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'update to release 1.9.0'

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.0

Christian Neumair (143):
      Avoid use of uninitialized variable when opening a budget and only one budget exists.
      Allow engine to provide default budget instead of getting it in the GUI.
      whitespace cleanup
      Provide QofClass registration for GncBudget.
      "make ChangeLog" will now create ChangeLog.svn,
      Added several author entries.
      add configure options to disable the use of deprecated functions
      Update patch submitting instructions.
      Document our dependency on gcc as a compiler.
      Pulled NEWS history from 1.8 branch into trunk.
      trigger regeneration of gnucash scripts when the configuration changes
      spelling fix
      remove random qof_commit_edit from xaccSplitSetSlots_nc
      Single-pass audit/cleanup of Account.c
      Add 'const' qualifier to Account pointers in the Account api.
      Minor improvements to engine testing infrastructure
      Mark budget strings for i18n
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 1)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 2)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 3)
      Generalize Account Filter By... (step 4)
      Generalizing Account Filter By... (step 5)
      Move functions from GncPluginPageAccountTree to GncTreeViewAccount
      whitespace line-wrap cleanup
      Remember what the Budget views looked like last time we were running
      Remove GUI for old attempt at account type filtering.
      *really* mark strings for runtime translation, not just translatable.
      Turn on gconf for the budget plugin page's tree view account.
      Add ChangeLog entries for past 4 days.
      Constify the AccountGroup variables where possible in Group.[ch]
      Constify some Split and Transaction functions.
      General clean-up in Transaction.[ch].
      Delete unused gncmod-budget.c.
      remove a couple recently-removed files from
      Invert the program entry point.
      Add a stub po/
      Yet more build tweaks for .pot file generation.
      Fixes for `make check' in toplevel
      Fix floating point exception by checking for overflow.
      Don't test numeric parsing for numbers that overflow, we'd fail.
      Avoid testing dates near or after 2038, because the qof parsing functions fail.
      Plug memory leak of gnc_commodity_namespace->QofInstance; found w/ valgrind.
      Add commented-out test case demonstrating lack of year 2038 support.
      Add const to gnc_string_cache_insert argument.
      Convert gnc-commodity to use vanilla string cache macros.
      Add CACHE_REPLACE(dst, src) macro for common case in string setters.
      Convert account name, code and description to use string cache.
      Factor-out cut-n-paste job from xaccCloneAccount{Simple}.
      Avoid creating new xml parser for each test file.
      Don't let deprecated tags overwrite data from newer tags.
      Move gnu-module init and gettext init from scm to C.
      ChangeLog entries from svn for past 12 days.
      Various fixes to allow `make dist` and building from tarball.
      Add 'Makefile' as a dependency for targets that are generated
      Declare library dependency for dialog-tax-table.
      Specify that LIBADD libraries are for
      Fix src/bin/test/test-version for new gnucash executable.
      Remove obsolete test for starting GnuCash with a different guile.
      Remove unneeded testing environments.
      Allow a libgsf test to pass even with glib 2.4.
      Register business objects before testing them.
      Slight contraction of gnc-module API.
      update budget-related status
      Don't distribute non-existant 'gnucash'
      Pull the C inner_main into the environment of the guile (gnucash main) module.
      sane indenting
      Catch --version argument before booting Guile.
      Use popt to automatically generate pretty --usage and --help.
      Minor scheme cleanup.
      The Parenthesis!  My favorite punctuation.
      dlopen() modules from C, instead of from guile
      Move "unstable development version" message from guile to C.
      move some app-util function hooks from guile to C
      Exit gnucash from C, not guile.
      add missing #include
      Add hooks just once in app_utils module init.
      Filter out deprecated account types from the account types treemodel.
      Remove "reverse_balance" fucntions from top-level.h.
      Move the loading of user and system config files from guile to C.
      Fix linking for src/gnome-utils/test/
      Process the --namespace command-line option from C, not guile.
      Guile-side clean-up for --namespace option.
      Initialize Gnome libraries before booting guile.
      Remove processing of share-path from guile.
      Process gnome command-line arguments after our own,
      Introduced gwrapped gnc_gnome_locate_data_file().=
      Process the --add-price-quotes command-line option from C.
      Remove --devel option, which aparently doesn't do anything.
      Remove "batch-mode" processing from main.scm.  It's no longer needed.
      Major step in extraction of application startup from guile.
      Avoid GUI initialization durring --add-price-quotes, fixes #327670
      ChangeLog entries copied from 'svn log -v'
      Process --debug command-line option from C instead of guile.
      Consolidate application lifecycle functions into src/gnome-utils,
      Export debugging state from C to guile.
      Re-enable report menu setup.
      Install price quote sources without calling main.scm.
      Move dialog-totd from gnome to gnome-utils.
      Remove the obsolete gnucash-run-script and its test.
      Register book open/close callbacks during gui init.
      Move the global report hash-table from guile to C.
      Avoid saving invalid pages.
      Avoid showing any invalid reports.
      Check for invalid options tables when loading reports.
      Move generation of report serial ids from guile to C.
      Remove traces of old gnucash-run-script from gnucash.m4.
      Better default account selection when opening the budget report.
      Remove obsolete code to handle account-types filtering for budgets.
      Re-enable logging for GnuCash modules that haven't explicitly set their
      Automatically close registers whose accounts are deleted.
      Convert account types filter dialog to use checkboxes for selection.
      Add some convenience functions for getting values from various combinations
      New function: gnc_tree_view_add_combo_column().
      Don't add markup to tax report titles.
      Fail 'make distcheck' if contains undistributed files.
      When generating, don't include files we don't want to translate.
      Don't translate obsolete files.
      Add POTFILES.skip to EXTRA_DIST.
      Check for any accidentally-distributed files not marked for translation.
      Allow make-gnucash-potfiles to run from directories other than srcdir.
      Use the string cache for budget name and description.
      Add some test-cases for gnc_numerics using the reciprocal denominator.
      Teach PrintAmountInternal() to correctly handle a reciprocal denominator.
      Factor out some code from gnc-budget into Recurrence so that the budget
      Add getter gnc_date_edit_get_gdate() for getting the value of a GNCDateEdit
      gnc_date_edit_set_gdate(): A GDate setter for GNCDateEdit is useful, too.
      New dialog for estimating budget values from past transactions.
      Hook-up the new budget value estimation dialog.
      Remove check_open() calls from Transaction setters.
      Replace check_open() in setter API with internal qof_{begin,commit}_edit().
      Convert Split from QofEntity to QofInstance.
      Keep QOF aware of the dirty-state of Transactions.
      Fix breakage from missed case in Split QofEntity->QofInstance conversion.
      Fix two places where we were letting the split values become incoherent
      Recompute argc after argv may have changed.
      Convert GncTreeModelAccount to use the GObject dispose path instead of
      Convert GncTreeModelPrice and GncTreeModelCommodity to use GObject dispose
      Convert GncTreeModel from a GtkObject to a GObject.
      Don't allow the event handler list to shrink while we're traversing it.
      A little error checking for report titles.
      Change name of SplitRegister variable name to 'reg' for consistency.
      Move window-main-summarybar.[ch] from gnome/ to gnome-utils/.
      Factor out an "approved" method for getting the GtkCellRenderer from a

Christian Stimming (151):
      Radically improve
      Revert the change for now. To be reconsidered after more
      Add Nepali translation.
      Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE from
      Add language files that only existed on 1.8 branch to HEAD.
      Remove automatic call to ./configure from ./
      Copy glossary po files from old 1.8 branch to HEAD.
      Explicitly denote the encoding of the file in
      Copy translations from 1.8 to HEAD.
      Add svn:ignore
      String improvements: Fix typos, remove unnecessary spaces.
      Improve German translation; Initial update for glossary
      Recode de.po from ISO-8859-1 into UTF-8
      Add missing QOF cflags/libs in Makefile
      Update after src/engine file removal
      and yet more translation work in German translation
      Update potfiles script so that it works again without the cvsignore
      Add explanations to new strings in glossary.
      Updated German translation by Andreas Koehler.
      Mark missed strings for translation
      Add ellipsis to menu labels that require further action from user.
      Split top-level ChangeLog by year. Everything before
      Mark missing string for translation
      Update German translation. Improve strings in HBCI module
      String i18n improvements. Update German translation.
      Some i18n string improvements.
      Update/improve German translation. 2820 out of 3380 done.
      Updated Norwegian/Bokmaal glossary
      Updated Norwegian (Bokmaal) translation.
      Translation string improvements/typo fix. Improve German translation: 2906 out of 3390 done.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3043 out of 3416 done. Way to go.
      Various i18n string improvements.
      And yet more improved German translation: 3060 out of 3416 done.
      Fix missing i18n include
      And yet more German translation updates. 3088 out of 3418 done.
      Complete the label change of transaction reversing. Update glossary.
      String i18n improvements.
      More German translation improvements. 3141 out of 3418 done.
      Add translator comments
      Updated German translation; 3173 out of 3417 done.
      Updated Norwegian (Bokmaal) translation by Tor Harald Thorland.
      String i18n improvements
      Update after file removal
      Updated German translation. 3211 out of 3419 done.
      Add convenience makefile rule "make pot" for
      Fix forgotten string translation
      Fix crash when
      Forgot one instance of double-free fix.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Don't chown() the owner,
      String i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3236 out of 3409 done.
      Update svnignore
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis <nikosx at>
      Unify/simplify several option names for translation. Improve some
      Update German translation. 3271 out of 3402 done.
      Fix Norwegian po file which contained spurious characters in obsolete entries
      The amount of the online transfer somehow needs to be negated in the
      Fix typo in makefile
      String i18n cleanup in David Jafferians account deletion patch
      Updated German translation - 3291 out of 3420 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      I18n string cleanup
      Add glossary explanation for trial balance
      Updated German translation; 3336 out of 3413 done.
      Updated Norwegian glossary and translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Copy macro file from gwrap-1.3.4 package because it is missing in the
      Updated Norwegian glossary and translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      I18n string explanations
      Even better i18n string explanations
      Updated German translation; 3342 out of 3411 done.
      String i18n cleanup.
      String i18n cleanup.
      And more string i18n cleanup. Dont mark a developer test file for translation -- will only confuse translators.
      Update German translation. 3395 out of 4006 completed. Konkret krass.
      I18n string improvements.
      I18n string improvements
      Fix wrong action tooltip text
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      utf8_caseequal_len: Fix length-delimited utf8 comparison. Fixes
      Add tooltip to account type list option
      Improve tooltip display for almost all option types. Add tooltips for
      Update and improve German translation. 3407 out of 3417 done.
      Use glib's g_iconv functions instead of the system's iconv(3)
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add tooltips to new dialog
      Update German translation. 3387 out of 3397 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      String i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation
      String i18n cleanup; more tooltips added
      String i18n cleanup: manual linebreaks removed
      Improved German translation. 3397 out of 4005 done.
      Improve glade-fixup script so that it can be used in subdirectories, too
      Move code from macros/ to ./ to make it more
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Improve valgrind script
      Add display of a GtkAction's tooltip in the statusbar when the mouse
      Add more tooltips to actions.
      Updated German translation
      Oops, fix unintended additional changes
      src/gnome-utils/gnc-main-window.c: Add gnc workaround function for
      Fix gnc-svninfo.h rule for gentoo ebuild where svn is no longer available
      Add more tooltips to main window buttons. i18n improvements.
      Updated German translation. 3414 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add account templates for Norwegian (Bokmal) language; by Tor Harald
      Revert not-yet-agreed change in QOF variables by myself that accidentally slipped in.
      Add comment about why there is no setlocale in main.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated Norwegian account templates by Tor Harald Thorland
      Add svn:ignore
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      Improve explanation of glossary
      Add initial work on upgrading the old non-compilable mt940-importer
      Add field length limits again to avoid data loss on text entry.
      String cleanup: remove unnecessary linefeeds. Remove old unused code.
      I18n cleanup; unify meaningless additional strings
      Updated German translation; 3429 out of 3574 done.
      I18n cleanup; unify meaningless additional strings
      Improved German translation. 3370 out of 3589 done.
      fix typos in strings
      Factor out importing functions that might be useful for mt940 importer.
      More proposed work on mt940 importer. More refactoring of HBCI functions.
      Require aqbanking-1.3.0 for HBCI.
      Revert r12998 -- we only require aqbanking-1.0.0
      I18n string cleanup; add explanations for translators
      Use rule clean-local for extra cleaning rules instead of default rule clean.
      Updated German translation
      Fix old Changelogs from HEAD/gnome2 parallelity; entries are now in correct year
      Fix shortcut in spanish menu entries; fixes bug 167626
      update svn:ignore
      Distribute also some of the older ChangeLogs
      Update German translation
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis <nikosx at>
      Revert erroneous ngettext change; ngettext changes the text, but not the format arguments
      String improvements: Add missing whitespace
      String improvements: Make question a bit clearer, hopefully
      String improvements: Add missing whitespace
      Update German translation
      Update Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      String cleanup: Remove formatting from translations
      String cleanup; add translator comments
      Update glossary
      Improve check for aqbanking by looking for the pkg-config file first and using the old method as a fallback
      Updated German translation

David Hampton (247):
      Use a dynamically allocated string for the version.
      Convert README.cvs to README.svn.
      Null terminate code properly.
      Fix items from round two of Volker Englisch's review of the
      Tell which plugin failed to load.
      This routine should always return the minimal height the widget will
      Push the summarybar inside of the created page widget.  This solves
      Generate a new copy of the amount string when copying a QIF split.
      Include core-utils in the scheme load path to allow some of the test
      Remove GUI test cases from the 'TESTS' variable.  These tests will
      Other changes needed to get 'make check' closer to working.
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Convert to newer method of allocating private data structures for
      Cleanup usage of the PLUGIN_PAGE_LABEL define.
      Pass the name of the guile executable from configure to the makefiles
      Change function name to disambiguate between retrieving the name of a
      Scott Oonk's patch to simplify the mouse selection logic in
      Scott Oonk's patch to simplify the keyboard selection in
      Scott Oonk's patch to allows selection of the last character in a
      Andreas Köhler's patch to re-enable translation of menus and icons.
      Document the devel packages needed to compile gnucash on FC4.
      The "Edit Stylesheets" menu item should always be visible.
      The register page should add to the existing list of items in the
      Add a function that allow you to expand the account tree to show a
      Update list of authors
      Scot Oonk's patch to fix some alignment problems in the register.
      Scott Oonk's patch to draw cursor at correct x,y offset from
      Add a GError parameter to the gnc_key_file_save_to_file() function.
      Fix a couple of gcc4 warnings.
      Add code to save window state into a Glib Key-Value file.  This code
      Eliminate double free of memory by just freeing default_dir once at
      Clarify what "short" labels are used for by adding comments and
      Remove vestigial code from the very early days of the gtk2 port.
      Remove unused functions.
      Add documentation.
      Replace deprecated gtk_window_set_policy() function with
      Correctly update the tree model when an account is moved. Fixes
      Bump deleted item removal to a higher priority.
      Respect the history maxfiles key in gconf.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to set some border widths inside the main
      Scott Oonk's for for x86_64 compile warnings.
      Phil Longstaff's changes to set GTK_SHADOW_IN in the commodities
      Pass the action variable to gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() to get the
      Remove extraneous carriage return.
      The egg_xxx code hasn't been in the tree since 2005-04-16.  I tested
      Convert to utf-8.
      Undo double fix of compiler warnings.
      Remove unused call to g_object_set.
      Sjoerd Langkemper's <sjoerd-gnome at> fixes to cast
      Update FSF street address.
      Add support for printing currency quotes.
      Report a failure of F::Q to return a currency quote.
      Restore the "Save Report" code that was lost in one of the head->g2
      Remove calls to the function gnome_window_icon_set_from_default().  In
      Remove unused function.
      Include file cleanup.  Remove the messages.[ch] files in favor of the
      More include file tweaking.  Don't include gtk.h from any header
      Need to include locale.h to compile without optimization.
      Convert to utf-8.
      Add new files.
      Add new files.
      Fix some build problems on FC3 related to the include file changes.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to replace some deprecated glib functions.
      Use the new GtkAboutDialog when compiling with gtk2.6.
      Convert the "file locked" message to a GtkMessageDialog.  Add a
      Close stylesheet edit dialog when the stylesheet picker dialog is
      Convert the font picker and color picker from deprecated gnome widgets
      Use a GtkMessageDialog instead of the deprecated gnome_ok_dialog
      Fix a typo.
      Make a function static. Remove extraneous printf.
      Update dialogs to give them a Gtk2 HIG look and feel.
      Remove unused functions.
      Put the account tree into a scrolled window so the dialog buttons
      Convert a couple of dialogs from the deprecated gnome_ok_dialog to a
      Finish conversion to a GtkDialog. Redo dialog as a table instead of
      Use gtk version of various functions instead of gnome versions.  Rest
      Give the dialogs a gtk2 look.  Add accelerator keys.  Use the gtk
      Remove lines that cause libglade warnings.
      Add note of a problem.
      Dialog makeovers.  Split the generic matcher transaction list help out
      Forgot to commit the changelog.
      Consolidate the creation of all file names under ~/.gnucash, and also
      Consolidate the creation of all file names under ~/.gnucash, and also
      Use the g_get_home_dir() function instead of getenv("HOME").  The
      Restore long lost functionality to customize the accelerator keys on
      Rewrite the code that assigns accelerator keys to the names of menu
      Update default accelerator keys as per the HIG.
      Fix crash when saving files.
      Shouldn't still be calling the old save state functions.
      Show widget by default when its created for a glade dialog.
      Enhance the "remove old prices" code to have options to retain the
      Allow deletion of multiple prices at once.
      Consistently use the string "currency" in the commodity picker window
      Update function name to match its g2 implementation.
      Fix the duplicate transaction dialog so that the "Enter" key
      Andreas Köhler's patch to prevent a patch when trying to edit a
      Initialize the qof entity in the new split, not the old one.
      Eliminate extra redrawing of the register by suspending events around
      Change "Reverse Transaction" menu item to be "Add Reversing
      Better integrate stock prices with QOF.  Gnucash now warns you about
      Make the capitalization consistent across the titles of all pages.
      Revert random changes.
      Mark a couple of strings as not needing translation.
      Fix the translator credits in the gtk2.6 about box.  They should come
      Need to escape user input string to prevent errors from gtk.
      Migrate from the deprecated gtk_progress interface to the supported
      Eliminate all remaining use of deprecated glib functions.  Enable the
      Quick update for 2.0 requirements.  Needs to actually be tested.
      Remove all remaining references to guppi.
      Syntactic sugar converting from gtk_signal_xxx
      More syntactic sugar converting from gtk_object_xxx functions to
      Remove unused function.
      More trivial conversions from deprecated gtk/gnome functions to
      Finish converting type creation over from gtk_type_unique() to
      Eliminate the deprecated function gtk_widget_set_usize().
      Don't ignore the return value of glib list functions.  This will
      Comment out function that does nothing except generate a compiler
      Fix the edit price to properly check the number of selected prices.
      Comment out the recently introduced second set of checks for gconf.
      Remove note about a problem that no longer exists.
      Add support for opening account registers from the budget page.  Use
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix the alignment of cells in the register.
      Fix the glade auto-connect code so it doesn't swap the callback
      David Jafferian's account deletion patch that queries the user about
      Andreas Köhler's patches to remember/restore maximized windows, and to
      Translate strings for multichoice options.
      Remember value of HCBI preferences.
      Update to compile cleanly on a glib 2.9 system without using
      Better fix for compiling cleanly on a glib 2.9/2.10 system without
      Correct a comment.
      Comment out unused function that won't compile with g-wrap 1.9 after
      Move the "Sort By" and "Filter By" menu items to the main window so
      Migrate the account page options to a new "Filter By" dialog.  Add a
      Remember and use the justification specified in the code instead of
      Remove gtk2.6 properties from the file.
      Remove note about per-tab close buttons.
      Enhance the dialog so that pressing the Enter key in any field will
      Fix the 'sort by number' and 'sort by statement date' choices in the
      New script that will remove all post-gtk24 attributes from all glade
      Start new ChangeLog for 2006.
      Initialize the qof instances in commodity namespaces.
      Use the right function to hide a tree column. Update a couple of
      Correct function name.  Add a comment.
      Use a GtkListStore for the example account categories instead of
      Remove unused files.
      Fix test inverted by commit 12231.
      Use the component manager to ensure there is only one totd dialog at a
      Rename function to eliminate duplicate names.
      Revert the previous change and make the totd always float above all
      Couple the radio buttons in the unpost dialog.
      When setting the amount of a split, don't call gnc_numeric_convert on
      Don't keep the shell around when starting gnucash.
      A couple of performance tweaks.
      Rename function to eliminate duplicate names.
      Load the entire data set into the combocell before enabling sorting.
      Remove debugging statement.
      Consolidate some common functionality.
      Add in some conditionally compiled hooks for turning callgrind on/off
      Info for last set of changes.
      Make the HBCI Transfer dialog work again using a GtkListStore.
      Performance enhancements.  Remove the model from the combo box before
      Add a script to invoke the new gnucash.bin executable via valgrind.
      Remove some deprecated gnome functions.
      Add some access keys to menu items and buttons.
      Update for recent HBCI fixes.
      Fix the "share decimal places" option.
      When building a html table from an account tree, apply markup to the
      Copy the table markup from an intermediate table to the final
      Fix a couple of compiler version issues.
      The GTK2.4 headers are missing a named constant.
      Add a button to clear the name of the currently selected file in a
      Add tooltip for new button.
      Replace deprecated functions with their current equivalent.
      The gnucash gpg networking code isn't called from anywhere.  No need
      Use newer function for setting the width of a GtkSpinButton.
      A couple of simple substitutions for deprecated functions.
      Remove the unnecessary explicit removal of the tree model and let the
      Remove fixed item that was restored by accident.
      Rework schema infrastructure so that all schema strings will appear
      Fix a string.
      The GtkObject destroy function can be called multiple times. Protect
      Unregister this component properly when destroying it.
      Tweak a debugging statement.
      Save/restore business invoice pages.
      Finish the job. Make sure this component isn't unregistered multiple
      Delete the invoice page completely when closing it.  Prevents a crash
      Remove unused functions.
      Check for bogus window structures (i.e. empty) when reading/writing
      Provide better arguments for specifying what to do when a key_file
      Whitespace changes.
      Remove noise.
      Glib 2.9 requires GdkEvents to be marked as BOXED instead of POINTER.
      Do some HIG cleanup.  Remove extraneous newline characters from
      HIG rework on a couple of dialogs.
      HIG rework
      Move glade files to a new subdirectory.
      Update ignore properties.
      Overhaul the financial calculator dialog.  Comments on the new layout
      Clean the file of post gtk2.4 properties.
      Add support for setting these widgets as the target of a GtkLabel
      More HIG changes.
      Clean the file of post gtk2.4 properties.
      Overhaul the print check dialog.  Make HIG changes, and make the
      More HIG changes.
      Add an icon to the export button in the generic filename dialog.
      More HIG changes.
      Add/update copyright on files modified since the start of the year.
      Move the totd glade file to the gnome-utils subdirectory too.
      Fix compilation warnings.
      More HIG changes.
      Default the --enable-compile-warnings argument to yes.
      Add translation and rotation to the custom printing page.  Modify the
      Add an include so gnucash compiles on gnome2.13 again.
      HIG rework. Remove newlines from dialog message strings.  Give some
      Use the gtk2.6 secondary message text function now that there is a 2.4
      Use a format string of "%s" when building a message dialog from a
      Michael Wahlbrink's cvs to svn changes.
      Restore reasonable default logging levels.
      HIG changes for the "radio option" query dialog.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix commodity editor warnings/crash.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to fix a problem where switching windows
      Focus out event handlers should return FALSE.
      Fix another focus out event handlers
      Eskil Bylund's patch from Epiphany to enable cut/paste.  Extended to
      Dave Herman's patch to suppresses extraneous entries table entries in
      Remove extraneous carriage returns from text that will be put into a
      Make the cut/paste change compile on gtk 2.4 systems.
      Re-enable events before processing the book-opened hook.  Solves some
      Fix a crash when manipulating commodities before crating the first
      Better handling in the model event handling functions.  Noticeable in
      Don't call g_utf8_strlen with a NULL pointer.
      Change the default visibilities of the GncTreeViewAccount widget to
      Andreas Köhler's patch to allow explicit specification of which
      Filter out another post gtk2.4 property.
      Re-title the search dialog based upon the menu used to invoke it.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to perform the i18n on column headers before
      Fix a couple of comments.
      Dave Herman's patch to fix #327630 by copying missing "function"
      Add disambiguating prefix to the single letter column titles.
      Remove extra close parenthesis.
      Don't just install the schema files, also install the gconf objects
      Get gnucash to compile with gcc4.1.
      Scott Oonk' patch to fix a couple of problems with right justified
      Fix some issues when invoking from a non-utf8, non latin1 locale.  Use
      Filter out more post gtk2.4 properties.
      Set the default button.

Derek Atkins (69):
      Use the svn info for the splash screen info.
      Fix David Reiser's compile problem on OSX with gcc-3.3.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Test for Andreas Köhler.
      Remove Andreas Köhler test.
      Derrick Hudson's patch to tell users that they need gtkhtml-3.
      Update patch to explain which versions of gtkhtml are required.
      * src/gnome-utils/ exit if "svn info" fails.
      run "svn info" in en_US locale
      use LANG=C instead of LANG=en_US
      * macros/ don't warn the user about running
      Get goffice merge to build on FC3 again.
      Update svn version grabbing code.
      remove gsf and goffice po dir from configure script.
      Remove dependency on gtk-doc from private libgsf build.
      Some changes to get code to compile on Solaris.
      raname internal fmin() to gogi_fmin().
      need to #include gkeyfile.h if we don't have glib26.
      * fix the dist-hook macro for po/
      ignore dangling symlinks when building po/
      *  add --enable-qof so build defaults to internal qof.
      * fixes to make configure more quiet
      Get GnuCash to run out of the build tree again.
      Revert 12296 -- provide a better fix for gentoo ebuild.
      Remove old gnucash and gnucash-valgrind override scripts.
      Fix a typo.  Need a backslash.
      Don't install goffice and gsf headers.
      * Properly set QOF_LIB_DIR et. al. for internal qof.
      * lib/libqof/qof/ qofla-dir.h depends on Makefile.
      * src/gnome/dialog-new-user.c: some fixes to get file to compile.
      * us AM_PATH_GWRAP properly. Exit configure on failure.
      Fix the build so Chris' command-line processing works.
      Get gnucash-bin to compile...
      Print SVN version information more often.
      Get the code to compile against glib-2.4 again.
      Fix a fencepost error.
      Continue to load even if we find config.user.
      * src/bin/gnucash-bin.c:  update splash screen while loading modules.
      Replace missing API for config-file loading.
      And don't forget to export the API.
      Thomas Klausner's NetBSD patch.
      Need to add a PATH for the tests to succeed.
      * src/engine/test/ add explicit libdep on
      * fail if we find libgsf >= 1.12.2 but not libgsf-gnome.
      Commit the msgmerge to reduce the time a clean-checkout "distcheck" takes.
      Get "make distcheck" to work....
      Properly save the guid of owners (partial fix for 328790).
      Clear up the billterm data lossage (due to a broken enum definition).
      Um, there is no "PDEBUG()", only "DEBUG()".  Oops.
      Need to insert splits into accounts before called xaccSplitSetBaseValue().
      Get libqof to link against glib and gmodule.
      Need to put the new split into the txn as well as the acct
      Re-sort an invoice entry list when an entry date changes (#320566)
      Allow specification of invoice sub-type when creating search dialog (#117354)
      Disable testing of the (not finished) qif import re-write.
      No need for the blank SUBDIRS +=
      Copy the OFX UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Copy the HBCI UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Copy the mt940 UI Data into the dist tarball.
      Specify the output xml encoding as utf8.
      Some gnc-numeric fixes (more to come).
      * src/backend/file/test/ link against libcore-utils.
      Commit msgmerge prior to 1.9.0 release.
      use g_strdup -- cannot feed SCM_STRING_CHARS() back into guile.
      * src/backend/file/ link against libcore-utils.
      A few test changes to make sure we don't fail when we're very unlucky.
      - better fix for #accounts
      Revert Chris' change in r13128.

Joshua Sled (62):
      Removing .cvsignore files; mis-migrated po/ChangeLog
      Check re: correct libgsf version.
      Add libgoffice-0.4.0 info; add FC/RHEL details from Bill Nottingham (thanks!).
      Actually add Bill Nottingham's patch.  Weird, lndir, weird.
      Add what I understand are ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary) versions.
      Add Mandrive 2005, 2006.0 versions.
      Remove obvious comments, wrong gnomeprint comment, libgtkhtml-3.0 check.
      Ubuntu 5.10 deps
      Slackware, CentOS
      Debian; cleanup.
      String-translation flag setting as prompted by cstim.
      Bug#303180: don't use a hardcoded font for the dense cal... get both from the gtk style.
      Remove the not-really-respected-anyways option to change the number of register lines in the SX editor dialog.
      Add ability for no-autocompletion option in split register, use in SX editor to prevent bug.
      g_return[_val]_if_fail is actually an assertion, which is too strong for this flow-control.
      whitespace + commentage
      Fold branches/goffice-update/ back into trunk/.
      fix uninitialized-variable warning.
      Don't misuse the Quark storage for pointers, especially because they're not integer-sized on a 64-bit platform.
      Remove Misc menu.
      remove debugging crap
      Forgot file.
      Add ECB/semanticdb cache files to svn:ignore
      64-bit issue cleanup in hbci code:
      Since-last-run dialog cleanups.
      Remove dead acctlist files.
      Restore de_DE/acctchrt_full.gnucash-xea, makefile rules re:acctchrt_full files.
      Andreas Kohler's cleanups,  Bug#321405.
      buffer-flush notes.
      Add notes from -devel, #gnucash
      Remove (b0rk) cairo support
      Updates for new program invocation method, path conventions.
      Add account-tree-view editing for name,code,desc,notes; refactor new-account-heirarchy druid for merging accounts into an existing book.
      Add placeholder flags for relevant accounts.
      forgot ChangeLog for account-example changes.
      Add TAGS to svn:ignores.
      Compatibility with gtk 2.8, as well, for selection of the auto-completed region.
      Remove unused 'thumbnailer' directory.
      Propgate bi-weekly ui-frequency in transition from "schedule transaction" dialog to "Advanced..." (Scheduled Transaction Editor).
      Remove name-editing setup from account tree plugin page.
      C-style comment conventions; rename identifiers that are C++ keywords.
      Migrate content to bugzilla.
      Bugs 327775, 327641: minor scheduled-transaction fixes.
      Change libgsf/goffice libraries and paths to be gnucash-specific.
      Fix UI of SX-related registers.
      Be a bit more defensive about the plugin page's window being a GncWindow, not necessarily a GtkWindow.
      Remove gnc-split-reg "create" and "capabilities" flags and dead code.
      Pointer to the pathetic gtkhtml docs. :p
      Maintain the html-document title while rendering so the progress bar is setup with the right name. Bug#327650.
      remove debugging leftovers.
      SX Since-Last-Run now reports transaction-creation errors to the user, degrades (somewhat) gracefully; report cleanup.
      Change since-last-run final-page text from "apply" to "Apply". Bug#329125.
      Do the Locale-two-step to fix graphs in non-C-locales.  Bug#328773.
      fix compilation breakage; comment tyop.
      Fix overall and ".log"-specific file-retention issues: Bug#329670 (++).
      Fix file-backend options; respect runtime value changes.  Fix file-compression option name in prefs dialog.
      Seperate report titles from headlines; leave title as a string, use headline for richer markup. Related to Bug#329369.
      Emit all used namespaces; add XML datafile schema.
      fix gnc:numeric lexical range.

Neil Williams (77):
      Allow test files to find QOF externally
      Allow test files to find QOF externally (trunk)
      get make dist working again
      removing - it is already listed under svn:ignore
      converting RAW-NOTES to Doxygen documentation
      Making RAW-NOTES available to doxygen
      remove RAW-NOTES
      OSX: using GNU sed and documenting autogen changes
      ChangeLog update
      Document some OSX-specific build solutions
      ChangeLog update
      updated osx advice
      new file name
      Don't distribute built source file
      Don't distribute built source file - ChangeLog
      remove old workaround
      Remove unnecessary private headers
      Moving QOF to lib/libqof/
      Remove QOF files from src/engine
      removing qsf/ subdirectory and all files within
      lib changes for new directory
      New locations for QOF files
      corrected after svn accident
      updating the svn:ignore records for new directories
      reverting lib/libqof changes to prepare for svn move
      move QOF files to lib/libqof/
      adding a libqof file to translation list and script
      Remove deprecated SAXv1 function. Close bug 319559
      Add lib/libqof to the Doxygen output
      Modifying Scott's 64bit patch to work on OSX
      Modify Scott's patch properly - missed the cast
      Use only qof.h in place of other QOF headers
      Remove RPC and net backends.
      Fix postgres access_method
      Remove redundant RPC variable
      rebuild when remaking gnucash.pot
      automate replacing po/ and remove from svn
      automate replacing po/ and remove from svn
      ensure the generated file is cleaned for make distcheck
      fix Mac OSX problems with buildpo target
      ENTER and LEAVE matching, typo and doxygen tweak
      updated en_GB translation (92fuzzy remaining) in association with Nigel Titley and the translation project
      QOF 0.6.1 release update
      doxygen tweak
      doxygen tweak
      Using Derek's build-from-tree fix to fix the test-version check
      silencing guile for test-version
      Completing en_GB translation for svn. 3395 translated
      allowing external QOF to work when specifically enabled for testing
      Removing .la suffix on backend GModule name
      bug fix: book merge handling of QOF_TYPE_CHAR - already in QOF CVS
      bug fix: prevent bad time values from being passed to entity - already in QOF CVS
      Let QOF backends work with splits without checking for the parent Trans
      glade-fixup change
      Fix QSF import and merge, closes [Bug 327640]. r12961.
      Expand on the error message
      Increase QOF dependency to the next release to ensure compatibility.
      Expand on the error message
      reverting r12999 and implementing a set of default log modules
      hint for osx packagers re: automake1.4 - still a problem
      en_GB update, 3645 of 3645 translated
      New test for recursive copying of entities between sessions
      reverting change to qofsession.c from r13084, already replaced in r13097
      ignoring generated symlink 'g-wrapped' in svn
      line-wrapping tweak
      support logging of qofchoice by default
      Improve documentation of QofBackendProvider
      Deprecating qof_log_set_level_global in favour of qof_log_set_level_registered.
      removing unneeded headers and tidying up debug code
      updating for latest merge, 3662 translated
      Allowing gnucash to build on a vanilla FC3 install
      remove obsolete strings at end of po file
      more inst.kvp_data changes to get Postgres backend to compile
      omitting collect type from invoice object until fix is ready in libqof - allows QSF Invoice export to work

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