Import Assistant: Don't disable the whole dialog, just the Forward button
      QifImport: Fix crash from attempting to import an empty file.
      Bug 705714 - QIF Import - File selection pop-up is not on top during qif import
      Bug 619478 - Build warning in html/gnc-html-webkit.c
      Fix missing xaccTransCommitEdit() from r23466
      BUG 336843 (Attach images/files/urls to transactions):
      Revert a stray, unrelated change from r23556
      Fix ax_pkg_swig.m4 filename.
      Move gnc-warnings.c from POTFILES.skip to POTFILES.ignore
      Rename some directories in src/import-export
      Release 2.5.10
      Change guide and help translation directories
      Rewrite apparently confusing comment.
      Extract-method on gnc_split_register_auto_calc
      Bug 157247 - Asset account's "total" value should use most recent transaction prices
      Bug 720555 - General Ledger - Can't Enter Transaction Amounts
      Suppress other register's blank transactions from General Ledger
      Fix up and update strawberry perl URIs
      Bug 710824 - GnuCash should sanitise UTF-8 before serialising files
      Bug 710823 - libofx can supply broken UTF-8 for account id
      Make the date help string translatable
      Add plugin example to plugins
      Add new files to
      Release 2.6.0
      Fix another broken build
      Bug 721260 - Crash on startup: gnucash cannot handle default locale
      Bug 721251 - Incorrect Transaction Dates
      Bug 721608 - Supported Platforms list in 2.6.0 README.txt
      Bug 721667 - Accelerator key map loaded from one file and saved
      Bug 555182 - Security Type template hidden
      Extract function create_blank_split.
      Extract function change_account_separator.
      Extract function update_info.
      Bug 721290 - SX Editor: Pressing "Enter" too soon hides transaction
      Bug 555182 - Security Type template hidden
      Bug 721576 - Gnucash can not work with files, that have russian symbols in path.
      Bug 722035 - Missing space in the Spanish translation of msgid "Total For "
      Bug 721791 - Segmentation fault when correcting invalid date
      Ensure struct tm is zeroed before passing it to gnc_tm_get_today_start
      Replace pow(10, foo) with array dereference
      Fix configure's use of gnc-scm-info for out-of-tree builds.
      Protect GDateTime from getting an out-of-range year at creation.
      Extract function check_readonly_threshold
      Fix typo from r23726
      Bug 721913 - Fetch Rate crashes application
      Bug 721966 - --add-price-quotes ignoring compress files preference
      Prevent gnc-commodity from marking the book dirty at file-load.
      Bug 721464 - Program won’t open the website link
      Bug 722123 - Zero price entry added to price database on stock purchase
      Prevent crashing due to unsupported locale settings
      Ensure that cell is pointed to the right cell when retrieving the price
      Bug 721770 - "Choose accounts to create" has no effect
      Ship src/report/jqplot/jquery.js in the tarball.
      Bug 721954 - Multiple Scheduled Transaction Editors
      Revert "Prevent gnc-commodity from marking the book dirty at file-load."
      Fix handling of gnucash.appdata.xml
      Release 2.6.1
      Replace type="guid" with type="new" in gnucash-xea files
      One more type="guid" fix.
      Rename README.svn to README.git and revise
      Bug 722903 - Poor performance of account hierarchy, budgets, reconcile window,...
      Bug 724211 - Can't select march 6 date on register
      Bug 722123 - Zero price entry added to price database on stock purchase
      Bug 721822 - GnuCash 2.6.0 loads data file much slower than 2.4.x
      Revert "Bug 721822 - GnuCash 2.6.0 loads data file much slower than 2.4.x"
      Fix SX Editor not being able to change the Repeat type from "Until".
      Bug 723216 - Cannot change the accounting period using the pop-up calendar
      Release GnuCash 2.6.2

Joshua Sled (492):
      Updated state based on changes.
      Added scheduled-transactions module for logging/output purposes, set to 'debug' level.
      Added support for saving/restoring state for most/all frequency-specificaiton options.
      Removed old debugging printf.
      Fixed AUTHORS tyop.
      2001-06-30  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Removed extraneous debugging stuff.
      2001-07-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Don't write <gnc:template-transactions> section unless there is data to write [1.6/1.7 interop-issue brought up on #gnucash].
      Fixed Glib-CRITICAL g_date problem for weekly transactions w/o any weekdays selected.
      2001-07-30  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Moved the XML_I18N_TOOLS line a bit higher to get around being-split-midline-by-configure issue.
      2001-09-30  Josh Sled  <jsled at>
      Removed accidental/unnecessary change from last commit.
      2001-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-22  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-10-29  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Turned off option to generate translatable string files.
      Matt Martin <matt.martin at>'s patch to fix b0rken SX-list-processing
      2001-11-04  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2001-11-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Added ${GLIB_LIBS} for test-link linking.
      Added guile_libs, glib_libs support for test-link program.
      Fixed 'cell = cell' problems in cell-saving functions.
      2002-04-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixes for string-containing files that didn't actually exist because of old source tree.
      2002-04-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixed compilation-error-causing tyop.
      Fix for compilation problem against g-wrap-1.3.2-only systems.
      2002-04-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Updated comments based off last night's commit.
      2002-04-20  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-04-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-04-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-05-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-06-18  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Loosen the font description we want to let this work on other machines.
      2002-06-23  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-10  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-12  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-07-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-05  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Fixed Tim Wunder's compilation problems [which my gcc isn't complaing about, but should :(].
      2002-08-09  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-08-18  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-09-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Er ... real fix for 92779.
      2002-09-29  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-06  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-13  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-10-26  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Err... sorry 'bout that.  Necessary changed committed.
      2002-11-03  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-11  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-12  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-16  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-17  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-23  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-11-24  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-01  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-08  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-15  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-21  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2002-12-28  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2003-01-25  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-03-07  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-03-13  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-03-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-03-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      2004-03-14  Joshua Sled  <jsled at>
      Removing .cvsignore files; mis-migrated po/ChangeLog
      Check re: correct libgsf version.
      Add libgoffice-0.4.0 info; add FC/RHEL details from Bill Nottingham (thanks!).
      Actually add Bill Nottingham's patch.  Weird, lndir, weird.
      Add what I understand are ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary) versions.
      Add Mandrive 2005, 2006.0 versions.
      Remove obvious comments, wrong gnomeprint comment, libgtkhtml-3.0 check.
      Ubuntu 5.10 deps
      Slackware, CentOS
      Debian; cleanup.
      String-translation flag setting as prompted by cstim.
      Bug#303180: don't use a hardcoded font for the dense cal... get both from the gtk style.
      Remove the not-really-respected-anyways option to change the number of register lines in the SX editor dialog.
      Add ability for no-autocompletion option in split register, use in SX editor to prevent bug.
      g_return[_val]_if_fail is actually an assertion, which is too strong for this flow-control.
      whitespace + commentage
      Fold branches/goffice-update/ back into trunk/.
      fix uninitialized-variable warning.
      Don't misuse the Quark storage for pointers, especially because they're not integer-sized on a 64-bit platform.
      Remove Misc menu.
      remove debugging crap
      Forgot file.
      Add ECB/semanticdb cache files to svn:ignore
      64-bit issue cleanup in hbci code:
      Since-last-run dialog cleanups.
      Remove dead acctlist files.
      Restore de_DE/acctchrt_full.gnucash-xea, makefile rules re:acctchrt_full files.
      Andreas Kohler's cleanups,  Bug#321405.
      buffer-flush notes.
      Add notes from -devel, #gnucash
      Remove (b0rk) cairo support
      Updates for new program invocation method, path conventions.
      Add account-tree-view editing for name,code,desc,notes; refactor new-account-heirarchy druid for merging accounts into an existing book.
      Add placeholder flags for relevant accounts.
      forgot ChangeLog for account-example changes.
      Add TAGS to svn:ignores.
      Compatibility with gtk 2.8, as well, for selection of the auto-completed region.
      Remove unused 'thumbnailer' directory.
      Propgate bi-weekly ui-frequency in transition from "schedule transaction" dialog to "Advanced..." (Scheduled Transaction Editor).
      Remove name-editing setup from account tree plugin page.
      C-style comment conventions; rename identifiers that are C++ keywords.
      Migrate content to bugzilla.
      Bugs 327775, 327641: minor scheduled-transaction fixes.
      Change libgsf/goffice libraries and paths to be gnucash-specific.
      Fix UI of SX-related registers.
      Be a bit more defensive about the plugin page's window being a GncWindow, not necessarily a GtkWindow.
      Remove gnc-split-reg "create" and "capabilities" flags and dead code.
      Pointer to the pathetic gtkhtml docs. :p
      Maintain the html-document title while rendering so the progress bar is setup with the right name. Bug#327650.
      remove debugging leftovers.
      SX Since-Last-Run now reports transaction-creation errors to the user, degrades (somewhat) gracefully; report cleanup.
      Change since-last-run final-page text from "apply" to "Apply". Bug#329125.
      Do the Locale-two-step to fix graphs in non-C-locales.  Bug#328773.
      fix compilation breakage; comment tyop.
      Fix overall and ".log"-specific file-retention issues: Bug#329670 (++).
      Fix file-backend options; respect runtime value changes.  Fix file-compression option name in prefs dialog.
      Seperate report titles from headlines; leave title as a string, use headline for richer markup. Related to Bug#329369.
      Emit all used namespaces; add XML datafile schema.
      fix gnc:numeric lexical range.
      Fix test (init) failure.
      Andreas Kohler's patch to not scroll the tree view headers in the new-account hierarchy druid. Bug#330850.
      Implement new-hierarchy-druid placeholder-value merge policy as discussed on -devel.
      Build fix; finish removing obsolete merge "error" check.
      Fix GNC_EVENT_* values.
      slightly better values.
      A different approach to ensuring that a (unique) relevent split from the currently-pending transaction is always in the split list before we load it.
      remove dup ChangeLog entry.
      Fix "default limit" QOF eventing stuff; thanks Andi.
      Bug#332359: use correct labels for x-axis.
      note bug
      Increment TOTD index on dialog init.
      Add ebuild for gnucash 1.9/2.0 series.
      remove cairo as a dep.
      Remove web browser "report".
      consistent whitespace.
      Update gwrap details, URL.
      Add account-deletion handling for SXes.  Bug#312730.
      fix signature for qof changes I missed.
      Andreas Kohler's patch for barchart improvements: segment color setting, axis rotation and formatting.
      Bug#137885: prevent crash on invalid function formula.
      Bug#332804: fix infinite loop in parsing malformed functions (e.g. "ipmt(1:2:)").
      Bug#332802: fix Export Accounts; remove `price_lookup` and `export` functions from GncFileBackend.
      Terminate GOptionEntry array, preventing warnings and/or errors parsing command-line options.
      Fix SXEDITOR help target.
      Fixes to memory deallocation suggested by Phil Longstaff.
      Add, register, use Split and Transfer icons provided by Andrew Duggan.  Bug#327647.
      Fix selection mode for SX lists.
      Modify schema mkdirs by DESTDIR for packaging.
      Fix test errors, then failures.
      Add checks for libgsf and goffice being built_with_use gnome.  Add code to shutdown any user-level gconfd's running.  Add note about broken make_desktop_entry.  Expand range of README installs.
      Mods for ebuild to be used as an SVN ebuild.
      Bug#333532: Add multi-commodity SX support.
      Fix initial SX perf sensitivity.
      Bug#335564: ensure book's SX list is consistent.
      Bug#334777: Non-placeholder leaf Expense account in 'Simple Checkbook' example account tree.
      Bugs#308554, 334811: Add basic validation and test-cases for invalid expressions.
      factor out grammar check, add tests.
      Tighten the grammar around quoted strings.  Test-case fixes.
      spelling fix.
      match quotes (breaks editor syntax hilighting)
      Bug#119078: promote register parse errors to the user.
      Attempt to affect #334627: re-order destroying SX vs. window.
      Bug#334627 fix attempt 2: remove needless NULLing-out of SX.
      Bug#157179: make multi-commodity SX handling a bit better.  Expose the needed exchange rates as variables in the since-last-run dialog.
      Bug#340197: reverse account opening balances when desired.
      Bug#340358: mem/string-handling crasher fix.
      match malloc to free, not g_free.
      add encoding to test xml files to prevent loading errors; reformat error message.
      fix mis-use of test api.
      Bug#340875: factor utf8-clean decimal-point insertion and string handling out of the pricecell, and call from the formulacell.
      Bug#340936: Actually close the SX list when we are button-requested to Close the dialog, thus cleaning up properly.
      Fix `test-query` failure.
      Restructure for clarity.
      Simply traversal impl.
      comment out test-period for the moment. :p
      Re-enable test-period, as the lots-scrubbing code is commented out.
      add core-utils to test setup; test-load-xml2 fails for me (from `make check`) otherwise
      argument list too long with cat; use xargs instead.
      Bug#341609: filter template transactions from general journal report query.
      Updated ebuild.
      remove the files before rebuilding them (since we're rebuilding in append mode).
      only pickup files from src/ and lib/, not ./gnucash-1.9.x/[...] (or another other irrelevant copies) as well.
      Convert `localtime` to `localtime_r`, after seeing localtime fail (strange as it is...).
      Bug#342182: change gtk-workaround check to be more specific in face of evidence.
      Bug#340885: Disable skipping hidden accounts for the purposes of quickfill completion population.
      Add docs extraction, un-slot, un-/opt-ize.
      only conditionally remove the file.
      Remove support for being a dual-nature -release and -svn ebuild.  Misc cleanups.
      Bug#343772: Re-enable View Lots; disable 'View' button.  Fix clist/lot-title handling bug.
      Bug#343795: Treat all numbers in a auto-decimal-point-safe way.
      Bug#333299: Handle selections more correctly in a utf8 world, within GnuCash at least.
      Use UTF8_STRING for copy/pastes, as it's at least 4 whole characters better than just "STRING".
      adjust desktop entry rule for icon, categories.
      Reduced-size splash image.
      missing ">"s
      Add 2.0 art source files.
      Update with catch-all "gtk+" dependency for top 5 distros.
      Fold branches/sx-cleanup/ [14463:15384] back into trunk/.
      remove unneeded call
      updates post merge.
      remove inappropriate call.
      Bug#394420: initialized dates still aren't valid; set to 'now' before manipulating.  Also: use correct month (!) :p
      Bug#168700: extension of fin.scm with cpd_{,i,p}pmt functions, featuring variable compounding and consistent rounding functions.  Patch from Ludovic Nicolle <ludo_gnc at>, though moved around in the file a bit.
      Correct return value of zero-loop list, preventing malloc(-1).
      remove tabs to correct/consistentize indentation.
      add note re: datafile dirtying
      Fix specious datafile dirtying in SLR dialog.
      remove questionmark
      Change GncDenseCal font-handling from GDK to Pango.  Change mark rectangles to circles, because they're cuter.
      Fix bug in dispose for gnc-sx-list-tree-model-adapter causing (eventual) crash when sx-list plugin page is closed.
      Force --enable-debug to strip spurious optimization added by AC_PROG_CC (for gcc).  But if the user has optimization in their CFLAGS, make sure it's respected.
      Make it a 1pt reduction, and make the variable just a bit clearer.
      SX "enabled" patch from Peter McAlpine <peter at>.
      Rename "pts" -> "units".  It's not actaully points.
      Bug#372262: create the session with the file-creation option enabled.
      "None" is a totally valid SX frequency.
      Fix bug in next-occur formatting for instances that do not have a next-occur date.
      Remove basically-unused qof date manipulation code better provided by GDate.
      restore last-day-of-month tracking
      Mandriva 2007 updates from 'Shocky'.
      Remove dead code.
      Add todo
      SX instance model event handling for enabled SXes:
      Enabled SX UI support:
      remove useless todo
      Fix registration of gnc-plugin-page-sx-list so plugin-page restoration works.
      Overhaul gnc/qof logging: Add default log handler that implements a "log4x"-style log level hierarchy. Correctly use G_LOG_DOMAIN, raw glib logging.  Cleanup tests that are too loud afterwards.
      Restore enter/leave indentation. Cleanup some deprecated and (nearly-)unused qoflog code.  Audit fraction enter/leave pairs. :/
      Revise overall SX logging: define G_LOG_DOMAIN in a fine-grained manner, switch to g_mumble calls, cleanup some formatting.
      Add G_LOG_DOMAIN for qof.
      Support for ~/.gnucash/log.conf, a key-value file of logging settings; see comment-doc for qof_log_parse_log_config(...) for the file format.
      Ability to clear out variable bindings in the SLR dialog; better logging.
      Change log-leveling for a few messages.
      Correct misspelling of my own email address, link to the original and thread.
      use correct datatype.
      Fix parsing of log config file without [output] sections.
      Initialize variables; detect/report errors during gnucash command-line options parsing.  Formatting.
      Revising logging: implementation and leveling of "init" message.
      Better handling of NULL filename.
      be defensive against pointer printing.
      GNCFrequency -> GncFrequency
      fix compilation warnings; only leak these strings if we're debugging, though. :p
      log levelling.
      Update --extra and --debug as per discussion.
      Update qoflog documentation.
      Clean up echoing.
      More doc updates.
      log leveling
      Start the FreqSpec->Recurrence migration:
      The combo box manip needs to come before the field setting, or the stupid signal handler will screw up the fields. :p
      Bug fixing:
      Separate out the tests; in case they occur, you then know which condition to look for.
      Switch core SX instance generation from FreqSpec to Recurrence.
      Add support for populating a dense-cal store from Recurrence lists.
      Switch from FreqSpec to Recurrence list for the example dense-cal.
      Better behavior when the number-of-occurences field is blank.
      Complementary fix to the freqspec=once: the composite semi-monthly FS'es are written out that way as well.  So hack-fix them too. :p
      Fix compilation; breakage when going outside of FreqSpec's capabilities.
      Use the Recurrences for the SX frequency, not the FreqSpec list.
      Save/restore recurrence list (schedule) for SXes.
      Correct spelling.
      Fix up SX test fixtures for Recurrence transition
      Add gconf cflags.
      Add notes
      Gratuitous reformatting.
      Remove unused SLR dialog split pane; configure scrollbars to auto-appear.
      Save/restore SLR window pos/size.
      Remove DISPLAY-using, not-very-useful test.
      Remove wrongness.
      Add a "compact" toString of a Recurrence list; this is a clone of the FreqSpec method that is used by the SX List as a summary of the period of the SX.
      Add a cmp() function for Recurrence (lists).
      Fixup SX editor consistency check re: FreqSpec/Recurrence; never-runnable bug fix, as well!
      Fix "has in-editor sx changed" processing for Recurrences.  Fix Cancel checking/behavior.  Remove previous never-run "bug fix" as it was actually a bug. :p
      Remove the accounting period druid usage of FreqSpec.
      (Swig-)expose functions to g_log(...) at various levels; convert the gnc:{error,warn,msg,debug} functions to use those.  Make sure the Finance::Quote version is sent to stdout no matter what.
      Factor the sx-list tree view out and promote into an GncTreeViewSxList as a subclass of GncTreeView.
      Fix compilation breakage; setup default SX period via Recurrence, not FreqSpec.
      Tick off todo as per last commit
      Fix crash in the list-based Delete and Edit operations due to argument-order differences.
      Slightly more clear.
      Bug#397689: update man page to reflect recent options changes.  Make fail-on-unknown-option error point the user to '--help'.
      Bug#338107: reorder startup to make `gnucash --help` faster. :p
      Remove src/network-utils/, module, lingering usages of (obsolete/stubbed-out) gnc-http, form-submission.
      Bug#392166: don't try to force "agreement" between the frequency selections and the start date; it's way too smart, and prevents the user from expressing what they might need or want.
      Keep track of auto-created transactions, and review them as well.
      Bug#342206: evaluate the saved form of the report to get it added to the runtime environment; if the result of the eval is not a record (i.e., the report), then assume that the report has the same name as an existing report, and don't write it to the saved reports file.
      Bug#412442: initialize "display negative amounts in red" option correctly.  Patch from Mike Alexander <mta at>.
      Add todo/bug.
      Add Volker Englisch's note re weirdness in created-txn review page.
      Remove unused definitions.
      Remove unused variables.
      set more correct daily value
      Cleanup unused qof-style "log_module" variables.
      fix corruption/crasher bug where we free a transaction's guid without authority.
      Still not HIGified, but a bit closer. :/
      Change sx-from-transaction dialog to generate Recurrences, not FreqSpecs.
      Change Mortgage/Loan druid to generate SXes with Recurrences, not FreqSpecs.
      updates, formatting; add pointers to qoflog.h doxygen documentation.
      update the sx name/info in the example calendar.
      update the dense-cal-store for the proposed SX name/schedule-description.
      Use correct index for calendar month labels; remove unused identifiers.
      Unused identifier cleanup.
      debug those schedule strings!
      Clarify why we're setting the month to January.  Clarify the name of the DOW-alignment variable, and remove needlessly setting it to the first of the month to prevent spurious date changing.
      Fix Recurrence start-date bugs in conversion of FreqSpecs.
      Change julian offset of 0
      Update "starting gnucash from the build tree info."
      Add list of "interesting" libraries.
      Unused variable removal.
      When an SX is updated, synchronize added/removed variables with new/existing instances.
      Bug#343795: Be explicit about number of months so auto-decimal-point doesn't bite us.  Patch from Jerry Quinn <mailto:jlquinn at>.
      (Checkpoint; start to) support changing the number-of-months in a GncDenseCal.
      Correctly set the GncDenseCal view combo box when set from code.
      unused variable removal.
      Save/restore gnc dense cal number-of-months view in SX List page.
      better GncDenseCal minimum-size requesting
      GncDenseCal supports Monday being the start of the week.
      Base the value of the "week_starts_monday" dense-cal parameter on an implementation detail of GTK. :(
      decided against
      remove a level of (legacy) indirection around some calls.
      Normalize memory handling of GncDenseCal marked-element "info" string.
      Rename GncSxInstances->list to instance_list, which at least emacs doesn't hilight as a (potential)keyword.
      Mem handling fixme.
      Combine two copies of "dow abbrev[iation]" code.
      Free memory.
      Re-layout SX editor dialog: move 3 major components into notebook tabs.  Bug#339003.
      Bug#348364: (Emulating price-cell,) we need to ensure the denominator of the amount is in the SCU of the account's commodity (so gnc-ui-util.c:is_decimal_fraction() on the remainder denom for fractional values will be a "decimal").
      make hashtable destruction a bit more defensive
      Bug#428452: use the g_path_get_dirname(...) of the last-file-opened to initialize the default directory of the File > Open dialog.
      a bit safer.
      Revert 15855: we can't get away with this yet.
      Fix indentation; clarify comment/description of vector of functions.
      Fix variable name corruption due to merge-update.
      Better popup window size handling.
      tweak GncFrequency layout: use Expand much less.
      make 3-month columns in the SX editor, which should layout better for the default 6 months, as well as 12 months.
      Tango Project themed icon from Hylke Bons.
      Change from the Blue Gnu Card icon to the Tango-theme icon.
      update links for correctness.
      remove silly 'always set the month to january' logic.
      Re-fix Bug#104844, but better: have a separate 'last day of month' option, and use the corresponding Recurrence frequency.
      Fix build breakage with --enable-locale-specific-tax
      Fix report version identifiers.
      Fix crasher in variable handling in SX editor.  Be more consistent about alloc'ed memory ownership.  Some formatting cleanups.
      Only append if the list is valid.
      Bug#431756: use the correct return value for the xaccAccountForEachTransaction function.
      Bug#431771: remove from SX deferred-instance list by value.  Remove inexplicably-commented line from SX Instance Model.
      Add accel for Scheduled overlay menu
      Bug#431435: guard against dirtying the SX/book when setting to the same values the SX objects already contain.
      Bug#347257: make the initial window a reasonable size, especially for --nofile.
      Bug#349693: s/Lot Viewer/View Lots/ for consistency with Account Tree and Action menu.
      Update ebuild for 2.1.x'es.
      Bug#372948: Add accounts/en_GB/ (as a copy of accounts/C/ ... sorry), add an example accounts file for VAT tracking.
      update myself.
      ebuild updates
      Bug#131623: Fix computation of unrealized gains in Balance Sheet report.  Patch from Mike Alexander <mta at>.
      Bug#432232: confirm SX deletion.
      Bug#350993: hide the main window until it's ready to be interacted with (like most every other app).
      Invert "allow_file_incompatabiilty" tests: we now generate files that 2.0 might not read exactly.
      Conditionally warn the user about file-format changes.
      Bug#334939, partial: clarify the tooltips for the register reports.
      Bug#436177: disable menu items for Import CSV {,and send}.
      Bug#436177: more CSV Import hiding.
      Remove broken hyperlinks; just in-line the urls.
      Remove swig.  It's not actually a dependency for tarball releases.
      add 'every x months' bug note.
      add note re: 'freq=none' bug.
      add some todos from Tim.
      Fix freq=None recurrnence + file-restore.
      let's actually obey the restructured text format if we're going to do so.
      Set template transaction post dates on creation to prevent file-read warnings in the future.
      Mark a bunch of Since Last Run dialog strings translatable.  Stop doing an unused and sometimes invalid date-formatting operation.  Task-list cleanup.
      lower severity of the "couldn't find tag [%d]" messages, as we speculatively remove tags often.
      Fixup i18n as per cstim (thanks! :).
      Uh, retain the still-needed '_(...)'s. :p
      Add Klaus Dahlke's datafile -> sql-insert-statement scripts.
      Update README.dependencies with Jean-David Beyer's updates for RHEL5(/FC7).
      remove dead/unreferenced code.
      formatting, cleanup.
      Fix bad writing of invalid FreqSpec, then disable writing FreqSpecs altogether. :p
      Remove lingering freqspec usage. :(
      add more notes/todo from twunder.
      remove transient problem resolved with clean rebuild...
      more silly (re)formatting.
      Update LICENSE to explain the state of the world.  Add OpenSSL exemption to my sources.
      [branches/2.2 16324] Bug#458080: update RPM specfile BuildRequires to remove g-wrap. Patch from Kevin Hale Boyes.
      [branches/2.2 16325] Bug#457812: adjust the stable (2.2)/dev (2.4) version number message text. Patch from Kevin Hale Boyes.
      [branches/2.2 16326] Bug#457027: adjust the near-side copyright year to, uh, this year. :)
      [branches/2.2 16327] Bug#458434: disable the not-really-ready "Close Books" and "Import QSF" menu items.
      Bug#361604: patch from Mike Alexander <mta umich edu> to fix datatype for gnc-date.h to allow ranging negative, which is important in a few places.
      whitespace: s/tab/space/
      Bug#457944:  Keep splash screen during file loading.
      Bug#445917: parity between label and button.  Patch from Andreas Köhler. ;)
      Bug#170729: format a literal value to get the locale-specific decimal separator.
      Remove FreqSpec.
      If there's no SQL_DIR, then there's no SQL module to load.  So don't. :p
      Bug#452496: This survived my regular receipt entry session, a whole 30 minutes of light testing.  So, more testing is probably good, but ain't that always the case.
      Move g_strdup inside of set_log_level to be a slightly better citizen and fix a serious bug. :/
      Given set_log_level will maintain its own safe copy of the string, we don't need to 'dup it.
      remove now-unused var.
      remove superfluous comment.
      add Yemeni Riyal (YER).
      misc changes
      Optimize some dense-cal (re-)drawing and updating.  Add some timer-debuggings.
      Bug#470801: remove dev/unstable-branch item.
      Bug#468681: configurable positioning for summary bar; patch from Michael Culbertson <michael.culbertson gmail com>.
      Bug#467532: change to pango drawing/clipping handling for wrapped strings; patch from David Reiser <dbreiser earthlink net>.
      Bug#467521: disappear the splash if we're about to put up the modal problem-opening-file dialog.
      Bug#343448: hide unused scrollbars in register; patch from Michael Culbertson <michael.culbertson gmail com>.
      Remove tab characters. :p
      remove stray 'u' that crept in.
      move onto one line so greps are a bit more immediately useful.
      Bug#475666: add the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC).
      wget rate-limiting, patch from Nathan Buchanan <nbinont gmail com>
      pause to let Windows catch up with file creation; patch from Nathan Buchanan <nbinont gmail com>.
      iso4217 currency updates
      Add MimeType directive so that systems can know how to open our files. :p
      s#Open Source#Free#,  s#Finance#Accounting#, s#Gnucash#GnuCash#
      update as well
      Bug#502755: Duplicate a key which is "owned" by the table we're inserting it into.
      Don't make unknown command-line arguments abort the program, just warn and exit non-zero.
      Bug#500427: copy any notes associated with SXes upon creation.
      "trans" and "t" aren't good variable names… try "from" and "to".
      more specific log domain.
      Misc cleanups: always check creation_errors list, always print errors we create, some other API usage cleanup.
      Change some g_error's to g_warnings, which won't abend the app.
      Bug#496178: freeing the result of guid_to_string(…) causes memory corruption; use guid_to_string_buff(…) for clarity.
      Bug#503889: Install icons according to spec.  On Win32, however, don't run the non-existant (?) gtk-update-icon-cache.
      Bug#505972: Correctly size the GUID string buffer; should resolve 2.2.2 SX crashes.
      Bug#506429: Correct widget index offset computation for last-day-of-month SXes.
      Bug#506714: Add progress bar to splash; patch from Herbert Thoma <herbie hthoma de>.
      Add GC-export_en.xls contribution from Jannick Asmus < gmail com>.
      fix mimetype on binary file.
      Patch to invert the price scatterplot to display commodities per currency, from Joshua Ross <joslwah gmail com>.
      Bug#510630: correct typo in description during import; patch from <dman dman13 dyndns org>.
      Bug#510940: better handle unrecognized date formats; patch from Charles Day <cedayiv gmail com>.
      Bug#512497: use payee/memo mappings as well in the QIF import of investment transactions.  Patch from Charles Day <cedayiv gmail com>.
      Bug#510962: warn the user when encountering a QIF import file without date lines.  Patch from Charles Day <cedayiv gmail com>.
      Bug#511681: add no-op support for the "G" slot on security transactions to lessen spurious console output.  Patch from William Hamblen <william.d.hamblen dartmouth edu>.
      Bug#511006: Check the GnuCash file for the relevant commodity during QIF security import, rather than assuming it's there because it's in the map file, since the user might be importing against a different book.  Patch from <cedayiv gmail com>.
      Bug#510221: add es_MX account files.  Patch from Daniel Espinosa <esodan>.

Linas Vepstas (3009):
      Robin Clark's original xacc-0.9 source
      linas quicken file format changes & other hacks
      more fixes & updates
      mutual fund/stock stuff, first attempt
      add alpha-level double-entry system;
      double-entry bug fixes & misc bug fixes
      more double-entry fixes and extensions
      stock portfolio alpha-level fixes
      bug fixes for assorted core dumps;
      bug fixes of assorted core dumps;
      make it realclean
      remove bogus error message
      updated the todo list
      oops! fix a nasty bug with reconciled!
      Changes made to support actions
      Changes made to support actions -- merge from action branch
      updates for version j
      add version info
      Merge in changes for in-line transfer between accounts
      major updates to support sub-accounts
      Nothing like a "minor" bug fix that escalates out of control
      version game
      Fix the help winodw size
      more version junk
      major revision to add general ledger capabilities
      oops! don't free inserted transactin
      another fix
      fix core dump
      assorted bug fixes
      another nasty bug fix
      eliminate an annoying flashing problem
      list of new features
      add description of double-entry
      explanation ofr expense accounts
      remove stale text
      minor beautification
      note about categories
      quicken userss guide
      new quicken files
      first round quicken support
      fixes of various sorts
      more quicken file fixes
      more improvements to the quicken file parsing code
      fixes to quicken fiel parsing
      fixes to way dollar amounts are handled
      add support for categories
      handle category sub-accounts
      scroll to right location when account is expanded
      fix core dump
      add account lists
      ifinal fixes ???
      implement account merge
      implemnt elimination of dup transactions
      fix main window re-scrolling problem
      SGI IRIX Compiler fixes ...
      modifications so that CR, CRLF and LF can all mark the end-of-line
      documentation for qif import
      spell check
      fix report core dump, grey out menu entry
      fix pop box width problems
      Merge in changes from Robin Clark for version 1.0b1
      file location changes
      enable quickfill
      fixes to lib locations
      new readme
      fix assorted html errors
      set body background color
      named links
      changes to allow use of XmHTML widget
      more hrefs
      Robin Clark's fixes
      new configure-based Makefile
      changes to build XmHTML
      changes to use new XmHTML widget
      new, configure-based Makefile
      bug fix
      add tests for xmhtml
      needed libraries for xmhtml
      new, modified configure from Robin Clark
      fix some #define bugs
      delint compiler warnings
      bug fix
      bug fixes
      bug fix to bug introduced by changing size of type
      modify for all builds
      new lsm
      fixes for getting xmhtml just right
      sgi compiler fixes
      sgi fixes
      sgi fixes
      more sgi fixes
      menu fixes for sgi
      added missing html page
      test image
      I think this should fix the sgi core dump problem.
      fix image loading
      prevent transfers from/to same account
      fix quickfill core dump
      fix incorrect use of ampersand
      fix the menu mnemenics
      fix file-missing/empty problems
      record bugfixes
      more lists
      fix for misinig variable x_include on SGI
      fixes to allow windows to size correctly for font sizes
      fix subbaccount bug
      fix accelerator key problems in date cell
      fix traversal for account window
      oops, fix multiple invocations
      remove libhtmlw from the distribution
      fix some row stuff for traversal
      ledger window traversal fixes
      last fix to traversal, I hope
      simplify popbox traversal
      more traversal fixes. Sigh.
      fix account transfers about for ledger windows
      add some documentation
      solve a date-ordering related bug
      need to close windows before destroying groups
      oops, some other places where frees are needed.
      first draft of revised cell display strategy
      fix how prices are displayed
      harmless change, I think.
      change to keep all credited amounts positive
      oops, we weren't looking at both price cells in ledger
      more documentation
      more documentation
      updated todo list
      add url
      reconcile window stuff
      add documentation
      fix transient bug
      adjust fixes
      static link versions
      add widget return values for menus
      show-hide income and expense accounts (categories)
      some stuff fixed or implemented
      oops,droped a line for the cleared balance
      first round of fixes for computing reconciled balance correctly
      changes to handle reconciliation in stock accounts
      take a shot at internationalization
      oops, dropped currency suymbol
      misc fixes
      projects list
      spell check
      web site
      web site
      file format stuff
      more splits
      more split stuff
      new web page
      change default file extension
      new install script
      oops bug with changed transactions
      fix to warn user of transfers from/to same account
      new account window
      remove beta notice
      further steps toward internationalization
      *** empty log message ***
      bug fixes, enhancements to handle weird QIF formats
      more cbb-inspired changes
      make assumptions about categories
      more split related work
      more split stuff
      start adding split support
      more split updates
      some split notes
      more work to add splits
      re-direct C++ work
      remove reports
      fix compile problem
      add credits
      more references
      bug fix
      more urls
      accounting periods
      remove category
      remove catagories
      more split stuff
      split name change
      get rid of memo field in transaction
      move reconciled field to split
      move credit account to split
      move write_flag to split
      don't set description field directly
      first step of radical surgery to implement splits
      more work to implement splits
      conversion of FileIO to use splits
      move ledger utils to splits
      port to use splits
      almost done implementing splits
      first sketch
      more ugly hacks
      do single cells
      create price cell
      add implementation
      updated projects list
      more stuff
      compilable table.c
      moe infrastructure
      oops silly bug
      finally, a compilabe, working demo
      start adding callbacks
      fix column brokenness
      got modify verify callback working as desired.
      implementation of basic price function
      a few more cell types
      assorted infrastructure
      start date handling
      restructure register
      first try at crude inheritance
      implement enter, leve cell callbacks
      minor bug fixes
      add reconcile abilities
      date with patches from the 1.0 tree
      minor cleanup
      minor work
      implement date parsing
      add cell "self" pointer to callback
      more merges from 1.0 branch
      malloc bug fixes
      implement date accelerators
      one more bugfix
      rename single-cell to basic-cell
      first draft of register widget
      change fileio read-wrtie routine names
      remove all Xt/X11/Motif code in FileIO.c
      quickfill belongs in the gui, not in the account
      first stab at loading the register
      add ability to set table values with cursor,
      major surgery, cut all the old code out
      assorted minor updates
      first use of new ledger object
      fix initialization error, remove motif from transaction.h
      display stuff
      add alpha warning notes
      mark some cells as being output-only
      implement traversal, at least as first draft.
      tab group foolishness
      first cut at a combobox implementation
      more combobox implementation filled in
      add action cell
      remove combobox code
      fix up more of the combobox behaviours,
      compile register subdir
      segragate messages into its own header file
      set up actual messages for the popup
      first cut for quickfill in cells
      more quick-fill basic infrastructure
      more or less working quickfill. could still use some
      set the cell action
      fixes to traversal.  It almost works.
      haha! fixed traversal, finally!
      haha fixed the traversal order, finally!
      get rid of the special action-cell type.  Not needed, and confusing,
      add transfer account pop-down box
      perform i18n of menu items
      stale, obsolete
      new routine to correctly handle table resizing
      start adding ability to commit edits
      add user data in prep for support for edits
      oops bug fixes
      be sure to store cell value in the callbacks
      add date cell set value method
      assorted changes for commiting edits to transaction list
      add callback for move of cursor, allowing edits to be commited
      misc bug fixes & cleanup
      handle transfer types
      remove gui elements from the account structure
      remove more GUI stuff from the accounts structure
      remove last remaining traces of gui stuff from account structures.
      compiles now, buit still very broken
      rework the ledger utils
      ledger-list related fixes
      fixes to window list utilities
      misc core dumps fixed
      misc bug & core dump fixes
      mplement ability to delete a transaction
      rename transaction method names
      misc changes
      implement transfers
      rename the free & alloc routine names
      misc bug fixes
      bug fix, change the date ordering
      add monetary value parsing routine
      add some notes
      minor fixes to amount parsing algorithm
      updates of status
      implement cell set_value callback
      more to directory register
      move to this directory from earlier homes
      fix prep string macro
      misc fixes
      keep single-split transactions in sync
      oops, carefule with those splits!
      core dump fix
      some arguments should be const
      fix transfers from account to account
      add change flag to help with cached values
      implement caching of non-changed edits
      new improved tracking of changes to structures,
      more account utilities from ledger to engine
      readme updates
      more abstractions
      todays date
      start of infrastructure to support multiple register types
      updates more urls
      start configing some of the othe ledger types
      enabling the fancy reister windows
      fix stupid core dump
      add watermark
      merges from 1.0 branch
      merge in stuff from the 1.0 branch
      merege changes from 1.0 tree
      patch based on stuff forgotten from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      merge in changes from the 1.0 branch
      merge in change from main branch
      merge in changes from 1.0 branch
      oops cleanup after merge of 1.0
      oops, included one thing too many
      move engine files to own directory
      fixes to get things to compile, based on new location
      makefile cleanup
      fixes to make relocated files compile
      move a few more files to engine directory
      remove misc motif code from engine
      readme file
      move motif-related gui files into thier own directory
      reworkd makefiles so they work for moved source
      1.1.4 versin info
      design overview doc
      fix infinite loop
      patched configure scripts
      te perl scripts from cbbrowne
      dd url for plot
      rename debit & credit splits to be source & dest splits
      add porter
      add a philosphy section
      fix for ranlib
      new input file for make
      new improved makefile stuff
      plotting routines
      but gix
      gtk port of xacc
      oops, a couple of missing files
      ABS conflicts with glib
      ftp sources
      from Henning
      add jereny's name
      more makefile fixes for gtk targets
      remove motif
      work on getting stocks right
      add debug lines
      add debug flag
      add value cell to stock ledger
      misc cleanup, fix tabing for stock ledgers
      add debug flag
      fix it
      add cvs notes
      oops forgot to bump version number
      add emacs trailer
      features list
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from jeremy collins
      new makefiles from config
      ofx-style account info
      new stuff from Jeremy
      add -Wall to cflags
      more configure cflags fixes
      rename table structures, and redefine
      new gui-independet table parts
      add new function
      updates; still don't compile tho
      whoa, I think this may finally be the design we are looking for
      partial results for p[ort of move-stuff
      gui-indep pieces done, maybe.
      add tags target
      some gtk stuff
      patches from rob browning
      oodles and poodles of compiler flags
      fix misc compiler warnings, add copyrights, license info
      lets tone down those compiler flags a bit.
      fixes to make the new stuff compile
      more fixes to get it to compile with newign
      ok, the big switch to the new design
      big switch to the new design
      fix for a core dump
      ianother core dump cause we forgot to finish the code
      oops should have checked for this
      assorted fixes for assorted core dumps, move some code around
      finally, got the last core dump of this round
      fixes for a core dump
      remove minor lint
      start isolating the engine functions
      more helper functions for data hiding in transactions
      implement data hiding for account structures
      implement data hiding
      finalize hiding of transaction structures, start work on hiding account
      more data hiding stuff
      more utilities for data hiding
      finally, data hiding for the account group
      data hiding for groups
      implement data hiding
      remove a line
      name change due to data hiding
      beginings of some editing safety thingies
      name change of some routines
      readme file
      spell check
      spell check
      minor fix
      documentation update
      disable assert for now
      name changes
      bug fix
      assorted fixes
      fix bit flag computation
      fix how double-entry is maintained
      updates to fix how balance is kept
      add a trival utility routine
      misc changes
      remove some junk
      swig project file & build
      new gtk build process
      latest & greatest
      notes about taxes
      new gtk build stuff
      Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
      more docs
      get flags right
      add destroy routines & some docs
      oops fix copyright date
      add destroy function
      updates to docs
      add docs, destroy method
      remove underscores
      add destroy method, minor doc updates
      add some docs, add destroy method
      add minor docs, add destroy method
      oops forgot the free
      add destry routine
      add copyright notice
      add destroy method
      add destroy methods
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      fix how transaction freeing works.
      add handling for the "blank split"
      some fixes for the blank split handling
      fix blan-split handling
      add some docs
      assorted bug fixes
      add notes
      major changes to qifio to sheild engine from it;
      add a warning
      add a side effect (yuck) why am i doing this?
      fix how splits work, make completly engine independent
      documentation updates
      rationalize register type naming
      fix paths to help files
      update credits
      formatting fixes
      update price stuff
      more warnings
      Henning's date internationalization code
      fix some lint
      monor hack to fix
      swig stuff from Rob Browning
      remove swig stuff (it's now in a separate dir)
      move of enums
      remove lint
      CBBrowne's fixes
      more about reconcilation
      more recncile updates
      fix multiple bugs relating to transfers
      add transaction logging
      updates to reflect new engine design
      bug fix
      make prints meaningful
      force splits to always balance
      add utility routine
      redesign for atomic operations
      changes to accomodate the new engine layout
      changes to match new engine design
      implement destroy-split, other cleanup
      modifications to deal with new engine
      misc cleanup
      minor cleanup
      make sure that balances are automatically recomputed whenever needed
      bug fixes
      oops bug fix
      notes about consistent updates
      bug fix
      oops! bug fix
      oops more bug fixes
      sort order
      misc stuff
      first round of changes to handle new date stuff
      get rid of date structs
      change in date handling
      idate handling changes
      ne transaction varieties
      error checking for insert-split
      more to ofx directory
      start work to enfore transaction processing
      add a little bit of documentation
      isolate a little bit from the engine
      ido trans processing
      be gentle to those with semi-working code
      updates as per RMS's comments.
      porting notes
      idebug ...
      fix sign of balance amounts for income, expense windows
      add blanking for zero-valued cells
      updates about keys & buttons
      add emacs notes
      patches from jeremey collins
      run configure
      budget design notes
      add automatic file backup
      fix a stupid assert
      add account types strings
      fix name of backup file
      fix problems with combo cell blanking and off by one display
      more credits
      iBegin long & tedius process of changing name to gnucash
      updated install
      changes from Rob Browning, on the way to a gtk port
      gtk table from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      from rob browning
      Major makefile rework from rob browning
      some includes got chopped
      oops, dropped a source file
      minor oops by patch
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patch from jeremy collins
      updates of status
      bug fixes from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      compile fixes
      patches from rob browning
      minor cleanup
      remove gtkP.h stuff and a dup[e patch
      updates about quicken
      oops, bug
      add design text
      updates fro rob browning
      start working on split-register
      bug fixes
      add split ledger
      compile fixes
      some minor bug patches
      validate cursor relative addressing
      fix serious and old core dup bug ... curious that
      these changes will allow basic & split regs to coexist
      changes to allow coexitnace with split reg
      name changes to allow coexistance with split reg.
      partial impleentation of blan split
      documentation updates
      add documentation
      move gui-independent parts of table out of gtk, motif code
      documentatin updates
      forward decls
      add handiling for null splits
      a Y2K fix
      fix core dump
      updates from Rob Browning
      hack alert message
      fix editor defaults
      simplified ionsertion thanks to rob browning
      fixes from rob browning
      some bug fixes
      new code from rob browning
      updates from rob browning
      add popup menu
      updates from rob
      some tax notes
      new improved instrcutions
      fix foreground color
      oops, register patches
      add documentation
      nitial work to support fancy cell coloring
      updateed script
      big patches from jeremy collins
      semi-colon fix
      some trivia left over from long ago.
      start adding actual color handl;ing code
      more step towards implementing cell colors
      finish colorizing things, I think, for now
      turns out cursor initialization needs to go into its own routine
      fixes for BSD
      some cheap hacks
      fix the cell update problems with the new split register
      NetBSD port fixes by Ted Lemon
      added credit
      new banner
      patch from Ted Lemon
      auto generated makefile updates
      ugly hack
      patches for Qt/KDE from Dirk Schoenberger
      add credit
      pixmaps for kde from Dirk Schoenberger
      configure picked up qt changes
      add some check for invalid values
      more out of bounds checks
      fix the stupid splitloading
      turn debugging on
      couple of bug fixes
      misc fixes, make tabbing work, etc
      bug fix
      remove makefiles, they're autogenerated by configure,
      Delete the makefiles, They are autobuilt by configure, and
      some safety wrappers
      fix some core dump things
      misc bug fix to get blanking & stuff to work right
      bug fix
      introduce more flexible, robust format handling
      ifix documentation
      fix misc typos
      chop out some crap
      price cell renaming, also, bug fix w.r.t. window refresh
      add a note
      fix a transfer bug
      add a convenience routine
      add project server, remove gnomoney
      this file rebuilt automatically by configure
      patches from ob Browning
      updates to preference code from Rob Browning
      get rid of tab
      get rid of this topgroup thing
      misc cleanup
      some documentation improvements
      bug fixes
      add an assert
      fix a couple of core dumps
      oops, another fix for a core dump
      misc bugs
      add some silly html output
      add a web server to the mix
      ad some documentation
      some anti-core dump stuff
      another oops
      add some silly docs
      a few more changes
      New file, move gui-independent ledger management to here.
      more notes
      more updates
      add a note
      bug fix that was causing excesssive redraws
      get rid of compiler warning
      fixes from Stephen Webb
      bug fix for something that was showing wrong balance
      more hacks
      now it compiles
      anti core dump fixes
      misc bug fixes and ongoing devel
      finish up general porting
      move to new gui-indep account managmement
      move over to gui-indep register handling
      add reconciled balance
      settle dikspute
      core dump fiox from rob browning
      fix compile bugs, from rob browning
      Rob Browning's initialization updates
      add support for old-style register back in
      add output support for old-style register elements
      make stuff work right
      make stuff work
      more docs
      oops bug fix
      changes to allow dynamically reconfigurable registers
      a few documentatry notes
      fix a little oops
      hid some of the split fields
      more config options
      multi-line display nonsense
      enable correct editing
      improve documentatation, add utility routine
      make sure that splits are handled nicely for a dual-line display
      remove dead code
      fix core dump
      updates for new register layout
      add single-line display xfer cell
      bug fixes
      oops, bug fix
      some beuty touches tock prices
      minor safety valves
      put in stubs for some of the general ledger types
      fixes from Ted Lemon
      fix the build breaker
      fixes fro Ted Lemon
      quick hack
      fix core dump
      fix a core dump
      fix cursor initialization problem
      fixes to get traversal into table first time to work correctly
      fix how the current cursor row is done up
      fix many but not all tabbing problems
      qt fix
      bug fix
      fixes to tabbing
      some clean up
      fix the docs, add a utility
      add more arguments to the move-cursor callback
      mprove documentation, add autility routine
      add auto-expanding display
      improve the docs
      kloc counts
      merge in changes originally done in the mono-split branch
      make sure the other way of destroying things also generates a log entry
      add some reality to the journalling system
      fixes to get journalling right and to plug a major memory leak
      a few more fixes taht we missed
      get rid of width and alignment attricutes in cells, & handle that stuff
      add a utility routine
      merge in big branch that implements (more or less) the auto-dynamic-expansion
      patches from Dirk Schoenberger
      fixes to handle the transfer-from field correctly
      some minor fixes for performance
      fixes from Rob Browning
      cleanup by Rob Browning
      new files from Rob Browning
      new fioles from rob browning
      cleanup by rob browning
      cleanup from Rob Browning
      fixes from rob browning
      fix core dump
      oopsy doopsy
      name chage from xacc to gnucash
      quick hack to fix guile build
      quick fix
      fixes from rob browning
      install stuff from rob browning
      ignore various files
      files to ignore
      perl updates
      gnore certain files
      ignore certain files
      makefile and build fixes and corrections from Rob Browning
      change name to gnucash from xacc
      fixes from rob
      try to get tabbing to work
      tabbing fixes
      more fields, documentation, etc.
      clirification, additional docs,
      beginings of a simple query engine
      core dump fixes
      changes to start using the query engine
      fix for core dump
      minor updates
      warning about timespec; more transaction/split sorting.
      remove obsolete code (replaced by code in Query.c
      more work on sorting
      more sorting futzing around
      sorting fixes
      look for date bounds
      add early, late funcs
      stop that annoying beeping
      fix minor flakiness
      add the final few utilities that we need (for now)
      set upd max splits to show
      oPatches from Rob Browning
      new checks for guilelibs from rob browning
      build hints
      bug fix
      fix an annoying display problem
      some quickie hackies
      add a currency trading account type
      add some docs
      add security type
      check currency before blithly allowing transfers
      a little bit of text
      ocomment out some trash
      fix the behaviour that rob is complaining about
      iannounce currency trading
      merge changes from currthree branch into head branch.
      a stupid fix for currency
      modify/configure default double entry behaviour;
      allow hosers that don't use double entry to get reasonable behaviour.
      fix core dumps and other mess when double entry is not forced onto the user.
      configure & makefile patches for guile from Tyson Dowd   <tyson at>
      rebuilt w/autoconf
      make a note of a serious bug
      i updates
      bug fixes from Jon K}re Hellan
      a few suggested patches from  Jon K}re Hellan
      bug fix from Ted Lemon <mellon at>
      minor updates
      prevent some nasty recursion
      more updates
      fix core dump
      more feature wishlist to design file
      script to generate permutations
      remove dangerous message
      some updates
      rationalize split deletiton, make it work right.
      fixes for correct TP
      changes to implement transaction rollback
      describe the transaction processing features
      fix documentation
      changes to defer date sorting until the commit phase.  Also, changes to make
      minor but important fix to the sort order.
      additions to allow gui to rollback the enire transaction,
      some documentation
      add all kinds of stuff to allow splits and transactions to be compared, and
      final (?) fixes to properly merge accounts for QIF
      documentation cleanup
      misc cleanuip,simplification
      fix for core dump
      misc things
      misc stuff
      remove some seriously stale old code
      fix a core dump in unusual situations
      fix irksome bug with file import
      add amil archives
      bug fix
      fixes to handle MS Money format better
      fix oops bug with ms money name guessing
      make things look nice in the debugger
      allow unconstrained date browsing in register
      fix a date padding problem
      minor stuff
      new gifs
      importing MYM bank-of-a files
      oops, fix a thinko ...
      add some stuff to improve date handling
      action cell contents depend on register type
      first round file format updates
      added transasction posted dates to file format
      fix constness problem
      add datte reconciled to file format
      add support for docref in the file format
      misc cleanup
      oops, be sure to set reconcile date ...
      some refresh hacks
      fix docs path
      oops typo
      add check for xmhtml
      changes to conditionally build XmHTML
      fixes to appearenece
      fix some amps ...
      some minor fix
      add reports to search path
      add code for implementing reports
      change to routine providing access to account type names
      correct swig level
      guile version
      more config flags
      dd xml builder
      patches from rob browning
      add missing text
      directions for eperl
      add live reports
      some status about reports ...
      remove references to X-Accountant
      name change
      change signature
      signature change
      add a sort order for accounts
      add sorted-order accounts
      add ultostr utility routine, inverse of strtoul
      add auto-numbering for account codes
      add group function to auto-insert an account code
      fix a few core dumps
      do some account markup
      another bug fix, to get sort order right
      move account code tools to different file
      oops, we need another routine to do the right thing ...
      add new file
      plugin design
      oodles of patches from rob browning ...
      hmmm  last patch didn't apply properly ...
      patch didn't apply correctly, try again
      hmm, previous patch did not apply correctly
      arghhh patch keeps screwwing up
      arghh patch is screwing up ...
      remove all the accidental trash that just snuck in
      apply patches from rob, this is what should have been
      remove xmhtml
      more urls
      need to have guile
      rewrite the blurb
      changes from <Alain.Peyrat at>
      fixes to running section
      add various missing dirs to install
      quick hack
      dd makefile
      add makefile
      merge from branch rlb-patch1
      pick a slightly more rational location
      fix various configure problems
      design notes
      merge robs patches from branch
      updates explainging the accounts
      more hyperlinks
      dd xpfe
      new spec file
      merge in patches from rob browning
      remove old lsm file
      add lsm file
      misc patches from Myroslav Opyr <mopyr at IPM.Lviv.UA>
      bug report
      minor stuff
      get rid of print statements
      add fancier printing for currencies
      some hacks to fix a date-value bug
      fix a date bug
      oops, didn't fix all of teh bug last time ...
      use three decimalplaces for stock quantities
      fix build problem
      fix a configure problem
      fix linking problems
      fix install script bug
      termcap tomfoolery
      new french translation README
      patches from rob browning
      ignore these files
      more notes from robbs patch
      more patches from rob
      patches from jeremy
      bug fix from Ken Yamaguchi
      bug fixes
      updates to compile notes
      updates from rob browning
      fixes for core dumps
      oops, a few more core dump things
      attempt fix to core dump ....
      add some notes
      some quickie install hacks
      new files from Jeremy Collins
      patch from Jeremy (with robs help ???)
      misc fixes I've spotted
      ignore diff files
      new notes
      merge robbs patches fro branch rlb-patch4
      fix a little oops
      begine modernization of debuggin infrastructure
      debuggin info
      modernize the infrastructure for debugging
      straighten out the debugging messages
      add more debugging stuff
      fix bad print statments
      finagling with error messages
      new debug infrastructure
      adding some debug messages
      tches from Ron Forrester
      updates to credits
      big ops bug fix
      little fix
      webserver credits
      start adding infrastructure for scrubbing single-entry accounts
      scrub up single entry accounts, get them
      fix typos
      more work on scrubber functions
      more work to get scrubbing to work
      french readme
      remove this, replaced by LISEZ.MOI
      gnome patches from Prakash Kailasa <PrakashK at>
      oops, more patches from Prakash Kailasa
      add some docs about scrubbing
      Some general Scrb cleanups
      switch over to 64-bit timekeeping
      hack around swig unhappiness
      y2k stuff
      more 64-bit date stuff
      extended date handling ...
      fix leap year handling ...
      fixes for date handling
      a couple more date fixes
      some more minor fixes
      changes to extend date handling
      misc cleanups
      fix stupid bug
      various fixes to get this to compile
      updates to get gnome to compile
      a coupel more fixes
      fix needed to link
      oops typo
      dd gstalker
      add makefile
      add perl paths
      misc fixes
      add fpic flag
      fixes to build the so
      clean up the demos
      add license
      first draft
      final version
      split session source file into header and c code
      add warning ...
      update design text
      make the direct fileio routines privatge
      add explicit file-based entry point
      add file path retreival
      move path resolution to its own utility function
      updates to reflect new design ...
      new file fixes
      rename lock file
      some added missing function
      add code to create home dir, if needed
      minor fix
      add some config routines
      enbale some of the preferences code
      more stuff
      add perl prereqs
      add new perl module
      add fidelity stuff
      allow certain unsafe ops
      more fidelity quotes
      more fidelity things
      rationalize, strip out blanks
      remove this obsolete file ...
      dd trowe price quotes
      update the docs
      don't need this puppy any more
      add an example, strip out some blanks
      ifix some bugs
      add account array functions
      make the perl directory as well
      fix a icky bug
      automated scripts
      oooooops nasty bug
      oops forgot dependency
      presto chango
      start adding secondary account info to the mix
      more account-info things
      more account-info stuff
      add auxilliary account info
      add more deps
      fix up the script a bit
      More cleanup
      add date util
      add dereferenceing operators
      rebuild when anno's change
      add some type conversion routines
      check prices before updating
      more misc hacks
      add byte-stream capabilities
      byte stream blurb
      more around the docuementation
      more cleanup
      add a lib dir for the perl modules
      corrections to libdir setup
      double ooops
      add some notes
      set up more state
      change jcollins email addr
      *** empty log message ***
      add genius trader
      corrections for gnucash
      add note on currency trading
      makefile updates
      portfolio valuation
      add some convenience for perl
      add support for cost basis accounting
      new features
      screen shorts of portfolio
      fifo/lifo accounting
      more stuff
      more code
      a few more routines
      fifo./lifo header file
      split out the header file
      added documentation
      compute cost basis correctly
      cost basis bug fixes
      big build updates
      more clarification
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger and soem of my own
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      fixes from  Andrew Arensburger
      more credits
      a fix for an anoying little buig
      to do list from Andrew Arensburger
      more cleanup
      clarify qt support
      more corrections
      spell check
      oops on install
      fix bugs
      oops install
      start adding vanguard
      updates for vanguard
      add vanguard suipport
      more vanguard fixes
      add stock-ticker info
      merge in branch "multi" with patches from multiple authors
      fixes suggested by Alexandru Harsanyi  <haral at>
      credit for Alexandru Harsanyi <haral at>
      patch from Mike Simmons
      patches from Mike Simmons
      old unixware config file is very very obsolete
      mega patch from  Mike Simons <msimons at>
      a howto for suse
      add Sven Kuenzler <sk at>
      new gtksheet code from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      text formatting
      cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup from rob browning
      misc cleanup and fixes from rob browning
      merge major restructuring of the gnome code from the rlbig branch.
      libnana cleanup
      add some development notes
      updates from rob
      patch from rob
      patches from Jeremy Collins
      patches from rob browning
      patches from rob browning
      oops, new conflicts with C++
      more things to ignore
      patches from jeremy collins
      expanded monetary routines
      add stupid prototype
      new improved style
      add full support for printing of monetaryvalues with commas
      add slib requirement to runtime section
      fix the quote/escape problem and make this file actually useful ...
      add the html module
      fix a silly core dump when destroying accounts with open windows
      enbable enable-debug to work
      add some notes
      patch from jeremey collins, of  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:12:36 -0600
      patch from jeremy collins, dated  Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:22:58 -0600
      jeremy's patch of  Sun, 21 Feb 1999 02:51:51 -0600
      some guile fixes
      code from Dirk Schoenberger
      patches from Dirk Shoenberger for kde/qt
      fix a qif import bug
      fix the currency thing correctly
      some systems define this
      patches from jeremy collins of  Fri Apr  9 15:31:29 1999
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger of  Fri Apr  9 15:13:34 1999
      from dirk
      patches from dirk
      patches from Dirk Scheonberger
      anser jeremy questions
      promote dirk
      add more stuff
      remove Werror for now
      kep people happy
      changes for qt build
      changes from dirk
      oops one of dirks new files
      patches from Jeremy Collins Sun, 11 Apr 1999 17:34:27 -0500
      fix typos
      patches from rob browning
      major rework from Rob browning of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999
      major rework from Rob Browning, of Tue Apr 13 17:29:50 1999.
      big patch from jeremy Collins of Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:32:31 -0500
      changes from Rob Browning Date: 22 May 1999 17:03:37 -0500
      changes from rob browning
      quick fix ...
      whatever, fix bugs
      whatever, the patch that should have applied but didn't
      rob generalizations of staged traversals & my fixes toi it
      remove the wrapper
      more fixes
      french translations
      move english lang files to En subdirectory
      french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      adding french translation from  LE NY Yannick
      add french docs subdir
      new configure script
      lesstif bug work-around
      get that comment in there
      fix some lesstif notes
      add trace hooks
      add/modify misc debugging messages
      add new fatal error mesage type
      oops forgot this
      added search path for docs
      ignor auto-gennned file
      add search pat for docs
      changes from From Rob Browning Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      changes  From Rob Browning        Date: 01 Jun 1999 16:05:08 -0500
      fix from rob
      add Jan-Uwe Finck <ju_finck at>
      configure scri[ptlets
      fix the checkout directions
      fix up resource file
      imove over from the prefs directory
      add note
      work around some lesstif bugs
      change beta message
      y2k fix
      new urls
      patches from jeremey collins Date: Sat, 05 Jun 1999 10:08:03 -0500
      fixes from rob browning
      add stpcpy for solaris
      add check for stpcpy
      added notes
      lint removeal
      add lotsa documentation
      changes from rob browning
      fix ccess method to the topgroup
      stuff from rob browning from a while ago i forgot to check in
      stuff rom rob browning I forgot to commit
      stuff from rob from a while ago
      fixes for a file-open bug
      add dist target
      bug fix from Per Bojsen <per.bojsen at>
      patches from Alexandru via Rob Browning
      cleanup how credit/debit is displayed,
      beutify a tad ...
      whatever ...
      fix the cvs xacc to gnucash rename
      new translation from Jan-Uwe.Finck at
      fix the credits, fix teh version number
      more fixes from Uwe
      clarify teh malloc behaviour
      spell check
      fixes from  Heath Martin <martinh at>
      add heath martin to credits
      tches from Heath Martin <martinh at> Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:57:18
      fix a bug i'd introduced last night
      add copyrights
      patch from Graham Leggett <minfrin at>
      add credit for Graham Leggett <minfrin at> for fixing a hang
      remove two dead files
      fix a touch problem
      fix bad line break
      fixes suggested by RMS
      oops spaces not tabs
      patches from Matt Armstrong <matt at>
      add debug msgs
      lines 831 and 869 need return values   From Paul Moore pcmoore at
      both <math.h> and <malloc.h> need to be included  From Paul Moore pcmoore at
      spell check fixes from cbbrowne at
      cleanup and prep work for qif import
      cleanup and prep work for qif import from cbbrowne at
      QIF import code from  cbbrowne at
      From cbbrowne at               Aug 3, 99 00:35:25 am -0500
      From Alexandru Harsanyi                       Aug 3, 99 04:24:10 pm +0300
      From Jeremy Collins                             Aug 3, 99 01:43:55 am -0500
      add debug print statements
      fix bug related to transfers
      add documentation describing table layout
      add documentation about redraws
      Ben Kelly <ben.kelly at> for motif menu bug fix
      char is unsigned not signed by default
      fix cell leave processing bug; update diagnostic messages
      update tracing messages
      bug fixes from Chris Leach
      update ben kelly
      core dump fix
      add core dump fix credits
      Fixes for dec-osf builds
      add cresdits for alpha-=dec-osf port
      Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 07:17:44 -0500
      fix some fubaritic rock as per Per Bojsen <bojsen at>
      patch From: "David O'Brien" <obrien at>
      fixes From: Peter Pointner <peter at>
      From: Peter Pointner <peter at>
      patches from rob browning
      ffrom rob browning, failed to check in earlier
      add note about broken lesstif
      QIF patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      patches from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      file from cbbrowne at
      add a credit for dave peicolas
      Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 11:57:54 -0700
      multitude of patches from
      patches from
      use -z3 noand -Pd from rob
      The 'last 10 patches' from Dave Peticolas <peticola at>
      oops, forgot to add this from peticolas '10 patches' patch
      patches from Dave Peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      bug fix for rounding suggested by Dave petticolas
      minor munky
      patches from Dave Petticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas SSun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas  Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave peticolas  Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:30:07 -0800
      patches from  Peter Pointner Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 22:43:54 +0100 (MET)
      Pater Pointner
      patches from Peter Pointner Sat, 13 Nov 1999 22:43:54 +0100 (MET)
      patch from rob browning
      more info
      delete changelog as per request
      first round of updates
      major re-org
      add sizings
      spell check
      bug fix
      beutification from cbbrowne
      update the credits a tad
      updates from cbbrowne
      big ol patch from Dave peticolas
      apply Daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      cbbrowne's updates via dave's patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      cleanup from Dave's patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patch of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      daves patches of Sun, 09 Jan 2000 03:18:52 -0800
      apply peticolas patch of 17 Jan 2000 00:15:12 -0800
      add internationalization
      add other supported locales
      more mailing list info
      Dave Peticolas patch of Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      patches from Dave Peticolas Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:40:06 -0800
      I guess I have write access hmmm ...
      cleanup of the references section, remove dead links, names,
      change source url
      no-op testing cvs checkin
      fix for compund filename bug
      commit changes
      fix copyrights
      fix address of FSF in copyright notice
      add info about prices, stock splits and options
      add intro paragraph
      name is gnucash not xacc.
      add documentation expolaing the flags
      some raw design notes
      smell-checked with my smelling checker
      add note about euro conversion and about equity accounts
      update the FSF mailing address
      update the FSF mailing address
      updat ehte mailing address for FSF
      add query to get the reverse-balance by type
      fix the balance amounts shown in the status bar
      smell check
      spell check
      fix up definitions of the equity and the income/expense account types
      update credits, update lines-of-code counts
      some tweaks
      move guid to top
      some quick-hack prototypes for sql
      add more demo code
      add notes
      dd notes about sql impl.
      add section about future, unimplemeneted proposals
      add pango url
      updates about sql back-end
      some cleanup
      extensive cleanup
      misc extra updates
      iquick patch to build on red hat systems
      add more accounting period stuff
      arify the reconcile warning messasge
      update how reconciliation works
      add date
      add some iso9000 bs
      updates to scheduled transactions
      miscellaneous updates
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      oops !!
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      new, improved debug printing macros
      beginings of outlien for sql work
      reorder some stuff
      add documentation comments
      more database hacking
      minor sql backend fixups
      a little bit of thread-safety/re-entrancy safety added
      new improved prototype
      more stuff
      add more update handling
      change name of account group subroutine
      more database backend modifications
      notes about single entry
      start using the backend like its intended to be used ...
      start putting in real table-locking and rollback logic
      mostly cosmetic, with one actual bug fix
      some cosmetic changes
      added safety checking
      added notes abut accounting periods
      add palm pilot links
      update on reports status
      cleanup some sql mess
      add ranlib to libengine.a
      add case-insensitive string compare
      make returned const strings actually const
      fix typo
      oops, undo a mistake
      should link to engine not .o's
      fix problems with statics
      status updates
      fix divide by zero problem.
      update finance quote info
      add reference to quotehist
      fix up fsf headers
      fix typo
      some minor cleanup
      add a url
      fix FreeBSD core dump on integer overflow
      add url for check printing
      misc updates
      update status on miscellaneous projects
      reword one sentance
      fix euro
      update status on wizards, testing, reconcile auting and various misc
      update status on logging, books, graphing & misc cleanup
      run it through the smelling checker
      fix a few more smelling errors
      list quicken file reader
      add gnucash banner ad
      add classes
      add more about job costing, classes
      add some of richards changes, and some of my own (linas).
      add some notes
      commit some of richards changes, as re-written by linas.
      add spanish translation
      add spanish translations
      add spanish translatin credit
      fix the correct credits
      update requirements for reports
      add commentary on 'formats'
      rename formts --> arrangements
      fix typo
      add reference for DTA
      invoicing and order entry iupdates
      tirade about being a web browser
      QIF file format notes
      add TEF format
      fix all the the smelling errors
      update report status, emphasize need for memorized reports
      add introductory paragraphs
      dd freeside package
      table-of-contents formatting bug fixes
      new lines of code counts for current versions
      missed a subdir
      update history, bring in line with web site credits
      continue with the gnu/new play on words
      add intro paragraphs, add number of language translations
      attempt to fix some of the post-script formatting problems
      attempt to fix up postrscript formatting
      richards changes
      iformatting cleanup, richards changes
      cleanup for formatting
      more cleanup
      misc cleanup, fixes
      misc cleanup
      consolidate paragraphs
      dia diagrams of engine structures
      system block diagram
      add smbxml
      add and reshuffle URL's to vaarious systems
      move all project linsks to a new location
      annotate file descriptions to make lxr happy
      annotations to make lxr happy
      make annotations so that lxr happily ndisplays the file contents
      annotations to make lxr display file summary text
      rob used guile to convert doubles to strings;
      remove doubled statement
      add demo files
      be sure to build the makefile in the experimental directory
      allow xml data to come from any source, not just files
      add support for sending of queries via xml
      ongoing cgi-bin demo work
      fix query predicates
      add prototype query parsing,
      start fleshing out query parsing
      more query xml work
      OK, with this patch, the save & restore of the date query works.
      setting the stage for non-file URL's
      try to fix bogus error handling
      quick, crude prototype network i/o
      demo fastcgi code. pre-pre-pre alpha
      minor fixes
      some minor fixes
      changethe XML network IO to formally to be a backend plugin.
      fix typo in documentation
      outline of how a netowrk login might work
      cleanup the handling of network io a bit, add some explanatory text
      Misc updates
      hack in something to detect a gnc-xml file, which is then loaded
      re-enable gnc-xml content autodetection
      add a server login sequence to the demo.
      quickie patches allow this to compile with only warnings
      tiny syntax fixup to re-enable the postgres backend
      need include file for time_t type
      add functions that return timespec directly (saves come conversion
      add iso date parsing utility function
      one last function to return timesepc directly
      brush the dust off the sql backend, fix a few things
      dont build the sql subdir byu default, unless you want hurt ...
      add routine to convert account type string to enum
      more basic cleanup & restoration
      more stringent checking of the input paramters ...
      another core dump: used to call gh_str02scm on a string that was freed ...
      a few fixes & addition of utility routine.
      add xaccTransGetDatePostedTS, xaccQueryGetMaxSplits,
      get the hooks into the backend lined up right
      add engine-query to sql-query translator
      large areas of sql i/o approaching usable
      start moving common currency into transaction and out of account.
      with these patches, the sql backend is starting to work well.
      move log file handling to gnc-book, where it belongs
      Miscelaneous tweaks to enable the backend to functino properly,
      Add commodity restore
      print url not filename in window title
      fix postgres core dump
      change signature of guid_to_string_buff()
      add notes explaining some date funcs
      add documentary notes
      add iso8601-format date string handling utility function
      Minimally invasive change to set cached starting balance
      add more error types to backend
      fix up the iso8601 string format date utilities
      bug fix
      bug fix: call the backend *before* the transaction is deleted.
      megazord vs. bugs & features
      merge email note
      Merge the two different error reporting mechanisms together into one.
      Simpler build
      escape special chars in strings; simplify the build process.
      The postgress single-user mode should now be more-or-less 'beta'
      forgot to check these in ...
      add dialogs to create a new database, if it didn't exist before
      document the bacekn functions a bit more, document the error codes.
      large invasive patch to send account-deletion info to the backend
      teeny patch to use correct account-deletion routines
      add support for deleting accounts
      bug fixes
      ignoe the autogenerated files
      need to begin/commit transaction when changing values ...
      allow begin-end edit's to be nested;
      add support for kvp frames
      forgot one
      add kvp support for slash-separated keys for frame paths,
      wrap with account editing primitives
      fix comments in source code to no longer refer to deleted code.
      fix order of initialization bug
      add version numbers to account and transaction.
      add version numbers: these allow multi-user updates to be distinguished
      add username/password support
      minor typos & one minor bug fix
      remove stale FIXME comments
      add reminder
      run it through the smelling checker
      fix the 'date-entered' bug
      modify debugging/tracing printouts
      define the price table for the sql backend
      add some tracing info
      bug fix: account-get-comm-balance should use split-get-share-balance
      label for the 'general' panel in account preferences should read
      reset debug level
      clean up usage of the file dialog box
      implement the 'export' button on the report window.
      merge in eamil conversation
      update to record some accounts payable feature requests
      remove carriage returns
      sync with 'real' projects file
      terminate with newline
      update credits
      add accounting period proposal
      add a not as per email conversations
      sync up with web site credits
      add A/R notes
      add sample ofx/qfx XML files for future reference
      add note about qfx
      testing 1 2 3
      testing 1 2 3
      debianize the posgres backend build
      clean up error code handling in SQL backend
      add documentation, and only documentation
      testing 1 2 3
      this is a test, only a test
      add infrastructure to allow save & restore of prices in the backend
      small hacks to add price support
      obscure core dump fix
      add guids to prices
      add price storage to sql backend
      implement price restore in sql backend
      dd support for price-editing callbacks from engine into backend.
      minor bug fix
      implement price editing
      implement price deletion
      remove stale work items
      undo my earlier braindamage
      eliminate irritating 'file-not-saved' dialog box tht pops up on exit
      note that save bug is fixed
      smell check, clarify
      smell check
      preliminary restructuring to needed to implement balance checkpoints
      work to improve the logic of computing balance checkpoints
      add compatibility warning
      print additional info in the debugging routine PrintQuery()
      add utility function returning number of terms
      more work on implementing account balance checkpoints for
      minor sql optimization
      balance checkpoint fixes
      remove usage of depricated routine
      remove usage of depricated routines.
      add a few print statements to teh debugging routine.
      escape reserved chars in string.
      move string escape to its own separate file;
      add stuff to build escape.c
      add GPL license
      add GPL
      add comment
      add some more debugging print statements
      fix typo
      add support for more query types
      add a note
      hostname fix
      bug fix -- reconcile code wasn't calling transaction begin/end edit
      print return code in debugging error message
      add more detailed debugging print info
      add more debugging statements
      add helper functions
      add more query types
      add remaining unsupported query types
      add version
      split up raw sql into two files, so that the maximal query size
      add GPL clause
      add version number (to enable sync with backend)
      add version
      add callbacks for pricedb queries
      add debugging statements to pricedb
      fix a backend bug.  Hope this is the last change for a while ...
      implement price queries
      add price versioning
      fix a price editing side-effect: previously, a price edit of commodity
      fix daylight savings bug in iso8601 date string conversion.
      fix bug
      split out balance checkpoints to its own header file
      add clarifying comment
      big balance checkpoint rework
      oops !!
      add audit trails
      add audit trails
      add deletion to audit trails
      oops !
      bug fix
      update notes
      add versino info
      bug workaround for 7.0.x versions of postgres
      update notes
      bug fix to routine that is currently only used by the sql backend.
      add notes
      add account currency nhack
      add documentation for 'for-each' routine.
      more balalnce checkpoint work
      sum amounts not values
      more account balance checkpoint work
      documentation update
      another bug fix
      misc bug fixes
      more bug fix
      more checkpoint hacking; maybe the last of it ??
      error message cleanup
      pick a better checkpoint number
      fix multi-user transaction rollback
      fix memory leak
      implement multi-user conflict resolution when deleted transactions are edited
      moved a few calls around so that all editing of splits happens within
      bug fixes
      rough in event notification framework
      rework event handling.  Multi-ser events seem to now work; not well tested.
      remove warning
      turn off debugging messages for te backend
      fix warning
      update the docs
      more ...
      split file into two
      move teh transaction handling stuff to its own file
      move prices, transactions to own file
      add tracing function
      update event handling
      move account code to its own file
      restructure event handling
      modify the warning message
      bug fix
      handle transaction deletion event
      remove notes field
      add account update notification
      fix a few bugs
      table changes !
      handle account creation events
      bug fix
      more debug levels
      change debug zone
      performance optimization
      add a debugging note, for later review ...
      uupdate notes
      more notes
      update stats
      performance enhancement
      bug fix
      bug fix -- implement sorting order
      oops got boolean wrong
      add sample 'intuit interchange format' files
      updates to status
      status updates
      more updates
      fix date
      add sample qfx file from wamu
      update instructions
      fix remote login bugs
      add a permission/access control error type
      add permission/access control error type
      remove printf
      remove printf
      add file handle interface to docs
      add libdl
      rescue from bit-rot
      skip excess initialization
      make it write the sml out
      update work items
      dd two more error types (to simplify transaction commit
      report new error types
      fix error handling semantics
      remove the old, bogus error reporting semantics
      another little errcode fix
      fix comments
      fix for possible performance improvement
      remove stale message
      make group commit symmetric
      simple perl script to autogen large gnucash data files
      add clock timer routines for debugging performance problems
      generate some call timing info
      performance fix
      another performance improvement
      oops, missed a spot last night
      use callback function typedefs in prototypes
      change function signature
      add wrapper
      first rough cut at resurrecting the swig wrappers
      ooops checked in autgenned file
      ressurect from the dead
      resurect from the dead
      ignore more
      add indexes for (minor) performance boost
      fix typos
      temp performance hack
      index creation fiasco
      vacuum the db on close
      fix typo
      new experimental fast-fetch routine
      mass restore design runs nearly as native xml file speed (only 16% slower)
      new, improved: loading from database is now 1.5 times faster than
      fix 'save' performance problem
      add timing info
      add some notes
      add performance notes
      add warning note
      order dependency bug fix
      rename files
      another timing routine
      fix rare bug
      bug fix plus nasty hack
      restructure to improve multi-user performance
      forgot to check this in earlier
      fix typo
      add an upward compatibility migration tool
      more hacking
      prepare for improved kvp frame handling in backend
      add version upgrade header
      more versioning hacking
      add new error conditions, clean up cruft
      more upgrade work
      kvp management update
      add test for empty kvp_frame
      performance improvements for kvp handling; should speed loads of
      postgres configure fixes
      spanish translation from  David Mar?n Carre?o <davefx at>
      add spanish translation
      spanish translation of accunts pages by David Mar?n Carre?o
      add credits for spanish translation
      add author counts to stats
      spell-check, fixes, updates
      modularize te netwrk backend, just like everything else.
      don't install private header file
      fix include file install location
      spell check, update a few notes
      fix the opt-style include ath as well
      fix typo
      add notes on the upgrade mechanism
      add design notes
      add a check for kvp in case statement
      fix teh search patchs
      add makefile
      add swig makefile
      update to use new module system
      add strict types in order to enable the perl/Java wrappers to function
      misc updates to use the new book/session design;
      ignore stuff
      remove dead remark
      update tbd status
      add design documentation
      add more design notes
      add patch from Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at> for pg_config
      patch credit
      cheesy hack to fix build break
      clean up documentation
      misc session->book bugfixes
      add kvp_frame to books; fix misc session->book bugs
      add missing include file
      add missing include
      add GUID to book
      add missing include
      another compiler warning fix
      add missing include
      type-safety tweaks
      start work on accounting periods
      add utilities for accounting periods, clean up backend handling
      patch up the subroutine documentation
      idocumentation cleanup
      more documentation cleanup
      fix typo
      fix documentation
      use kvp's to identify sibling copies of accounts
      update layout
      add documentation
      more backend/book cleanup, rework the account clone function.
      fix typo
      add routine to find clones of accounts in different books
      further backend->book simplification
      bug fix
      fix test cases that are wildly misusing internal routines with great borkeness.
      fix documentation
      code for reparenting across books
      need to distinguish between marking and sending out events:
      misc cleanup
      refview recent entity changes, fix old bug
      inital checkin of misc, bogus, useless utils
      more misc hacking
      move some bogus kvp utility to its own file
      document trans-due-date kvp entry
      add documentation
      header file for accounting periods
      fix memory leak, simplify design, improve performance,
      continue hacking on books ...
      stub out test for accounting periods
      update documentation
      more hacking of accounting periods
      misc notes
      Misc API cleanup: make some engine functions private, etc.
      more implementation .. add equity-balancing transactions
      document the KVP values used by the book
      add hooks for closing of books
      update the documentation
      API change
      bug fix newly added book-closing code
      remove superfluous calls
      bug fix
      remove some book-setting craziness
      insert backend hooks
      start actually testing something
      fix bugs in test
      misc debugging cleanup and a typo fix
      bug fix
      bug fix for account twinning code
      bug fix
      buglet fix; add clarifying docs
      add libglade cflags, libs
      ignore .libs .deps
      add documentation
      initial checkin -- error reporting architecture
      clean up the documentation
      take a shot at implementing books ...
      gratuitous cleanup; add gnc_book_set_guid()
      g_warning -> PWARN
      g_warning -> PWARN
      bug fix
      change printf -> PWARN or PERR
      first pass at integrating book into file backend
      buglet fix
      cosmetic fixes
      a few bug fixes; add a utility routine
      gratuitous rearrangement of parenthesis.
      add diagnostic warning messages
      add debug messages
      make it easier to grep for usage of child parsers
      update debug statements
      turn on book support in the file backend
      start scratching in support for multiple books
      remove un-needed include
      add state management flags
      more book-support fixes, additions
      check book guid before setting it
      new files for handling books
      more rough-in for handling of books
      bug fix
      remove un-needed field
      add/modify debug statements
      continue roughing in support for books
      change backend API to fix book-bug
      "refactor"/simplify  dead-ugly code, change API to match backend
      API change in backend
      misc cleanup
      fix error handling
      change how reparenting works
      misc cleanup
      add new tracing class
      add debug statements
      misc cleanup
      add new test
      misc cleanup, bug fix
      find  out what book a price belongs to
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      commodities belong to books
      uhh, never mind, revert the last patch
      uhh, never mind,. revert the last patch
      never mind, revert that last patch
      clean up logic
      remove dead code
      bug fixes
      add debug messages
      book/acct-period related bugfixes
      purely cosmetic re-arrangement of parenthesis
      cosmetic renaming of PR_AMOUNT->PR_VALUE
      cosmetic renaming of PR_AMOUNT -> PR_VALUE
      add missing include
      change PR_AMOUNT ->PR_VALUE
      rename PR_AMOUNT -> PR_VALUE
      add generic types
      start adding book-matching predicates
      more reorg in preparation for switch to books
      more private data structures to private, non-portable directory
      move Query private data structures to private file
      use private Query structures
      cut over to multiple-book query
      add support for multiple books
      continue whacking at multi-book support
      typo fix
      add postgres binaries to search path
      more dinkering with multi-book support
      more multi-book support hacking
      bug fix
      add note
      add another note
      translation from Tomokazu Iwashita
      japanese translation <iwashita at>
      fix typo
      update docos
      initial checkin of lots design proposal
      spell chick
      spill check
      spell fixes, misc doco cleanup
      start roughing in support for lots
      initial checkin
      rough in lots
      fix various tab->3 spaces, tab->8 spaces indentation problems
      get/set the guid
      update status of lots implementation
      initial checkin
      cleanup, start adding support for lots
      add an example
      Accounts 'own' lots and provide memory management, etc.
      undo scary cannabis-inspired damage
      misc trite changes
      more documentation
      miswc cleanup, add minor/misc lot support
      finish adding suport for save/restore of lots
      misc cleanup; lot-related bug fixes; add more traces
      added tracing; misc lot-related bug fix
      update lot status
      ignore bogus files
      the original copyright notice in this directory
      add derek's double-balance idea
      Glen Ditchfield gui elements
      remove dead code
      remove old, dead ofx code
      Only the Etrade OFX url remains
      more updates
      hpux update
      reinstate simple accounting FIFO from the gnucash-1.4 branch
      start porting fifo code to current gnucash engine
      fix typo
      add an account-for-each-lot function
      remove obsolete commentary
      start working on functions to cleanup up usage of Lots in trading accounts
      fix a FIXME note
      add utility routine to get earliest split in lot
      fill in more functions to clean up lots
      never mind; we really do *not* have any use for these funcs;
      fix some notes
      fix formating
      add notes, update
      fill in more of the lot-scrubbing algorithm
      add documentation
      fix bugs, start adding routine to perform the double-balance check
      get rid of spurious argument
      remove bogus argument to Scrub functions
      get rid of bogus argument to scrub functions
      d of bogus argument to scrub functions
      add documentation
      get rid of bogus subroutine argument
      misssed a spot - remove more bogus arguments
      remove bogus argument for dxaccAccount subroutine calls
      check in some documentation updates made way way long ago
      more new code
      cleanup author credits
      inital checkin -- add private prototype for utility func
      rename the 'GetOrMake' routine, its not static any more but shared between two files
      add convenience function to find date on which lot was closed
      minor documentation update
      finish implementing the double-balance routine
      add group scrub routine, add docs
      remove bogus include
      fix docos
      add a few utility routines
      hack in lot scrubbing, jsut for test for now
      add debug statements for problem reported by  Dave Reed <drlinux at>
      cleanup order in which scrubbing is performed,
      modify signature of xaccTransScrubOrphans routine
      point out wher there's more documentation
      add README file
      cosmetic, fix indentation
      fix cosmetic indentation
      add debugging print statements
      fix some notes
      add notes
      fix typo
      add very simplistic test for lots
      bug fix for core dump
      fixes to income account
      add debug statements
      ignore more stuff
      enable lot scrubbing for good!
      update doc status
      bugfix: summary-bar:  if no prices, and balance is zero, then show zero,
      add design notes
      add FSF license
      fix bug: need to mark account as 'changed' so that it gets saved.
      add documentation
      two bug fixes:
      minor typo cleanup
      store the default gains account in kvp tree
      add documentation for keys used by lots
      add status
      add a pair of utility routines that will be needed by the GUI
      add notes
      add email conversation about price handling in register
      add a meta-design summary
      clarify soem terminology
      notes about implementation
      move KVP junk out of generic engine utilities
      cleanup grungy utils, I need to be able to use this
      cleanup old utilities
      remove cruft
      remove from the gnc-engine-util so that these func
      add missing include file
      add missing include file
      misc cleanup
      move around an include file
      add missing header files
      move the trae functions to thier own subdirectory
      use g_malloc, g_free
      add missing include file
      add missing header file
      add missing include file
      add GPL copyright notices
      fiddle with the documentation
      convert tabs to 8 spaces, so that people with different
      cleanup; use the atoll function
      cleanup include-file usage
      remove stale routine, add some documentation
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      backwards compatibility include
      rename date.c to gnc-date.c
      move the string cache from gnc-engine to gnc-engine-util
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      include file cleanup
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      explicitly include gnc-book.h
      remove explicit dependence on gnc-book
      need to expose the entity table
      bugfix: the type should be the new not the old query type
      Add GPL license notice
      start making changes to eliminate topgroup from this struct
      fix the warning message
      minor performance optimization
      remove direct access
      continue removing pointers from the book struct
      minor performance optimization
      remove the pricedb from the book struct
      perform some memory management for the pricedb stored in the book
      fix the pricedb memory management
      remove the commodities from the commodity table
      provide some memory management for the commodity table in the book
      remove account group from book structure
      a few small fixes
      oops, fix name
      fix memory management relating to starage of group in book
      move transaction-counting-utility from book to transaction
      remove template group from the book
      ongoing fixes
      rework how scheduled xactions are handled inside the book,
      oops core dump
      move scheduled transaction book anchors to own file
      misc SX-vs-book shuffling about
      misc cleanup
      Add account group as new object
      add commentary
      add missing include file
      add missing header file
      rename date.h -> gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      date.h -> gnc-date.h
      date.h -> gnc--date.h
      date.h -> gnc-date.h
      misc include-file cleanup
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      set the dirty flag early and often
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h, make sure new book file is included
      add missing include file
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      change AccountGroup to use gncObject for initialization, dirty flag, teardown.
      finish moving commodities, prices and sx out of gnc-book;
      This file has been renamed to gnc-date.h
      misc cleanup
      add missing include file
      start removing accounting-specific structures (i.e. Account, Transaction)
      misc cleanup
      use new not old query interface
      add missing include file
      perform _() translation here, not in engine, for gncObjectGetTypeLabel
      perform _() translation here, not in engine, of the ObjectTypeLabel
      add missing gnc-commodity.h include file
      remove dead logging code
      remove _() translation from ObjectTypeLabel()
      add comments re _() trnaslation
      add missing log enable/disable
      add clarifying comments
      move over typedef
      add -DGNUCASH for special gnc-session.c compile hack
      demarcate some special gnucash-specific sections of code
      fix mystery build break
      fix mystery build break
      add note
      minor change to documentation
      add int32 predicate type
      simple stupid kloc counter
      rename for gnc-book
      fix include file usage
      fix include file usage
      fix include file usage.
      rename GNCBook to QofBook
      rename gncObject to QofObject
      translate script
      missed a few
      rename gncQueryCore to QofQueryCore
      missed another one
      fix include file usage
      missed another
      add missing include files
      glurg must be getting late; fix more mistakes
      add missing include
      add missing include files
      add missing include files
      add missing include
      add missing include file
      add missing include files
      add missing include file
      add missing incklude file
      rename QueryNew to QofQuery
      add missing include file
      add missing include
      convert QueryObject to QofQueryObject
      remove dead file
      add missing include
      remove dead file
      change over to new include files
      rename the entity functions from xaccEntity to qof_entity
      start mergine in qof book and session changes
      Rename gncbook and gncsession to qofbook and qofsession
      minimalizst port to qof, so as not to disturb the gnome2 work
      move to qof
      port to qof
      port to qof
      add missing include file
      continue port to qof
      continuing port to the qof code
      oops, needed some hand-made conversions
      a few cleanups
      add generic qof include file
      remove config file from public includes
      rename kvp_frame to KvpFrame to more closely follow gnome naming conventions
      rename kvp_frame to KvpFrame to follow convention
      port the postgres backend sot that it now compiles /.w qof
      qof translation screwed up a couple of things
      standardize some of the names of the date handling routines;
      add some notes
      fixup date printing
      just can't get it right, try again ....
      the init/.shutdown functions shouldn't be private
      url decoding fixes
      add a utility routine
      missing header file
      start work on druid for setting up accounting periods.
      updtes for accounting periods
      glade druid for accounting periods
      GUI updates
      misc bogosity for the accounting period druid
      improve documentation
      improved documentation
      tweak the name
      remove dead code
      misc hacking
      add some handy-dandy utility functions to set the label text
      set label tags
      add a special case: a termless, match-any query
      misc hacking
      add debug statements
      improve documentation, add more debugging statements
      ongoing misc hacking
      more hacking
      testing 1 2 3
      remove test file
      testing 1 2 3
      continue hacking on UI
      add documentation
      bugfix: add "changed" callback for the yearly_spin spin button
      temp intermediate stuff
      allow null pointer to be safely passed as arg
      add some more date utilities
      add documentation
      more misc hacking
      add misc gnome textbox utils
      ifdef-out the gnome2 port of these utilities
      o rationalize default value setup/initialization
      oops try again
      more hacking
      add more tracing levels
      more hacking
      add title, notes to book
      fix typo
      implement the KVP utilities that have always been needed.
      ongoing hacking
      misc updates
      documentation updates
      bug fix
      bug fix
      remove documentation cruft
      Convert tabs to 8 spaces
      this should improve file-load performance a bit
      chasing wild geese ...
      correct inconsistent documentation
      cleanup/rearrange for multiple books
      change tracing
      ignore more
      restructuring to save multipel books in separate files
      continuing cleanup to support multiple books
      cleanups, tweaks to support mutiple book saving
      add a to-do note ...
      cleanup the save logic
      fix traceback printing
      misc cleanup
      misc hacking
      bug fix; after this fix, I think book splitting works (except
      misc cleanup
      misc cleanup related to book closing
      update status
      start adding support for Lots
      handle Lots when closing Periods
      update status
      bug fix
      bug fix
      bug fix, must scrub lots first, else hopeless confusion will reign
      bug fix
      bug fix
      redesign gemini API to be more generically useful
      add tracing printfs
      cleanup tracing print
      add debugging printfs
      translate currency names
      status update
      backing out a fundamentally incorrect entry
      reverting incorrect changes; this file *must* call old/obsolte column
      fix minor bug; also, fix copyright, as LDG wrote approximately 0% of this code.
      update todo list
      todo list update
      add to todo list
      add traversal marker
      fix transaction and lot 'preening' when closing books
      add function trace
      fix recursion bug
      crude attempt to add price query
      fix GDB instructions
      start work to trimm price when closing books.
      fix core dump
      start trying to fix how the price db begin-edit/end-edit so that
      more changes to prune the price db on book closing
      disable events
      remove spectacularly brain-damaged implementation of 'ForEach'
      add commodity_table_copy, commodity_copy routines.
      copy commodity tables when closing books
      fix anotehr stupid bug I introduced seconds ago
      more silly bug fixes for bugs I just introduced a few hours ago
      I hate the xml file backend
      valgrind memory-checker suppression file
      update instructions for hacking gnucash
      scripts to run the valgrind memory debugger
      add notes
      add valgrind suppression file
      valgrind wasn't useful ...
      more instructions
      whacky memory bug, I don't understand why.
      bug fix
      bug fix -- don't bring forward balances that are zero
      update docs
      add print functions for more query types
      enhance debug printing
      cleanup docs
      more doc revisions
      add debug prints
      flesh out pricedb query so that it actually works
      move definition of price to global file; fix dox
      implement moving of old prices into closed books.
      perform sort only if needed
      with theese fixes, book closing now officially beta
      status update -- official beta 2
      fix coredump
      status updates
      start prototype lot editor
      provide additional trace granularity (for tracing commodities)
      wedge the lot viewer prototype into the menu system
      update documentation
      add easy-to-use kvp value getters.  This and the setters previously added
      start of prototype lot viewer
      start of lot-viwer prototype
      work on lot viewer prototype
      install lot viewer into various menus
      add default lot title
      misc cleanup
      split out lot-scrubbing utility routine for independent use
      update status section
      add buttons to lot viewer gui; disable lot viwer when no acount selected
      fill out more of the lot-viewer prototype
      make menu entry insensitive when no account selected;
      start work on cap-gains infrastructure
      go live with first cut of cap gains
      refactor the 'gemini' kvp utilities to make them more generally useful.
      fix bugs, add features to auto-cap-gains system.
      accidentally worked with down-level copy. Ouch! undo damage
      bug fixes
      display cap gains in lot viewer
      String needs to be i18n'ed
      bug fixes
      add more columns to lot viewer
      status updates
      bug fixes: fix sign of gains, show balance
      bug fix cap gains lookup
      add more notes
      update docos
      run it through a smelling checker
      remove pointless maloc/free, should improve file load performance a
      remove pointless malloc/free, should improve file load performance a
      bug fix, hash keys need to be malloced, this fixes a core dump
      update status
      merge from auto-cap-gains branch: gains dates now track the dates on
      micro tweak
      misc cleanup for closing window, etc.
      bug fixes to get display right
      merge changes from the cap-gains2 branch:
      cleanup during hunt for fields to wrap
      bug fix the scrub account button
      urghhh strange indentation
      update instructions
      clarify currency change
      merege from the cap-gains3 branch:
      tweak dialog for a many-to-one mapping
      tweak broen popup logic
      fix incorrect log-level usage
      fix incorrect usage of log level
      fix incorrect usage of loglevel
      fix or remove usage of old/deprecated/obsolete routines
      remove tests for deprecated/obsolete values
      remove cruddy print
      clean up error message
      review query usage for register redraw
      review excess register redraw callbacks
      -- Change gnc-trace.h to use the glib g_log() routine for all error
      add note on how to work with log/trace messages
      merge cahnges from the cap-gains5 development branch,
      merge branch cap-gains6:
      document the financial constraints that operate in the gnucash engine
      more descriptions
      fix bad usage/mem leak
      remove obsolecte code
      doco updates
      merg changes from the cap-gains7 branch. These include:
      wrappers for special handling of data when data is being loaded
      bug fix: need to recompute cap gains when the initial lot opening
      move code from transaction.c to cap-gains.c
      more rigorous transaction commit code shows up buglets in the register;
      bugfix test for subsplits
      restructure lot code, part one
      move low-level API routines to scrub2, high-level to Scrub3
      make changes for lot management high-level API
      price scrub tweak
      tweaks; add wrappers for lot title, lot notes
      use wrappers for lot title, lot notes
      add new kvp glist function;
      bug fix for merging pairs of splits together
      status updates
      get rid of dorky GUI callbacks
      move GUI popup messages out of the engine; this seemed like a better
      warning message should be translated
      add include file for gui popups
      fix copyrights/credits
      add missing bugs warning callback
      add bogus gui popup code
      update readme file to reflect current status
      spell check
      quick whack to add LIFO accounting policy (in addition to FIFO)
      add kvp frame to customer
      add kvp io to customer file
      delete debian directory as per  "James A. Treacy" <treacy at>
      rename QOF_QUERYCORE_DATE to QOF_TYPE_DATE so taht these can be used
      rename QofQueryObject to QofParam to better describe what this thing
      rename QofQueryObejct to QofParam to better reflect its acutal purpose
      documentation/cosmetic cleanup
      add setters to the query object
      rename qof_query_object to qof_class to better represent what this
      change include files
      add status
      gnc objects have a lot in common.  This thingy will try to
      fix deref
      add kvp data to bill term struct so that we can use it to store
      change to use qofinstance as well
      start filling in some of the blanks
      tweaks qof instance on the way to closing books
      make the gemini code generic
      start adding customer-copying code, for closing of periods
      iobject twiddling, in prep for making copies of tax tables for period
      clear teh dirty flag
      work to make copies of the bill term ...
      fix handling of account commodities when closing periods
      shuffling to get periods to work
      add license
      add documentation license, twin function
      change Account to use qofinstance
      use qofinstance in accounts
      handle cloning of bill terms when archiving cusotomer
      add support for tax tables in the period closing
      Notes about how gncBiilTerm/ gncTaxTable work
      changes to copy tax term, bill table children correctly
      oops, missed a spot ...
      copy tax table entries, add doxygen support
      add notes about linkage
      final tweaks
      add is_dirty getter
      change job to use qofinstance
      implement job clone, update stauts notes, update documentation
      start work to clone owner
      add qofinstance to vendor
      start work to make ids/entities/objects a little less wonky
      rehash old hashes  ... ugh. this to replace gncBusiness in a little while.
      this file will be obsoleted/replaced by whizbang new qofid shortly.
      fix/simplify kvp usage
      fix/simplify slots usage (SetSlots_nc is going away)
      merge first round of entity rework back into head branch
      misc minor tweaks to bring into line with the engine entity work
      merge from entity-mess branch: minor tweaks to bring into line
      missed converting employee in prior cycle
      oops, bad definition for backwards compat
      purge old include files
      remove vestiges of prior incomkplete gnc->qof renaming scheme changes
      missed some old stuff
      fix old change
      renamce GNCBook ->QofBook
      oops, left out some importnat includes
      add a reminder to fix the failing testcases,
      add a book-foreach-collection routine
      Misc fixes to allow the postgres backend to compile w/ the entity makeover
      changes to use more generic 'collection of entities' functions
      changes to use generic 'collection-of-entities' functions instead of
      oops, missed another one
      bugfix: the object needs to have a valid book passed to it to pass
      fix up the way the test cases test for the 'dirty' flag; add notes to
      change address to use entity instead of naked guid
      change event generation API to use entities instead of raw GUID's
      bug-fix: make check test-period now passes
      oops, obsoleted one routine a little too quick.
      add documentation, add safety check
      add runtime-cast typesafety checks.
      add clone functions to employee, misc minor cleanup to bill term entity funcs
      remove set_guid from customer, add clone to vendor
      remove SetGuid function
      fix currency cloning usage
      more cloning of stuff.
      more cloning; update status in BusPeriod.c
      staple in the invoice clone routines
      start writing up an overview of how teh business objects work
      add misc documentation/notes
      add document debating guid-vs-book closing issues
      * src/doc/guid.txt: add document debating issues of guid usage in
      sync with QOF sourceforge CVS
      Add support for client-side-parsed SQL-like queries.
      add documentation
      add support for the join-from-kvp-frame feature
      sync bug fixes from the QOF project tree
      Change all occurances of QofAccessFunc function pointers
      QOF to GObject glue code.  Not currently built or used by
      This time, I'm going to say 'cvs commit' in the correct directory.
      Time conversion test case was broken;
      The old gmc_iso8601_to_timespec_local was actually
      The old gnc_iso8601_to_timespec_local() was actually returning the
      the olc is8601_to_timespec_local was returning GMT. The new
      change usage of iso8601_to_timespec_local to ..._gmt().  The old
      fix the documentation surrounding the gnc_iso8601_to_timespec routine().
      add more tests spanning more decades
      fix doxygen warnings by running doxygen -u
      The contents of this document have now been merged into the
      remove deleted file 'query-api.txt' from the dist list
      twaks to make doxygen run more nicely
      update documentation structure so that doxygen generates nice output
      Round one of changes to make doxygen generat nice docs
      changes to make the documentation format nicely with docygen
      Changes to make the documentation display nicely with Doxygen
      Working on the doxygen documentation:
      changes to make the documentation format nicely with Doxygen
      more doxygen docuemtnation updates
      add markup to get these files to appear in the Doxygen documentation
      just a couple more documentation tweaks
      Changes to get rid of most of the remaining usages of deprecated
      bug fix, book getter should have been returning book
      whitespace fixes (convert tabs to spaces)
      partial fix for
      update documentation
      Do not try to compute cap gains if cap gains not possible.
      partial fix for the failure of the test-lots test case:
      -- make the gnc-numeric error codes be a typdef enum
      start of quick-n-dirty 128-bit math lib
      -- check for overflow during numeric multiply
      add 128-bit division & remainder support.
      add debugging print statements
      add fflush to make output appear sooner
      add a note about how to do the FIFO policy
      IMPORTANT Patch for performance; please test and port to g2 branch.
      Please port these changes to 1.8.x and g2 branches.
      remove deprecated has table routines
      add finalizers for the user-data hooks.  The finalizer is called when the
      Add documentation
      add documentation
      Add shared quick-fill for the register account-transfer pull-down combo
      fix core dump bug introduced by earlier last-minute changes.
      add doxygen documentation markup.
      fix the quickfill docos
      add a utility routine, do some minor performance tuning.
      fix horrid indentation (someone used tabs inconsistently)
      add more notes
      new, account-name quickfill utility
      source code for account quick-fill utility
      add account-cuickfill to the makefile,
      Minor documentation cleanup
      move the account-name quickfill code to the utilities directory, where
      Changes to use shared quick-fill for teh account transfer combo box.
      convert tabs to spaces (my tab stops aren't set to 8, so tabs wreck indentation)
      fix comments
      restore copyrights that had been previously removed.
      remove xaccGUIDType insanity in this dialog
      Add entity type to HTML reports.  Remove xaccGUIDType usage.
      remove borken xaccGUIDType usage.  The old code probably used to crash
      fix broken xaccGUIDType usage
      Remove the borken xaccGUIDType
      There should be two distinct entry lists, one holding incomes, one expenses
      patch to crash reported in comment 20,
      Fix typo
      little tweak to attempt to avoid overflow errors
      tweak to attempt to minimize numeric overflows
      whitespace, documentation tweaks
      improve doco's. Bump version number, which we should have done before.
      add version-compare routine
      whitspace fixes;
      add version-comarison hooks,
      rename 'new' to 'create' to avoid reserved word collision with C++
      initial checkin of core generic object ampping routine to CVS repository
      merge changes from the backend-work-1 branch.
      minor cleanup/restructure of how backends are located and loaded.
      move the file-path utilities out of qofsession.
      Remove the file-path utilities from qofsession.c and move them into
      add version param
      -- add loader for the dwi backend
      sync with qof sources
      add a parameter for-each function per request from Niel Williams
      add a foreach function to itereate over all registered classes.
      initial checkin -- automated numeric test
      add random-addition tests
      add more equivalence checks
      add more equality tests
      tweak the equality tests to avoid aliasing effects for large-number compares.
      expanded equality checks, begine multiply checks
      add divide tests, fix equality test
      work on the rounding tests
      more tests for the lcd
      tweak division
      add double-precision tests,
      add random division checks
      Pull dereks carry aptch into the division routines too
      rename carry flag to the 'isbig' flag;
      remove 32-bit limits that show up in division calculations
      -- fix the least-common-denominator algorithm
      -- finish work on add128
      fix the test case; it really is an overflow on division,
      add clarifying documentation
      partially completedd merger of texinfo documentation into teh header
      deprecate the gnc_numeric documentation
      finish folding in the now-obsolete texinfo documentation
      initial checkin of 18-bit integer math lib
      strip out the 128-bit math to its own stand-alone file
      add qofmath128.c -- for now, treat it as an inlinable header file, for now.
      changes to make doxygen documentation build
      tweaks to make the doxygen docs build correctly
      make random-numeric code more human-readable
      Audit use of gnc_numeric rounding and denom specification.
      Audit use of gnc_numeric functions
      add a shift-right (divide by two) function
      whoops, mised a flag
      add some debug statements,
      bug-fix for how large-number division is done
      128-bit division algorithm was badly broken,
      remove debug printf's move reduce routine out of 128-bit math lib
      add new/improved rounding/overflow test
      final form of test case
      bug fix -- the RND_NEVER flag was being ignored
      check for overflows in the remainder calculations ...
      adding a negative number to zero flips its sign! Oops!!
      add more tests involving negative quantities
      bug-fix -- adding negative num to zero used to give a positive result.
      -- improve debug printing messages.
      re-order math to make overflow less likely
      make the debug print statements more informational
      Last of the Mohicans
      fix what I beleive is the last of the overflow bugs.
      test driver tweaks
      That's not all, there's even more!
      tweak yet another possible overflow path
      remove commented out cruddy code
      re-order the way that random data is created,
      bugfix: failed to update list of frames correctly when the
      -- do not add voided transsactions to lots.
      -- reject voided transactions in cap-gains caluclations;
      change fifo/lifo policy to not serve up splits with a zero amount
      whitespace fixes
      style tweaks
      ignore test case binaries
      add function to compare (order) two numbers
      fix yet another intermediate-math overflow bug.
      improved diagnostic messages
      fix minor memory leak, the numeric_to-string returnes alloced memory
      fix null-pointer deref that results in core dump.
      fix really trite memory leak
      remove really dorky memory leak during debug printing
      the error log wasn't being initialized
      replace the algo in xaccTransGetImbalance() with a higher-performance version
      cleanup debug printing
      improve debug printing
      clean up test generator to produce self-consistent data.
      add to-do notes
      handle yet another overflow case in numeric multiplication.
      shuffle big blocks of code around; no actual changes to function
      add check -- cap gains not possible is value and amount are in the same
      improve debug printing
      add code to create intentionally borked transactions
      add code to make sure that split amount and value are valid numbers.
      fix test case failure by re-ordering block of code that checks for LCD
      add the failing test-query test as a special case
      re-order division so as to handle the failure of a special case
      port over to new typenames.
      add check for null pointer
      style tweak
      get rid of the srand
      tweak messages
      too many price-dbs are being created ... causing tests to fail
      sync overview notes with German wiki
      sync with German Wiki (I'm copying the description I wrote there to here).
      copy and edit transaction overview from the texinfo documentation
      edit/corect old and incorrect statements about how transactions work.
      Tweaks - Derek, can you upgrade the version of doxygen on
      add overview, cut and pasted from recently revised texinfo docs.
      small gnuplot script to graph the total number of lines of code in
      raw data for number of lines of code in gnucash.
      Apply patch from Neil Williams <linux at>
      Apply patch from Neil Williams <linux at>
      documentation cleanup; merge from qof sources
      add some to-do notes for later
      fix null pointer deref
      fix null-pointer deref/memory leak
      fix divide by zero
      fix bad indentation
      remove null-pointer deref
      make sure that function doesn't return while structure is
      fix potential null-pointer deref; fix indentation problems
      replace insane algorithm (which always returned last iterm in array)
      clarify fall-through condition; fix indentation
      remove old-fashioned block style
      fix a seriously nasty junk-memory reference.
      fix indentation problems
      make sure return values are completely initialized
      fix memory leak
      fix indentation problems
      fix usage of uninitialized variable (by initializing it)
      fix possible null-pointer deref
      fix null-pointer deref; fix more bad indentation
      remove wacky loop that can be executed only once
      fix possible NULL-pointer deref
      fix null-pointer deref
      fix indentation problems
      make sure that uninitialized value is not accidentally used.
      careful printing null string

Micha Lenk (3):
      Add facility to force BUILDING_FROM_SVN=no from outside the Gnucash build system
      Don't ignore --docdir from ./configure for documentation destination dir
      Fix french translation error: 'Case Insensitive?' -> 'Ignorer la casse?'

Mike Alexander (157):
      Fix the bug described in comment 19 of bug 537476, balance sheet wrong without trading accounts.
      Make the dbi backend tests work correctly if dbd is installed in a nonstandard location.
      Use resolve-interface instead of resolve-module when loading reports fo only the
      Symlink the reports to the build directory to make it easier to use them when
      Add some missing Leave() calls.
      Teach xaccSplitConvertAmount that 0*x = 0.  Avoids looking up non-existant exchange rate.
      Make xaccSplitDump and xaccTransDump work for debugging.
      Fix a couple of echo commands and set warnings=no-portability when running automake.
      Increase the size of the Guile stack to avoid stack overflow errors.
      Fix an off by one error in gnc_ui_sx_loan_druid_create.
      Add missing PORTFOLIO_LEDGER register type to switch statement in
      Reset found_trans_split when the transaction being considered in gnc_split_register_find_split
      Don't leak a file port when saving reports.
      Pass the correct report name to income-statement-renderer-internal when rendering
      Watch out for a null account in render-corresponding-account-subheading, it
      Fix up some gnc:debug calls (and one comment).
      Call gnc_{suspend|resume}_gui_refresh while closing accounts and scrubbing lots
      Fix a couple of initialized variable warnings.
      Fix some incorrect ENTER() and LEAVE() calls.
      Add new columns for the name of the lot each split is part of and for
      Add a comment about GNC_COMMODITY_NS_ISO and
      Watch out for  a missing pricing transaction when looking for price data.
      Allow digits in Gtk action names created in gnc_create_extension_info.
      Load gnc-build-url from the correct file so the accounts list
      Add a Select Children button to the widget used for account selection in
      Remove the "Compute unrealized gains and losses" option from the balance sheet
      Avoid a bunch of assertion failures when the general ledger is open.  The general ledger has no
      Remove a couple of unused local variables left over from a previous iteration of
      Speed up the balance sheet report by a factor of 5 or so by using C functions instead
      Initialize new_val in environment_override to avoid a compiler warning.
      Fix MacOSX keyring test in configure to work and make gnc-keyring.c compile if it does.
      Add the eguile based balance sheet report.
      Update eguile based balance sheet report to work with current GnuCash.
      Make the calculations more nearly the same as the older balance sheet report
      When printing WebKit based reports respect the Page Setup settings.
      Make the keychain interface in MacOSX compile and work.
      Revert part of R19263.  DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set on MacOSX (running under X11, not Quartz) in order for GnuCash to find its dynamic libraries.
      Properly check for SWIG version 2.0.0 and later.
      Double clicking on the balance column in a register doesn't resize the
      FIx bug 596124: don't crash if someone adds a split to a capital gains transaction
      Fix crash when run with the --add-price-quotes parameter.
      Fix bug 573702.  When reading an old data file that doesn't have a template root
      Bug 3786338.  Change r19243 deleted a call to xaccTransBeginEdit which causes a crash replaying a log that
      Suspend GUI refresh while replaying a log file to avoid flicker and speed it up dramatically.
      If you have a parent account with a subaccount whose commodity allows more
      Get rid of the rest of the gnc-prices man page, r19921 is incomplete
      If the build directory is not the source directory and the source directory
      Move gnc-version.h and gnc-svninfo.h from gnome-utils to core-utils.
      Make "make check" work when run from "make distcheck".
      Make it possible to include trading accounts in the Income Statement and Profit and Loss reports.
      Make sure ENTER is balanced by LEAVE in gnc_commodity_set_quote_tz.
      Fix a bug introduced in 20042 which caused lists of Scheme strings passed to C code to be garbage.
      Fix an unintialized variable warning.
      Use the correct #define for the number of account types instead
      Find the python libraries and includes even if the path to them includes a symlink.
      The build fails if python bindings are requested and parallel build is on.
      Don't include core-utils/gnc-gconf-utils.c in the source file list.
      Avoid double free of capital gains transactions when quitting
      Avoid warning returning a boolean result in python bindings.
      Make parallel build work in core-utils with python bindings enabled.
      Fix r21499 which fixed bug #420342
      Fix the selection callback in account tree page which has the read only test backwards.
      Fix a warning due to the wrong declaration for the return value of gzopen.
      Fix r22010 to not crash if the current file has no company name.
      Don't lose optimization flags passed in CFLAGS.
      Make python bindings build when using a separate build directory.
      Fix uninitialized variable warning in r22234.
      Add xaccTransDump back, it is very useful when debugging.
      [Bug 683222] Display the "to amount" in the exchange rate dialog
      Parse arguments before initializing GTK so --add-price-quotes works
      Changes r22619 and r22620 broke online price quote retrieval.
      Don't leak a GNCPrice after fetching prices from finance-quote.
      Better detection of unbalanced transactions with trading accounts.
      Improvements to exchange rate dialog.
      Call gnc_split_register_current_trans_expanded instead of duplicating it.
      Fix a bug in r22646: incorrect test for equivalent price already in price DB
      Fix r22656 so it compiles: delete duplicate def of scm_to_int64.
      Another but in r22646, still getting the existing price check wrong.
      Use the correct fraction when editing expanded multiple currency transactions.
      Fix gnc_difftime so it is the same as difftime, which it replaces.
      Don't store a negative reconcile interval.
      Do a better job of prompting for an exchange rate only when needed.
      Do a better job of calculating debit and credit fractions.
      Improve HTML account table generator
      Allow the price quotes perl script to return multiple quotes on a single call.
      Use gnc-commodity-equiv to compare commodites, not equal?
      Avoid a crash when entering invalid dates (e.g., enter "111" for a transaction date).
      One more try to get initialization right.
      Compile md5.c with "-fno-strict-aliasing".
      Fix test for Python to avoid error message
      Quote the python path in case it has blanks in it.
      Round properly when computing fraction of the transaction's value due to a given split.
      Fix the crash that occurs when duplicating multiple invoices from Find results.
      Make it possible to post multiple invoices from the find dialog.
      Add back, and bring up to date, the debugging function qof_book_print_dirty.
      Use the compile time value of XDG_DATA_DIRS to set the default run time value.
      Eliminate null entries in path lists in environment_override.
      Use ";" as seperator characer since that's what g_key_file_get_keys wants.
      Fix a typo in --with-qt3-wizard-package.
      Add --with-xdg-data-dirs to specify default search path for XDG data directories.
      Guard against bad parameter to gnc_plugin_page_invoice_summarybar_position_changed.
      Handle multi-currency transactions in registers without a default currency.
      Collapse the two transaction currency scrubbing functions into one and fix some bugs.
      Turn off the scheme compiler's "possibly unbound variable" warnings.
      Add missing semicolon and only dump transaction when debugging.
      Decompress zipped XML files ourself instead of letting libxml2 do it.
      Don't write the default currency symbol to the output file.
      Update the progress bar while loading the price DB from an XML file.
      Work around WebKit bug 119003 by flushing events when removing a page from a window.
      Make the test-dynload test work in the X11 version on MacOSX.
      Try to make the python bindings tests work with an out of source tree build.
      Update progress bar while writing price DB as well as while reading it.
      Fix bug 719521.  The two radio buttons were both there, but one on top of the other.
      Protect gnc_mktime against bad dates.
      Protect against null account pointers in a couple of place to avoid asserts.
      Fix bug 653594 related to check printing.
      Don't add a \n to the beginning of the split memo, account, or amount lists.
      Add the ability to search for transactions that are, or are not, book closing entries.
      Change various reports to find book closing transactions without pattern matching
      Fix r23536: got the 'closing keyword wrong in a couple of places
      Check for null account pointers in gnc_tree_view_account_set_selected_accounts.
      Ignore XCode projects
      Ignore missing accounts in gnc:filter-accountlist-type to avoid an assert.
      Load old version 1 XML files without crashing.
      Update .gitignore to include recently added config macros.
      Remove the max_count test in gnc_plugin_page_report_name_changed.
      Don't leak prices in the (non-advanced) portfolio report.
      Make various reports work with the "average cost" price source.
      Advanced Portfolio: Add some more debugging output.
      Advanced Portfolio: Eliminate all overflow problems.
      Advanced Portfolio: Fix a bug in the code that detects a spin-off.
      Advanced Portfolio: Use the more common LIFO name for the basis method.
      Advanced Portfolio: Fix the basis calculations.
      Advanced Portfolio: Fix realized gain calculation and handling of brockerage fees.
      Advanced Portfolio: Try harder to find a price and use the one it claims to be using.
      Advanced Portfolio: Remove the "latest before" price source.
      Advanced Portfolio: Don't print footnotes if the account that needs them isn't included.
      Advanced Portfolio: Don't leak prices.
      Advanced Portfolio: Use the correct function to get today's date.
      Fix rounding problems in conversions.  Fixes bug #454827.
      Advanced Portfolio: Tweak the rounding a bit more for bug #553020.
      Fix r23732.  By the time we get to inner_main it's too late to call gnc_prefs_init.
      Fix unitialized variable error in r23740.
      Handle stocks that become worthless in the Advanced Portfolio report
      Remove src/engine/GNCId.h, it isn't needed anymore.
      Fix some comments.
      Fix reported problems in the Advanced Portfolio report.
      Improve calculations of income and money in to the share account.
      Got some parens in the wrong place.
      Fix an uninitialized variable error.
      Remove the "ignore parent or sibling" option entirely.
      Exclude income transfered to an asset account and back again from money in.
      Count money used in a spin-off as money out of the stock account.
      Add XCode project for debugging.
      Minor optimization.
      Fix still more overflow problems.
      Fix compilation errors.

Mike Evans (92):
      Revert "Bug #635439: Patch to autoset owner in the payment dialog"
      Bug #635439: Patch to autoset owner in the payment dialog
      Add PriceList to typemap for Python bindings
      Add commodity price functions to bindings.
      Re-enable -Werror in and remove %feature("autodoc", "1"); from gnucash_core.i
      Insert missing space
      New example script for prices dababase.  Thanks to Christoph Holtermann for contributing to this.
      Add %feature("autodoc", "1"); to gnucash_core.i to pass C documentation through to python interface.
      Remove variable names that conflict with Python keywords.  Relevent when using SWIG autodoc feature for python bindings.
      Change indent to 4 sp
      Move to the correct place and remove incorrect path/file
      Adds checking of gnc_commodity_namespace in glists
      Changes to example Script to include added namespace functionality
      Support for GncCommodityNamespace, better support for GncCommodity, and example
      Removed accidentally created directory.
      Adds percentages to piecharts.  See bug #343449 for details.  Patch is derived from a patch submitted by Alexander Weiss
      A plugin to import CSV data as a new invoice or bill.  Based on code written by Sebastian Held.
      Fixed some typos.
      Open the newly created invoices for editing after import.
      Bug #660875 - Make columns have minumum width in import dialog.
      Bug #650482 - Cant resize width of import columns when importing a CSV.
      Merge branch 'un_posted_invoice'
      Add English translation of "Action Column|Deposit" as per note to
      Bug #663368 - When importing CSV files, the word 'Deposit' appears in Num/Action column
      Partial revert of r21588.
      File contents appear to be doubled.  Removed extra copy.
      Bug #664862 - New report showing net assets over time
      Fix setting of line color for line charts.
      Commented line width.  This value really should be passed from .scm file
      Bug #664764 - Account setup for Swedish small business
      Add missing Root Account part.
      Added user settable line width and data point markers to net worth
      Sort list of reports.
      Bug #658247 - First time setup should prompt to save file.
      Undo r21650.  Wrong approach.  Uses wrong save dialog.
      Bug #665098 - document shortcut for blank transaction.
      Fix right align for number cells in table.
      Fix table number alignment.
      Add missing parameter credit-note? for "Display All Taxes" checkbutton.
      Fix number alignment in table.
      Bug #658247 - First time setup should prompt to save file.
      Bug #665996 - Minor changes to existing Assistants.
      Bug 667581 - Migrate Invoice / Bill plugin to Builder
      Bug 667581 - Migrate Invoice / Bill plugin to Builder
      Bug 667581 - Migrate Invoice / Bill plugin to Builder
      Bug 667581 - Migrate Invoice / Bill plugin to Builder
      Restore missing customer|vendor in printable invoice.
      Fix gtk_entry_set_text error warnings.
      New plugin to import customers and vendors from a csv type file.
      Prevent wrapping in date column.
      Some systems fail to compile with:
      Bug 670008 - taxinvoice lacks flexibility necessary to produce legally valid Australian Tax Invoice
      Bug 670008 - taxinvoice lacks flexibility necessary to produce legally valid Australian Tax Invoice
      Expose InvoiceNextID to python bindings.
      Fix reversed "Job Name", "Job Number" in options dialog, Headings 2 tab.
      Display job name and job number when invoice is "in progress...".
      Fix the annoying case where an invoice item has mistakenly(?) had a tax table applied,
      Remove hack for fixed bug #573645 which was fixed in r18056.
      Add formatting to table.
      Bug 341048 - RFE: Printable Invoice should allow display of Job Name
      Bug #666576 - Balance Column Set Too Narrow
      Revert GUID change as per Derek's suggestion.
      Bug #680576 - Transaction report: date takes up two lines when using Canadian locale format.
      Bug #682869 - In CSV transaction importer, re-implement double mouse click for file selection.
      Fix typo in regex.
      Fix bug in customer/vendor importer where new customers/vendors
      Re-indentation of source code.
      Bug 683881 Partial implementation.
      Normalise line endings of min.js files.
      Prevent line break in date column on hyphen.
      Bug #700197 - Critical SQL backend errors when creating customers via python bindings
      Fix bug 699450
      Remove commented out code.
      Bug #699450
      Bug-710871 Fix for Python site-packages not found when not installed to default location
      Bug 710871 - Remove errant $.
      Bug 710871 - Undo my last two commits.
      Make bill & invoice importer and customer importer modules load by default.
      Bug 715184 - Bill or Invoice; a new Bill gives a new Invoice
      Bug 710871 - Python site-packages not found when not installed to default location using --prefix
      Remove empty file.
      Move customer, bill, and invoice importers form the business menu to
      Update Amercan -> British translations.
      Update Last Translator and removed cruft.
      A couple more edits.
      Fix issue with Python bindings.
      Split long line.
      Bug 721929 - Importing a customer list causes a crash.
      Posting an invoice doesn't un-hide some widgets.
      Bug 723051 Implement gncCustomerNextID in Python bindings.
      Fix comment and trailing whitespace.
      Bug 723644.

Neil Williams (127):
      Fix double free of the targetList, Add kvp_value_to_bare_string
      Allow test files to find QOF externally
      Allow test files to find QOF externally (trunk)
      get make dist working again
      removing - it is already listed under svn:ignore
      converting RAW-NOTES to Doxygen documentation
      Making RAW-NOTES available to doxygen
      remove RAW-NOTES
      OSX: using GNU sed and documenting autogen changes
      ChangeLog update
      Document some OSX-specific build solutions
      ChangeLog update
      updated osx advice
      new file name
      Don't distribute built source file
      Don't distribute built source file - ChangeLog
      remove old workaround
      Remove unnecessary private headers
      Moving QOF to lib/libqof/
      Remove QOF files from src/engine
      removing qsf/ subdirectory and all files within
      lib changes for new directory
      New locations for QOF files
      corrected after svn accident
      updating the svn:ignore records for new directories
      reverting lib/libqof changes to prepare for svn move
      move QOF files to lib/libqof/
      adding a libqof file to translation list and script
      Remove deprecated SAXv1 function. Close bug 319559
      Add lib/libqof to the Doxygen output
      Modifying Scott's 64bit patch to work on OSX
      Modify Scott's patch properly - missed the cast
      Use only qof.h in place of other QOF headers
      Remove RPC and net backends.
      Fix postgres access_method
      Remove redundant RPC variable
      rebuild when remaking gnucash.pot
      automate replacing po/ and remove from svn
      automate replacing po/ and remove from svn
      ensure the generated file is cleaned for make distcheck
      fix Mac OSX problems with buildpo target
      ENTER and LEAVE matching, typo and doxygen tweak
      updated en_GB translation (92fuzzy remaining) in association with Nigel Titley and the translation project
      QOF 0.6.1 release update
      doxygen tweak
      doxygen tweak
      Using Derek's build-from-tree fix to fix the test-version check
      silencing guile for test-version
      Completing en_GB translation for svn. 3395 translated
      allowing external QOF to work when specifically enabled for testing
      Removing .la suffix on backend GModule name
      bug fix: book merge handling of QOF_TYPE_CHAR - already in QOF CVS
      bug fix: prevent bad time values from being passed to entity - already in QOF CVS
      Let QOF backends work with splits without checking for the parent Trans
      glade-fixup change
      Fix QSF import and merge, closes [Bug 327640]. r12961.
      Expand on the error message
      Increase QOF dependency to the next release to ensure compatibility.
      Expand on the error message
      reverting r12999 and implementing a set of default log modules
      hint for osx packagers re: automake1.4 - still a problem
      en_GB update, 3645 of 3645 translated
      New test for recursive copying of entities between sessions
      reverting change to qofsession.c from r13084, already replaced in r13097
      ignoring generated symlink 'g-wrapped' in svn
      line-wrapping tweak
      support logging of qofchoice by default
      Improve documentation of QofBackendProvider
      Deprecating qof_log_set_level_global in favour of qof_log_set_level_registered.
      removing unneeded headers and tidying up debug code
      updating for latest merge, 3662 translated
      Allowing gnucash to build on a vanilla FC3 install
      remove obsolete strings at end of po file
      more inst.kvp_data changes to get Postgres backend to compile
      omitting collect type from invoice object until fix is ready in libqof - allows QSF Invoice export to work
      New QofBackendError code if files cannot be read
      Check that files can be opened before
      Improve QOF_TYPE_COLLECT handling and recursive copies
      Ensuring get_random_double returns at least some decimal places more often than not.
      ChangeLog for my commits today
      Fix Bug 107876 - financial calculator would call exit(1) if calculation resulted in an interest rate of zero.
      ChangeLog entry for bug 107876 fix in fin.c
      preventing data loss in normal use - retain unsigned int check for zero as a special case error state indicating immediate abort.
      make it clearer that the return value of 0.0 is an error by using g_return_val_if_fail - cannot use assert as return value needs to be modified.
      correcting the logic in the error state
      ignore generated po/stamp-it file
      Improved reference handling for recursive copying of entities - relocate disparate functions to a single new file
      updated test routine for new recursive code in libqof
      ChangeLog for reference and recursive QOF changes
      remove unnecessary (and soon to be moved) header file
      removing more unneeded headers with move pending
      replacing gnc-event with qofevent
      prepare for QOF 0.6.2 release
      ChangeLog entries
      moderating the deprecated handler log entry
      replacing the macro to restore programme flow
      using new events with object argument
      simplify creation of new application events
      updated en_GB translation, 3725 messages translated
      undoing kbabel changes to po header
      updated en_GB translation, 3724 translated
      fix plural message error that msgfmt -c and KBabel missed
      allow recursive copying of gncEntry from a gncInvoice
      allow recursive copying of gncEntry from a gncInvoice
      Optional XSL stylesheets and support - prototypes
      Move qof_book_merge to new naming convention and deprecate old code
      Update status; this
      Doxygen tweak
      Remove deprecated
      Make xsl/ available for installation and therefore packaging.
      Synchronise with QOF 0.6.3. Correct map handling to allow reverse operations and iteration over hierarchical objects. Improving debug messages and preventing a crash when loading a map directly. Standardise QSF backend on gint and gchar. Add new map file.
      bring library versions into line with QOF 0.6.3
      updated en_GB translation, utf-8. 3626 messages
      Replace gnc-engine-util with qofutil
      Add encoding support and fix compression option handling
      Standardise on gint and gchar. libqof 0.6.4 release.
      QOF 0.6.4 requirement
      Explicitly including glib.h instead of relying on libqof to reduce dependency problems.
      Replacing deprecated code.
      Move example from gnc_numeric.h to a separate Doxygen file.
      already include glib/gi18n.h, also need glib.h
      typo - erroneous &
      updated en_GB translation
      Final changes for QOF 0.6.4 - Improvements in map handling.

Phil Longstaff (441):
      1) Make some function parameters const
      Fix valgrind error - conditional based on uninitialized variable
      Make some parameters const
      Update valgrind suppressions
      Make some parameters const
      Fix memory leak - return value from recurrenceToString()
      Fix memory leak
      Fix memory leaks.  In gnc-dense-cal.c, 2 GDates were not freed.
      Free return values from recurrenceListToString() printed as debug info.
      Fix memory leak in qof_session_save() - "msg" is never freed.
      Merge gda-dev2 branch into trunk.
      1) Fix make check problems
      Fix 'make check' compilation problems
      1) Rename col_type_handler_t -> GncSqlColumnTypeHandler
      Don't rely on g_value_transform().  Added cases for G_TYPE_INT, G_TYPE_INT64
      Add support to build trunk with libdbi and dbi backend on win32/mingw
      Additional win32 packaging changes for installation (including libdbi).
      Add begin-edit/commit-edit calls around lot manipulation when posting
      Remove constraint that lot.account_guid must not be null.  Unfortunately,
      If current lots version has account_guid constraint that it can't be null,
      Improve error handling.  If an SQL command fails, set the qof backend error
      Copy job-report.scm to the install area
      Add a callback to gnc-engine which will be called when a qof commit
      If qof commit part2 fails, have error routine call engine to trigger
      Bug #559783 – SQL-related menu entry only when --enable-dbi is given
      Fix bug where gnc_account_set_cleared_balance() and
      Load account balances at startup.  Load splits for an account as
      Commit r17686 "Bug 559783 - SQL-related menu entry only when
      Fix #559771 – user and password shown in menu in the clear
      Fix Bug 559772 – SQL backend not non-ascii-safe
      When loading a budget, set the recurrence so that it has the correct date info.
      Add check that account != NULL when inserting lot
      1) Fix bug where deleting an account wouldn't delete the account in the db
      When loading a scheduled transaction, load the transactions associated with it.
      Rest of r17916 commit (sigh) - gnc_sql_transaction_load_tx_for_account() function
      1) Before saving file contents via save-as, ensure that all data has been loaded. This
      Fix CRIT errors when loading owner info in business objects.
      Fix 64 bit integer handling.  In an sqlite3 db, column types are basically ignored.
      Fix some splint issues
      Fix 572251: remove extra definitions of write_objects_t structure.
      Update business table version numbers
      1) Update table version number so that tables aren't re-updated each time (update won't hurt, but
      Handle integer values returned as string GValues (mysql does this for bigint
      1) Add new dialog-file-access which combines the standard GTK file selection widget with
      In File Access dialog, sqlite3 is default format, so make db fields
      Don't create qof backends for uri types where there is no libdbi driver installed.
      Disable radio buttons for access types (sqlite3/mysql/pgsql) which don't have a qof backend
      Fix lots of splint issues (including memory leaks).  This includes some changes
      Replace radio buttons with a combo box.  A bit ugly because I haven't figured out how to keep
      Implement BEGIN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK for transaction support.  Provides a *huge*
      Remove Database Connection dialog and menu entry
      1) Remove obsolete dwi directory.
      Add debugging info re SQL transactions
      Fix uninitialized variable fileChooserAction.
      Add some debug enter/exit tracing.  Add some more argument checking.
      1) Add new files to po/
      Fix crash due to use of uninitialized variable.  Fix supplied by Sebastien Held.
      Remove some unnecessary dependencies
      Add missing file headers with license notice.
      1) Use AS_HELP_STRING() to line up stuff in '--help' output
      Rename src/backend/file -> src/backend/xml
      Rename src/business/business-core/file -> src/business/business-core/xml
      Fix crash when searching for a customer
      Rename lib/libqof -> src/libqof
      Fix move from lib/libqof -> src/libqof
      Add extra status checking for return codes.  Errors cause a CRIT message to the
      Another fix for lib/libqof -> src/libqof change.
      Merge webkit branch into trunk.
      Remove magic strings - "gnc-guppi-pie" and other chart object types were separately defined
      Fix compilation problems for gtkhtml which uses gnome_print.  My version of gtkhtml-dev
      1) Remove obsolete xxx-backend-file files (now are backend-xml)
      Fix "unbound variable" problem due to split of gnome-utils directory.
      Modifications to the budget report:
      Fix bug 573645: SWIG binding for GncTaxTableGetEntries is wrong.
      Create an index for the slots table indexed on the obj guid.  This is the last piece of
      Fix memory leak
      Remove commented-out obsolete backend module name
      Apply patch by Herbert Thoma: Bug 580281 – Entering multiple prices with price editor is tedious
      Commit patch for Bug 577221 – optimization update title only when changed
      Fix bug #475806.  Mismatch between return value (SCM_BOOL_F) and test (SCM_NULLP) to determine if
      Fix bug 578212 – gnucash needs to be patch to build against goffice >= 0.7.5
      Remove unneeded include file dlfcn.h which causes problems on win32.
      1) Add commands to build win32 version of gnucash using webkit.
      Update revision to 2.3.0
      1) Update svn:ignore for accounts/cs to ignore Makefile and
      Fix distcheck problem
      Fix bug #582976 – - is not available for download
      Apply patch by Mike Alexander to speed up price db loading in sql backend.
      Bug #583535: When selecting a db using dbi_conn_select_db(), change the "dbname" option which
      Bug #583535 - better fix for mysql databases
      1) Remove obsolete glade file.
      Bug #583883 – Customer report produces error
      Use default postgresql port number for connections.
      1) If postgres database does not exist, create it.
      Fix WEBKIT path so that correct DLLs will be copied to output directory
      Bug #584564: Patch by Chris Dennis to allow a report to be either a string or an html-doc
      Fix bug #584819: Company name is not shown by default on some reports.  Patch by Chris Dennis.
      Fix handling of GObjects when deleting a report
      Add qsf:// as a valid URI type
      Undo r18103 change - standard reports shouldn't refer to business code/objects
      Clean up include files and code related to goffice.  Includes patch by Johannes Engel.
      Fix port number, especially for postgresql
      Fix SQL statement which calculates account balances by adding ORDER BY clause.  SQLite3
      When exporting, force file type to be QSF
      Fix all business exports to force file type QSF
      Update revision to 2.3.1
      Clean up a few small memory leaks
      Build mysql libdbi driver and include it in the win32 build
      Patch for mysql driver to fix win32 compilation issue
      Fix bug #415127 - gncCustomer, gncEmployee and gncVendor now listen for
      Speed up account loading on mysql (especially) by creating an index on the tx_guid field
      Simplify SQL when loading slots for all objects of a given type.
      Implement QofQuery for splits.  At this point, the queries used by current reports work, but
      Remove debugging line which used only single account.guid value - using 1 value made SQL
      Fix bug #586295 - Patch supplied by Daniel Harding.  Use the executable module to determine
      1) Fix bug 586425 - Patch by Gary Bartlett - update version of gnutls for windows - old
      Fix bug 339726 – Cannot set fractional discount rates in Billing Terms
      When installing msys dtk, when moving files out of the way, check that the source file exists
      Fix bug 585785 – setlocal command is not included in gnucash.bat generated by Windows build
      Fix bug 586419 – Install aborts unpacking SVN .exe package
      Fix bug 586296 – Generated gnucash-dbg and gnucash-valgrind scripts are inconsistent with the
      r18143 needs changes
      Move debug lines printing SQL statements being executed before the actual execution so that
      Fix memory leak - string not freed when creating SELECT statement
      Fix memory leaks
      Fix more memory leaks
      Separate environment variable setup into common file
      Add eguile.scm written by Chris Dennis
      If session_begin contains initial 'xml://' or 'file://', remove it.
      Rename eguile.scm to eguile-gnc.scm
      Patch by Daniel Harding - update to handle new gnucash-setup-env script
      Patch by Daniel Harding
      Fix bug 586768 – Opening transaction list takes a very long time with MySQL backend
      Remove call to backend from qof_commit_edit() and leave it to qof_commit_edit_part2().
      Install aqbanking patch even if AQBANKING_WITH_QT is no.  This allows RC to be defined properly.
      Add .def file to allow libmysql.dll to be built.
      Build mysql client library and libdbi driver properly
      Fix 'make check'
      Add some doxygen routine headers
      Mark transaction dirty when setting enter-date
      Build pgsql libdbi driver
      Fix URL for pgsql library stuff
      Fix (I hope) installation of libpq
      Handle SPLIT_VALUE terms in split query.  I'm not sure credit vs debit is handled correctly, but
      Fix pgsql files copied - remove pgsql/bin which doesn't exist
      Fix bug 586901: Price editor creates price before all information available
      pgsql-win32.tar.gz which provides client access to a postgresql library has been updated to add
      When opening a file, "sqlite3" and "xml" dropdown list items are replaced by "file", since the user
      1) When deleting a sched transaction, delete the recurrence properly (SQL backend)
      Make split queries stupid - depend only on account.  This makes them *much* faster on sqlite3.
      Add new file to
      Add gnucash-setup-env to list of files to be cleaned
      Remove unneeded status file
      Update release number
      Fix crash for "save as" if sqlite3 backend not available.
      If a report defines style-text, that text will be added to the report header as css style info.
      Add new stylesheet to provide css information.  Allows users to specify font/style info for various
      Update CSS style sheet to use font buttons rather than strings.  The font weight and style can be set,
      Patch by Jim Raehl
      Replace GNCBook by QofBook.  Currently, GNCBook is #define'd to be QofBook.  An upcoming change will create GncBook as a subclass
      Replace GNCBook with QofBook
      Replace GNCBook with QofBook
      Replace GNCBook with QofBook
      Replace GNCBook by QofBook
      Fix bug 588212 – PgSql: Pop-up dialog for overwriting db contents even with blank database
      Fix bug 587436 – Make Bayesian Matching ON by default
      Replace GNCBook by QofBook
      Fix budget report so that it uses stylesheet tags so that fonts can be controlled
      Fix some bugs converting from font name to css font style info
      Change some more cells to tagged cells for css
      Fix bug 363339 – Exclude hidden accounts from reports
      Fix up some more reports to use cell tags which allow CSS style manipulation
      Fix bug 585899 - environment variable GNC_DEFAULT_DATABASE can be used to set the default
      Update version number to 2.3.3
      Add an option to the budget report.  If enabled, and an account does not have a budget value for
      Center budget report period dates properly over the columns for that period
      Change --enable-webkit configure option to --with-html-engine=XXX where XXX is "gtkhtml" (default)
      Add support to display negative values in red.  Modify the budget report appropriately.
      Fix wrapping problems in budget cells (account labels and negative values)
      For income accounts, reverse sign of "difference" column so that positive values are good (more
      Add some machinery to the budget report to allow columns to be accumulated.  This allows, for
      Fix bug 589418: commodities were not being stored properly.  The old code used an INSERT if a
      Save and restore root account to SQL dbs
      Handle creation of autoinc columns correctly
      Store account in db even if commodity=NULL
      For versions table, use table name as primary key, and disallow NULL values for both fields
      Add autoincrementing int primary column 'id' to recurrences, slots and taxtable_entries tables.
      Placeholder was defined as a property but not properly registered with glib.  Add it.
      Store account "hidden" and "placeholder" flags as booleans in the account record and with new
      1) Use 'date' type on pgsql/mysql to save date values.
      Save timespec values into 'timestamp' in mysql and pgsql.
      Add budget amounts table.  This table contains 1 record per budget per account per period which
      Ensure template root account is stored even if no scheduled transactions.  Otherwise, when it
      Fix bug 591614: Saving to postgresql causes zombie scheduled transactions.
      Reports are now automatically picked up at startup time.  Each file in the directory
      Fix CRIT messages when loading budgets
      Rename functions from "file" to "xml" (e.g. xml_begin_session()) since this is the xml backend.
      Fix tests so that 'make check' will pass
      Update release number to 2.3.4
      Fix win32 gnucash.cmd creation to handle ability for reports to be dropped into the
      Fix win32 report directory startup problem on win32.
      Avoid CRIT message when loading root account which has NULL commodity.
      Fix compilation problem - add GPOINTER_TO_UINT() cast
      Fix bug 392357: Allow port specification for a database connection.  For both mysql and pgsql,
      Fix bug 592021: Budget Report: Options to show actual, budgeted, and difference columns
      Fix bug 592719 -  postgres backend aborts with date problems on transactions
      Add win32 version of gmtime_r.
      Change release # to 2.3.5
      Fix bug where NULL dates on sqlite cause sigsegv
      Doubles weren't being loaded properly from sqlite3.  Fix that problem by examine more closely
      Use "float8" instead of "real" for double field in slots table so that we get an 8 byte float
      Python bindings patches by Mark Jenkins.
      Forgot to add new file (python patches)
      Add some dbi backend tests to test db save/load.
      Fix bug 587891: Memory leak - results of gnc-build-url
      Fix more valgrind problems
      Fix index-out-of-range compilation error
      Fix bug 593865 -  Unable to save to database error when scheduling transactions
      Fix Bug 590900 -  "Unable to save to DB" dialog from Business -> Customer -> New Job
      Fix Bug 590458 -  Invoices are incomplete or miss specifications
      Use SWIG properly to wrap functions to free strings which need to be freed by the caller.
      Fix svn:ignore property to ignore Makefile/
      Replace some calls to (deprecated) xaccAccountGetGUID() with calls to qof_entity_get_guid()
      If an object is being loaded that has a reference to a transaction, and the transaction
      If an object is loaded with a reference to an invoice, order, tax table or bill term which
      Move gnc_account_get_full_name() from app-utils to engine and remove xaccAccountGetFullName
      Fix bug 594048 -  gnucash will not compile with most recent goffice versions
      Fix bug 589673 - need to patch libdbi source for win32 problem.
      Fix bug 595017 -  compiler complaints about incompatible pointer types in gnc-gwen-gui.c
      Fix bug 595015 -  compiler warnings for missing printf format specs, gcc 4.2.1
      Fix bug 595014 -  MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) fails check
      Fix bug 591117 -  Cash Flow Report's "Depth: All" Option is Broken
      Fix bug 590386 -  Always use today for reconciliation statement date
      Add GNC_DBD_DIR definition for libdbi on mac
      Add "file://" URL type to images in invoices.  On win32, this at least allows the exported
      Use GtkFunction instead of obsolete GtkDestroyNotify for argument type
      Enhancement bug 589787 -  Multi-line up/down scroll for register transaction Notes field text
      Fix enhancement bug 101456 -  'Find' dialog cumbersome for Business functions
      If webkit chosen as html engine, don't bother looking for gtkhtml.
      Update revision number to 2.3.6
      Retrieve new packaged pgsql binary which has msvcr71.dll included.  Also, win32
      Change version number to 2.3.7
      gnc-module doesn't need to compile/link with guile
      Fix 598491: Remove use of guile's deprecated GH interface
      Allow m4 1.4.11 and 1.4.13 as well as 1.4.7.  Should really parse the version
      Fix typo: scm_catch_body_t -> scm_t_catch_body
      Bug 599322 -  Patch: Minor gui tweak for invoice window
      Bug 599324 -  Patch: Add double click behaviour to account list in payment dialog
      When creating an account selector and a commodity list if provider, just duplicate
      Bug 600947 -  Gnucash-2.3.7 crashes when doing reports with webkit-1.1.15
      Fix bug 598213 -  Selecting "Account Report" causes gnucash to crash
      Fix bug 593581 -  2.3.5: Save to MySQL still fails with date error
      Fix bug 492865 -  Add Last Reconcile Date as an Option in the Chart of Accounts
      Fix bug 591098 - when starting Gnucash, "Present" and all other collumns exept TOTAL are zero until you open the account
      Transaction post date also needs to allow NULL values.
      Fix bug 602603 -  State file cannot be saved with MySQL because of colon in filename
      Set debug level for gnc.backend.dbi automatically to DEBUG.  This will ensure that all SQL statements are
      Fix Bug 591573 -  "File|Save As" with xml option and no file name crashes
      Fix bug 600486 -  Unable to open sqllite file on Win7 64 bit
      Add src/gnome-utils/gnc-tree-model-account-drag.c to po/
      Fix compilation problem in test - I'm not really sure why this is now a problem.  Perhaps
      Fix test-resolve-file-path - results have changed now that resolve_file_path uses '_'
      Temporarily disable currency trading accounts so that 'make check' will pass so that
      Recreate index after updating table
      Update revision number to 2.3.8
      Disable it_IT help in the win32 binary
      Fix some memory leaks found by valgrinding tests
      Add qof_finalize_backend_libraries() which is called during shutdown.  This routine checks each backend
      Add qof_backend_module_finalize() routine to call dbi_shutdown() to free allocated resources.
      Free memory leaks
      When closing the book, destroy all lots (found by valgrind)
      Free budgets when closing a book
      Free prices so that they can be deleted when the book is closed
      Add flags to help with valgrind on glib
      Revert r18426 - "Bug #121695: Support account reparenting through drag and drop"
      Need to export the variables for glib to see them
      Free accounts/lots/splits/transactions when closing a book
      Fix bug #603215 -  Custom report from Budget Report does not save selected Budget
      Don't show hidden accounts in the transfer dialog.  This should be connected to the UI,
      Use correct routine to add a newly loaded entry to the correct bill.  r18302 fixed the entry
      Revert 18490/18491/18527 - I'm not sure it's actually deleting the objects without affecting the database.
      Create qof_book_begin_edit()/qof_book_commit_edit() routines.  These need to be added around lines which set kvp
      Create routines qof_book_get_string_option() and qof_book_set_string_option() to get/set a kvp string, respectively.
      Fix "make distcheck".  Patch by Jan Arne Petersen
      Reverse r18597
      Fix "make distcheck"
      Add new source files to
      Update release to 2.3.9
      Fix comment close
      Remove gnucash.lsm from EXTRA_DIST
      Fix bug 591177: Printer font is too small to read with webkit as html renderer.
      When creating lists of database objects, use g_list_prepend() rather than g_list_append().  There may be cases where the list order is significant and thus needs to be reversed, but that is not true in these cases.  This provides a large improvement in database loading performance.
      Revert r18713 (reopen 605802 "Input of Japanese characters".
      Bug 605802: Can't input Japanese characters at an account register window on windows with SCIM, IIIMF and XIM
      Modify to handle source files moved to a new directory
      Convert GNCLot to use more gobject features.  Removes all direct access to lot object fields, which are now accessed through functions or property names (for backend sql load).
      Don't include gnc-lot-p.h where not needed
      Fix up some doxygen comments
      Add a few gobject properties to some engine object types.  This adds more of the gobject infrastructure to Transaction, Split, SchedXaction and GNCPrice.  Gobject properties provides a standardized interface to the engine objects which should allow standard and simplified read/write mechanisms.  For the sql backend, for example, db columns can be mapped to properties.  In a generalized csv importer, csv columns can be mapped to properties.
      Take advantage of the initial property definition for Transaction, Split, GNCPrice and SchedXaction by replacing custom access routines with gobject properties.
      Start to add properties to business objects.  Currently only 1 property per object, but this infrastructure will allow more generic importing of objects.
      More conversion to read/write objects from sql backend using gobject parameters
      Add more gobject property definitions to GNCPrice, Transaction, SchedXaction and Split.
      Fix test makefiles.  Many tests now need to include other libraries because files have changed directories.
      Add support for passing a Timespec as a boxed GValue
      More changes where SQL backend uses gobject properties to load/save objects.
      If building for WIN32, use webkit_web_frame_print_full() so that a GtkPrintOperation object with the correct units can be used to prevent font size problems (see bug 591177).  On other platforms, use webkit_web_frame_print() because some distros seem not to have webkit_web_frame_print_full() (and also don't have the font size problem so on those distros, we don't need to create our own GtkPrintOperation object).
      Clean up account column in the lot table to specify that the guid is an account reference.  Simplifies the code a bit, and makes future use of foreign keys easier.
      GDate values weren't being properly fetched from objects to be saved in a database column if they were fetched as a gobject property.
      Simplify handling of sx template_acct column.
      Add "template-account" to schedxaction as a gobject property.
      Use "template-account" property to get/set template account.
      Add missing NULL sentinel at end of g_strconcat() function call
      Add braces to make if-if-then-else structure clear and avoid GCC 4.4.0 error message
      Undefine localtime_r as a macro (new mingw pthreads package defines it)
      If gmtime_r is defined as a macro, undef it
      The webkit used on win32 has webkit_web_frame_print_full() defined in include files, so we don't need a potentially conflicting extern declaration.
      Use proper qof CFLAGS/LDFLAGS since core-utils now uses qof
      Fix bug 611885 - Crash when opening postgresql file
      Add a mechanism so that the business sql backend module can provide the main sql backend with the order in which objects should be loaded.  This will allow billterms and taxtables to be loaded before objects which contain references to those objects.
      Handle NULL string pointer as a NULL guid
      Fix parent/child links for tax tables.  If a tax table's parent table has not been loaded yet, remember the relationship, and after all tables have been loaded, fix up the rest of the parent/child links.
      Fix parent/child relationships in billterms in case the parent hasn't been loaded yet.
      Only use long long format specifiers if available - avoids error message when compiler thinks they're not available.
      Fix Bug 611810 -  GC crashes when I click on File -> Properties
      Add some new gobject-related infrastructure so that when deleting an object, it can be determined if there are other objects with references to that object (bug 140400).
      Implement the object reference infrastructure routines to allow a list of business objects referring to a specific other object (e.g. an account) to be determined.  This will help fix bug 140400 because the account delete code can now determine a list of business (or other) objects which have references to that account, and prevent the account from being deleted while references still exist.
      Fix Bug 611346 - Crash in Saved Reports dialog if you select Delete button with no report selected
      Fix Bug 590570 - When deleting more than one report in sequence the program crashes
      Bug #140400 - Crash when deleting an account that is still in use by the business features
      Partial fix for #611014 - CSV import crashes
      Update based on new source files
      Fix handling of gncla-dir.h so that it will be removed so that 'make distcheck' will pass
      Remove test-load-module from tests
      Revert r18881/18884/18885 (bug #610675 - Register Tabs Do Not Display Since Nightly Build r18685)
      Update revision to 2.3.11
      Fix #613574 - Cannot create/save new employees using MySQL backend
      Create splits->accounts sql index and tx->post_date index when creating new databases
      Add new CPP macros which make it cleaner to have conditional compilation based on compiler/system and options selected during config
      Update dbi tests - more object types are now saved and loaded
      Extend xaccXXXXXEqual() routines so that they can compare objects in different books to see if they have the same contents.
      Changes in dbi test infrastructure
      Add deep comparison routines for test purposes
      Add business backend sql test infrastructure.
      Upgrade win32 version of webkit from 1.1.5 to 1.1.90.
      Fix #588816 - Heading Banner Image does not display or print on invoice reports
      Fix to use gdb from the right place
      Check for webkit_web_view_load_uri() function, and if not available, fall back to webkit_web_view_load_html_string().
      Add functions to compare 2 business objects for equality, and use them in 'make check' tests.
      Remove reference to GNC_TEST_SRFI_LOAD_CMD since we no longer support local srfi's.
      Ensure necessary .h files are included in EXTRA_DIST
      Fix test dependencies
      Add .h files to EXTRA_DIST to ensure they are put into tarball
      Disable transaction log so that there aren't log files left lying around to make 'distcheck' fail.
      Change default from --disable-dbi to --enable-dbi.
      Assume webkit functions exist on win32
      When updating book counters for business objects (in book slots), ensure they're saved.
      Change release number to 2.3.12
      Fix #616606 - Add <meta> line indicating utf8 encoding so that non-latin chars show correctly.
      Change default report stylesheet from "Default" to "Default CSS"
      Fix #616554 - New stylesheets based on Fancy template cause BIN to crash
      Add font support to all stylesheets
      Merge CSS and plain stylesheets, leaving the plain and remove the CSS stylesheet.  Plain now has font specifications.
      Set default webkit font from system font.
      Split "Arial" out from font names to make it easier to replace.
      Fix #616100  - Incorrect character set used in MySQL backend
      Update version to 2.3.13
      Update rev number to 2.3.14
      Bug #616606: Add gnc-get-default-report-font-family function callable from scm.
      #616606 - Get default report font from top level widget
      Fix problem with "t" unbound in cond expression.  Use "else" instead.
      Bug #625697: Prior patch, Changeset 19376, broke reports for non-default stylesheets
      Get library from correct directory - fixes "make check"
      Update release number to 2.3.15
      Add kvp_frame_set_gdate() function
      Fix #630286 - Please add handling code for GDate kvp values in SQL, too
      Fix include files.  Include files now only include other include files if symbols from the other files are needed by this one.
      INFO message to trace log if a table is automatically upgraded to newer version.
      Add test-dbi-business-stuff.h to EXTRA_DIST so "make distcheck" passes
      Add 'test-dbi-business' to svn:ignore
      Update revision # to 2.3.16
      Fix stupid mistake when I checked in the with new version#.
      Update release to 2.3.17
      Add gnc-backend-dbi-priv.h to list of header files so that 'make distcheck' passes
      Update copyright notice dates to include 2010
      Update to 2.4.0
      Plug some memory leaks
      Patch some memory leaks.  scm_to_locale_string() returns a string which must be freed
      Fix more memory leaks.  scm_to_locale_string() returns a string which must be freed.
      When a book is closed, all of the memory for the objects should be freed.
      Fix earlier checkins to ensure that strings returned from routines or whose addresses are kept have been allocated from g_malloc(.
      Plug more memory leaks
      Plug more memory leaks
      Plug more memory leaks
      Plug more memory leaks
      More memory leaks
      More memory leaks
      More memory leaks
      Plug memory leak
      When book is being closed, destroy objects to free their memory.  Doesn't matter too much when closing gnucash,
      Plug more memory leaks
      More memory leaks
      Revert part of r20018 - Freeing the guid returned from g_object_get() sometimes tried to free unmalloced memory.
      Add "copy budget" command to menu.  Works like "open budget" except that a copy of the budget is made with the name "Copy of "+name of old budget.
      Add gnc_budget_clone() and make some functions arguments 'const'
      More memory leaks
      Fix more memory leaks.  Also, when closing a book (to open a new one, not year end), free objects.
      Add budget name to budget tab
      Disable building the plugins directory until windows build issues can be fixed
      Check whether session has been created before trying to end it.
      Update revision to 2.4.1
      Update revision to 2.4.2
      Update revision to 2.4.3
      Update rev to 2.4.4
      During win32 build, if a component is already installed, print the installation path
      Remove direct access to window inside GtkWidget - use accessor instead
      Spell the function name correctly.  Sigh.
      Replace use of deprecated g_strcasecmp() by g_ascii_strncasecmp()
      Update win32 components:
      Modify win32 component directories - remove remaining version numbers from directory names.  I'd like
      Convert to using gobject attribute names to save/restore address fields.
      Add more vendor gobject attributes and use those to save/restore to sql db
      Add more properties to employee object and convert sql backend to use them to save/load objects
      Add more order gobject properties and convert sql backend to use them for loading/saving.
      Replace deprecated g_mapped_file_free() with recommended g_mapped_file_unref()
      Add some more g-object parameters for GncTaxTable
      Fix some g-object parameter types
      Convert DBI test to utest
      Use new GncTaxTable g-object parameters
      Remove invalid routine arg check
      Replace deprecated g_basename() by recommend g_path_get_basename()
      Since 2.32, GCache is deprecated and should be replaced by GHashTable.
      Update some svn:ignore properties
      Add test-qof to svn:ignore
      Fix some small problems (including a memory leak) found by running qof unit test with valgrind.
      Fix memory leaks found by unit tests/valgrind
      Add basic budget unit tests
      Re-add function gppat_filter_select_default_cb() mistakenly removed in commit r21578.  It's not used by C code, but is by the .glade file.
      Initial changes to budget view.

Rob Browning (529):
      * lib/srfi/srfi-2.scm: new file.
      * add lib/srfi/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT.
      * lib/ (SUBDIRS): add srfi.
      * (TAGS): add a msg to suggest --enable-tags.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c
      * src/scm/utilities.scm (flatten): improved via grib's version.
      * src/scm/srfi/ moved to lib/srfi.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (addto!): make a
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm (addto!): make a
      * doc/sgml/C/ (GNUCASH_SGML_FILES): remove entries
      *** empty log message ***
      * (AC_OUTPUT): remove src/scm/srfi/Makefile (again?).
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: add use-modules
      * lib/srfi/srfi-19.scm: update to new guile-core version.  (Grab
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/process.scm: now a guile module (gnucash process).
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: use (gnucash process) module.
      * src/scm/ (gnc_regular_scm_files): remove process.scm.
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/srfi/srfi-19.scm: updated to include guile-core bug fixes.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/dialog-nextrun.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/gnome/dialog-scheduledxaction.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/gnome/gnc-frequency.c: fixed some type problems.
      * src/scm/depend.scm (gnc:depend): add optional timing facility.
      * src/scm/report-html.scm: make (ice-9 slib) dependency explicit.
      * src/scm/ (gnc:load): don't silently succeed on
      .cvsignore: add ChangeLog.
      * src/scm/report/account-piecharts.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/account-summary.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/average-balance.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/balance-sheet.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/category-barchart.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/hello-world.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/iframe-url.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/net-barchart.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/pnl.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/portfolio.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/price-scatter.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/register.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/taxtxf.scm: convert to guile module.
      * src/scm/report/transaction-report.scm: renamed to transaction.scm
      * src/scm/report/transaction.scm: renamed from
      * src/scm/report/report-list.scm: switch to use-modules for
      * src/scm/report/ (gncscmmoddir): dir for report modules.
      *** empty log message ***
      * .cvsignore: add intltool files.
      * acinclude.m4: added AM_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE so it would work from
      * src/app-file/.cvsignore: add gw-app-file.scm.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/register/ledger-core/
      * src/register/ledger-core/test/
      * src/register/register-core/
      * src/register/register-core/test/
      * src/register/register-gnome/
      * src/register/register-gnome/test/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/
      * src/report/report-system/
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm:
      * src/report/report-system/test/
      * update for intltool.  Update LIBTOOL macros to
      * macros/ update for intltool.
      * src/ (CFLAGS): move INCLUDES bits to CFLAGS.
      * src/app-file/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c
      * src/app-file/gnome/
      * src/app-utils/.cvsignore: add gw-app-utils.scm.
      * src/app-utils/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: must load "gnucash/engine" module.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c
      * src/app-utils/test/
      * src/backend/file/
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/backend/net/
      * src/backend/postgres/
      * src/backend/postgres/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/
      * src/backend/rpc/
      * src/calculation/
      * src/engine/.cvsignore: add gw-engine.scm, gw-glib.scm, and
      * src/engine/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/engine/engine.scm: (use-modules (g-wrapped gw-runtime)).
      * src/engine/test/
      * src/engine/test-core/
      * src/experimental/cgi-bin/
      * src/gnc-module/.cvsignore: add gw-gnc-module.scm.
      * src/gnc-module/ support new g-wrap .scm module files.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.scm
      * src/gnc-module/test/
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-dynload.c
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-dynload: adjust dynamic-link call
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-init: convert to shell script that
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/
      * src/gnome/ use INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE.
      * src/gnome/argv-list-converters.c
      * src/gnome/top-level.c
      * src/gnome/window-help.c
      * src/gnome/window-register.c
      * src/gnome-utils/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/gnome-utils/
      * src/gnome-utils/test/
      * src/import-export/binary-import/.cvsignore: add .libs and
      * src/import-export/binary-import/ : support new g-wrap
      * src/import-export/binary-import/test/
      * src/import-export/qif-import/
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/test/
      * src/network-utils/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/network-utils/
      * src/network-utils/test/
      * src/optional/swig/
      * src/report/standard-reports/
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/
      * src/report/stylesheets/
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/
      * src/report/utility-reports/
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: use slib and require
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/
      * src/tax/us/
      * src/tax/us/test/
      * src/test-core/
      *** empty log message ***
      * require at least g-wrap 1.3.1.
      *** empty log message ***
      * (GNC_ADD_ON_SRFIS): compute needed SRFIs.
      * lib/srfi/ determine SRFI list via autoconf.
      *** empty log message ***
      * .cvsignore: add stamp-h1 (where does this come from?).
      * src/ (gnucash_LDADD): link gncguile and gncgnome as
      * src/engine/
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: add files for shared libs.
      * src/gnome/
      * src/scm/printing/
      * src/scm/printing/number-to-words.scm: make a guile module.
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: use number-to-words module.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.h:
      * src/app-utils/test/
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/engine/engine.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/engine/test/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): add paths.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c (gnc_module_system_init): add some
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-import.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: added
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: added use-modules.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/net-barchart.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/payables.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/pnl.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/portfolio.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/standard-reports.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-fancy.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-plain.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/utility-reports.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: added use-modules.
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/
      * src/scm/ (gncscmmod_DATA): move bootstrap.scm here.
      * src/scm/ remove slib compatability stuff.
      * src/scm/command-line.scm
      * src/scm/doc.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/extensions.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/main-window.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): change gnc:depend calls to
      * src/scm/path.scm (gnc:locale-prefixes): () -> '().
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: make it a guile module -- add exports,
      * src/scm/startup.scm: comment out everything -- if this works, we
      * src/scm/substring-search.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/xml-generator.scm: remove gnc:support call.
      * src/scm/gnumeric/gnumeric-utilities.scm: remove gnc:support and
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: remove gnc:support and
      * src/tax/us/us.scm (gnucash): added use-modules.
      * src/tax/us/test/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-file/test/.cvsignore: add
      * src/gnome-utils/ (BUILT_SOURCES): fix for new automake.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      * src/tax/us/test/.cvsignore: add .deps.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/backend/file/test/
      * src/gnome/tip-of-the-day.c: moved from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/tip-of-the-day.h: moved from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ move tip-of-the-day here.
      * src/gnome-utils/test/
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/tax/us/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/test/.cvsignore: add .libs.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): add missing
      * set execute bit on gnc-test-env.
      * src/gnc-test-env: new script.
      * src/report/standard-reports/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      *** empty log message ***
      * update to reflect deleted src/gnome.
      * src/ update to reflect deleted src/gnome.
      * src/gnome/.cvsignore: add files from src/guile.
      * src/scm/config: moved from src/scm.
      * src/gnome/ moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: moved here from src/guile.
      * src/gnome/ accomodate files from src/guile.
      * src/report/stylesheets/test/ switch to use gnc-test-env.
      * src/report/utility-reports/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      * src/scm/ added config.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/ (noinst_HEADERS): add gw-gnc.h.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnome/ accomodate file relocations.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.c: moved to src/dialog-account.
      * src/gnome/dialog-account.h: moved to src/dialog-account.
      * src/gnome/dialog-dup-trans.c: moved to src/register/ledger-core.
      * src/gnome/file-utils.c: moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/gnome/file-utils.h: moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/gnome/window-help.c: moved to src/gnome-utils.
      * src/gnome/window-help.h: moved to src/gnome-utils.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: remove spurious dialog-account.h include.
      * src/gnome/ add temporary helpers for gnucash
      * src/gnome-utils/ add window-help.
      * src/gnome-utils/window-help.c: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/gnome-utils/window-help.h: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/register/ledger-core/ add dialog-dup-trans.
      * src/register/ledger-core/dialog-dup-trans.c: moved here from
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-deps.scm: deleted - unnecessary.
      * src/app-utils/ add file-utils.
      * src/app-utils/file-utils.c: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/app-utils/file-utils.h: moved here from src/gnome.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): very ugly hack -- right now we
      * src/tax/us/test/ switch to use gnc-test-env to build
      * src/gnc-module/test/
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-deps: turn in to a self-contained
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-load-scm: turn in to a self-contained
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-init: don't set %load-path
      * src/ (SUBDIRS): re-order to fix dependency problems.
      * src/ new file -- this will eventually become the
      * src/.cvsignore: add
      * (AC_OUTPUT): add src/dialog-account.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-multi.scm: deleted.
      * src/gnc-module/test/test-scm-multi: turned into guile script
      * src/gnc-module/test/ use gnc-test-env.
      * src/business/business-core/test/.cvsignore: add various things.
      * src/business/business-core/test/ fixup
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/business/.cvsignore: add
      * src/business/business-core/.cvsignore: add various things.
      * src/business/business-gnome/.cvsignore: add various-things.
      * src/business/business-gnome/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/ (SUBDIRS): add core-utils.
      * src/README.modules: add core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/sixtp-utils.c (gnc_timegm): switch from putenv
      * (AC_OUTPUT): add src/core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/test/ (AM_CFLAGS): add src/core-utils.
      * src/backend/file/test/test-save-in-lang.c
      * src/business/business-gnome/
      * src/core-utils/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/core-utils/ new file.
      * src/core-utils/core-utils.c: new file.
      * src/core-utils/core-utils.h: new file.
      * src/engine/gnc-engine-util.h: add #include config.h.
      * src/gnc-module/
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/gnome/
      * src/gnome/ (AM_CFLAGS): add core-utils.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/ new file.
      * src/bin/ new file -- you can use this to invoke
      * src/bin/ moved here from ..
      * src/bin/ moved here from ..
      * src/bin/ moved here from ../  Now uses
      * src/scm/main.scm: remove append-path calls - handled in gnucash-env.
      * src/gnome/window-main.c (gnc_shutdown): moved here for now, but
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: removed many dead functions.
      * src/gnome/ removed all code except
      * src/gnc-main.c: deleted.
      * src/ moved to src/bin.
      * src/ moved to src/bin.
      * src/ moved to src/bin/
      * src/ handle new src/bin directory, and remove all
      * src/.cvsignore: remove bits that moved to src/bin.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/startup-design.txt: some updates -- needs overhaul.
      * add GNC_LIBEXECDIR.
      * doc/gnucash.1: remove some vestigal envt var refs.
      * src/bin/ trivial guile override wrapper.
      * src/bin/ rearrange code so that the file can be
      * src/bin/ add the script-override directory to the
      * src/bin/ (gncoverridedir): new var.
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: add guile.
      *** empty log message ***
      * README: add a note to the Running section indicating that it's
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/guile-www/
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/app-utils/ move here from src/gnome.
      * src/app-utils/gw-app-utils-spec.scm: add wrapper for
      * src/app-utils/
      * src/app-utils/gnc-gettext-util.c (gnc_setup_gettext): move here.
      * src/app-utils/gnc-gettext-util.h (gnc_setup_gettext): move here.
      * src/app-utils/README: new file.
      * .cvsignore: add .scm-links
      * src/app-utils/.cvsignore: add i18n.h.
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/core-utils/gw-core-utils-spec.scm: new file.
      * src/core-utils/ accomodate new g-wrappers.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c
      * src/gnome/ accomodate the removal of gnucash.h,
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: remove gnucash.h include.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: remove gnucash.h include.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/
      * src/core-utils/.cvsignore: add .scm-links.
      * src/scm/ switch to use load-from-path for
      * src/scm/command-line.scm (gnc:*config-dir*): add GNC_CONFIG_DIR
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:startup): call gnc:setup-gettext and
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm (gnc:read-tips): use
      * src/import-export/qif-import/ (.scm-links): new target.
      * src/bin/ moved to src/bin/overrides.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ removed.
      * src/bin/ moved to src/bin/overrides.
      * src/bin/generate-gnc-script: new script to generate all the
      * src/gnome/ removed.
      * src/gnome/gnucash.h: removed.
      * src/gnome/ moved to src/app-utils.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/.cvsignore: add .scm-links.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash: new file.
      * src/bin/test/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/test/ new file.
      * src/bin/test/fake-guile: new file.
      * src/bin/test/test-guile-env-override: new file.
      * src/bin/test/test-version: new file.
      * src/bin/ handle new overrides arrangement.
      * src/bin/.cvsignore: update for file rearrangements.
      * src/bin/overrides/.cvsignore: new file.
      * src/bin/overrides/ new file.
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-make-guids: new file -- mostly content
      * src/bin/overrides/ moved from ../.
      *** empty log message ***
      * add adjustments for new static overrides scripts.
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash-run-script: new file -- mostly content
      * src/bin/test/test-run-script: new file.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Makefile.TAGS: new file.
      * (TAGS): modify to fix the problem where you had to
      * src/app-utils/ (gncscm_DATA): remove utilities.scm.
      * src/app-utils/utilities.scm: code moved to main.scm -- needed
      * src/app-utils/app-utils.scm: accomodate removal of
      * src/bin/overrides/gnucash: use main, not bootstrap.
      * src/bin/overrides/ part 1 of startup
      * src/engine/test/test-group-vs-book.c (main_helper): check for
      * src/engine/test/test-period.c: must load the engine
      * src/gnc-module/ (libgncmodule_la_LIBADD): remove
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.c: remove guile includes.
      * src/scm/command-line.scm: add other env var lookups as part of
      * src/scm/depend.scm: deleted.
      * src/scm/doc.scm (gnc:load-help-topics): just use
      * src/scm/ new file -- keep all the
      * src/scm/ remove depend.scm and handle switch from
      * src/scm/path.scm (gnc:default-doc-dirs): match build-config.scm
      * src/gnome-utils/gnome-utils.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-import.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/import-export/qif-io-core/qif-io-core.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/report-system/report.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-fancy.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-plain.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/stylesheets/stylesheets.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/scm/.cvsignore: remove bootstrap.scm and add build-config.scm.
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/tax/us/us.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/scm/main.scm: merge bootstrap.scm contents here and
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/utility-reports/iframe-url.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm: rename
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/aging.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/utility-reports/utility-reports.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/utility-reports/welcome-to-gnucash.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/portfolio.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/standard-reports.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/payables.scm: rename bootstrap to
      * src/report/standard-reports/receivables.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: rename bootstrap
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: rename
      * src/report/standard-reports/net-barchart.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      * src/report/standard-reports/pnl.scm: rename bootstrap to main.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/scm/ deleted (yesterday actually).
      * (error-on-warning): make this the default.  I'm
      * intl-scm/ (guile-strings.c): add top_srcdir.
      * src/backend/postgres/test/
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ rework to communicate
      * src/backend/postgres/test/test-db.c
      * src/bin/overrides/ add report-gnome to
      * src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c: #include gnc-gui-query.h
      * src/optional/.cvsignore: add *.lo and *.la.
      * src/report/report-gnome/
      * src/engine/iso-4217-currencies.scm: fix some typos.
      * src/engine/engine.scm: don't export deleted
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.h: remove
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c (gnc_book_init): switch to use non-guile
      * src/engine/commodity-table.scm: migrate commodity table
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.c
      * src/engine/gnc-commodity.h
      * src/engine/ accomodate new automatically generated C
      * src/engine/iso-currencies-to-c: new file -- convert
      * src/engine/.cvsignore: add a few missing bits.
      * now that libgnc-engine doesn't depend on guile any
      * src/report/report-gnome/.cvsignore: add missing bits.
      * src/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm
      * src/scm/ (build-config.scm): remove
      * src/scm/ rename -dir_ variables to -path_
      * src/scm/tip-of-the-day.scm: rewrite to be re-loadable -- you now
      * src/scm/price-quotes.scm
      * src/scm/path.scm: rework doc-path handling completely, migrating
      * src/scm/main.scm: migrate some loads to the top level - though
      * src/scm/main-window.scm: fix hooks usage to be idempotent --
      * src/scm/doc.scm (gnc:find-doc-file): use
      * src/scm/command-line.scm: reorganize a little to remove some of
      *** empty log message ***
      * switch to check and only install the srfis we
      * handle conditional install inclusion of GUILE_WWW.
      *** empty log message ***
      * lib/srfi/ handle conditional per-SRFI install.
      * src/app-file/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-file/gw-app-file-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/guile-util.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/app-utils/gw-app-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/app-utils/option-util.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/app-utils/test/ (LDADD): remove
      * src/backend/file/test/ (LDADD): remove
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ (LDADD): remove
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/business/business-core/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/business/business-core/gw-business-core-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/business/business-gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/business/business-gnome/gw-business-gnome-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/core-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/core-utils/gw-core-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c: removed various glist processing
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.h: accomodate changes to
      * src/engine/engine.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/engine/gncmod-engine.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/gw-engine-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/gw-kvp-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/engine/kvp-scm.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/engine/test/ (LDADD): remove libgw-glib.
      * src/gnc-module/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/gnc-module.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/gw-gnc-module-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/bar-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/baz-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/foo-gwrap.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-bar/gnc-mod-bar.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-baz/gnc-mod-baz.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnc-module/test/mod-foo/gnc-mod-foo.c: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/gw-gnc-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome/top-level.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/gnome/window-register.c: g-wrap-runtime-guile.h -> g-wrap-wct.h
      * src/gnome-utils/gw-gnome-utils-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/gw-binary-import-spec.scm: fix
      * src/register/register-core/gw-register-core-spec.scm: fix for
      * src/report/report-gnome/gw-report-gnome-spec.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c
      * src/gnome-utils/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/binary-import/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/register/register-core/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/import-export/qif-import/druid-qif-import.c:
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-merge-groups.scm
      * src/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm (make-split-list): quit
      * src/report/report-gnome/ fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/report/report-gnome/dialog-column-view.c:
      * src/report/report-gnome/window-report.c:
      * src/report/report-system/commodity-utilities.scm
      * src/report/report-system/report-system.scm: fix for new g-wrap.
      * src/report/report-system/report-utilities.scm
      * src/report/standard-reports/aging.scm (aging-renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm (renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm (reg-renderer): quit
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm (trep-renderer):
      * src/scm/main.scm (gnc:safe-strcmp): new public function -- we
      *** empty log message ***

Robert Fewell (1):
      Bug 721472 - Fix Reconcile description column.

Robert Graham Merkel (56):
      Fixes for empty barcharts.
      Changelog for previous changes.
      Fix for null data.
      Fix for new-user with no .gnucash bug reported by Bryan Larsen.
      fix bug with new-user saving book config file.
      updating documentation to detail new features.
      missing file from yesterday's checkin
      missing files from yesterday's checkin
      fixes missed in last night's checkin
      fix up transaction report formatting
      More documentation updates.
      More documentation work.
      more documentation updates
      More documentation updates, including a "What's New" document.
      documentation updates, bugfixes.
      reverted borken version.
      show report titles when displaying report "no data" and "no account"
      Catch case with empty or zero data lists before handing off to graph code.
      Display a title on report options dialog boxes.
      Fixes for FreeBSD.
      More documentation updates - price editor and related changes.
      Return 'foreign' quantities unchanged if 'foreign' and 'domestic' are
      More doc improvements, including Chris Lyttle's register documentation.
      More documentation updates.
      fix bug occurring in transaction report.
      remove conflict marks from ChangeLog.
      Fix compile problems
      simple compile fix
      More new screenshots, and related updates to the docs.
      More doc updates, including a big image cruft removal.
      Removed useless machine-generated po/ChangeLog, more doc updates,
      New "payables" report for accounts payable.
      Add configurable sorting to the payables report.
      Revert accidental change.
      Added column totals, and more helpful comments in the code.
      First SX change - add a help button to the editor dialog.
      Cleanups as discussed in SX TODO . . .
      Tidy up for Scheduled Transaction code.
      Add support for detecting "changes after last save".  Format cleanup.
      Fixed FIXME's, cleaned up string literals.
      Add obsolete transactions dialog, fix a couple of bugs.
      Magic-number, unnecessary static strings, and redundant-function-ectomy.
      Fix bug in sxsincelast-dialog, i18n xaccFreqSpecGetFreqStr.
      make-sx-from-real-transaction dialog.  bug fixes
      the big SX kvp renaming, and date-time bugfixes for sx-from-trans
      rename "recur" commands "schedule", replace literals with #defines
      fix multiple SX-from-trans bugs
      remove eval usage from reports to make guile 1.6 compatibility easier.
      add preliminary work on transaction voiding.
      Add query support for voided transactions.
      automake 1.5 fixes and further work on transaction voiding
      work on validating transaction voiding (incomplete)
      transaction voiding now tested and works :)
      add date recording to transaction voiding.
      Fix dynamic linking bug.
      Build fixes for debian sid.

Rolf Leggewie (48):
      SKR04: fix spelling mistake
      SKR04: fix sorting (bug#432235)
      SKR04: pad some fields with zero instead of whitespace
      SKR04: remove sample accounts.
      SKR04: convert to UTF-8
      SKR04: convert to UTF-8 (and include the converted text as well ;-))
      SKR04: shorten description a bit
      SKR04: add description for account 4140
      SKR04: add line number to account 3832 to make description parallel to other entries
      SKR04: make all UstVa entries similar in style
      SKR04: some more standardization in format for UstVa entries
      SKR04: add information to relate accounts to Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung report
      SKR04: replace all occurrences of "guid" with "new"
      SKR04: validate the XML file with the help of jsled and nxml-mode in emacs
      SKR03: validate SKR03, same as r16514 for SKR04
      SKR03: replace guid with new
      SKR03: fix indentation
      SK04: fix indentation
      SKR04: remove some superfluous white-space
      SKR04: fix some spelling mistakes
      accounts/de_DE/acctchrt_skr04.gnucash-xea: remove superfluous ':' at the end of the account name for 7 accounts as it
      de.po: improve German translations for a few entries under "File - New".  Closes 538900.
      SKR04: be more specific in account classification. Partly closes 513000.
      SKR04: some additions, courtesy of Jannick Asmus
      SKR04: "Abziehbare Vorsteuern Inland" is 1400 not 4130.  corrects r17298.
      txf-help-de_DE.scm: add some more keys for German Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung
      SKR04: fix spelling mistake
      SKR04: remove sample accounts
      SKR04: removcal of even more sample accounts.  fix spelling mistake.
      txf-de_DE.scm: add some more keys for German UStVa to go along with r17304
      SKR04: add two accounts with 19% Ust
      SKR04: delete spaces after paragraph sign (s/\§\ /\§/g)
      txf-help-de_DE.scm: replace v.h. with v.H.
      SKR04: add some more tax relations and accounts as documented in
      SKR04: flatten Verbindlichkeiten hierarchy and remove incorrect DATEV 3000 code
      SKR04: make sure that the Verbindlichkeiten hierarchy is sorted correctly among its siblings
      SK04: replace the term Mehrwertsteuer with Umsatzsteuer
      SKR04: remove DATEV code 1400 from placeholder hierarchy account for "Abziehbare Vorsteuer"
      SKR04: remove erroneous space at the end of DATEV account number 1298
      SKR04: remove erroneous space at the end of DATEV accounts 6458, 6660 and 6689
      SKR04: remove and clean up the situation where a couple of DATEV codes had been entered twice
      SKR04: accounts 4315 and 4400 were present twice.  Renumber the entries related to 16%.
      SKR04: update URL from to
      SKR04: hide by default a couple of accounts that don't apply to EÃœR-companies
      SKR04: Rechnungsabgrenzungskonten are used only by "bilanzierende Unternehmen" - hide them by default
      SKR04: make sure the wording is consistent for all travel expense accounts
      SKR04: replace some double with single spaces
      SKR04: sed s/Kap.\ Ges/Kap.Ges/ so that it is the same everywhere

Sébastien Villemot (1):
      Fix detection of DBD modules for multiarch setups.

unknown user (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

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