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Tag Documents v. 2.6.2

Alex Aycinena (3):
      Update Gnucash version from 2.5 to 2.6 for new feature
      Various typo corrections and minor editorial changes
      Additional typo corrections

Andreas Köhler (8):
      Do not call autoheader or distribute .svn directories.
      Patch from Zach Sadecki to use correct outstanding loan for second payment, #434180.
      Correct mailman/listinfo urls in the FAQ, #463250.
      Bug #534532: Swap explanations of AMOUNT_WORDS and AMOUNT_NUMBER.
      Bug #536381: It is "Assets:Current Assets:Savings Account" and not "Income:...".
      Bug #334255: Update the "Purchasing foreign stocks" section of the Tutorial and Concepts Guide
      Some grammar, typo and punctuation fixes by Michael Witten.
      Fix typo in warning about log file restrictions.

Chris Lyttle (76):
      Import of New Version of GnuCash Manual
      Finished off Chapter 4
      Finished off Chapter 5
      Last one Chapter 6
      Fixed Error Chapter 3
      Add title page, revised first 2 chapters to have screenshots and tie into title page
      Add figures for screenshots
      Convert sgml files to xml
      Added some screenshots, finished converting chapters to XML
      Replace toc with xml version
      Make toc validate
      Make toc validate
      Outlines of remaining chapters
      Initial work on Investments chapter
      Initial import of makefiles, etc
      files to make the docs module ready to go
      remove extra directory
      remove gnucash-docs dir
      commit changes to move to gdp stylesheets, generate html files in subdir of docs folder, add HACKING, requirements, initial guide dir setup
      add guide to build
      move doc-tools module from main gnucash module
      remove dir
      updated spec file
      updated to fix omf file problem
      patch from hampton to fix distcheck
      release 1.7.6
      require gnucash-1.7.6 in spec file
      fixes so it works on rh8 too
      fix for omf files not installing
      update author's section of guide, release 1.7.6
      clean up tutorial
      release 1.7.7
      patch for db4 support
      fix typo's
      stop stylesheets from resolving to docbook site
      release 1.7.8
      release 1.8.0
      fix typo
      Release 1.8.1
      Added Jon Lapham's patch
      moved convert-html to make all
      change test -e to test -r
      Added Jon Lapham's chpt2 patch
      fix docbook xml errors
      Jon's chpt3 reorg patch
      oops forgot to add these
      more patches from jon
      release gnucash-docs 1.8.2
      Release gnucash-docs 1.8.3
      Updates for release of 1.8.4
      added so this directory wouldn't break the build
      update to release gnucash-docs 1.8.5
      update with Bengt Thuree's revsions
      update with Bengt Thuree's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree & Dave Herman's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree's validation patch
      remove not needed png file
      remove not needed png file
      update with Patrick Schweiger's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree's revisions
      update with Bengt Thuree & Dave Herman's revisions
      update fix build for release
      update docs for release
      fixup for 1.9.0 release
      fixes to make distcheck work again
      update to release 2.0.0
      update to release 2.0.0
      update to release 2.0.1
      fix png filename
      fix png filename
      Added changelog entry for christian's commit on 27th nov
      Updates from Dave Herman
      Update to release gnucash-docs 2.2.0

Chris Shoemaker (1):
      Add a first-draft of a chapter on Budgets to the guide.

Christian Stimming (75):
      Add cvsignores.
      2002-12-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2002-12-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Convert file to proper UTF-8.
      2002-12-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix typo.
      2003-03-11  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-14  Christian Stimming  <chs at ckiste.holstenstr>
      2003-05-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2004-10-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix word spelling -- fixes bug 157776
      Initial German Tutorial translation by Gerold Strobel.
      Simplify autogen script; remove the automatic call
      Add svnignore
      Fix wording. bug#149621
      Fix Profit+Loss -> Income Statement report renaming. #350764.
      Add additional namespaces for XSL Transformations. bug#337692.
      Text updates and bugfixes by Dave Hermann
      Fix typos as pointed out by David Suarez. Fixes #399285.
      Update FAQ about windows
      Fix typo. Debian bug 459654.
      Add German screenshots for ledger and hierarchy.
      Added translated German paragraphs about tip of the day, by Niklas Spille <see-g at>
      German translation of guide ch_overview by Niklas Spille
      Activate installation of de_DE translated guide.
      Updates the Customize help chapter to reflect changes to the Tax Report.
      Tom Browder's patch for PDF creation.
      Add Italian translation of the guide, by Cristian Marchi
      Add Italian translation of help document, by Cristian Marchi
      Insert hyperlinks to all chapters and appendixes. Patch by Cristian Marchi.
      Updated Italian translation of guide, by Cristian Marchi.
      Update svn:ignore properties
      Add it_IT omf file for Italian guide. Patch by Cristian Marchi.
      Add new images for Italian translation of guide. By Cristian Marchi.
      Updates the Account-Actions help chapter
      Bug #555266: Currency account type documentation is misleading.
      Bug #466506: Fix documentation about currency retrieval
      Add figures for Italian translation of guide. Patch by Cristian Marchi.
      Updated Italian translation of help document. Patch by Cristian Marchi.
      Update for Italian translation of guide and updated corrupt picture.
      Bug #553209: Fix URL of FAQ and Wiki.
      Updated Italian guide by Cristian Marchi.
      Patch for Italian and English help files
      Patch for English guide files
      Changed the name of "screens capturer" to Cristian Marchi.
      ew images for the Italian help, by Cristian Marchi.
      New images for the Italian guide, by Cristian Marchi.
      Bug #568639: Various typo fixes for documentation
      Bug #568244: Typos in Tutorial and Concepts Guide
      Remove spurious string, pointed out by Brian Funk.
      Fix typo as pointed out by chenweird at
      Update documentation for recent tax related changes. Patch by Alex Aycinena.
      Bug #534210: Documentation for r18636, "add additional individual check item types"
      Document the address feature of check printing added by THomas recently. Patch by Jesse Weinstein.
      Update German guide: Translation of basics chapter, by Juergen Hoewener.
      Add gitignore
      New and updated German version of guide document, by Juergen Hoewener.
      Add gitignores.
      Minor text correction in German guide.
      Remove old file that collides with existing one in case-insensitive filesystems.
      Fix typo in xml entity
      Fix missing xml files in distribution of de_DE guide as pointed out by Juergen Hoewener.
      Updated German help, by Holger Stöhr.
      Set svn:eol-style property for all XML files to LF to avoid CRLF/LF mixups.
      Add more gitignore.
      Add more gitignores.
      Updated German help, by Holger Stöhr.
      Set svn:eol-style property for all XML files to LF to avoid CRLF/LF mixups.
      Minor cleanup of German help: Remove commented-out text; remove double tip-of-day section.
      German guide: Fix my last commit
      Bug #639999: 16.3 Current Assets miscalculation in 16.3.5 Wash/Suspense Account
      Fix outdated menu item as pointed out on gnucash-de by tom1492.
      Significantly increased translation of german Guide, by Martin Mainka.
      Update German translation, by Martin Mainka. Thanks.

Cristian Marchi (176):
      Completed the gnucash -> &app; switch.
      Added <application> markup to GnuCash program name
      Updated figures to GnuCash 2.4 for Preferences.
      New figure for Printing tab under Preferences.
      Remove <application> markup where not allowed.
      Improved markup, updated Preferences section to GnuCash2.4 and minor changes for 2.4 release.
      Separate getting-help chapter to validate getting-started xml file.
      Add <application> markup to &app; entity.
      Add chapter getting-help to Makefile.
      bug #632244 - Removed the Preferences section from guide and updated on help.
      Update and clean figures for Preferences section.
      Updated help content to GnuCash 2.4, improved markup and tagging.
      Update help to reflect changes introduced with bug #634357.
      Improved markup for menu entry.
      Remove redundant index.
      Add shortcut for Transfer command.
      Update menu paths to 2.4 UI.
      Use the proper markup for menu item path.
      Reintroduce the show splash screen option.
      Add description for File->Add Report item.
      bug #635361 Update the new account screen description and minor changes to account basics chapter in help.
      Remove comment about an already existing section for the reconcile window.
      Use ’ entity instead of "'"
      Use ’ entity instead of "'"
      Use proper xml markup instead of single quote.
      Use double quotes instead of single quotes for id names.
      Use <guibutton> tag for buttons.
      Fix a couple of errors in previous commit.
      bug #635363 Add description of auto completion for business features.
      Bug#635360 Explain backup files from a 2.4 point of view.
      Related to bug#635357 Remove QIF assistant description and move New Account Hierarchy setup description.
      Remove remaining links to basics-import section.
      Bug#635357 Document Save As and Open dialogs.
      Adapt images of preferences tabs for pdf and html printing.
      Bug#635386 Document trading accounts GnuCash capabilities.
      Improve help figures for pdf printing and remove unused ones.
      Bug #582547 Add account tree columns description.
      Add mdash entity to enable the use of xml2po and add description for entities.
      Fix some typo.
      Four style sheets, not three.
      Uniform phrases.
      Uniform phrases and add markups.
      Column options button is not in the titlebar.
      Add guibutton tag.
      Improve markup.
      Unify phrases.
      Add a bunch of acronym markup.
      More markup and some minor fixes.
      More markup.
      Correct some markup errors and use indentation.
      Update docbook specification from 4.1.2 to 4.4. This removes errors given with xmllint.
      Add entity to make xml2po work.
      A bunch of <acronym> tags.
      Add xml2po to comment about unrecognized entity.
      A bunch of guibutton tag.
      Unify the use of <emphasis>Toolbar</emphasis>, <emphasis>Titlelbar</emphasis>, <emphasis>Menubar</emphasis> and <emphasis>Summary bar</emphasis>.
      Substitute deprecated interface tag in favor of guilabel
      Minor styling fix.
      Migrate Italian help translation to po file, update translation and figures to rev.20148.
      Fix previous commit for pdf making
      Adapt dpi of figures for pdf printing
      More information on translation process
      Another bunch of multiple tags
      Change name to it.po file in order to have the lang field set to "it" in the xml file. In this way the general strings (section, chapter, table etc...) will be translated in the output.
      Update the Italian help and the instructions for translating
      Bug #535424. Update documentation for the Since Last Run assistant.
      Add proper markup.
      Unify use of <emphasis>Toolbar</emphasis>, <emphasis>Titlebar</emphasis>, <emphasis>Statusbar</emphasis> and <emphasis>Summarybar</emphasis>
      More markups.
      Unify use of <emphasis>Menubar</emphasis>
      Use plurals for Expenses and Opening Balances in accounts names.
      Some more markup for accounts names
      Use xref instead of plain text.
      Remove a note about bug #340041 that is fixed now.
      Remove another comment about a fixed bug.
      Move the email tags in proper position to validate the xml.
      Correct a problem with section tag.
      Some markup for the python chapter.
      Fix some typos and markups.
      Fix a phrase.
      Some more minor fix for the guide.
      Final run of small fixes for the guide.
      Fix a couple of links to an image file.
      Remove the Programlistingco tag; was it needed?
      Add a couple of missing cross references.
      Small improvements to markup.
      Updated some images and added tagging for proper pdf display.
      Change ppi to 144 for all figures and remove a unused
      Update the account chapter with new figures and some updated text.
      Add hyperlink to GnuCash user list.
      Use entity instead of plain text for the application name.
      Fix a couple of typo.
      Bug #644984 Update to 2.4 UI and workflow the guide section on scheduled transactions entering from the Scheduled transaction editor.
      Small grammar corrections.
      Migrate the Italian GnuCash guide to a po file based workflow.
      Update figures for Italian help.
      Fix a tab's name.
      Remove obsolete entity now recognized with XML 4.4.
      Add function attribute to Enter key tagging.
      Some markup.
      Revert change in rev.20521 because the entities are for xml2po and hava nothing to do with xml validation.
      Markup again.
      Some more markup
      Update Italian translation of GnuCash help to latest revision
      Bug #647735 : Add instructions on how to change the GnuCash interface language.
      Bug 639264 : Add Information about Starting Balance in reconcile window and revise the entire section.
      Fix errors for pdf hyperlink. Fop needs xref and link tag pointing to a sect and not to a screenshot.
      bug#635365: documents the new dialog related to style sheets
      Update Italian translations
      Patch by SASAKI Suguru - Implement epub generation target
      Patch by SASAKI Suguru - Implement mobi generation target.
      Fix commits of SASAKI Suguru patches for epub and mobi generation.
      Bug #654467 Updated Japanese guide text and figures by Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Add  missing xml file for chapter 16 to Japanese guide.
      Add  missing xml file for chapter 17 to Japanese guide.
      Bug #654467 Complete the update to Japanese Translation of the GnuCash guide. Thanks to Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Bug #654467 : Add handling of Japanese font for pdf generation. Thanks to Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Bug #654467 : Add support to relative path for ipaexfont folder location. Thanks to Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Bug #654467 : Proof reading patch and many localized figures. Thanks to Yasuaki Taniguchi.
      Adjust dpi of figures for better pdf printing for all languages using the script documented in
      Adjust dpi of help figures for better pdf printing for all languages using the script documented in
      Bug #659147 : Use Loan repayment calculator instead of financial calculator, fix some minor mistakes and add some tagging.
      Bug #660379:Add tip and note about customizable register view and transactions operations.
      Bug #661705 : Fix omf folders path in order to be picked up by yelp. Patch provided by Sébastien Villemot.
      Fix a typo.
      Add proper markup for app name.
      Bug #664054: add a note about using Tab key instead of Enter key for the split in capital gain and losses.
      Fix a missing slash.
      Small fix to sections in order to validate the file with xmllint.
      Some markup corrections.
      Remove a part not intended to be on the previous commit.
      Add a non complete section for migrating GnuCash data.
      Update Italian translation for GnuCash guide.
      Small fixes to help files.
      Update Italian translation of GnuCash help.
      Update Italian translation of the guide.
      Update Italian translation of the guide.
      Update revision number in the Italian po file.
      Fix typos.
      Bug #684709: clarification of the find assistant.
      Bug #672668 : Add section explaining how to migrate data.
      Fix a tag.
      Use variablelist.
      Some tagging.
      Fix GnuCash capitalization.
      Bug#684709: Some rearrangement of text and chapters.
      Bug#688425: Fix steps in putting it all together section. BP
      Fix tags to pass docbook validation.
      Update Italian Translation.
      Fix typos and update revsion of Italian translation.
      Fix columns width for tables in pdf output BP
      Bug #684709: add explanation of transaction statuses (R field) and cross reference it. BP
      Bug#692917: Note for keys when entering transactions.\nBP
      Fix typos
      Improve tagging for Asset Barchart description.
      bug #693493: Add text to tutorial to explain debit-credit columns/nBP
      Update text and images in first part of investment chapter. This also fix bug #684762.\nBP
      Use clearlooks theme for the screenshots.\BP
      bug 688968 - Investment documentation improvements for chapter about selling shares.
      Forgot to add proper tagging to images in previous commit
      I meant IBM...
      Bug 712308: Double click on parent account doesn't open the register - new behaviour not documented.
      Bug 513122: Documentation doesn't explain how to import account tree.
      Change some tables from itemized to variable.
      Bug 639264: Add information in Concepts 4.5 to Explain Starting Balance in Reconcile window
      Update all references to menu and toolbar in the Help for the 2.6 release.
      Update Preferences section of the Help for the 2.6 release.
      Update instructions for Italian translation to adapt them to new generic langcode.
      Update Italian translation of guide.
      Adjust image after [23668] update.
      Add information about the Business tab in book options window.
      Apply modifications suggested in comment #1 of bug #605991: move most of the text regarding business features from guide to help, correct links and wording and many small improvements.
      Add a forgotten file in Makefile. Related to commit [23705].
      Bug #723173 : One error and some typos in documentation. Thanks to Imat for the patch.
      Bug#547386 - Help text for Employee section missing.
      Bug 725013 - dividends reinvested example text doesn't match graphic. Also remove a useless figure and improve text.

David Hampton (9):
      Remove user visible references to
      Ignore another file.
      Correct the word "principle" in a couple of places. Fixes #144991.
      Correct mistake about when the "Finish" menu item can be selected.
      When the F::Q module can't be found refer users to their package
      Update the text to distinguish between access (underlined) keys and
      Add some text to the "Entry Shortcuts" section for the Transfer field.
      Add note about using keyboard in the reconciliation window.
      Documentation for the new check description files.

Derek Atkins (6):
      *  add db-4.1 and db-4.2
      check for PERL=no and error out if you can't find perl.
      Fix the svn properties of the guile XML files so they can be diff'd
      Apply Kebin HaleBoyes' patch to change Copyright to License in the SPEC.
      Correct the Tax included computation in the docs to match what the code does.
      Add Fedora font paths

Frank H. Ellenberger (21):
      fix pdf generation
      Add missing files to help/de../makefile as suggested by Dominique
      Add openSUSEs font path for local installed IPA*.ttf
      Update in Help_tips Finance-Quote Sources to FQ 1.17 / gnc-commodity r22290
      Update in Help_tips Yahoo Codes for Exchanges and Markets
      Update in Help_tips Pseudo-symbols that can be used for TIAA-CREF quotes
      Fix 2 errors in [22417]
      Update README:
      Improvement of [22422]
      docs: README: Requirements: rarian is successor of scrollkeeper
      Docs: update Help_tips-appendix to reflect bugfixes of F::Q 1.18
      docs: help/de add Help_tips-appendix.xml
      Update docs/guide/de_DE/gnucash-guide.xml to .../C/... svn 22561.
      Review of [23461]: dos/guide/de_DE/ch_accts.xml
      Upstream from [23488]: docs/guide/C/ch_accts.xml: minor improvements
      Fix typo from [23489], which broke last nightly build
      Docs: drop region codes
      Get Help building again.
      Bug 635240 RFE: Rename translations in gnucash-docs from <LANG>_<region> to <LANG>
      Docs/guide/de: minor corrections of spelling and an extension by Martin Mainka
      Doc/guide/C: add cash account to accts-examples-organization2

Geert Janssens (92):
      Add Japanese translation for the concepts guide.
      Bug #612412 Update Japanese concepts guide, patch by Yasuaki Taniguchi
      Change Income Tax Options to Tax Report Options in documentation. Patch by J. Alex Aycinena
      Bug #589320 - Adapt / update documentation of Price Editor - Currency Namespace
      Bug #618066 - Wrong filename in docs for screenshot of Date and time preferences
      Bug #622844 - sort l10n.xml by language symbol & add german section, patch by Frank H. Ellenberger
      Help & GUI Menu's intro, patch by Jesse Weinstein
      Svn ignore built files
      Bug #627984 - Documentation consistency: either don't use the term druid or at least explain it.
      Bug #627983 - Quit or Cancel
      GnuCash Docs: Update GNOME documentation links, patch by Yawar Amin
      GnuCash Docs: additional links updates
      GnuCash Docs: Define entities for current stable and unstable versions, patch by Yawar Amin
      GnuCash Docs: Define entities for current stable and unstable versions in translations, patch by Yawar Amin
      Replace all usage of the words 'GnuCash' or 'Gnucash' with the 'app' entity
      Minor spelling and grammar fixes.
      Replace all usage of the words `GnuCash' or 'Gnucash' with the 'app'
      Bug #627266 - "Steps to enable On-line price updating" doesn't say to
      Replace all uses of GnuCash with the app entity in the help manual
      Install more recent xsl stylesheet, including ones required for pdf and htmlhelp (Windows)
      Update GnuCash' custom xsl stylesheet to work with the new base stylesheet
      Restore pdf creation for gnucash-guide and prepare pdf creation for others.
      Add pdf generation rules to all relevant makefiles.
      Fix pdf generation crash in gnucash_help
      Fix some more pdf generation crashes in English help manual
      Fix pdf generation crashes in German and Italian help manual
      Update documentation build system:
      Update HACKING and README for the pdf changes
      Generate html doc in UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1
      Help manual: Add figure markup to screenshots so they appear in the list of figures on the title page
      Help manual: remove redundant columns
      Bug #635365 - New images for AR Payment and AP Payment
      Add figure tags and pgwide attribute to some screenshots
      Minor change in choice of words.
      Remake pdf files when any one of its xml source files changes
      Use different accounting equation image for html or pdf rendering
      Add cross-links for the Tax Options menu. This is related to bug #635366
      Avoid mental context switch. Rephrase to make the 2.2 extension
      Improve pdf layout for qif import documentation
      Add information on python invoice import script
      Update version numbers and some general titlepage cleanups
      Remove old xsl definition
      Fix typo in reconciliation documentation
      Fix the reconcile documentation properly. Sigh...
      Fix mixed up account names, spotted by aikhan
      Add svnlog2ul script tailored to gnucash-docs
      Fix uninstall error introduced by r21467
      XML conversion: mark old step as for pre-2.0 files only
      Clean up indentation
      Fix out of tree build
      Bug #661705 - OMF files not installed at the right place: yelp doesn't see them
      Makefile cleanups
      Minor makefile fixes
      More makefile cleanups:
      More Makefile improvements
      Add comment about modifications in xmldoc.make
      gnucash-docs: adapt make dist to git based builds
      gnucash-docs: fix out of tree epub build
      Fix in-tree build error introduced in last commit
      Make sure images are found when generating pdf out of tree
      Copyright and contact changes
      Clean up the revision history list
      Change wording on section Online Assistance
      Update revision
      Update AUTHORS and NEWS
      Redo some minor changes in the Italian guide's revision history
      Update version to next number
      Update some obsolete ulrs
      Update another obsolete url
      Update another obsolete url
      Patches should be sent to gnucash-devel iso gnucash-patches
      Refresh copyright notice
      Mini dummy change to test gitolite hooks
      Lowercase GNOME in the readme file
      Add README to tarball
      Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook
      Revert "Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook"
      Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook
      Revert "Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook"
      Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook
      Revert "Dummy change to test gitolite commit hook"
      Update version number on trunk
      Use spaces instead of tabs in a comment
      Allow to run on the current working copy
      Add script to generate a list of changes in html format between two revisions based on git log
      Add budget documentation
      Bug 702039 - Canadian stocks are fetched in USD by Finance-Quote
      Bug 687476 - Document Customer/Vendor overview feature
      Bug 719796 - Updates to business documentation
      Check for availability of xmllint
      Adapt migration documentation to gsettings introduction
      First documention updates for credit notes

J. Alex Aycinena (4):
      Update help manual to reflect partial support of capital gains for US Income Tax reporting and TXF exporting for code 673.
      Update Reports section of help manual to reflect enhanced tax report.
      Clean up wording in Help
      Update to documentation for Book Option to set number source which corresponds to functionality in r22681

John Ralls (22):
      Make --disable-scrollkeeper actually do so:
      Fix broken scrollkeeper build
      Restore installation of html files (use install-html)
      Not used (it's the english version of basics_accounts_diagram.png, and conflicts with basics_Accounts.png during checkout on case-insensitive OSes.
      Changed "Portfoloio View" to "Commodity View". A "portfolio" is a
      Bug #638500: Add a note about the source of the report being modified so that users can follow along.
      Provide separate Finance::Quote instructions for each OS and clarify the ones for Linux.
      Fixup for 2.4.1 release; delete obsolete .sgml files
      Fix #638955
      Bug 699430 - Describe the Assets over Time barchart Report
      Rename to
      Bug 688579 - Run xmllint or variant in make distcheck
      Fix up AC_INIT and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE for modern specs
      Bug 693493 - Add text to Tutorial 2.2.3 to explain Debit/Credit Columns in register
      Bug 700656 - Tutorial does not explain type of security
      Bug 608932 - The documentation provided for opening a new stock account is not appropriate
      Release 2.6.0
      New fonts for building guide/ja/guide.pdf
      Further enhancements for building Japanese PDF
      Release 2.6.1
      Make autogen work in non-srcdir builds
      Release Documents v. 2.6.2

Jon Lapham (127):
      -added accounts receivable and accounts payable to account types
      -add note on "historical meaning of double-entry accounting"
      -rewrite of chapter 7 (well, it didn't really exist before)
      -minor fix, added "fixed assets" to list of possible investments
      investment screenshot
      update changelog
      depreciation and capital gains
      cap gains figure
      ch 8 updates
      rewrite ch9 - loans
      rewrite ch10 - currencies
      added features and whats new lists
      *** empty log message ***
      added whats new version
      namespace cleanups and rearrange sections
      namespace cleanups
      update loans chapter
      new accounts receivable chapter
      new accounts payable chapter
      new payroll chapter
      namespace cleanup
      namespace cleanup
      new images
      namespace cleanups
      namespace cleanup
      namespace cleanups
      appendix splitup
      include new chapters
      add new chapters
      fix image name
      fix image name
      new price editor images
      * price editor updates
      update investment figures
      * Derek's changes
      * update
      * Derek's Changes
      * update
      * new invest figure
      * move 'view stock value' section
      * Derek's changes
      * expences -> expenses
      * Add replay log feature
      * update appendi
      * remove old appendi
      * new image
      * added 2 tips
      * list suggested changes
      spellcheck and new features list grouping
      spellcheck and new accounting concepts
      spellcheck and minor text changes
      spellcheck and new acct reconciliation
      new account reconciliation image
      chapter rearrangement
      new invoice mod images
      spellcheck and chapter swap
      new chapter due to chapter swap
      add chapter 14
      gobs 'o changes
      new depreciation images
      remove unused images
      new cap gains images
      update image names
      add financial calculator section
      initial writing
      new financial calculator image
      new multicurrency images
      add the xml convert info
      new FAQ questions
      add platform compatibility list
      financial calculator docs
      a few updates to the finance::quote docs
      fix xmllint errors
      credit card chapter updates
      image updates
      Michael Rensing's FAQ updates
      split reconcile and payment sections
      new credit card chapter images
      fix reconciled column
      spelling fixes
      unused images
      gnome documentation guide-ification of ch1-3 images
      remove split txn from example
      change 'multiaccount transaction' to 'split transaction'
      great chapter rename of 2003
      update combine 2 accounts FAQ
      new chapter on reports
      sxn docs by Sebastien Millet
      sxn images by Sebastien Millet
      fix minor nomenclature inconcistency
      fix stupid xmllint problems
      Derek Atkins's suggested updates
      Derek Atkins's suggestion on register styles
      one letter spelling fix
      Investment report section
      Investment report images
      Investment image updates
      spelling fix
      fix FAQ URL
      rename accounting FAQ page
      add 'combine 2 files' FAQ
      add 'combine 2 files' FAQ, try again
      * chapter overhaul from pks
      * update
      * David Harrison's updates to depreciation
      * update
      * more updates from David Harrison

Joshua Sled (5):
      remove old .cvsignore files.
      encoding =~ s/iso-8859-1/utf-8/
      Correct account name, synchronize with account files and image.
      Add really crappy PDF generation support.
      Tyop correction from Kevin Hale Boyes.

Mike Alexander (2):
      Fix a few problems detected by xmllint.
      Update for changes to print multiple checks on one invocation of Print Checks.

Mike Evans (16):
      Bug #660871 - Correct spelling.
      Added item re. line chart for net worth.
      Add how to enable Bill Invoice importer for business users.
      Added Mac OSX path for config.user.  Thanks to John Ralls for the information.
      Added import section to business menu.
      Add overview items to business menu.
      Bug 670354 - [PATCH] Outdated Docs - Assign Starting Invoice Number
      Removed extra comma from end of invoice import  sample.
      Move chapter on importing bills and invoices.
      Fix typo.
      Added forgotten file.
      Add Importing Customers and Vendors section.
      Update import-customers-vendors section to reflect code changes.
      Update section for invoice-bill importer.
      Bug 715161 - File structure csv import customers and vendors.
      Update version numbers in business import section.

Neil Williams (3):
      Correcting listitem syntax
      Adding namespace for doc: prefix
      PDF generation

Phil Longstaff (2):
      Fix bug 575894: Typo in Guide
      Change "lets" to "let's" where it means "Let us"

Yawar Amin (42):
      Expand and add GnuCash Other Assets
      Whitespace and cosmetic changes
      Spelling, grammar and sentence structure tweaks
      Spruce up DocBook tags usage and delete redundant note
      Fix sequence of tenses grammar error
      Add chapters to overview
      guide: Add entities for stable and unstable series
      guide: Reword paragraphs about new file extension
      guide: Mention platform support only for current stable version
      guide: Change/remove references to old versions
      guide: Add What's New section for current stable series
      guide: Add single-quote entity definitions
      guide: Explain concept behind What's New section
      Merge branch 'bug633066' into HEAD
      guide: Mention important changes in What's New section
      Bug #621573
      help: Minor edits for brevity
      help: More edits for brevity
      Bug #588035
      Bug #634075: Help
      Bug #634075: Guide
      Bug #633385
      help & guide: Update for 2.3.16 release
      Bug #635365
      Cosmetic changes
      Bug #635982
      guide: Correct sentence error
      Bug #633586
      Add prefs menu path for Mac OS X
      guide: Remove superfluous sections from Multiple Currencies chapter
      Bug #130920
      Remove extra guibutton tag
      guide: Slight clarification in meaning
      Bug #647197
      Bug #651886
      Fix #663208
      New method for running New Account Hierarchy
      Bug #651886
      Bug #651498
      Bug #604519
      Bug #691762
      Bug #633524

unknown user (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

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