gnucash 2.6.3: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Mar 29 19:50:24 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  4e4a0326771a1a48e6743409da0bbb148f7fccb9 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.2
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Mar 29 16:49:47 2014 -0700

Tag 2.6.3

Carsten Rinke (1):
      Update Window and Menu item from "Preconfigured-" to "Saved-" Report and add lables to the dialog with help texts

Christian Stimming (2):
      Win32 build: Update aqbanking version numbers
      Aqbanking: SEPA transfer improvements - fix origin labels and add possibility to edit sender's name.

Cristian Marchi (3):
      Updated Catalan translation from the translation project.
      Updated Danish translation from the translation project.
      Update Italian translation.

Derek Atkins (1):
      Don't hardcode 'swig' in the Makefile

Erik Johansson (1):
      Fix resizing of columns in budget view

Geert Janssens (9):
      Refactor state saving function out of widget destruction
      Bug 725534 - Scheduled transactions columns widths not retrieved
      Bug 721654 - Style sheet preference is not saved for a Preconfigured Report
      Fix crash as reported in bug 711567
      Saved report configuration ui tuning
      Bug 723975 - Dialog box displayed during QIF import has placeholder text
      Bug 726430 - Python: account.getName() raises TypeError
      Fix guile 2 stack overflow errors for large reports
      Improve preference name

John Ralls (10):
      Fix dumb typo detected by a new Clang warning.
      Bug 726891 - segmentation fault on session.end()
      Set Gnucash version and GNUCASH_RESAVE_VERSION in init_version_info
      Bug 724995 - Gnucash crashes due to assertion failed when opening sqlite file
      Update Active Perl version to the one current "community edition".
      Ensure that the autoconf and automake checked are the ones we install
      Win32: Roll back Gwenhywfar to 4.9.0 to resolve broken build.
      Better error message for split value conversion
      Work around some test issues.
      Release 2.6.3

Mike Alexander (1):
      Fix basis calculation for FIFO or LIFO when less than one lot is sold.

Mike Evans (1):
      Bug 721196 - Cannot import lines with empty fields for deposit or withdrawal in bank transaction download.

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